Broken Glass and Loving Hearts

A/N: This story takes place after Shatterglass and is going to be a Tris/Keth fic. Keth is Tris's student in Shatterglass. If you didn't already know that. I'm re-uploading the story because I wrote this a a couple of years ago. I'm trying to fix some of errors that make the story seem immaturely written. This first chapter didn't have too much to correct. But here it goes.

After capturing the Ghost and 'helping' the people of Tharios, Tris, Niko, Keth, and Glaki were traveling on a boat to the Starlight Islands. The boat was sturdy but not luxurious to Niko's taste. Since they were the only people on the boat, they could pretty much do whatever they wanted.

"I don't like boats," said four year Glaki as played with her dolls and Little Bear. Her dolls were having an adventure climbing Little Bear Mountain. "Why are we even on the boat?"

"That's easy Glaki," explained twenty year old Keth as he walked onto the deck. "Niko and the other mages didn't think Tharios was a very good place to write their book so they decided to go to the Starlight Islands. Now, how about we each some lunch? It's nearly midday. You coming Tris?" he asked her as he picked up Glaki and carried her to the eating room.

Tris was starting to feel a little seasick. Although she was a weather-mage she didn't much care for being on a boat. She knew that she walking in crazy patters when a strong arm came around her waist. She looked up to see Keth staring down at her with Glaki balanced on one shoulder like an overgrown parrot.

"I don't need your help." she told him quietly.

"I know you don't need it. I'm just making your life easier." he responded. Tris gave up. She knew he was right. So she leaned in close to him and put her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his body. The three made their way to eating room with Little Bear and Chime walking behind them.

They entered the eating room where Niko and the ship's crew were waiting for them. Keth untangled himself from the two clinging girls while he helped Tris sit down on one side of him and placed Glaki on the other side. They blessed the food and started eating. Tris never ate much on boats. She let Keth fix her a small plate of flat bread and grapes. There were two reasons she never ate much on the boat: one was that she always seasick, two was that the ship's crewmen would always stare at her.

'As if they would ever get some from me' she though to herself as her hair sparked slightly.

"Well, I'm done," she said a she pushed plate aside. "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me."

"Do you need any help Miss Trisana?" all the crewmen asked at the same time.

"No, no. I'm fine, thank you." she said as she walked slowly out of the room to own. When she arrived in the room she shared with Glaki, she almost fainted as she fell on the bed and into a deep sleep.

Keth was starting to worry about Tris. She hardly ate anything and needed someone else's help to walk most of the time. "I'd better go to her room and see what's wrong."

Tris had just woken up from a nightmare she'd been having. The Ghost was chasing her again with that awful yellow veil. 'Oh well, might as well go back to sleep' she thought. But then someone opened her door. 'I really hope it isn't one of those crewmen. My magic is almost all burnt out.' She tried to fake her sleep, hoping the person would go away.

Keth walked into the room to see that Tris was asleep. He didn't want to bother her but his urge to see her took over. He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Tris could feel the extra weight on the bed. She knew it was a man. 'I'll shock him as soon as he touches me' but she heard,

"I don't think she'll wake up if just touch her face."

The voice belonged to Keth. She was about to do something when she felt his hand touch her cheek. Then his fingers moved to her lips and touched them gently. It took everything she had not to wake up.

"Keth," she whispered gently as she grabbed his wrist. "Don't leave me," she said as he tried to get up. So, with no choice left, he lay down next to her and put one arm around her as he fell asleep.

For one of the first times, Tris felt safe and warm. She moved closer to him and was amazed at how they fit together perfectly. She could feel her magic coming back to her as she fell into a long needed sleep.

About an hour later, Glaki was tired of playing dolls so she went to her room to take a nap until supper. When she opened the door, she saw Tris and Keth sleeping in each other's arms. She wanted to be with them too. She put on her determined face, climbed into bed, and squeezed her way between the two. Surprisingly Tris and Keth separted a bit to let Glaki in.

"Just like a family. A mama, a papa, and a little girl," she said as she fell asleep.

Soon after, Tris woke up. She now found her on one side of the bed with Keth on the other side and Glaki in the middle. She also noticed that Keth was awake and was staring at her.

"You're starting to look like those crewmen," she told him, trying to be cold.

"Well, I guess me and them are all aware of how beautiful you are." he said, very charmingly.

"All they see in me is a night of fun. They don't think I'm anything, other than a girl to spend the night with." she retorted.

"I don't think that," Keth said as he picked Glaki to hold her in his arms as moved closer to Tris. "Look at Glaki, she's so sweet when she's asleep."

"Don't try and change the subject," Tris said as she stroked Glaki's hair. He moved Glaki to the other side of him so she was lying on the bed again. Then, he kissed Tris on the cheek and he took her hand in his and kissed it.

Tris was slightly embarassed during the entire situation. "It's almost suppertime. We'd better go to the eating room." She told him.

"How do you know?" he asked.

"Well, it's almost dark and I can smell the food. I'm really hungry Keth, it feels like I haven't eaten in days. Wake up Glaki and let's go."

"Okay. Come Glaki, it's time to eat supper," he said as he shook the little girl gently. After they all freshened up a bit, they walked out of Tris' room to the eating room. Keth lightly wrapped an arm around Tris' waist again and held Glaki's hand as they entered the eating room.

"We didn't hear a sound from you three all afternoon." said Niko as they sat down. "And Tris, you look much better."

"We were taking a nap. I think it was the nap that made me feel better. Oh, look! Here comes the food. I'm so hungry." said Tris.

"All three of you?" asked Niko, "Together? Isn't that a lot of food Tris?"

"Yes, we all were in my room. And this is the perfect amount of food for me. It feels like I haven't eaten in days." she she kept saying as she stuffed the food into her mouth.

"Aye, there's nothin' better'n a lass that eats like she should!" exclaimed the captain of the boat. "Why most o' those girls we get won't touch a thing. We 'ardly ever see a lovely, healthy, young lass at the marryin' age without a man. Aye boys!?"

"Aye!" responded the crewmen. "Cap'n! Cap'n!" yelled one of the crewmen. "There's a strom yonder. It's a pretty bad one. I don't think we can get 'round it in time."

"I'll take take care of it. " said Tris. "Come on Keth."

"Can the lass really do somethin' 'bout that storm?" asked the captain.

"She's a weather-mage," informed Niko, "She handled much worse before."

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