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"I never realized you enjoyed looking at yourself that much."

Grissom smiled, not needing to turn around to know who had just entered his office, "It's Billy."

"No, Grissom, that's Gil." Catherine pointed at his reflection in the mirror.

"Billy's my new African Beetle. He's behind the mirror."

"You let it roam free?" Catherine's eyes darted around at the space around her, "You need a sign that says 'Danger Zone' or something that warns people before they step into this jungle."

"Don't worry, it's behind my mirror. I'm waiting for it to come out."

"Why don't you just move the mirror?"

"That's too risky."

"True. One wrong move and..." She smiled when Grissom looked at her, "But let's not talk about that."

"Did you need something?"

"Yes, a ride, but since you're occupied..."

"This won't take much longer. He should be coming out in a few more minutes."

"You time it?"

"Billy's a bit predictable. Everytime I let him out, he always scurries behind the mirror and in 10 minutes, he emerges."

"That's crazy." She shook her head.

"It's not crazy, Catherine. It may seem a little weird but definitely not crazy. Insects, like humans, have quite an interesting pattern to life. See!" He grinned proudly as a black beetle emerged from behind the mirror. Scooping it up, he placed it carefully inside its cage, "There you go. Have fun today?"

"You want me to leave you two alone?"

"That won't be necessary. Billy's had quite the workout today, he needs his rest." Grissom got up and replaced the cage on the shelf. When Catherine let out a soft laugh, he smiled, "You think I'm weird."

"I used to be a dancer, Grissom. I've seen 'weird'. You're not weird." She patted him on the arm as she exited his office, "Maybe a little crazy, but definitely not weird."