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Night Terror

Elizabeth sat up from her sleep, as she was awoken by a scream. She threw her dark purple comforter with matching sheets off of her body, as she swung her legs over the side of her bed. She ran towards her door. She opened her door, rushing through the hallway, to the room door next to hers. She frantically opened it. The door flew open, into Rogue's room. Elizabeth's mark on the left side of her face, glowed, as she ignited her psychic blades around her fists. She saw Rogue sitting up in her bed, her hands clasped to her head. "Rogue! What happened?" Elizabeth panicked.

Logan was soon standing behind Elizabeth, staring in to Rogue's room. He brushed past Elizabeth, unsheathing a set of claws, rushing into Rogue's room. He looked around. He looked at Elizabeth, and shook his head, "Nothing."

The glow from Elizabeth's mark died down, as she dissolved her blades. Rogue's eyes remained shut, and she began to grunt loudly, between mumbled words Elizabeth and Logan could not understand. "Stop." Rogue breathed out.

Logan and Elizabeth looked at each other with confusion, and Logan walked towards her bed. "Rogue, what's wrong?" He asked.

Elizabeth ran her hand up the side of the doorway, along the wall. She finally flipped up the light switch, turning on the ceiling crystal chandelier. Logan stopped in his tracks, as he walked towards Rogue's full sized bed. Rogue's head shot up, and her eyes flew open. She stared at Elizabeth, her emerald green eyes flaring with rage. "You! Get outta my head!" Rogue screamed.

"Rogue?" Elizabeth said, with confusion in her tone.

Rogue immediately shot out of her bed, in her dark green shirt, and black sweat pants. Her arms and hands were uncovered, revealing her pale flesh. Elizabeth and Logan's eyes opened with shock, as they stared at Rogue. Rogue was not on the ground; she was floating in the air, above her bed. Rogue continued to stare at Elizabeth, her usually pale face now red with anger. "I'm gonna finish you once and for all!" Rogue screamed, as she flew towards Elizabeth, with her arms reaching for her.

"Rogue; no!" Logan yelled.

Elizabeth gasped in shock and fear, and she quickly closed her eyes. She used her telepathy to stun Rogue. Logan retracted his claws, as he stared at Rogue in shock. Rogue slammed her hands to the sides of her head, feeling the dull pain burn through her mind, as Elizabeth used her telepathy to stun her. She was floating in the air, arching her back backwards, in front of Elizabeth's face. "Stop! Get outta my head!" Rogue screamed, as she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to push the pain out of her head.

"I'm sorry, Rogue! I can't let you hurt anyone!" Elizabeth sadly told her friend.

Rogue floated towards the ceiling, in the same position she was in, screaming. "I'm gonna kill you!" Rogue screamed.

Logan looked at Elizabeth, with confusion and shock. He couldn't believe that Rogue would want to kill the very person she thought of as her best friend. The Professor was away with Scott and Storm, on Genosha Island, just outside of Scotland, to visit Charles' old friend, Moira McTaggert. Logan shook his head; he didn't know who to turn to. The commotion had attracted the remaining students at the institute, to stand behind Elizabeth, doing nothing but staring at the scene. Rogue screamed one loud, last scream, almost piercing the ears of the spectators. She immediately passed out, falling towards the floor. Jean stood behind Elizabeth, and held her hand out towards Rogue, using her telekinesis to stop Rogue from hitting the floor below her. Elizabeth opened her eyes, as beads of sweat began to drench her forehead. "What the hell was that?" Brian snapped.

Elizabeth backed up, and stopped as she accidentally backed into Jean. She swung around, staring at the fellow telepath behind her. "Betsy, what happened?" Jean asked, her green eyes looking at her with concern.

Elizabeth turned her head to Rogue, as Hank rushed to her. Elizabeth brushed her hands through her long, thick black hair. She sighed, and finally answered her, "I don't know. She said she wanted to kill me." She sadly answered, trying to keep the tears from coming to her eyes.

Hank squatted down next to Rogue, and took a pair of latex gloves out of his white lab coat pocket. He slipped his hands into the gloves, and placed his gloved right hand to the side of Rogue's neck, feeling for a pulse. He reached into his chest pocket, and pulled out his thin flash light. He pulled open each eyelid, shining the light into her eyes, examining them. He looked up at Logan, "She's out cold. Looks like Lady Elizabeth stunned her to unconciousness." Hank said.

Elizabeth's mouth dropped, as she turned to face Logan in the room. Logan looked at Elizabeth, his brown eyes glaring with concern. "I only stunned her because she was going to hurt me! She was probably going to hurt anyone else in this room! I didn't know what to do!" Elizabeth panickly explained.

Peter stood behind her, his 6'6" muscular build towering over her. He placed his hands on her shoulders. "Betsy, it's okay." He said gently, trying to calm her.

"Let's take her to the infirmary Logan; I have to see if the southern belle needs any treatment. I would also like to speak with her, regarding this occurrence." Hank explained, as he stood up, placing his flashlight into his chest pocket.

Hank removed his glasses, as Logan carefully slid his arms under Rogue, making sure none of his flesh touched against hers. Elizabeth stared at her friend, as her body lied limp in Logan's arms. Hank and Logan walked towards the doorway, the students stepping out of the way, making a path for them. The two left, with Rogue, towards the elevator. Elizabeth sighed, as she ran her hand down her face. Brian walked towards his twin, his blue eyes staring at her. "Betsy, you don't know what happened?" He asked; puzzled by the confrontation he had just witnessed.

Her teammates stared at her, waiting for an explanation. Elizabeth's dark brown eyes, filled with sorrow, as she looked into the faces of her fellow teammates. She sensed accusation from them; that the situation was her fault. Her mouth dropped, the look of shock overcoming her porcelain face. "No! I seriously do not know what had happened! I only woke up, hearing Rogue scream!" She defensively retorted through her posh British accent.

"Elizabeth, we're not accusing you of anything at all." Kurt sighed, his tail bobbing from side to side.

Elizabeth's arms dropped to her sides, as she rolled her eyes. "Look, I do not know what happened!" She eased, letting out a deep exhale, "To tell you the truth, I don't even think she knew it was me."

"So, you had no argument with Rogue that we should know about?" Jean asked her.

Elizabeth shook her head. "No. Everything was fine, when we went to that Gothic Club tonight. I mean, we had a blast together." She paused, trying to calm herself, to avoid her temper from rising, "And with the look in her eyes; I don't think she saw me. I truly believe she was seeing someone else."

Jean's face sobered, as she ran her hand through her long red hair, "Night terrors." She told them.

"What's that?" Evan asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jean turned to look at him. "Night terror is a form of sleepwalking; except you become extremely violent, possibly murderous. Your mind is still sleeping, with the nightmare still going. Your eyes are open, and you look wide awake," Jean paused, taking a deep breath, "But, your mind is still stuck in the nightmare."

Her teammates looked at each other, with looks of confusion. Kitty became puzzled, as she turned towards Jean, "I don't get it, Jean. Rogue and Betsy are best friends; Rogue wouldn't like, have seriously killed her," She paused, wondering if the concept were true. "Would she?" Kitty asked.

Elizabeth and Jean looked at each other. Elizabeth sighed, and they both turned back towards Kitty. Jean nodded, answering Kitty's question. "Oh, man!" Evan sighed, as he shook his head.