Trina had failed same as her father, her giant body was trashed luckily she kept her old body not that she would need it for long, her processors were going to burn out in two months and she couldn't fix it and if she stayed as a robot she would always have maintenance problems, just as then she had an idea.

~three days later~

Hiro sat in the bass when Granville texted him, "Hiro you need to see this." then a video.

The video loaded, Trina stood there with Karmi strapped to a chair in the back ground, "Hiro Hamada if you want your cute little girlfriend come to akuma island." she said while Karmi struggled in the background.

He contacted the rest of the team, they landed on the island and split up walking around Hiro found Karmi and Trina both strapped into a machine, he ran over and unstrapped Karmi, "Bay-max scan Karmi."

"Karmi has no injures." Bay-max said.

"of course she wouldn't, why would I hurt my new body." Karmi said standing up.

"what are you talking about?" he asked getting ready to fight.

"don't worry lover boy I just needed a new body and this was the only way that I could get you to help." Karmi walked over and undid the restraints on Trina.

"what Trina. tell me you didn't?" Hiro asked looking Karmi now Trina.

"that's right now your going to help me or your little girlfriend will die with my old body." Trina said pointing to her old body.

"she's not my girlfriend and you could have just asked for help." he said with a red face.

"well I needed a bargaining chip, now you're going to take us to sycorax and yous are going to have them make me a body and don't worry I won't hurt anyone." she said, Hiro called the rest of the team and told them what was going on.

one flight later they landed at sycorax, Karmi had woken up on landing but not reacted to 'captain cutie', Hiro didn't think much of it. He manged to convince Liv to help them after telling her what happened. but it was going to take a month to make a body for Trina.

Karmi spoke up to this, "wait I'm going to be stuck in this body for a month."

Trina snickered at this, "wow, after all this that's what you're worried about." she said holding her belly.

~lucky cat cafe~

Hiro texted Granville to meet him there, he needed to keep an eye on Trina and make sure Karmi's body didn't brake down so there was only one choose he needed to tell Cass he was a hero.

he walked into see Granville and Cass talking over coffee he walked over to them, "hay aunt Cass, I have something to tell you." he said looking at his feet.

"Hiro, what's wrong sweaty." Cass asked moving over to Hiro.

"Cass. I am apart of big hero 6." he said unsure of her reaction.

she hugged him, "I already knew I was just waiting for you to tell me. I'm so proud of you." she let go of him, "now who are these cute girls you brought home with you?" looking at the to girls.

"well this is Trina," he pulled Karmi's body over "she kidnapped Karmi and swapped bodies with her, now Karmi is in Trina's body that is going to stop working in two months, so we're making Trina a new body but for the time being we need to keep an eye on Trina and Karmi can't go home at the moment because we might need her help." he finished and breathing in.

his aunt and miss Granville looked at them, "the only thing I got from that is they need a place to stay, and they are welcome to stay here as long as they need." Cass said.

"oh um thank you miss Hamada." Karmi bowed

"oh just call me Cass, now you three go up stairs and get cleaned up, yous stink." Cass said.

Trina grabbed hiro's arm and pulled him to the stairs, "come on cutie, I want you clean for tonight." she said in a flirty tone.

Karmi went after them yelling, "what are you planning to do with my body."

~after showers~

Karmi walked into Hiro's room to see Trina sitting on top of Hiro pinning him to the bed.

Karmi ran over to them she pulled her of him, "what where you going to do with him?" she asked fluster.

"don't worry I was just seeing what to expect when I got my body." Trina said then her stomach growled, "I'm going to get food." she walked down stairs.

Karmi sat next to Hiro. "so, um, you're captain cutie," he nodded, "and you didn't like me writing fan-fictions because I was shipping us." he nodded again, "and you never had a crush on me."

"well I started to like you after the sycorax incident but you left." he said.

she sat there for a second, she move to kiss him but she moved to fast and headbutted him.

the night was late and Hiro decided to go to sleep.