Battle Force 5 Meets the Acceleracers

Chap 2

'Wow. That was so much smoother than the Wheel of Power. And less disorienting.' Acceleracer Vert thought as he and the Battle Force 5 arrived back at the hub.

"Where are we?" Sparky asked, looking around. However, it and Acceleracer Vert became slightly concerned when they noticed a weird, blue floating creature coming toward them.

"I wonder who and what is that?"

"An Acceleron?"

"I want to say no, but I don't know much about them. I only know what Dr. Tezla told us. And we know that is not everything which is why Kurt never trusted him."

"Did the Acceleron say anything?"

"Again, no. Just that some people need my skills. We're practically in the dark here."

"What should we do?"

"Just follow my lead but keep quiet about the Accelechargers and anything else relating to them." Acceleracer Vert answered as he put the Accelechargers and Wisdom Wheel underneath his seat before unbuckling himself. "Now. Let's meet these people and hopefully get some answers."

"Right." Sparky said as they exited Reverb.

"Everything alright?" Agura asked as she and the others walked up to them.

"Yeah, we're fine. Well, mostly fine." Acceleracer Vert answered.

"That's good." BF5 Vert said with a nod.

"And thanks for the help back there." Standford said.

"No problem." Acceleracer Vert said.

"But now that we're safe. We have some questions for you." Agura said.

"Same here." Acceleracer Vert said as the blue figure approached them. "But first, who is that?"

"This is Sage. She is what's known as a Blue Sentient. Don't worry. She's friendly and has helped us on multiple occasions." BF5 Vert answered.

"But also a little scary at times." Spinner added.

"Who are they, Vert?" Sage asked, curious. However, Acceleracer Vert noticed that Sage kept looking back at Reverb. But it seemed like either something was getting her attention or triggering her senses.

"These two were the ones that helped us get the Battle Key before the Vandals did. And ironically, the guy's name is the same as mine. Vert Wheeler." BF5 Vert answered.

"Talk about a coincidence and a half." Zoom said, chuckling.

"Yeah. By chance, are you the leader of some racing group?" Sherman Cortez asked. And despite it being a joke, he was genuinely curious as the racing suit Acceleracer Vert was wearing did suggest this.

"No, I'm not. But I am part of an elite racing group." Acceleracer Vert answered, doing his best to answer as honestly as he could while not giving too much away.

"And who's your mechanical friend?" Sage asked, curious.

"Hello." Sparky answered, lifting his arm while a few sparks flew from his head.

"This is Sparky. Don't worry; he's harmless." Acceleracer Vert said while walking closer to the others before whispering to them. "Just don't let him near any of your vehicles. It never ends well for anyone."

"Noted." The Battle Force 5 members said.

"Well, Vert and Sparky. Thanks for helping my friends retrieve the Battle Key before the Vandals." Sage said.

"Battle Key? You mean this?" Acceleracer Vert asked, going to Reverb and removing the key from the car.

"Yes. That's the Battle Key of the Vault Battle Zone."

'That must be their equivalent of the racing realms.' Acceleracer Vert thought. "I take it they must be pretty powerful to have multiple people after them."

"More or less. Basically, they act as keys to their corresponding Battle Zone. With them, you have complete access to their Battle Zones and can visit and exit whenever you want." Spinner said.

'So not as useful as the Accelechargers. The real prize must be inside the Battle Zones. That or they have lots of treasure.' Acceleracer Vert thought as he handed the Battle Key to Sage. "But what's so special about these zones that they need a special key?"

"That would depend on the Zone." Sage began. "I and my fellow Sentients created them a long time ago. Some of them hold no significance, while others hold valuable treasures or have specific purposes, like a prison. The Battle Zones themselves are Interdimensional planet-like dimensions. But either way, we can not let others get the keys. Some would use anything they find to try and conquer the dimensions while others, like the Vandals, want the keys to loot the Zones."

"Looks like we arrived just in the nick of time to stop those guys from getting the Battle Key."

"Yeah. But now that we told you a bit about ourselves." Agura began, eyeing Acceleracer Vert. "You need to tell us about yourself and how you two got here."

"And what was the portal in the Vault Battle Zone." Zoom added.

"Along with how you made your car reach those speeds almost instantly." Sherman added.

"And what was the name of that song you were listening to." Stanford finished. At this, Acceleracer Vert and Sparky looked at each other for a moment before nodding. If they wanted to get anything done and eventually return home to help their friends, they had to come clean with these people. Plus, they don't have to tell them the whole truth.

"Alright. Let's start at the beginning. I'm part of a group that's comprised of elite drivers. Well, technically, there are two groups, but we follow the same guy for the same purpose. And that purpose is similar to you guys."

"What's the purpose?" BF5 Vert asked.

"And what was your group's name?" Stanford asked.

"Teku. Don't ask. The other group is called the Metal Maniacs. Again, don't ask. But to answer your other question. Our purpose was to reach the end of a special race." Acceleracer Vert answered.

"What was the purpose of the race, and what made it special?" Sage asked.

"The skills you needed to get to the end. Each race tested the drivers' skills and pushed them to the limit like you wouldn't imagine."

"And the purpose?" Agura asked.

"Whoever won the race would receive a chip they could use with their car's computer. And like your Battle Keys, they could only open the door to another race. The only difference is that you need something that can keep the power the chip creates under control; otherwise, you risk knocking out an entire country's power."

"Wouldn't that much power also destroy the driver and their car?" Zoom asked.

"Yes, but that never happened. There might be something in the chip that prevents that from happening. We don't really know since we're still studying them."

"Was there any purpose for collecting these chips aside from opening another race?" Spinner asked.

"Yes. When you bring a certain amount of chips together, they combine to open a portal to another track that tests all of your skills. And from what we managed to gather, if you win that race, you get unlimited power."

"Unlimited power?"Agura asked, curious and slightly concerned.

"Yes, but not like how your thinking. The "Unlimited Power" is just a power source. With it, you can practically power an entire planet forever." Acceleracer Vert answered.

"Wow. Something like that would definitely attract all sorts of attention." Sherman said.

"Speaking of which." BF5 Vert said. "You keep saying if you win the race. Who are you racing against?"

"Aside from the Metal Maniacs, we compete against two other groups. The first is a group we call The Drones, and they are literally machines with only one purpose, which is to win the race at any cost."

"How skilled are they?" Sage asked. And while she didn't show it, the term "Drones" sounded familiar to her.

"Very. The ones who created them designed them to be top-tier drivers with the sole purpose of winning any race. But something happened along the way, and now we have to stop them."

"And what is the other group?" Agura asked.

"The second group is called the Silencerz. We really don't know much about them. All we do know is that they are a secretive group that uses futuristic technology and rely on stealth and deception to win. But they are dangerous and deadly. They also have no qualms about terminating someone from life or causing family members and teammates to turn on each other."

"Do you know their goal?" BF5 Vert asked.

"No. All we know is that they wanted everything related to the group that created the power source. But to what ends or why, we don't know."

"Then shouldn't you be with your teammates and not here?" Spinner asked.

"That's a bit of a story." Acceleracer Vert answered.

"We got time." BF5 Vert said.

"Alright. The gist of it is that the Drones had captured my friends and the best we were using. After coming back from a race against some other Drones, I managed to help my friends escape while another rigged some explosives that would destroy our base and all the Drones inside. But while I was making my escape, whoever or whatever created the chips sent me through a portal that brought me here."

"Did whoever did that tell you why?"

"Yes, but they didn't tell me much. All they said was that the people where they are sending me could use my skills behind the wheel."

"Well, they are a little late in that regard." Stanford said.

"How so?" Acceleracer Vert asked.

"Most of the people or creatures we fought against are now defeated. They're no longer around." Spinner answered.

"There are a few Sarks and Vandals still roaming about the dimensions. And we occasionally battle against them for the Battle Keys in the Battle Zones, but those are few and far between." Agura added.

"Great. So that means we came here for nothing." Acceleracer Vert said, annoyed. But he was also glad as this meant he could return to his friends faster and help them defeat the Silencerz.

"Not necessarily." Sage said, getting everyone's attention.

"How so?" Zoom asked, curious.

"Well, whoever or whatever sent this Vert must have known that we already defeated most of our enemies. Perhaps they know something else is coming, and they sent him because they know we need his skills and help."

"That could be it. Especially considering the Vault Battle Zone's Battle Key just appeared, which could mean more battle keys could be appearing soon." BF5 Vert said.

"Not to mention, we're used to battling against enemies and whatever they throw at us. But not what the tracks or terrain might throw at us. And this Vert did say the races he did challenge his skills." Agura added.

"Like avoiding obstacles in the dark, ability to draft, and ability to avoid hydroplaning and spinning out." Acceleracer Vert interjected but winced at the end. While he wouldn't say it out loud, he did admit it was stupid of him to try and beat the record time in the Water Realm, which resulted in the destruction of Power Rage.

"Skills none of us needed beforehand but probably will need for what's to come." BF5 Vert said.

"Exactly." Sage said before turning to Acceleracer Vert. "Now. Is there anything else we need to know or that you could tell us?"

"Not that I think of at the moment. But if you guys are willing to let me help you, I'm going to need some more information about... pretty much everything on your side." Acceleracer Vert answered.

"I don't think we can make a decision just yet since there are two other members that aren't here. And I don't feel that it's right that we make a decision without them." BF5 Vert said. "But don't worry. Even if we decide against it, we will still help you and Sparky find a way home so you can help your friends."

"Thanks. We appreciate it."

"So what should we do in the meantime with our guest Vert?" Zoom asked.

"You know what, to avoid confusion, just call me Josef. That's my actual first name. Vert is my middle name." Acceleracer Vert said, slightly annoyed.

"I think that would be for the best, Josef." Sage said.

"But in the meantime. How about we show you two around town? It wouldn't do any of us good if you got lost. Plus, it would give us-" Augra began, but the sounds of the hub's alarms going off cut her off.

"What's happening? Another Battle Key?" Josef asked.

"Yes. Another Battle Key has appeared." Sage answered, going to one of the nearby computers.

"Where is it?" Vert asked.

"That's weird. It's in the Lava Battle Zone."

"Why is that weird?" Josef asked, curious.

"We already have the Battle Key. For a while now. Yet, somehow, it's there again." Agura explained.

"Could it be the same or different?" Sparky asked.

"I'm not sure. This hasn't happened before." Sage answered.

"But either way. We have to get the Battle Key before anyone else does." Vert said.

"Do you guys need my help?" Josef asked.

"I don't think so since this Battle Key seems to be out in the open rather than in a confusing labyrinth like the Vault Battle Zone. But be ready in case we might need some help. Sage will help you get into the Battle Zone if it comes to that." Vert answered.

"Got it."

"Alright. Let's go." Vert said as he and the other Battle Force members raced to their cars as a Storm Shock appeared in the center of the room.

'Hopefully, the others are alright.' Josef thought as the Battle Force 5 entered the Storm Shock.

"Alright. Where should we start?" Sage asked Acceleracer Vert as the Storm Shock closed.

Lava Battle Zone

"Uh, is it just me, or does this Battle Zone look different?" Spinner asked before swallowing a lump in his throat when a pillar of lava erupted nearby.

"Yeah. What happened?" Zoom nervously asked before moving forward as a small pool of lava formed where he just was.

"I'm not sure. Do you think whatever sent the new Vert here caused this?" Stanford asked.

"I doubt it; plus, it wouldn't make any sense doing so." Agura answered, trying her best to remain calm when a volcano exploded. Thankfully, it was only a minor one with lava spilling from its sides and not the top. They might have driven dangerously close to a tornado without breaking a sweat or a second glance, but lava and volcanoes are something different entirely.

"Not to mention, there's little chance they would know about the Battle Keys." Sherman added.

"We can worry about that later. Right now, we need to find the Battle Key." Vert said.

"Ah. Guys. We got company." Zoom said, getting everyone's attention.

"Great. As if we had enough to deal with at the moment. But here come some Sarks." Agura said, annoyed.

"I don't think we have faced these kinds of Sarks before. Actually, I don't think they are Sarks at all." Zoom said, confusing everybody. However, before they could take a closer look, a particularly powerful eruption caught everyone's attention.

"LOOK! THE BATTLE KEY!" Sherman said, pointing to where the eruption of lava was. And as it returned to the ocean of lava below, it revealed the Battle Key.

"There it is." Zoom said.

"And it seems like a straight shot." Standford added. However, as if fate itself wanted to prove him wrong, several rock bridges collapsed into the lava below. "Never mind."

"Alright, everyone. Get ready." Vert said.

Nodding, everyone readied themselves, but for what, they were unsure. However, they got their answer when three far-away volcanoes erupted in sequence, acting as makeshift countdown timers for a race. And as soon as the last one erupted, the Battle Force 5 members and the other races sped off toward the Battle Key. Yet, it quickly became apparent that it was going to be much easier said than done. Not only were these 'Sarks' far better drivers than they expected, but the Battle Zone kept throwing new hazards at them.

"WATCH OUT!" Vert shouted into the comms when a volcanic ash cloud formed over the track.

"We got it." Sherman and Spinner said. They then sped up and used a new feature they recently installed to clear away most of the ash cloud. And while the visibility was still relatively low, it was better than it was moments ago.

"Good job, you two."

"Um, a little help here." Zoom asked before letting out a grunt.

"Zoom. Where are you?" Vert asked, worried for their youngest member.

"Down here. Below where you guys are." Curious, Agura and Standford moved to the edge of the track and looked down. And they saw Zoom sandwiched between two 'Sarks.' It was clear that Zoom was trying his best to stay ahead of the 'Sarks' but was having trouble because of the tremors, lava spewing onto the bridge, and parts of the bridge falling into the ocean of lava. And the 'Sarks' were also trying to push him into the lava.

"Zoom. How did you get down there?" Spinner asked.

"It wasn't intentional. Another path opened up while we were in the ash cloud, and I took it by accident." Zoom answered before slowing down to avoid another attempt by the Sarks to push him off the track. Yet, despite the miss, the Sark managed to recover almost instantly. "And these guys certainly aren't helping. They're very good."

"Agura. See if you can help Zoom." Vert said.

"On it." Agura said before driving off the edge and landing on the track below. And thankfully, due to her sudden arrival, the Sarks had to pull back, giving Zoom some much-needed breathing room.

"Thanks, Agura." Zoom said with a sigh of relief.

"You're welcome, kid." Agura said, earning an eye roll and put from Zoom, which in turn, earned a chuckle from the others. However, they all snapped back to focus, and the ground started shaking violently.

"What's going on now?" Stanford asked.

"I'm not sure. But it-" Vert began but couldn't finish when about a dozen volcanoes exploded. But unlike the others, pillars of lava shot out of them. And not only did these eruptions create more tremors, but they also made more ash clouds and caused some bridges to crumble. However, they realized the biggest problem a second later.

"WATCH OUT! STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGES!" Vert shouted into the comms when he realized the lava was slowly rising. And it was already slowly enveloping the lower-level tracks. "ZOOM! AGURA! GET BACK UP HERE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!"

"On it." They said over the comms.

"Okay, everyone. Stay close." Vert order. Nodding, everyone got as close as they could to each other to minimize the chances of them falling off the track. But as soon as they did, the 'Sarks' immediately passed them.

"I think Zoom is right." Spinner said.

"About what?" Sherman asked.

"How the Sarks are driving. They are far more aggressive and skilled than we have seen in our previous encounters. It's almost like they have done this before."

"Seems like it. But it could be another kind of Sarks we haven't seen before." Agura said.

"Either way. We can't let them get the Battle Key. Let's go." Vert said as they sped up to catch up to the Sarks.

Battle Force 5 Hub

"Wow." Josef said. "That's amazing."

"It kinda is. And I'm glad we have it, as it prevented some of the others from getting severely injured during missions." Sage said as she showed Acceleracer Vert and Sparky the Shock Suits the Battle Force 5 members wear.

"I wish we had those suits. It sure would have made some of our clashes with the Drones less intense."

"Has anybody died during your races?"

"Yes. Unfortunately. And one met a fate worse than death." Josef answered, remembering his friend Kadeem and how Gelorum transformed him into a Drone against his will.

"I'm so sorry. I did not mean to bring up some unpleasant memories."

"It's fine." Josef said, waving her off. "So, what's next?"

"I think that's all I can say for now without the others present. But while we wait for the others, perhaps you can tell me a bit more about your world." Sage suggested.

"Like what?"

"Well, for starters. How about some of the safety features? Surely you must have some."

"Well, we have one. And it's called the-" Josef began but stopped when Vert came over the comms.

"Sage!" He shouted.

"Vert. What's wrong?" Sage asked, worried.

"We're going to need you to be ready to open another Shock Storm at a moment's notice. Things have gone rather south here."

"What happened?" Josef asked.

"We're not sure. But something happened to the Lava Battle Zone. It's all falling apart."

"Let me pull it up so I can see." Sage said as she turned on a monitor so she and Vert could see what was happening. And what they saw made them worried. Lava had entirely enveloped some of the lower tracks, and most of the bridges had crumbled. However, something else caught Josef's immediate attention.

"Oh, no."

"Alright. I'll be on standby to open a Storm Shock to get you guys home safely." Sage said.

"Be ready to close it. These new Sarks are far more skilled than the others we faced." Vert said. However, before he could say anything else, the comms suddenly died.

"Those aren't Sarks." Josef said. He might be in another universe, but he recognized the color scheme anywhere.

"What do you mean?" Sage asked, confused as Josef ran back to Reverb.

"I'll explain later. Right now. You need to open a Storm Shock so I can help them."

"Are you sure? You don't have a Shock Suit or anything to protect you, and they are almost at the end."

"Yes. I'll explain later. Right now, just open a portal to take me there." Acceleracer Vert said as he got into his car and closed the door before turning it on.

"Alright. But be careful." Sage said as she activated a Storm Shock.

'Dr. Tezla and the others would say otherwise.' Vert thought with a smirk as the Storm Shock opened. He then put Reverb into drive and sped into the portal to help the Battle Force 5, with it closing right after.

"Now. What should I do about you?" Sage asked, turning to Sparky.

"Hello." Sparky said.

"Well, whoever built you surely put a lot of effort into it. Maybe I can make you a bit more durable and with less sparks coming out of your head." Sage said, ideas running through her head. But she could not help but feel that something about it was familiar to her.

Lava Battle Zone

"Zoom. Did you see any shortcuts?" Vert asked as Zoom landed back on the tracks.

"No. Most of the tracks are now under lava, and the rest have crumbled away." Zoom answered.

"Well, we better pick up the pace. The heat is starting to affect our cars." Sherman said.

"How?" Agura asked.

"While the bodies might be unaffected by the heat, the tires aren't. At any moment, they could give out. And you don't want that to happen."

"And if that doesn't kill us, then these guys will. Watch out!" Stanford shouted before firing his car's cannons at the Sarks that tried to sneak up on Agura. But while he managed to take one out, the other skilfully evaded Stanford's attack. He was about to try again, but his, along with others', attentions shifted when they heard music playing again.

No matter the track, full speed

Burn rubber

Tire marks left in the streets

You can't catch me

Even if you blink

Three hundred miles of lightning

Crossed the finish twice

And the third time was quite nice

Race of my life, and I might just have to push harder

With a space starter

Out of this world, I remain smarter

My heart's driven


In first position

And my decision's to win

Any race given

And right above them, a Shock Portal opened, with Reverb flying out a moment later and landing in front of the Battle Force 5.

"Josef!" The others said, shocked.

"What are you doing here?" Vert asked.

"Here to lend a hand." Josef answered.

"How?" Agura asked.

"First, some new wheels. Can't have you guys sliding off the track." Josef said before whispering to himself. "Didn't think I would have to use them this soon."

Reaching under the passenger's seat, Josef grabbed the Accelechargers and placed them on the seat. He then took the Lava Accelecharger and activated it inside his car's onboard computer.

"Woah. What's that?" Zoom asked, curious and surprised when Reverb suddenly glowed bright white for a second.

"And what did it do to our cars?" Stanford asked as he suddenly felt that he had better control of his car's traction and control.

"I'll explain later. Right now, you don't have to worry about your car's tires melting." Josef answered.

"Excellent. Now let's finish this race." Vert said. Nodding, everyone put the pedal to the metal and very quickly passed the Sarks. But that didn't mean they were out of trouble yet. Soon, two more volcanoes exploded, causing another ash cloud to form. But this time, it was massive. "Watch out. Another ash cloud. Spinner. Sherman. Get ready."

"Wait. I have a better idea that would put some distance between the Drones and us." Josef interjected.

"What is it?" Agura asked.

"Just stick close." Grabbing the Fog Realm Accelecharger, he activated it, which allowed him and the others to suddenly see through the ash cloud. But while they could now see what was in front of them, the Battle Force 5 knew the ash cloud was still there. And just as Josef said, some of the Sarks fell behind while some flew off the track. But the ones that remained seemed none too pleased that they fell behind and lost some of their members. However, it seemed like they wouldn't have to deal with them for much longer.

"THERE'S THE BATTLE KEY!" Zoom shouted as they rounded the last leg of the track.

"Let's get it so we can get out of this sweltering heat." Spinner said.

"Yeah, even with the A/C on full blast, it's still too hot." Sherman added.

"How do you think I feel?" Zoom asked, annoyed that he couldn't enjoy the sweet comfort that is air conditioning.

"Don't worry, Zoom. We're almost there." Vert assured. But no sooner than he said this, the bridge that led them to the Battle Key collapsed and fell to the lava below.

"HIT THE BRAKES!" Vert shouted.

"NO! DON'T!" Josef said, surprising them as he sped up.

"What are you doing? You're going to get yourself killed!" Agura shouted.

"Just trust me." Josef said with conviction. Unsure but knowing he probably had something else up his sleeve, the Battle Force 5 followed Josef until they drove off the track.

"Whatever you're going to do, you better do it now." Agura shouted as they descended rapidly. Smirking, Josef grabbed the Swamp Realm Accelecharger and activated it. But as he did, he also put on some music.



You think that I would fake it,

I knew that I could take it,

Without a single peak from you.

My speed had come so easy,

You think you can just tease me,

I'm not going down like that.

You know that I can break you,

Without a major breakthrough,

I'm gonna run you down off your track.

And as soon as Josef activated the Accelecharger, a bright glow formed under Reverb, with an organic road of vines growing to form a new track for him and the Battle Force 5 to use.

"WOAH!" The other said, shocked.

"Where did this come from?" Zoom asked.

"I'll explain everything later." Josef answered as they arrived at the pillar where the Battle Key was, with it sticking to Reverb a second later.

"Yes. We got it." Stanford said.

"Now, let's get out of here. I'm done feeling like I'm in a sauna." Zoom said. However, he and the others became concerned when they noticed Josef glaring at the Sarks as they left via their own method.

"Uh, everything alright, Josef?" Agura asked, snapping Josef back to attention.

"Yeah. Sorry. Let's head back to your hub." He answered before getting back into Reverb.

"And then you can explain everything else." Vert said into the comms. While the others might have missed it, he saw the intensity that Josef was glaring at the Sarks. It almost seemed like he knew them personally. But he would ask them once they are back at the hub and out of this oven. Soon, a Shock Portal opened up, with all of them entering a second later.

Author's Note: From now on, I will use Josef when referring to Acceleracer Vert, as that's his first name, according to the Acceleracer wiki. And it will help dispel any confusion between him and Battle Force 5 Vert.