Just Wondering.

Summary: A visit from Alec confuses Max and just for a change pisses her off.

A little something that I did because I am getting way to caught up in writing 'The Surprise' and needed to write something completely different. Enter the stand-alone, lol. So here it goes, I think it is a little twisted but tell me what you think and review!

Max sat at Crash listening to Logan ramble on about his latest mission in an attempt to rid the world of crime, one villain at a time. Well listening would be a bit of an overstatement. She had listened to the start of his 'enthralling tale' before switching of and trying to block him out, something that she had been getting very good at recently. It was a sort of game to her, every time he started rambling on she would see how quickly she could block him out., she was getting better.

She always tried to find a distraction and tonight it just happened to be Alec, who was chatting up some pretty girl at the bar directly facing her. Alec, now there was a puzzle and a half. She had always seen him as a nuisance, a pain in the ass, hers to be exact, but that all changed a few nights ago when he had paid her a little visit.

##A few nights ago##

"What's up with you Max?" asked Alec. "You are being a regular Silent Bob," he joked. Max quickly came back to her old self, determined not to let Alec get one over on her no matter how insignificant it might be.

"Well if I'm Silent Bob then which one of you is Jay?" she retorted. "Let's see, a shit for brains prick who is full of himself and whose brain is in his pants, my money would be on you."

"Let's see Silent Bob, a know it all who only speaks up when it suits him and hasn't got laid in at least a year, possibly never, hmm who could that be? Who? I don't know but 'my money would be on you,'" he said mimicking her at the end.

"Sweet Jesus, here they go again, will it ever end? I'm sick and tired of it!" said Original Cindy, taking another sip of her beer, as they continued flinging insults at each other. Sketchy who was now used to it, rolled his eyes and Logan tutted and mumbled something long the lines of 'children.'

As much as OC had just complained about their constant bickering, and she would deny it under oath, but she found it most amusing. It was never hurtful teasing well apart from the odd comment but they were both grown ups and could give as good as they got. It was always playful and teasing and as much as they 'hated each other', well Max 'hated' Alec but he just liked winding her up because he knew he could, OC knew that they would never purposely hurt each other. 'Then again,' she though as she tuned in for Max's latest comment, something to do with him being a man-whore.

"Well at least I didn't try and get it off with Normal!"

"Well at least I'm not his toy boy, unlike you oh by the way how's that working out for ya? Oh and if you see Normal, and I'm sure you will, but tell him that those fines for never returning that gladiator suit of yours are bound to be adding up."

"But really Max when was the last time you got laid? Can you even remember? Because you have some serious tension that I'm sure could be solved by a good, long, hard, fu . . ."

"Guys, cut it out," said OC stopping it before he crossed the line. Somehow, they remained quiet and the two worked up transgenics calmed down. They weren't angry at each other just seriously wound up though Max more then Alec. "I'm going to get another pitcher," she announced.

Alec sighed and went after her. "Look Max, I'm sorry, we were just messin' and if I offended you I didn't mean to and . . ."

"You didn't," interrupted Max, "I know you didn't mean any harm anyway, it is just the way we get on, the way our relationship works," she said smiling at him before walking of.

Her last remark brought up a question that Alec had never thought about before.


Later that night, Max flung herself into her bed. She had got bored quickly at crash, Alec had left not long after their little 'fight' and then Logan had started rambling on again about his EO missions. She had the apartment to herself as OC had left Crash with a new 'honey', some blonde chick called Alice.

"Hey, there," said a deep, familiar voice.

Max gave a little scream, she hit the light and saw Alec sitting on the couch. "Jesus Christ Alec you scared the shit out of me!"

"Huh, that explains the smell," he remarked thoughtfully.

Throwing a pillow at him, she asked him what he was doing in her apartment so late at night. "Well what you said earlier at Crash really made me think."

"Well there is a first time for everything I suppose, so congrats but you can go now," said Max.

"Uh, actually I can't. So where was I? Oh yes, it made me curious to why we are in fact like that with each other and no one else. So I left and went to the space needle to think about it, in true Max fashion, and after going through just about every conversation we have ever had, and I can do that you know, I have that much brain power which is why I seriously objected to you saying that I had shit for brains and . . ."

"Alec, stick to the point," said Max using a bored tone to try to cover up just how curious she was about the explanation he had come up with.

"Sorry, but I finally came up with the answer so I came over to see what you thought."

"Well, aren't you going to tell me this wonderful theory of yours?" she asked when the conversation seemed to stop after this.

"Nope," he said and he walked over and sat on the bed beside Max. "I'm going to show you."

"What the hell are you talking abo .. . ." She was cut off by his lips meeting hers. At first, she did nothing, frozen by the shock of it. Then she felt fire running through her body and all of a sudden responded.

She began running her fingers through his hair using it as a way of pulling him closer to her. Caught up in the extremely passionate kiss she pushed him over on the bed so that she was lying on top of him while pulling of his jacket and throwing it on the floor. She didn't even have time to rationalise her actions all she knew was that she didn't want him to stop what he was doing to her, she had never felt this alive, hr body had never reacted as strong as this before, she had never been kissed like this before.

Then Alec flipped her over, got of the bed and stood up. Max felt as though she had just been hit by a bus as she hit the ground, coming back to earth. He grinned at her and lifted his jacket up of the floor, putting it on and zipping it up. "Well I was just wondering and well you seemed to agree with my theory so see ya." With that, he walked out leaving a very disappointed, confused and angry Max.


Ever since then things had been pretty much back to normal, the bickering and teasing had begun almost immediately the next day though it was not as frequent as usual. Max hadn't told anyone, not even Cindy and tried to keep her behaviour with Alec the same as before and act as though he hadn't affected her.

This would be much easier if he hadn't affected her but he had in fact turned her world upside down and she had never looked at him in quite the same way since. Unfortunately, if she stared at him for too long like she was doing now, trying to ignore Logan, she could always imagine the feel of his lips on hers and her fingers running through her hair. . .

"Max, Max, are you listening to me?" asked Logan. "No," said Max, standing up, "Excuse me," she said leaving Logan bewildered.

She walked over to Alec and grabbed him by the arm, yanking him from the girl he was talking to. "We need to talk," she said dragging him out into the alley out the back of the bar.

"I need some answers and I need them now so start talking," she said folding her arms and waiting expectantly.

"About what?"

"That night, I mean who do you think you are? Breaking into my apartment then kissing me like that then getting up and leaving."

"Kissing you like what?" he sad tilting his head and smirking at her.

"Keep to the point."

"Look, Max I explained that," said Alec clearly amused by how angry Max was getting and glad that he had affected her in such a way. It was much more fun than seeing her mad when he had just merely been winding her up, it was a whole new level on which to annoy Max and he was loving it.

"Well I didn't seem to get it so why don't you humour me and spell it out," she said annoyed by the constant grin on his face.

"Ok, then, it was my theory. All of our bitching, teasing and bickering was some sort of build up of sexual tension between us, a type of flirting or foreplay if you will."

Max became indignant, "I would never flirt with you!" she protested, clearly appalled by the idea. "As for sexual tension, puh-leese! I am not remotely attracted to you so don't flatter yourself."

"Could have fooled me the other night, tell me Max do you always tend to play tonsil tennis with people you are not attracted to or am I just special?"

"Well although 'special' is certainly a word I would choose to describe you, I do believe that you kissed me."

"Oh, I see it was all me, you didn't do anything and oh and by the way Max, I always knew that you were the kind of girl that liked to be on top," he said referring to her flipping him over.

Max glared at him and as he leaned casually against the wall grinning at her with that know it all cocky, self assured smile, she didn't know whether she wanted to hit him or jump him.

"The fact that you kissed me back and reacted so strongly just proved to me that I was right, so not wanting to be ungentelmanly I left before things could go any further," he said deciding to clarify things since Max was just standing their glaring at him.

"And you can't deny that we haven't been teasing each other as much since then and that is because we relieved some of the sexual tension," he said looking very smug and proud of himself in general.

"Also . . ."

"Oh just shut up already you self-centred, smart-ass," said Max who grabbed him by his jacket collar and went for the second option, jumping him. As her lips crushed against his Max felt that wonderful feeling that she had felt a few nights ago, as though her body was on fire. She kissed him slowly at first, then not being able to control herself she gave in letting her desires take over any sense left in her head.

Alec let out a low groan as she slammed him against the wall and her hips rubbed against his. Getting an idea she gave him a wicked smile and pulling every once of willpower she had together, she pulled herself of him and fixed her hair which had been tousled by his hands in it.

He looked at her confused, "Just wondering," she said walking back into the bar. Then she opened the door again, stuck her head out, and said, "And by the way, apparently your theory is right, who knew?" before closing it again leaving Alec standing in the alley by himself knowing it was exactly what he deserved.

He smiled, "Just remember Max," he said to himself, "Revenge is a bitch." He went back into the bar plotting his revenge.

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