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Darunia: Nothing good's on TV!

Saria: Naw, ya think? Just to let you know THE FREAKISH REALM OF SAGES DOESN'T GET CABLE YOU TWIT!

Darunia: I knew that.

Saria: Sheesh. What would you buncha freaks do without me?

Nabooru: Who are you calling a freak you freak?!

Saria: Who'd ya think, freak?

Nabooru: You wouldn't know, you're just a freak!

Saria: Freak!

Nabooru: Freak!

Saria: Freak!

Nabooru: Freak!

Saria: Twit!

Nabooru: You stink.

Saria: Thank you.

Annoying narrator dude: Suddenly, music begins to play!

Music: Ready? Here we go now! Jump, right, left. Forward! Doin' great girls!

Impa: Ruto, turn off the freakish exercise tapes!

Ruto: But Link is coming soon if he ever beats the Water Temple. He's been in there for eight whole months already! I have to look beautiful if my fiancée is coming to see me!!!

Saria: Whoa, wait a second. Did you say YOUR fiancée?! Girlfriend, I have known him for his entire life, and you say he's YOUR man?! Get a @#$% life already.

Ruto: He vowed his eternal love to me when we were but children. At least I'm somewhat developed. You're still a kid.

Saria: Excuse me, but did you just call me a child?! Let me have you know, I'm a Kokiri! The most intelligent and proud race of Hyrule?!

Ruto: Asif. The last time I checked you people were still living in little wood cottages and running around pointlessly like morons!

Saria: Naked fish!

Ruto: Air breather!

Saria: Water sucker!

Everyone: O o o o o o. . .

Nabooru: *pops up* How come they can think of good insults?!

Raru: *throws rock at Nabooru*

Nabooru: O w w w w w w! ! !

Raru: *begins to bang head on wall*

Saria: We have walls?

Raru: *falls into abyss*

Saria: That gets rid of one of our problems.

Nabooru: Raru go bye-bye.

Darunia: Let's PARTY! ! !

Raru: *magically reappears*

All: @#$% it.


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