Title: ME: Trapt

Author: Seadragon

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/Humor

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: Hogwarts 5th years and up are off to a Muggle Camp. A Death Eater attack finds Lily and James lost in the woods, with no way to get back, and an army searching for them. Some people will stop at nothing to get what they want. Voldemort is no exception.

- - - - -

Author's Note: Hey again, all. Sorry it took me so long to update, but as you probably know, I have a baker's dozen of stories to update, and I try to get them all updated frequently, but sometimes circumstances are not allowing. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know where this story stands.

- They are 15/16 depending on who [James is 15, Sirius is 15, Remus is 16, Peter is 16, Lily is 15, May is 16, Jane is 16, and Elizabeth is 16]

- None of them have wands

- Other cabins were under siege as well, as they didn't know whose cabin was whose

- The teachers present are McGonagall [Transfiguration], Flitwick [Charms], Hooch [Flying/Referee], Sprout [Herbology], and Austere [Potions]

- The teachers were sharing a cabin

- There are muggles at the camp

- Some muggle cabins were also under attack

- - - - -

Chapter Ten: Incapable

- - - - -


Sirius Black leapt from his hiding place in what used to be a cluster of bushes. Now, well, they weren't so much bushes as they were piles of ash. Giving the ex-bushes a dirty look, he climbed to his feet and inspected his surroundings. Well, what was left of his surroundings anyway. And that really wasn't all that much.

He brushed leaves, dirt, and ash off his clothes as he walked towards the shell of their cabin. And that's all that was left of it, a shell. There were flames licking at the wooden exterior, one corner and the roof had exploded. All there was left on the inside was a layer of gray soot.

Sirius made a face as he approached the doorway. The door itself was gone, probably burnt to a crisp. As he ran a hand along the frame, collecting ash on his fingertips, he wondered absentmindedly where everyone else was, and why everything seemed so unearthly silent.

And then sounds exploded from everywhere. He was dimly aware of people pushing through foliage underneath the cover of screams of pain and anguish. He moved to grab his wand, but clutched only a handful of ash that had found its way into his pocket. Their wands were back at the castle.

He looked around desperately for anything that could be used as a weapon. His eyes fell upon a long branch at the base of the woods. He darted forward frantically and grabbed it before leaping backwards from the trees. For once, it seemed like a better idea to be out in the open.

Against the flames still burning in the cabin and on the tops of trees, he could see the shadows of people coming towards him. He waited moving back towards the cabin, so they at least couldn't jump him from behind.

When the closest shadow came into the open, he closed his eyes and swung the branch, successfully cracking the person in the head. They dropped like a stone.

"Sirius Black! What the hell do you think you are doing?!"

Sirius spun around with a startled look on his face, he dropped the branch, wincing in pain as it bounced off his feet.

"Well I suppose it's an improvement from her complaining every five seconds." May Dawson said thoughtfully, nudging the still form of Elizabeth Harmon with one foot. Jane Litton was standing behind May with a frightened look frozen on her face.

Well, I say frozen, but it vanished pretty fast when she snapped back to reality and realized her best, actually, only, friend was currently crumpled on the ground after a blow to the head by a branch.

"You." She hissed, glaring at Sirius with a look of disgust on her face. Sirius watched with amusement, but was quickly distracted from her by the arrival of two others.

"Moony! Wormtail!" He cried, seeing the latter supporting the former as they made their way into the clearing in front of what used to be their cabin. Remus's face was twisted into a look of pain, but it broke into a grin when he saw Sirius, alive and well.

"Hey Padfoot." Remus said, his voice forcedly cheerful. He winced a bit as Peter helped him to sit down and lean against a tree, as of yet untouched by fire.

Sirius sighed with relief, they were all accounted for. Or were they? He looked around again, his vision slightly clouded with pain and counted all that were present. May, Jane, and Elizabeth, that's three. Remus and Peter, four and five respectively. And himself. Six.

Oh Merlin.

"Where's James?!" He said frantically, turning to the other five, his heart sinking further and further as they all shook their heads.

"He went the other direction with Lily, Sirius. They didn't hide in the bushes with us, remember?" May said quietly, walking over to him and putting a hand on his upper arm.

Sirius tore away from her, picked up his branch again, and started towards the path opening with determination.

May tried and failed to stop him. He had nearly disappeared into the woods when Remus spoke up.

"Stop." His voice was raspy, probably from the same pain that was plaguing Sirius.

Sirius paused in his tracks, but didn't turn to look at Remus, the only clue as to the fact that he was listening was the absence of his footsteps.

"You know why they're here. Just like I do, just like Peter does. You go after them, you'll get swept up in it, and killed." Remus, always the voice of reason, never begging or pleading, was doing just that. "Please, Sirius?"

Reluctantly, the raven-haired boy dropped the branch, and turned around.

May, Jane, and Elizabeth, who had regained consciousness just in time for Remus's speech, were staring at the three boys with confusion. It was silent for a few minutes, when finally, May spoke up in a small voice.

"Why are they here?"

It was Remus who finally lifted his head to answer May's question. It wasn't an answer up to his usual standards, but it got the job done, and there certainly was the wonderful shock value that came along with it.

"Lord Voldemort has to kill James."

May looked at him for a second, then blinked.

"Wonderful." She murmured. "My best friend is who knows where with a guy wanted by a mass murderer. The day really isn't looking up."