Karmi sat at a table in the Lucky cat café, she fiddled with the flash cards she made, "'ok this shouldn't be hard." she said to herself.

the chime on the door rang, Karmi looked up to see her parents walking over to her, "hey sweaty what did you want to talk to us about?" he mother asked.

"hi mum, where's dad?" she asked.

"he's at work, so it's just us girls here, so what did you want to tell me?" she asked.

"well," she quickly shuffled though cards, "Liv came to offer to sponsor me at SFIT."

Her mother smiled, "that's great sweaty but you know your farther isn't like this."

Karmi smiled, "well we thought about that and dad likes Hiro and if he wants me to get close to him wouldn't it be better for me to stay here." she said.

"that's a great idea but your dad wouldn't want to move back here." she said trying to find a reason to take her home.

"oh the sponsorship also includes housing and a food allowance, and that would mean that you and dad would have the house all to yourselves." Karmi smiled.

"you really thought of everything," her mother smiled, "I'll tell your farther about this and try to stay out of trouble." she said standing up and leaving.

Karmi walked back up stairs to find Trina sitting on the bed, "so how did it go?"

Karmi let out a deep sigh, "don't know my dad didn't show up."

"well if you don't get to stay I'll make sure that me and Hiro's kids will call you aunt." Trina joked.

Karmi's face scrunched up, "what makes you think that you and Hiro would have kids together?"

"simple, who else would be with Hiro you know besides you?" she smiled.

"I told you I don't like Hiro like that." Karmi said red faced.

Hiro walked in, "wow Karmi even after all those fanfictions and all the things I did for you." He smiled from the door.

The three for them started, "this is so stupid, we all know there's no way we can avoid each other." Train spoke.

"I know, we know everyone is going to try to get us together." Karmi giggled.

Hiro smiled, "I know, Cass will be happy if I'm with either of you." He finished calming down.

Later that night the three of them sat in Hiro's room watching a movie on the wall, they heard Karmi's phone ring they quickly muted the movie, "hi dad, yeah that's right, don't you want me to be with Hiro? Then wouldn't make sense if I went to the same school? Thank you so much dad." Hiro and Trina listened closely, Karmi turned around, "so that was my dad," she said moving from one foot to the other, "well he said that I can go back to SFIT." she said excitedly.

Hiro hugged her, "that's great news Karmi."

Trina ran over and joined the hug too, "Hey don't leave me out of this."

two days later Trina sat in the body swapping machine, the machine started to hum before letting out a flash, Karmi's body slumped forwards as Trina let out a groan from her new body, "this fells right." she said.

Karmi walked over to the chair and sat down, "looks like it's my turn." Liv hooked Karmi up, the machine started to hum again before another flash, "ok hurt more then last time." she groaned.

they heard a hissing sound from Trina's old body, Hiro grabbed Karmi and pulled her to the ground as Trina's old body exploded, "Trina what the heck, your body actually exploded." he shouted.

"what I told you that it would explode." Trina said smugly, Hiro rolled his eyes.

Liv demanded that Trina and Karmi stay Sycorax for the night.

the next day Hiro sat in his class, when Granville walked in , "ok students, please welcome back Karmi," she said as Karmi walked in, "and this is a new student, Trina, so make sure that you treat her well."

Karmi and Trina sat on either side of Hiro, "so Hiro looks like we are going to get a lot closer," she said pressing against him, "and Karmi I'm still willing to share." she winked.

Karmi stiffened, "I told you I'm not sharing Hiro with you."

Granville looked up at them, "can you three keep your lovers quarrel for after school?" she said, three quietened for the rest of the lessons.

The three retuned to the lucky cat café after school, they sat in Hiro's room, "so Hiro what do you think of my new body?" Trina asked.

Hiro blushed, "you look good?" he said.

she smiled, "do you want to take a closer look?" she said pushing him down.

Karmi grabbed a magazine off Hiro's desk and hit Trina with it, "Trina stop that." she yelled.

"are you three behaving?" Cass asked looking at them, "also can you three come down stairs."

As they walked down they saw Liv, Cass and Granville sitting at a table, "will you please take a seat," Granville said, "now we have been talking with Cass and she has agreed to let you stay here."

"Cass you don't need to do that." Karmi said.

Cass smiled, "oh you don't need to worry, plus you can help make sure Hiro doesn't do anything stupid."

Trina smiled, "well Cass I'll be happy to stay." she said.

Karmi looked over at here then back at Cass, "you know what Cass I think I will stay, thank you."

"oh are jealous?" Trina smiled, Karmi glared at her.

Hiro let out a sigh knowing that things where going to be chaotic.