Author's Note: This fic was really hard for me to do, I mean, it's David's story from his own point of view, David is talking to his mommy, do you know what I mean? And here you'll find some dialogues from the "A.I." movie, which will help you to understand this fic. I tried to do my best, and I hope I've captured David's real feelings here… I hope you'll like it.

"An Everlasting Love: David's Diaries"

By Danielle Swinton

*He was able to love… and his love would never end*

"Cirrus…Socrates…Particle…Decibel…Hurricane…Dolphin…Tulip…Monica. David…Monica"

"What were those words for, mommy?"

"What did you call me?"


"Who am I, David?"

"You're my mommy"

Yes. You're my mommy. And I love you. I knew it from the beginning.

When I heard those words from you, I realized how much I loved you, and that this love would never end. You hugged me and I saw you were happy for having me, and I was happy for having you.

And I tried to make you happy. That's why I learned to make you coffee, and make your bed and all that stuff. I knew you were happy when you hugged me and smiled at me. And see you were happy was enough for me. Because I love you so much, Mommy.


"...oh, I put way too much on"

"Do I smell lovely?"

"Oh, my God… I'll go look..."

I noticed you were wearing perfume, and how Henry told you that you smelled lovely. So I took some perfume, and I guessed I would smell lovely too. But you ran upstairs, entered to your room and saw the empty bottle of perfume, with a sad expression in your face…why? Did I do something wrong?

"Mommy? Will you die?"

"Well…one day, David…yes, I will"

When you said that, I felt sad. Why do you have to die? You're too special for me, Mommy. I love you, and I hope you'll never die. I don't want to lose you! I wish you could live forever…


"This belonged to my son. His name is Teddy. Teddy, this is David"

"Hello, Teddy"

"Hello, David"

"David, Teddy is a Super-Toy, and I know you'll take good care of each other"

I liked Teddy, and he became a very close friend to me. We were always together, and we always would be.


One day, we were at the kitchen, and you received a phone call from Henry.

"Hello? Henry? What is it? Wha...What? When? Oh god..."

I saw you were worried and surprised, and I didn't know why…


"David? The most wonderful thing in the whole world has happened. This is Martin… this is my son…"

Some doctors brought a boy, and you were hugging him. And you told me he was your son… your real son. I felt happy for you, but why am I so worried?


"So, I guess now you're the new Super-Toy, so what good stuff can you do? Oh, can you do 'power' stuff, like... uh...walk on the ceiling or the walls? Anti-gravity? Like, float, or fly?"

"Can you?"

"No, because I'm real…"

Why did Martin say that? What's like to be real? I didn't know. But he didn't tell me. Then he asked me lots of things… he asked me if I had a birthday. Why did he ask me that? I never had a birthday.

"Can you break this?"

"I better not"

"These things...they do look better in pieces. They do"

"I can't"

I knew that it was wrong… so I didn't break the toy. I didn't want to do anything wrong, because otherwise you might not keep me anymore…


"Read to us?"

"Hey... Let's see. Oh, yes…"

"David's going to love it"

Martin asked you to read us a story. And he chose "Pinocchio". When you read that part when Pinocchio is burned, I felt a little scared. But when you read the Blue Fairy part, I felt hope. Maybe I would be real if I found her…


One day, we were at the table, and I was watching you eat. Martin began eating spinach and dared me to eat too. "You'll break", Teddy told me. But if I ate some, I'd know if I were real or not. So I ate. And suddenly I felt horrible. My face started to loosen, and you were scared. And you took me to be repaired.

When the doctors repaired me, you were always by my side. And I took your hand, and told you I'd be fine, because I didn't feel anything, it didn't hurt at all.


"I want a lock of Mommy's hair. I'll share it with you. And if you had it, and wore it, she might love you
even more, like the princess in the movie we saw. When she had the prince's hair in her necklace thing, he loved her.

"We can ask her"

"No! It has to be a secret mission. Sneak in to Mommy's bedroom, in the middle of the night, and chop…it off."

"I can't, Martin. I'm not allowed"

"You promised. You said 'tell me and then I'll promise', didn't you?"

Why did Martin ask that? He told me that if I wore some of your hair, you would love more, like the princess of the movie we saw. But I could ask you. And Martin told me that it was a secret mission. So I accepted. I sneaked into your room, while you and Henry were sleeping. And when I was going to cut some hair, you woke up screaming. And Henry shook me…


The day after was Martin's birthday. And I made a present for him, I tried to be kind and nice to him. Some boys started to look at me and to touch me.

"Touch him"

"That's creepy"

"It's so real…"

And one boy showed me a knife, saying he wouldn't hurt me. But I was scared. And I needed to be safe. So I clung to Martin, and I pulled myself back, not realizing that we were going to fall into the pool. And we did. Henry rescued Martin, and I was left into the pool, completely alone. I felt sad, very sad…


Some time later, I was with Teddy, writing some letters. Those letters were for you, and Teddy was helping me to write them. But I didn't find the words that would let you know how much I love you. That's why I couldn't finish the letters. But I saw you were happy when you were reading them…

"Um..David…I was thinking that we could go for a drive tomorrow in the country. Just you and me…what do you say?"

"And Teddy?"

"Yes, and Teddy"

"Thank you, Mommy! Thank you so much!"

A picnic in the country? Just you and me? That was cool. And I accepted. I was so thankful for having a mommy like you…


"Are those happy tears?"

We were going to the picnic, and I saw you crying. When I asked you why, you didn't tell me. I felt very confused…

When we arrived, I brought the blanket to put it on the floor.

"David listen. Now you won't understand the reasons, but I ..I have to leave you here"

"Is it a game?"


"When will you come back for me?"

"I'm not, David,'ll have to be here by yourself"


"With Teddy"

I'd stay alone? Why? Why did you want to leave me?! Maybe because I did hurt you? Because I hurt Martin? Or because I broke myself? Or…because I wasn't real? Why?! I felt so sad, so confused…

"Why do you want to leave me? Why do you want to leave me??! I'm sorry I'm not real, if you let me I'll be so real for you!"

You gave me some money, saying that I must not be near other humans, only with mechas…but why did you tell me that? Why did you want to leave me?! Please, tell me!

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the world!"

And you threw me there… Why did you do that? What have I done? I tried to reach you, but you escaped. And I was alone, with Teddy. But you were gone…

I remembered the Blue Fairy's tale. Maybe if I find her, she'll make me real, and I'll go back with you. I love you, Mommy. I'll become real for you. And we'll be together again…


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