"There is truly nothing better in life than a hotspring bath."

Weird how I came all the way to Okinawa just to take a hotspring bath instead of swimming in the ocean water. But seriously, how could anyone swim comfortably with their body that exposed. Not that I was ashamed of my body, if anything girls would flock to me if I showed off my body (well, if they ignore my fish eyes). But I hate it when the guys looked at Riveria and Ryuu with lecherous eyes.

Okay, that might have sounded a bit possessive and I could feel the jealousy dripping from my own thoughts, but after what happened this afternoon, I couldn't help but feel that I had failed as a boyfriend and a brother.


"Hachi, come out here and swim with us! Stop being lazy and get out from under that umbrella! A little sun wouldn't hurt you." Riveria shouted, and Ryuu followed suit with a jab of her own. "Are you afraid of swimming, Hachiman?"

Mind you, women, it was way too crowded out there. I wouldn't be surprised if I accidentally stared at someone for too long and they thought I was checking them out.

"Onii-chan, if you don't depart from the umbrella, you won't receive any Komachi points for the next 3 months!" My favorite imouto, why must you hurt me in this way?

"Guess I can't deny the best sister in the world's words."

Some people heard the girls' shout at me, and were looking in our direction. Some men snickered "what a loser, too afraid of getting a bit of sunburn" or "why does a guy like him get all the girls!?". They all shut up the moment I stepped out of the shade of my trusty umbrella. Ah, how I relished the feeling of making the riajuus speechless.

Goddamn it, so f*cking sunny! Even Orario didn't have such intense glare. Suddenly, I found myself missing the accursed place a little more.

I dipped my leg in the water to test the warmth. Hmph, passable.

"Wanna race, Hachiman? Oh wait, you're scared. It's fine if you don't, I totally understand." Where did this come from, Ryuu? Tch tch, I hated when she donned that smug look on her face. Time to wipe it off.

"Very funny, Ryuu. You want to see who can swim faster to that rock over there?" I challenged, and being the ever competitive elf, she accepted. Heh, you fell for it fool. I used to be the swimming champion of my elementary school (made up).

"I will be the referee then! Are you ready!?" Komachi said, and we got into position. "One, two, three! Go!"

I quickly accelerated, gaining an advantage over Ryuu. My legs turned into ship turbines. I could confidently say I have broken every record in swimming.

With the rock in sight, I was sure the win was mine. Wait, something wasn't right. I couldn't hear any sound coming from my side. Ryuu should still be keeping a close tab on me, no? I stopped swimming to look, risking my win. And there was the biggest reveal of the day

Ryuu was still with the two girls, with a shit-eating grin on her face. I had been tricked! They made me swim all the way to the rock, while unbeknownst to me, they were chilling at the shore! Argh!

I facepalmed myself. Me, the monster of logic, failed to see through this little trick. Ryuu knew she couldn't win against me, and chose to turn me into a joke instead.

I needed to get my revenge. All of a sudden, an idea struck me. Maybe it could work.

I swam at full speed back to the three, and used my superior hearing to make sure they were still there. Good. When I neared them, I braked and turned around. Then I flapped my legs with all my strength. Suffice to say they all got a healthy dose of seawater on their face.

I stood up, and with a victorious pose, proceeded to laugh at them.

"Mouuu, Onii-chan!" "Hachi, why am I included too!" "Vengeance will be mine, Hachiman!" They said in unison. I'd take you on any day.

After the rigorous swim, I felt the MAX coffee craving rising up in me. "You guys want something to drink? I will buy you some as an apology."

"Any type of tea for me." Riveria would really fit in with the British. "Just water for me." Typical Ryuu. "Strawberry milk for me!" It seemed that Komachi still had the same taste for strawberry milk.

I used the towel to dry myself, then headed for the closest vending machine. Please have MAX please have MAX please have MAX. Silently praying in my heart, I approached the machine. Yes. MAX coffee! I felt like I had been blessed by the Orario Gods once again.


With a satisfying sound, the machine dispensed the four drinks down, and I hugged them with my hands. They were just so damn cold, especially against my bare chest.

When I made my way back to the trio, there were 5 guys surrounding them. What the hell are these dudes thinking, approaching them when I wasn't visible?

"Hey, cuties, ditch that gloomy looking guy and go swim with us! We even have drinks. Right, guys?" Thug number one said, winking at his accomplices. The other nodded in agreement. "If you guys don't mind, we can have a drink and dinner at my place! How about that?" Said thug number two.

These guys really didn't know how to pull girls at all. However, this was probably not the time to be contemplating about flirting techniques. Ryuu and Riveria definitely couldn't stop themselves from murdering these guys any longer. Besides, they dared to harrass my little Komachi!

"Oi, what are you guys do to my friends and sister?" I asked them, but for some reason they started snickering, while the two elves' faces darkened. Did I say something wrong?

"Look at this guy! He's trying to play hero here! Go home and suck your mom's milk or something, kid."

He still got the audacity to call me a kid after jeopardizing my time with the girls. Fine, two could play at this game.

I punched him in the gut, careful not to make him faint. Even with just a little bit of my strength, he was already kneeling on the ground with his hands on his stomach. Weak.

"You punk! You'll pay for this." The other thugs charged at me, fully intent on giving me a beating. Too bad their opponent was me.

I easily side-stepped the attack of thug two, and kicked him away in the process. Then I dodged the punches of thug three and four, while simultaneously grabbing their heads and smashing them together. The last one was a puny one, probably was made to tag along by his friends, and he was so scared he peed himself.

"Pathetic. Now get lost before I have to drag you out of here myself." I said with the most intimidating tone I could muster. They quickly staggered out of there. Better pray you never see me again.

Turning to the girls behind me, I asked. "Are you guys alright? Did they do something to you when I was away?" They promptly shook their heads. That's good then.

"One guy did try to grope my butt, though I've already gotten out of the way." Riveria said. This got me furious. They even attempted to sexually harrass Riveria? You guys are dead meat.

I was about to find the guys and gave them another harsh lecture, but they pulled me back. "Let's just return to our hotel and use the hotspring bath." Still silently seething, I accepted the offer.


Tch. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Maybe I should just immerse myself in the hot water to fully shrug off the matter.

I was drowning in my thoughts when a quiet "swoosh" sound entered my ear. Did someone enter? Guess that's my cue to leave. However, the people entering made me speechless.

"Ria? Ryuu? What are you two doing in the men's bath?"

"It's a mixed bath, you idiot." Ryuu mocked, sticking her tongue out. This was a mixed bath all this time?!

"I never knew any of this!" I protested. "Well, now you know." Riveria said with finality.

My romantic love comedy truly is wrong.