Title: Time is a Healer

Summary: Harry, Ron and Hermione are suddenly and inexplicably thrown into the Marauders' sixth year at Hogwarts. Delighted with this chance to meet his parents and reunite with the recently deceased Sirius, Harry soon starts to cut his ties for the future, leaving Ron and Hermione seriously worried. And what's the monster that's starting to stalk Harry?

Timeline and Spoilers: Books 1 through 5, at the beginning of Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts (very beginning)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and any related characters and setting are all the property of J.K. Rowling and not me.

Extra: 'blah' = thoughts

Epilogue: In Which Hermione Receives a Detention

Hermione Granger hurtled through the corridors fleet slipping and sliding on the well-polished floor. 'I don't believe it!' She groaned, as she glanced desperately at her watch. 'Twenty past! I've never been so late for a lesson – ever!'

She didn't Hermione Granger hurtled through the corridors fleet slipping and sliding on the well-polished floor. 'I don't believe it!' she groaned, as she glanced desperately at her watch. 'Twenty past! I've never been so late for a lesson ever!

She didn't know how she'd come to be so late. One minute she was dozing in the common room, next zooming through the empty halls. Well, all right, being asleep wasn't quite the best way for one to pay attention to class time, but honestly – twenty minutes late? She threw another glance at her watch. 'Eleven twenty four! Is time speeding up or something?'

She launched herself on the nearest staircase, but she had only taken a few leaps, before the stairs lurched and she was thrown against the stone railing: the staircase was moving. Righting herself, she tried not to jiggle impatiently on the spot whilst it swivelled to its new destination. Already she was gasping for breath and her book bag was beginning to drag on her shoulders.

The staircase came to a grinding halt and Hermione jumped off, onto the new corridor. Almost immediately, the staircase began to slide away again and Hermione realised with dismay that she had never been in this part of Hogwarts before now. The elaborate tapestries that hung on the wall were a complete mystery and she had never seen the portraits before. Several wizened wizards stared at her just as intently as she did them.

A small beeping at her wrist brought her back to reality – the watch now read 11:30. This unexplored corridor would have to wait – right now, she had to get to Charms. With speed induced by a slight panic, Hermione set off, her legs protesting slightly. She chose speed over carefulness.

'OK, so I've never been in this particular corridor before,' she told herself, dodging an ornamental vase on a stand. 'But, it's on the same floor, so Charms has got to be around here somewhere.'

"Tempus temporissss…."

A ghostly whisper echoed around the halls and brought Hermione back down to Earth. She continued running, but looked over her shoulder in shock, intently searching for the owner of the voice. But there was no one, or, indeed, no thing there: just the seemingly endless corridor. Hermione had to blink sudden tears from her eyes – for a moment that had sounded like Sirius.

As she twisted around, her foot caught on the hem of her robes and she tripped. Instinctively, she flung out an arm to catch hold of something to stop her fall. Dimly, she registered cool metal on her skin before a sharp pain flared and warmth drenched her hand. She caught a brief glimpse of a wizard and a sword before she fell on her back to gaze at the ceiling.

Even that change of scenery was short lived as her momentum caused her to roll back over herself. As she knocked her head on the floor, Hermione mentally screamed, 'I don't have TIME for this!'

It was so quick that she thought she had imagined it. A flash of blue light and an overpowering wind, but it lasted barely a second. And when Hermione grounded to a halt, everything was as it was before.

Then she blinked, suddenly confused as to why she was lying on the floor, face pressed into the cold stone. A little dazed, she began to sit up, sneezing at the large amount of dust on the floor. As she pushed up on her hands, her right one gave a sharp pang and she hissed, drawing the hand in for a closer look.

And groaned.

For there, looking as innocent as a bleeding split in her skin could, was a cut. As she watched the blood begin to well up and spill onto the floor memory came flooding back to her. 'Bloody Merlin!' she thought, eyes widening. 'Time, that trip to the Past – it can't have happened again… could it?'

Hermione twisted her head to gaze at the statue of Time, the faintest smear of her blood on the shining sword in his hand. Feeling a terrible surge of dread she got to her feet and stood in front of the statue. Even though she had met the real thing, Time's statue still had an eerie air about it. Hermione stopped staring when she caught the statue winking at her. Instead she turned her attention to the sword. Part of her was still panicked about missing charms, but she had a feeling that this would be the only chance she'd have to explore this corridor.

Tentatively, Hermione put a finger to the cool blade. It tingled faintly under her touch and, as she ran her finger down the blade, she found a groove. Frowning, she carefully twisted around the blade to read what was engraved there.

'Tempus temporis hic medicor'

Smiling, Hermione drew away from the statue. 'Trust Time.'

Picking up her belongings – including her mislaid S.P.E.W. badge – Hermione set off for charms, pausing to look at the tapestries and portraits of Time and Past, her mind still wheeling from that conversation in the in between. As she stepped out of the corridor, she paused this time, turning round as the corridor silently sealed behind her, the cupboard popping back into existence behind her. She didn't know how she felt yet about their time in the past. In a way it was a wonderful experience, getting to know the infamous Marauders in their heyday… but then she kept being brought back to Earth, remembering how that tight-knit group was ripped apart only a few years later. She couldn't even begin to imagine what Harry had gone through.

And then, of course, there were Time's ominous hints about the future…

A little beeping at her wrist brought her out of her reverie: 10:45. 'Oh, well.' She sighed, heading off to face Flitwick. Although there was hardly any of the lesson left, she had something she wanted to show Harry.

~Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~

Harry and Ron weren't paying much attention to Professor Flitwick's talk about the Avis charm. Rather they were wondering where on Earth Hermione was. She had had a free period before their current charms lesson and then just hadn't shown up. It really wasn't like Hermione to miss a lesson. The last time she had done it was back in third year due to exhaustion from continued use of a time turner and had ended up slapping Malfoy round the head. Although, both Ron and Harry agreed, they wouldn't mind a repeat performance of the latter.

It was now nearing the end of the lesson and although Professor Flitwick was getting rather annoyed with them, all they could do was discuss where Hermione could be – and what could have happened to her. "After Charms, if we just – " Ron was saying, before Professor Flitwick's squeak of surprise cut him off.

"Miss Granger! Why are you so late?"

Harry and Ron whipped their heads around, so hard it made Harry's neck twinge. "Hermio – " Ron exclaimed, before stopping, eyes widening as memory of the last few months – although it wasn't months, not really – it hadn't even happened yet, had it? – surged through their brains. "Bloody Hell!" Ron finished, actually falling off his seat as his flinched backwards.

There was a scattering of laughter at this, though Flitwick merely frowned at him. "That will be enough, Mr Weasley," he said, before turning back to Hermione. "Do you have a reason for your tardiness, Miss Granger?" he asked and even Harry, who's ears were ringing and eyes watering with the force of the memories, could detect the hint of hopefulness. Obviously, Flitwick hoped that at least his star pupil wouldn't start skiving his classes without reason.

Unfortunately for him, Hermione swallowed, flitting a glance towards Harry. "No, Professor. I'm sorry."

Flitwick sighed. "Detention, Miss Granger," he said, motioning her towards the saved seat next to Harry. "Although I daresay there is little point in taking you seat as class is due to end in five minutes time. Perhaps you can use this time to catch up on what you missed," he added coldly.

Hermione went bright red, but sat down and silently flicked her wand, sending a stream of birds overhead. Flitwick now went red, staring at Hermione in shock for a few minutes, before walking away very quickly. Hermione ignored him, already scribbling something down on a bit of parchment.

"Bloody Merlin, Hermione," Ron whispered, clambering off his seat. "Time wasn't kidding when he said right back, was he?" He paused a bit, then stared at Hermione. "Hell, Hermione, we've just travelled back in time and… well, back forward again and you're writing notes? We've already done this class – and the next few months' worth!" He sat back suddenly, as though a thought had just occurred to him. "Bloody hell, you realise this means we don't have to pay attention in class until sometime in November?" He closed his eyes. "Bliss!"

Hermione, waving her parchment to dry it, snorted. "Not likely, Ron – unless you can remember everything we did and have all your notes and copies of all the homework you did?" she asked, eyebrow raised. "And I doubt the syllabus is still the same after twenty odd years."

Ron sat forward abruptly, eyes open and glaring at Hermione. "Hermione!" he snapped. "You're ruining my dream!"

Hermione snorted and Harry cut over her retort before she could even think of it. "What've you written there, Hermione?" he asked, drawing her attention away from Ron.

Hermione blushed a little, and held the parchment out to him tentatively. "It was written on Time's sword," she said, smiling slightly. "I thought you might want it."

Harry looked at her, unsure, before taking the parchment from her fingers and looking down at it:

Tempus Temporis Hic Medicor

Time is a Healer

~Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~ Time is a Healer~

Authors Note: Well, that's it – the end! I hope you enjoyed it all and sorry it took so long to get it out here! It's been a labour of love and hate (although mainly love!) and my writing style has changed so much in ten years (cannot believe it's taken that long) but it's still my first fanfic story that I wrote (and the first multi-chaptered story that I finished as well :)

Thank you to anyone who's ever read, reviewed, favourited or followed this story.

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