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Act 1 Scene 1

This act begins in the Digital World where two of the Digimon Tamers are walking down a path to visit their digimon after school. English had been their last subject for the day and it didn't exactly go well at all.

"This sucks more then words can say." Takato whined as he kicked a rock out of his way as he and Jeri walked towards the valley where the Tamers digimon could usually be found. With his backpack slugged over one shoulder seventeen year old Takato was not at all happy with his English teacher. In fact, he hated the entire language all together.

"It's not that bad, Takato, it could be a lot worse you know. She could have given us a big test or project on it, this isn't so bad." Jeri pointed out with an optimistic smile, her own backpack swinging behind her as she walked. "Besides, you complained about how Shakespeare wrote the play so this is your chance to make it better."

"I know that but I hate the stupid play. Romeo and Juliet is just a stupid story about two very stupid teenagers who both die for very stupid reasons." Takato said with a frown, throwing up his hands in frustration. "The only good part about the whole thing was the fact that Tybalt died!"

"What are you two arguing about? You two never argue?" Looking down Jeri smiled as Lopmon walked over to them, her chocolate brown ears flying out behind her like a banner.

"We're arguing about a school assignment, Lopmon." Jeri explained with a smile so that Lopmon knew that they weren't really fighting. "We have to rewrite Romeo and Juliet the way we think it should be written as an English project and Takato doesn't want to do it."

"We could help you, Takatomon." Guilmon offered as he came up the path Jeri and Takato had been walking on with Calumon perched on the red dinosaur's head, holding onto Guilmon's ears for balance. The little white digimon was smiling a mile wide as usual and Jeri and Takato couldn't help but smile back at him. He was really infectious that way.

"Yeah! Can we help you guys? Huh can we?" Calumon pleaded with a beaming smile, always eager to lend a hand or play a game. "I like stories, Suzy tells good ones."

"Sure you guys can help, this play needs all the help it can get." Takato said with a smirk, thinking that Calumon could have written a better play then this Shakespeare guy. "Lets head down to the clearing and we'll start okay?" "Yeah!" Was the digimons' answers.


"Okay, now listen closely because I'm going to tell you the original story and then you guys can tell me what you think should be changed and how, okay?" Jeri said and when they all nodded she smiled her agreement. "Basically what happens is that there are these two families called the Capulets and the Montegues and they were always fighting and being mean to each other. Lord Capulet had a daughter named Juliet and Lord Montegue had a son name Romeo. Now when their children were in their teens like Takato and I they met and fell in love even though their parents hated each other and Juliet was supposed to marry this other guy named Paris. Anyway Juliet and Romeo wanted to be together for always so they got married and told no one but the priest who had married them. Anyway the day after the wedding Juliet's cousin Tybalt tries to get into a fight with Romeo and ends up killing one of Romeo's best friends. Romeo kills Tybalt for killing his friend and is banished by the Prince. Because of that Romeo has to leave Juliet and then Juliet's father tells her that in a few days she will marry Paris even though she's already married to Romeo. In order to escape marrying Paris Juliet takes this potion that makes it seem that she's dead only she's really actually sleeping. Anyway everyone thinks she's dead and Romeo is told that she's dead as well so Romeo comes back to the city where Juliet is and buying some poison goes to Juliet's tomb to kill himself too. When he gets there he meets up with Paris and Romeo kills Paris and then drinks the poison and dies. Then Juliet wakes up and seeing Romeo dead kills herself with his dagger. Anyway the parents find them and they learn that they were married and the families make peace with each other though it is too late for Romeo and Juliet. That's how it ends."

"That is so sad." Lopmon said with tears rolling down her chubby cheeks, feeling very sorry for poor Romeo and his Juliet. "All they wanted was to live happily ever after and they would have if it hadn't been for their mean parents."

"I didn't like that story, everyone died." Calumon whimpered with a sad look, equally upset over the fate of the two unlucky teens. "Takato's right, it needs to be changed to a happily ever after story. I like those kinds of stories."

"Yeah, it was way too depressing, it needs some humor." Terriermon agreed as he laid a hand on Lopmon's shoulder who was still feeling terribly sorry for the star-crossed lovers.

"Well then let's start at the beginning." Jeri said with a thumbs up sign. "The play begins with the speech that foretells what is to come, we'll have to change it at the end to fit the story so we'll skip that for now. The play begins with a messenger who is suppose to be informing people of the party Lord Capulet is going to have and is having problems because he can't read the names on the list."

"Can we change their names, Jeri?" Calumon asked with a puzzled look on his face. "These people all have strange names and they're hard to remember."

"I don't see why we couldn't." Takato said with a shrug in Jeri's direction, not really caring one way or the other. He really didn't want to do this stupid assignment but if he had to they might as well make it something he wouldn't be utterly ashamed of. "What do you think would be good names, Calumon?"

"I think we should change Juliet's name to Rika because Rika's tough and no one can make her do anything she doesn't want to do." Calumon began with a beaming grin, thinking that he'd found the perfect way to save Juliet. If Juliet had been more like Rika then Juliet wouldn't have die. "Plus she'd never kill herself over a stupid guy or let her cousin pick on her boyfriend."

"Hey, why don't we name all the characters after people we know?" Terriermon suggested as an interesting idea came into his head. "What if, instead of having the Capulets and the Montegues, why don't we have the Tamer Family and the Digidestined family and it can all take place in the Digital World!"


"Hey that's a really cool idea, Terriermon." Takato said with a grin, liking Terriermon's idea more by the second. With Rika in the personification of Juliet there was no way there could not be more action and ass kicking in the play. With Rika around you couldn't have one without the other. "So who in the Digidestined side should we cast as Romeo?"

"How about T.K., everyone gets along with him pretty good and Suzi says he's the perfect guy." Lopmon suggested brightly, liking the idea a lot. "Plus Rika likes him and doesn't threaten to beat him up on a regular basis like she does with Davis and Kazu."

"Yeah but she only likes T.K. as a friend and he's not really her type." Jeri pointed out with a considering look as she tapped her pen against her cheek. "What about T.K.'s brother, Matt? He and Rika get along really well and he's not the type to kill himself over a girl either. Plus he's not afraid of Rika, a lot of the Digidestined are."

"Yeah, that would be so cool, and you could make Davis Mercutio cause Rika really wants him dead and that Tybalt guy kills Mercutio right?" Terriermon asked with a wide grin. "Hey, why not make Kazu Tybalt? That way he dies too. Plus, Matt really doesn't like him, which would explain Matt killing him, even though he killed Davis."

"Yeah!" Calumon cheered, clapping his hands in delight. Not that he was glad that Davis and Kazu were going to die, but out of both sides the two were his least favorites and he was glad Matt was Romeo, he was one of the few guys besides Henry and Takato that Rika liked.

"I don't know." Takato said, not exactly liking the idea of killing his friend, even figuratively.

"It's okay, Takato." Jeri said with a pat on his back. "I'm sure that Kazu won't mind."

"Well I suppose it won't be that bad." Takato said with a shrug. "Well we better figure out the rest of the cast. What about the parents for the two, who are we going to cast in those roles?"


"Well how about Joe and Mimi for Matt's parents, they'd make good parents and Mimi is a blonde like Matt, some of the time anyway." Terriermon suggested with a thumbs up sign. "Plus I remember Henry talking about the play and saying that the Montegues were a lot nicer then the Capulets parent wise."

"Well in that case we can let Rika have her real mother." Renamon suggested, still not particularly fond of Rika's mother after all this time. Rika and her mother were getting along better but Rumiko was still far from mother of the year. "But who should we cast as Rika's father, she doesn't have one anymore, he lives in the United States."

"What about Yamaki, he's mean sometimes." Terriermon said with a smirk as he pictured Yamaki whose face was usually always in a frown or some other mean look. " Besides, Riley is always saying that he's a workaholic and how are they suppose to have a relationship when he's never around!"

"TERRIERMON!" Jeri said with a frown at the rabbit like digimon, not liking what he was saying about their boss, even if it was the truth. "That's not a nice thing to say at all."

"But it's a good idea, Yamaki it is." Takato said before Jeri could argue. "What about Alice for the nurse, after all she's the most grown up of us and she'd be a better voice of reason then the original Nurse. The original one should have seen how badly it was going to end but she didn't bother to try to step in at all. You can bet Alice would do the opposite."


"Yeah, that's a good idea." Jeri said with a smile as she thought it over. "What about Paris, he'll have to die too and would be on the Tamer side."

"Well I vote Henry but we got to find someway to make sure he doesn't die like Paris did." Lopmon said with a smile as she clapped her hands together. "She and Henry did date for a while and Kenta would be too afraid of her to ever ask her out, much less to marry him."

"I suppose that's okay, as long as Matt doesn't kill him in the end." Terriermon said with a cautious look on his face. he wasn't going to stand by and watch his best friend killed off after all. "Well what about Matt's friends? Tai should play whoever was Matt's best friend or was that Mercutio cause if it is maybe you shouldn't put Davis in that role since Matt finds Davis really annoying too."

"We're in luck, Benvolio was Romeo's best friend, Tai can have that role." Takato said after thinking about it quickly. He had slept through a large portion of the play after all. "Who else do we have to give roles to, Jeri?"

"Well we have to cast a Rosaline but I was figuring that Sora would fit since she used to date Matt before they broke up and she started dating Tai." Jeri said and with their nods continued. "Plus the Prince, which side should we take him from?"

"Why not we make more than one, Geni from the Digidestined side and from our side the Sovereigns. We can just use Geni for the actual featured parts." Terriermon suggested after they'd been throwing out names for a minute or so. "So is that everyone?"

"Well we need a messenger for the Capulets, someone who can't read and wouldn't have known that Matt was a Montegue." Takato said with a considering look. "How about you, Calumon. How would you like to be the messenger?"

"Yeah, so lets start the story!" Calumon said as he jumped up and down at the thought of being in the story they were working on. This was going to be so much fun! He'd never been in a play or helped write a play before.

"Well the teacher said we could write it out in normal language." Takato said with a smirk. "So let's begin the story then! I suppose we should make this all take place in the Digital World then. The Digital City known as the city of Verona."


Calumon was walking down the street, all set to deliver the invitation to the guests. While he was walking down the street he sees Hawkmon who he knew worked for the Digidestined so he ignored him and didn't even say hello or acknowledge his presence. Well to say the least Calumon ignoring him and deliberately snubbing him made Hawkmon really mad and he marched over to tell Calumon exactly what he thought of the annoying little Tamer's pet.

"How dare you snub me, you little white bug." Hawkmon growled as he looked down his beak at the small white digimon who refused to even meet his eye. "Though I can understand you looking at the ground, you're not fit to look at a Digidestined."

"I was only trying to avoid looking at you least you turn me to stone like that Medusa from Homer's tales." Calumon shot back as he folded his little arms over his chest. "And better to be a Tamer than a wimpy Digidestined who runs at the sight of danger and can't even defeat simple rookie digimon."

"Ah, Takato, I just remembered, in the beginning the two servants simply meet, Calumon isn't suppose to be delivering anything." Jeri said as she looked up from her keyboard where she was writing everything out on her laptop. "But I suppose we could just change it so that he was on his way to deliver the message when he met up with the other servant."

"That works." Takato said with a grin. "Now its time for the Prince or Geni to show up."


"Will you two stop fighting, the anger between your two houses only makes you weaker, not stronger! As the prince of these lands I hereby demand you two to shake hands and quit with your arguing and snide remarks." Geni ordered as he suddenly appeared beside the two before Hawkmon could deliver a burn of his own. "Now do as I say."

"Yes, Prince Geni." Calumon said in a bright voice, as he liked Geni who was really nice and helped get rid of the bad digimon who sometimes tried to take over the Digital World. "I'm very sorry if I offended you, sir." Calumon added with a sweet as sugar smile to Hawkmon who wasn't fooled for a minute.

"And I apologize if I insulted you in any way, Sir." Hawkmon said with the same sweet but faked smile and slight bow.

"Well that's better." Geni said with a nod of his old head, hoping that they'd gotten the point. "Now you play nice or you'll be in a lot of trouble." Having said his piece the man disappeared and sending Calumon a dirty look Hawkmon walked off in a huff looking none to pleased to have had his wings slapped by their leader. Watching him go Calumon stuck his tongue out then looked down at his list to see who was the first person he was suppose to invite to the party the Tamer family was hosting that night. Looking down at the list Calumon frowned when he realized that he couldn't read some of the really complicated last names. Looking around Calumon saw a handsome looking blonde teen that stood by a music store looking into the window. He looked about his mistress's age and since he seemed like a nice guy from a distance Calumon crossed the road and walked over to him.


"Excuse me, Sir. Can you tell me who this first person on this list is and where he lives?" Calumon asked as he held out the list to the youth who regarded him with cool eyes that reminded Calumon of his mistress Rika, who was always wearing that kind of expression no matter what kind of mood she was in.

"Let me see it." The teenager said as he accepted the note, a smile crossing his features as he realized what he was reading. A grin slowly came to his face as he read the list from start to finish and with a gleam in his eye nodded his head. "I can help you, no problem. The first person on your list is Ryo Akiyama."

"Thank you very much sir!" Calumon said as he took the list back and already knowing where Ryo lived skipped off in that direction.

"So there's going to be a party at the Tamers place tonight." Matt Digidestined said to himself as he watched the little Calumon skip happily away. Normally he wouldn't care but he'd seen that his ex girlfriend Sora was going to the party and that gave him pause. Maybe he should crash this party and see what she was up to. Not that it mattered overly but it couldn't hurt to see who she was going with now. Plus it would really piss off the Tamer family if he crashed the party with some friends of his. Yes that would most definitely be fun.


"How come I asked him for help if he wasn't a good guy?" Calumon asked as scrunched his face up in concentration. "I know he becomes nice but isn't he suppose to be my enemy in this?"

"Yeah he is but you didn't know that because you didn't recognize him." Jeri explained as she finished the last sentence on her keyboard. "So anyway now its time for Matt and his friends Tai and Davis to sneak into the party with him and his first meeting with the girl of his dreams."

"You mean Rika right?" Terriermon asked as he tried to picture Rika as being the girl of anyone's dreams. Nightmares he could understand but dreams were a little bit too much of a stretch for him to imagine.

"Yeas, I mean Rika." Jeri said with a smile. "So it's on to the next act!"


Well that is it for now, stay tuned for the next act as Rika and Matt meet, poetry is said and a digimon battle between Renamon and Matt's digimon begins. Thanks again for reading and please review cause I'd love to hear from you and what you think.