Chapter 6: Happy Wondering

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Earlier that evening at Crash, Logan had been sitting with Sketchy and OC.

"Where's Max tonight?" he asked.

"I don't know," said Sketchy. "Maybe her and Alec are off somewhere killing each other, he's not here either. Then again they could be doing something altogether different . . . " said Sketchy, inanely grinning.

"What do you mean?" asked Logan.

"Nothing!" said OC, stamping on Sketchy's foot. She didn't know what was going on with Max and Alec but she knew for certain that if anyone was going to tell Logan it would be Max, and in her own time. Max and Alec had been avoiding her all day but she'd thought that one or both of them would show up at Crash eventually. 'And once again I'm right,' she thought as she spotted Alec entering the bar. "If you gentlemen will excuse me for just a moment," she said getting up and heading towards the nervous looking transgenic.

'Oh shit!' she thought when they locked gazes and she realised that Alec had spotted her coming towards him. Then, quick as anything he was gone. 'He blurred to avoid me! I don't believe it!'

She returned to the table just to hear the end of what Sketchy had been saying to Logan, ". . . and then there came Max and Alec out of the cupboard, all over each other. Max was practically straddling him!"

"What?" asked Logan.

"Sketch, I warned you!" said OC, furious.

"What?" asked Sketchy. "I thought you and Max had broken up!" he said to Logan, innocently and truthfully.

"Why would you think a thing like that?" asked Logan, through gritted teeth.

"Well you never spend any time together apart from here with everyone else!" said Skecthy quickly, trying to save himself from getting beat up by OC in front of everyone. "Besides with that virus thing that's going on between you two or whatever that is I always overhear someone talking about, what's the point?"


Alec finished his drink and was making his way back to his assigned spot for more push ups when he made the mistake of looking at Max while she was doing her push ups. 'Good Lord, she makes push ups look hot. I wish we were doing an altogether different type of physical activity right now. No Alec, stop that.' Suddenly their eyes met and locked on for a split second, 'So much for the cold shower,' they both thought, and that was that, they were gone again. As they both crashed on to the bed, they both knew it was a bad idea, but the fever just took over their minds, and there was nothing they could do to stop it . . .

Alec's heart was pumping, his mind was racing and his hands exploring, nothing in the history of anything had ever felt this good, and Max didn't seem to be complaining either. Then suddenly everything went black. When he eventually woke up his head was splitting and he was on the ground, covered in ice. Thankfully, it appeared he was still fully dressed . . . . so what had happened? He blinked a couple of times, trying to restore his vision when he heard the familiar voice. "Come on, I know you can do better than that soldier!"

"OC?" he finally asked sitting up.

"So nice of you to finally join us pretty boy," said OC.

"What the hell happened?" he asked, getting up.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" asked OC. "Get you ass outside right now!"

"Geez!" he said, putting his hands up defensively. He headed for the door when he realised that he no longer had a door. It was in fact lying on the ground. "Uh . . . OC?"

"Outside!" she repeated.

"I'm going, I'm going!" said Alec, stepping over his door and out of the apartment.

"As for you," said OC, turning her attentions back to Max. "I want another 100 push ups then I want you in that shower soldier! Do you hear me!"

"Yes Mam!" yelled Max, the sweat dripping of her as she gallantly continued on with her push ups.

"And make it a cold one," said OC, before going out to join Alec in the hall. "Close the door for us will ya sugah?"

Wordlessly, Alec went over and picked up the door, effortlessly proping it up against the frame. Then OC smacked him up against the back of the head, "What do you think you are playing at?"

"What do you mean?"

"Last time I was talking to you, I was promised that you wouldn't touch her. Then I get here and can hear you two getting jiggy on the bed and I had to kick the door in!"

"You did that?" asked Alec, impressed. "Woah, nice one Cindy!"

"Don't change the subject! Last time I checked you had the situation under control, what were you thinking?" she demanded.

"I wasn't!" protested Alec, "That's the problem with being around a female X5 when she's in heat, the males loose control as well."

"Luckyfor you I anticipated that and brought our frying pan," said OC. "I wacked you over the head with it and knocked you out," she explained when Alec raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Ah," said Alec, rubbing the back of his head, "That explains the throbbing pain and the blackout ."

"Well on the upside I guess this means my girl hasn't lost her mind," said OC, reasonably. "I mean when I saw you two tumbling out of that cupboard in JP yesterday I thought I was going to have to get her crazy ass locked up for sure but she was in heat, and now the world makes sense again."

"Hey!" said Alec. "I resent that! Besides she wasn't in heat earlier, it only just hit during the last couple of hours or so cause trust me, we would have been doing a lot more than tumbling when that door opened. And for your information she wasn't in heat yesterday either, or the day before that . . . or last week either so there," said Alec folding his arms.

"Woah! Hold up!" said OC, confused. "How long exactly has this been going on for? Hell what exactly has been going on?"

"I don't really know," admitted Alec, "It all started last week when me and Max had been having one of our regular arguments and she said it was just the way we were with each other. That confused me and I wanted to know why. The explaination I came up with was that basically deep down we had the hots for each other. Ever since all we've been doing is proving each other right."

"Are you sure it isn't more than that?" asked OC.

"OC, all I know is that this is something you and Max should talk about when she's thinking straight, and also that if I don't get out of here right now you are going to have to get out that frying pan again," said Alec after getting a fresh wiff of heat hormones.

OC smiled, "Here you can crash at our place and we'll stay here," she said, tossing him the keys.

"Thanks OC," he said, turning to leave.

"Hey Alec!" called OC. "You were a good friend to Max tonight, all things considered, and I'm going to make sure she knows that."

"Later OC, thanks for knocking me unconscious!" he said with a grin, heading down the stairs.



The next day, feeling a bit better, Alec ventured out that night to go to Crash. OC was still keeping Max under close watch at his apartment and he couldn't see Sketchy anywhere so he just went up to the bar and got himself a beer. It wasn't long before he was talking to a couple of women, who were listening intently to him, hanging on to every word he said. But something was wrong, usually he lapped this up, but tonight it just didn't feel right. Where was the challenge if they just flung themsleves at him? There was no chase, and personally, Alec had always thought that was where the fun was to be had.

"Hello, Alec," said a gruff voice behind him. Swiveling around on his stool he was confronted by Logan. "Hey there," said Alec. "Sorry, don't know where Max is," he lied, trying to get him to leave him alone.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" asked Logan, anger growing in his voice.

"It would appear so," said Alec, causing his groupies to giggle.

"Outside," said Logan.

"Ok, hold just a . . . "

"Now," growled Logan, grabbing Alec by the jacket collar. Resisting his insticts to grab Logan's arm, break his grip and then break his arm, Alec let himself be dragged out of the bar. "If you ladies will excuse me. . . ." he said rolling his eyes.

"Loge boy, what's up?" he asked light heartedly when they got outside. Then his caviler attitude changed when he saw the serious expression on Logan's face. "Oh God what happened?" he asked frantically. "Is Max ok?"

"Why don't you tell me?" asked Logan, stepping menacingly towards him.

"Uh I don't know," said Alec. "Logan, what's going on? You are acting really wierd." 'Well, wierder than normal,' he thought to himself.

"Alec, I'm not stupid. I know that I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating you in a fight, hell of even getting in a blow, but let me tell you something; Max, is mine and therefore strictly offlimits. I know you seem to think that no woman is offlimits to you but in this case you are wrong."

"Woah Logan I don't know what . . ."

"Let me finish," insisted Logan. "I know me and Max are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment but that doesn't mean that we're not going to work things out, and it sure as hell doesn't mean I'm just sit back and let you hurt her. She deserves better than that, she deserves better that you, she deserves me. Max is special, I know how to treat her like she is special, unlike you, so just do her a favour and stay away from her."

"Logan, I really don't have a clue what you are talking about," said Alec, as casually as he could.

"Don't play dumb," said Logan. "Sketch told me about you and Max in Jam Pony yesterday."

"Oh that!" said Alec, as flippant as he could manage. "That was a complete misunderstanding, I know what it must have looked like to Stetch and everyone else but trust me it wasn't."

"I'm not a fool, Alec! I'm asking you man to man to not take her away from me! You can have any woman you look sideways at but not her, please don't take her!" he said. There was less anger in his voice now, and there was definite desperation coming across in his tone, as his eyes welled up with tears.

"Logan! Get a hold of yourself!" said Alec as he looked upon the older man with pity. He gave a sigh. "Look I can explain everything. Max was in heat and because of my feline DNA I can't control myself around her. That's all there is between us, hormones, and it's all I want there to be. Max is a friend, a great friend nothing more and that's why I didn't want to say anything at first because to be honest, we're both a little embarrassed about the whole ordeal. But don't worry Max will be over it in a day or two and everything will be back to normal."

"Are you telling me the truth?" asked Logan, sniffing.

"Of course! Would I ever lie to you?"

"Yes," said Logan.

'Wow he's smarter than he looks.' "Ok I would but I'm not now, that's where OC and Max are now. They are in my apartment and OC is making sure Max doesn't let her hormones take control of her. Max loves you and some crazy side affects of having feline DNA isn't going to change that. Everything is going to work out, you'll see."

"Thanks Alec," said Logan, after a few awkward moments of silence between the two men. "I'm sorry about before."

"No sweat."

"Well, I'd best be going," said Logan, heading to his car.

"Later!" callled Alec after him. 'Man what a whimp,' he thought shaking his head as he went back inside. 'He's wrong about one thing, he sure as hell doesn't deserve a woman like Max. How he got her I'll never know. Must be something in all that pre-pulse wine.'


A couple of days later, Logan returned home to find Max in his apartment. "Hey Max!" he said, greeting her cheerily.

"Hi Logan," said Max, a small, nervous smile on her face.

"How are you?" he asked, putting his keys down on a nearby table.

"I'm good," said Max. "I know it's been a couple of days since we spoke but some stuff has been going on with me recently. That's kind of why I am here actually. Logan I need to tell you about something that happened between me and Alec."

"Max, it's ok, I know everything," said Logan, smiling kindly at her.

"No you don't understand, Alec and I . . ."

"Kissed," said Logan, interrupting her. "I know," he continued, after seeing the shocked expression on her face. "Sketchy told me about you and Alec in Jam Pony a couple of days ago and I'll admit I was mad at first, but then I talked to Alec and he cleared everything up."

"He did?" asked Max, still dumbfounded by the revelation that Logan knew.

"Yeah, he explained that it was all because of the heat and the hormones and that you two were still feeling a little awkward about it because you had become good friends," he said soothingly, as he put on a latex glove and went over to her and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb. "So don't worry about it, I understand. How about I put on some pasta and we have a nice romantic dinner, huh? How does that sound?"

Max could only nod, still disbelieving that Alec had saved her relationship with Logan. But the question was, did she really want it to be saved?


On her way back to her own place, Max couldn't help but stop by Alec's, the place where she had been residing for the past few days, under the careful watch of OC, who had shown that she could certainly earn her general stripes. She went to knock on the door, but stopped when her fist was hovering close to it. She nervously chewed on her lip, and thought the better of it, quickly and silently turning round and heading back to the stairwell.


She spun around upon hearing Alec's familiar voice and found him leaning on his doorframe, grinning. "What you came all this way and weren't even going to visit?" he asked, with mock hurt.

She gave a small smile, before taking a few hesitant steps towards him. "I was just coming by to thank you for not letting your brain completely malfunction despite the raging hormones," she explained. "But then I started having flashbacks and thought maybe we still needed a couple of days to cool off a bit."

"Ah," said Alec, looking down, trying to fight the blush he knew was trying to work its way to the surface of his cheeks, and Max blantantly blushing in front of him was not helping. "I know what you mean, but it's not exactly like our friendship was one hundred percent platonic just before the heat incident anyway. We might as well just try to go back to normal bitching, teasing, fighting at this point."

There was a moment of silence before Max closed the gap between them and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"What was that for?" asked Alec confused.

"For being so sweet sometimes when we are together, and for not telling Logan that hormones had nothing to do with the Jam Pony incident."

"Well, heat hormones anyway," added Alec with a grin.

"Look I still need a couple of days before I can go back to normal or whatever 'normal' might be for me and you, I mean heat is really embarrassing for me, especially this one cause despite everything, I've come to realise that I do consider you a true friend. I guess I just wanted to thank you and your pain in the ass ways always having my back despite whatever is going on between us at the time," said Max. "And to say I think we'd be great best friends."

Alec contemplated this for a few seconds before breaking out into a grin and offering his outstretched hand as a truce, "Friends?"

"Friends," agreed Max, readily shaking his hand.


"Oh it's so good to be back in my own bed!" said Max later that night, as she flung herself on to her bed and gave a content sigh.

"It's good to see you in it too Boo," said OC, entering the room with two steaming hot mugs of hot chocolate in her hands. She handed one to MAx who accepted is gratefully as OC sat down beside her. "So what happened with you and Logan? Did everything work out the way you hoped?"

"That's the strange thing, I don't know," said Max. "Me and Logan are back to normal, everything's fine, thanks to Alec," she added with a grin.

"What's strange about that?" asked OC confused.

"I don't know whether or not it's what I want anymore. Me and Logan have just been though so much together, I just always assumed that we'd find a cure for the virus and pick up where we left off and that everything would be perfect. But it just doesn't feel right anymore."

"Does it feel right with Alec?" asked OC.

"It feels different, that's for sure," said Max. "It's unknown territory and I find that exciting and the very idea of him gives me an adrenalin rush. When I'm with him the chances are that something exciting is going to happen. He's spontaneous and that's new to me. With Logan I know that we're going to end up back in Foggle Towers eating pasta and drinking wine, which is all very romantic, but once in a while, you know?"

"Yeah and when you are middle aged! Tou are in your early twenties girl, you should be out having fun and being spontaneous and doing things that make your heart pump faster."

"i'm beginning to realise that," Max admitted. "I think that's part of why I was initially so attracted to Logan. After spending a life being chased by Manticore, I jumped at the chance for any sort of normal, and Logan provided a haven of old-fashoined romance and everything that came with it and I found that so comforting for the longest time, but now it just seems a litte . . . "

"Claustrophobic?" offered Cindy.

"Exactly," asid Max, "And I don't know what to do."

"Here's what Original Cindy thinks," began OC. "If it doesn't feel right with Logan anymore, then end things between you two or it's only going to end up in more heartache. Just go over there and tell him the truth about you and Alec."

"But what's the point?" asked Max. "Alec and I have decided just to be friends."

"The point, is that keeping up the pretence with Logan isn't being true to yourself. It's not fair on him, it's not fair on you and it's not fair on Alec."

"How is it not fair on Alec?" asked Max.

"Cause you never could give him a realistic chance while you are still officially dating Logan!" said OC. "As far as Alec is concerned, Logan is the love of your life and if he doesn't know any better of course he's only going to be your friend."

"I don't know about that," said Max. "I mean we were a bit more than friends all of last week and I was still going out with Logan then."

"Yeah, a little bit more than friends, but not at all boyfriend and girlfriend," reminded OC. "Making out with the guy in a tit for tat revenge scenario does not consitute as a realistic chance. Now OC's advice is that you sleep on it and mkae a definite decision tomorrow about the men in your life."


"Hi Max, it's good to see you again so soon!" said Logan. "Did you have as much fun last night as I did?"

"Uh . . . yeah," stuttered Max, unsure of what to say in the circumstances. "Logan we need to talk."

"About what?"

"Us," she said. "Me and you."

"What about us?"

There was a pause. Max didn't know how to continue, so she decided to just bite the bullet and come right out with it. "I don't think we should see each other anymore."


"Oh come on Logan, how can you have not seen this coming? I mean surely you have realised that things haven't been the same for us for a very long time now. I mean surely you aren't getting anything out of our 'relationship' either?" she asked. "We never talk anymore except about missions, we rarely see each other, we can't have a proper relationship because of the virus and we've just drifted apart over this past year."

"We just need to work at it a bit," insisted Logan. "Have more nights like last night . . ."

"That's not going to fix anything," said Max regretfully. She knew that he would take it hard and she was going to be as kind on him as she could but . . .

"This is about Alec isn't it? Huh, isn't it always about that self centred little prick?"

. . . maybe not.

"No!" she said. "This is about you and me and the truth is we just aren't clicking anymore. The flame burnt out a while ago and I just think that both of us were too scared to admit it."

"So this has nothing to Alec."

There was a pause and that was all the proof Logan seemed to need. "How could I have been so blind? So what is it? You liked what you got during your little heat taster and decided you want some more?" he asked, getting angrier by the second.

"Of course it's not like that!" insisted Max. "Yes, I'll admit I do have some unresolved feelings for Alec, but he's just a friend! Really, I don't even know what he means to me yet or what those feeling are but even if Alec wasn't in the picture that wouldn't change that we just don't work as a couple any more."

"I can't believe this is happening," said Logan, who was frantically pacing the apartment while Max stood awkwardly in the corner, nervously wringing her hands. "How can you be saying this? We are perfect for each other! A great team! Why can't you see that?"

"Because it's not true!" said Max, who was getting increasingly exsasperated by the second. "Yes when it comes to business we do work well together and we are great friends but a romantic relationship between us just doesn't work for some reason, and no one is more sorry about that than I am, cause I do love you Logan, but I'm just not in love with you," she stated simply, a certain sadness in her tone.

"But you are in love with Alec is that it?"


"Oh come on Max, let's not play games here, you are a beautiful girl who's just not ready for a comitted grown up relationship," said Logan, bitterly. "All you care about is the superficial things that Alec is the epitome of."

"Logan, don't," pleaded Max. "You know that's not who I am."

"Really? So how come you are choosing the self-centred, spontaneous, arrogant bad boy who drives a motorcycle over the wise, intelligent man who drives a reliable car? All you are doing is putting style over substance," he spat with venom.

"How dare you judge me!" yelled Max, all sympathy she had felt for Logan now long gone. "You clearly don't know me at all."

"Oh please!" said Logan. "I've talked to you almost everyday ever since we first met."

"Yeah but you don't have the first clue about what my life was like before I met you! You've lead such a cushy exsistence as far as I can tell from stories of your childhood that you've told me, pracically uneffected by the pulse. You can never understand me unless you understand what that was like for me, and you quite simply can't even seem to grasp the concept!"

"And what, Alec can?" he sneered.

"Yes he does actually!" she said. "He lived through it too, and that he understands such a large part of who I am is important to me!"

"So what, he's a good-looking genetic freak, that's why you are choosing him over me?"

"First of all I'm not choosing him over you cause he has nothing to do with this!" she yelled. "But if I were it wouldn't be because he's a 'genetic freak,' as you so deroggatorily put it. It's because he get's me, and he's funny and can be so sweet at times when no one is looking. No matter what scheme he was getting up to, he always found the time to help me out in a tricky situation and yeah, he's damn hot! It's not a crime! There's so much more to him than he let's other people see, it's a self-preservation thng, I get it, I used to do it too, but he does have a vulnerable side," she said, thinking back to the night she saw him at Rachel's side.

"Oh whatever," said Logan. "It's so sad that he has you and every other female in Seattle, possibly the whole world fooled! Just get out of my sight," he said, turning back to his computer.


Later that night, Max walked into Jam Pony and spotted Alec talking to a pretty brunette at the bar. Their eyes met across the room and they smiled at each other and gave similar nods of acknowledgement as Mac headed to the table which Original Cindy and Sketchy were sitting at. "Hey girl!" O.C. greeted. "What's happening?"

"Not too much, just back from the break up from hell," she said, sitting down beside them.

"It didn't go well?" asked OC.

"Do bears shit in the woods?" said Max.

"Yep," said Sketchy confidently, with a proud, beaming smile, causing the two women to laugh. "Well it's my round," said Sketchy getting up.

"No, no, no, this one's on me," said Max, standing up.

"Thanks Max," said Sketchy raising his nearly empty glass to her.

"Don't sweat it Sketch," she said, "Besides, there's something I got to do," she said, heading towards the bar, an evil glint in her eye as she looked in Alec's direction.

"Hey Max," said Alec.

"Oh, hey Alec," said Max, going over to them. "How you been?"

"Good thanks," said Alec. "Oh this is Bette," he said, introducing the two brunettes, as the exchanged "Hi's."

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" asked Max.

"Uh, sorry I don't think so," said Bette, shifting nervously on her stool.

"No seriously," said Max. "Oh are you from Alec's support group?"

"Support group?" asked Bette, confused.

"Max . . . " warned Alec, a dangerous tone in his voice.

"Yeah, you know," said Max, ignoring him. "For recently outed gay men, to help them with the transition."

"What!" exclaimed Bette.

"Max!" yelled Alec. "I thought we called a truce?"

Max laughed, "We did, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. I'm only messing with you," she explained to Bette. "Honestly, Alec here is one hundred percent heterosexual, well as far as we know," she added with a wink.

"Oh, funny," said Bette, with a false smile firmly plastered on her face. "Well we'd love to stay and chat but Alec and I were just about to dance, weren't we?" she said sweetly, gently tugging at Alec's sleeve and dragging him to the dance floor as an old Good Charlotte song started to play.

"Apparently," said Alec with a grin, looking back apologetically at Max.

"Well that's funny," said Max, following them, and knocking Bette out of the way. "I was just about to cut in."

When Alec showed no resistance, a put out Bette went back to the bar huffing

If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.

If you tell me to stay, I would stay right through.

If you don't wanna say, anything at all,

I'm happy wondering.

"Why Maxie, anyone would think you were jealous," said Alec.

"Then anyone would be right," said Max, nervously looking up at Alec with a smile. "I mean just look at her! That short glossy hair, slim figure and hot ass!"

Alec laughed, "You've spent too much time with O.C."

"So it would seem," said Max, glancing over at O.C. who was watching them closely and with great interest.

Since I was a young man, I never was a fun man,

Never had a plan and no security.

Then ever since I met you, I never could forget you.

I only wanna get you, right here next to me.

"So where's Logan?" asked Alec, feigning interest.

"Damed if I know," said Max. "We broke up," he said, when Alec raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" asked Alec confused. "I thought everything was ok between you guys, well that's the impression I got when you came round yesterday."

"Things haven't been ok between me and Logan for a while now," said Max. "We had no spark."

Cause everybody, needs someone that they can trust and,

You're somebody, that I found just in time.

If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.

If you tell me to stay, I would stay right through.

If you don't wanna say, anything at all,

I'm happy wondering.

"I could have told you that," said Alec, with a small smile, looking down at Max.

"To be honest," said Max. "It was only when you came to my apartment that fateful night last week that I realised it. It was sort of a compare and contrast method," she admitted, looking down at her feet, unable to meet his gaze. "I'd never felt like that before."

"Me neither," admitted Alec.

"Yeah right," said Max.

"No, really," said Alec. "I know you don't think much of me Max. You just see me as some womanising screw up, but I do occassionally experience real feelings."

"I don't think of you like that," said Max. "I mean yeah, I used to but I know better know. Call it an informed change of opinion. It's just that the closest I've ever came to a real relationship was with Logan, I mean how twisted is that?"

"Pretty twisted," agreed Alec. "Though I can't judge, the closest I've came to a proper relationship was with Rachel, and look how that turned out."

Now my life is changing, always rearranging,

It's always getting stranger than I thought it ever could.

But ever since I found you, I wanna be around you,

I wanna get down to the point that I need you.

"Maybe we're just not meant to find true love," said Max, "Maybe Manticore made us incapable of having an adult relationship because it would only mess with our super soldier duties."

"Then why even bother?" asked Alec, curious.

"Cause Manticore was seriously screwed up," said Max. "I've spent my entire life rebelling against the rules that Manticore laid down as guidelines for me to rule my life by, so why should I stop now?"

"Cause nine times out of ten love just results in hurt and pain?" said Alec, who was just thinking out loud.

"You're right, trust me I know that better than anyone," said Max. "So what's the point of even trying then," she muttered, almost defeatedly, echoing Alec's earlier way of thinking.

Upon seeing the resigned look on her face, Alec immediately felt guilty. He hadn't meant to beat her optimisim out of her, it had only been a weak moment of fear on his behalf. "You try in the hope that maybe this time, you just might beat the odds," he said, trying to win her back. He'd felt he was getting somewhere with her, now would be a bad time to loose it.

Cause everybody, needs someone that they can trust and,

You're somebody, that I found just in time.

If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.

If you tell me to stay, I would stay right through.

If you don't wanna say, anything at all,

I'm happy wondering.

"I can't say I haven't thought about it," said Max. "But I just don't know if I'm ready to put myself out there again fully." She let out a heavy sigh, her eyes showing signs of an inner struggle and debate with herself. "But then I look at you and I think we could have something great."

"I know what you mean," said Alec with a smile. "Sure we fight the bit out everytime we are near each other, but I still think that the theory that started this all off was correct."

"But what if that's all we have?" said Max, concerned. "Sexual tension. What if we sleep together and after that find that there's nothing else between us?"

Don't tell me, the bad news,

Don't tell me anything at all,

Just tell me, that you need me,

And stay right here with me.

"Max, I'm scared of puttin myself out there again as well but we both have to learn just to put our trust in each other and give it a go. Look, if you need time that's fine," he said genuinely. "I don't want to rush you, I don't mind waiting for you to come around but I do think that you are right and that we could really have something here, but as the song says, I'm happy wondering for now, we can always be friends if that's what you want."

If you want me to wait, I will wait for you.

If you tell me to stay, I would stay right through.

If you don't wanna say, anything at all,

I'm happy wondering.

Max broke out into a smile upon thinking about this. She got up on her tip toes and planted a kiss on an unsuspecting Alec. But this wasn't like its predecessors, this kiss was completely different. It was soft, tender, slow and gentle. "It's not. I don't want to wait about wondering anymore," Max whispered when they broke for breath. "

"I can live with that," said Alec with a grin.

"So do you wanna get outta here or what?"

"Oh hell yeah."

"Perfect," said Max as she headed out of Crash with Alec's arm draped over his shoulder as she snuggled into his chest and just smiled at O.C. and Sketchy who watched them with raised eyebrows.

"Hey!" said Sketchy. "She didn't get in a round!"


"Well?" asked Alec the next morning.

"It's not just sexual tension," said Max. "Though we'd best be sure about that, hadn't we?" she added with a wicked grin.

"Oh yes," agreed Alec. "In fact I think we shouldn't leave this room until we've proved the hypothesis indefinitely."

"I never knew you were such a dedicated scientest, I've never been quite so thankful for Manticore's training."

"Me neither," murmered Alec, as he kissed Max softly. "Me neither."




A/N: I agonised over this chapter for so long but I realised that if I didn't post it now I'd only end up re-writting the entire thing again. As a result I'm not terribly happy with it, it's not very humorous and feels a little out of place with the rest of the story but it's how it's going to be.

Also I've never used a song in a fic before but I thought that 'Wondering,' by GC just fitted Max and Alec perfectly in this story, so tell me what you think!

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