Trina woke up she needed to pee, still wasn't used to having a human body and drank too much with dinner. she came back from her trip to see that there was room with Karmi her old body was cold when in rest mode but there was space on Hiro's bed she smiled as she crawled into bed with him, he was warm.

Hiro was dragged from his bed by a red faced and flustered Karmi. "what happened, what's going on?" Hiro asked looking at her, she just pointed at Trina sleeping in the bed, "down stairs quietly." he whispered as he moved to the stairs.

down stairs Karmi looked a him, "look I know you didn't have do anything but I just don't like seeing my body cuddling with you." she let out with a sigh.

"um thanks of not being mad." it went quiet, "so um, want to do something today?" he asked.

"well we should at least call my parents and tell them what's happening, so they don't call the cops trying to find me." Hiro nodded, she looked at the time 8:45 they should be up, she pulled out her phone and made a video call to them.

the phone rang, "hello, Karmi are you ok you didn't come home last night." a latino lady said before stopping, "who are you where's my daughter?"

"look calm down Karmi's safe, um, Karmi's mum." Hiro didn't know her name.

"ok so what happened to my baby girl" the worried lady asked.

"ok, lissen to what we have to tell you before you do any thing." Hiro said calmly, "Karmi was kidnapped by a humanoid robot named Trina, Trina then swapped bodies with Karmi and we're making Trina a human body so we can get Karmi's body back but, we need Karmi to stay in San Fransokyo so we can stop any problems before they get to serious." he explained.

"and why would believe you?" she asked.

Karmi sighed, "mom I'm Karmi, you sound proofed your room after you found out I could hear you and dad, you get me 'toys' for my sixteenth birthday and you gave me the talk three weeks ago, that good enough," she said then looked at Hiro, "sorry my mum is stubborn and I need clothes that don't show my belly button."

"ok that's my daughter I'll put money in you account I can't drive 4 hours to drop of clothes, also how long until she's back in her body." she asked.

"a month at least." they continued explain any questions that Karmi's mum had. they ended the call, "so looks like we're going shopping today."

"we should wake Trina up, and take her to get clothing as well."

"fine I'll get her ready."

A hour later Karmi and Trina in the changing room and Hiro sat outside waiting for them, Karmi stepped out in a pale gray long sleeve shirt and a light blue skirt. "now that's better." Karmi said, "what do you think?" she asked him.

"it looks like your style." he said.

Trina came out in tight black jeans and a firm fitting purple crop top, she looked at Hiro, "what do you think genius boy?" she asked, Hiro just stared at her, he didn't know that Karmi's body was so developed and curvy, "oops looks like I broke him." she giggled.

Karmi pushed Trina back into the changing room, "you are not dressing my body like that." she said.

"oh come on you saw how much Hiro liked it." Trina said smugly.

"no he doesn't" Karmi said

"really guess you didn't look at his pants." she said smirking.

Karmi poked her head out and looked at Hiro's pants to see he was pitching a tent, she went red and pulled her head back in, "that's why you can't wear that."

Trina rolled her eyes, "don't worry I was going wear a sweater," taking of the clothes and changing back into the clothes is came in.

after paying and going around town for the day they got back to the cafe at 6:00pm before bed time changed into their new clothes, Karmi wore light blue pajamas but Trina wore a black sports bra and fluffy shorts, Karmi was upset that Trina kept dressing her like that, they came to an agreement Trina would change but they would sleep with Hiro since Karmi's body was cold.