Unexpected Babysitters

Chapter 1

Duel Monsters' World

"Apple Magician, can you hand me the sauce?" The Dark Magician Girl asked as she pulled some food out of the oven.

"Sure. Here you go." Apple Magician Girl said as she placed some BBQ sauce on the counter.

"Thanks." Dark Magician Girl said as she opened the bottle and placed some on the food.

"Are the ribs ready, DMG?" Lemon Magician Girl asked as she and Kiwi Magician Girl worked on making the salad.


"How're the deserts coming along, Chocolate Magician Girl?" Apple Magician Girl asked.

"I just need to do a simple taste test, and then I can bake them." Chocolate Magician Girl said as she placed some utensils in the sink.

You might be wondering what was happening. Currently, the Magicians girls were preparing some food for the annual spellcasters picnic. DMG and AMG were cooking the main course while KMG and LMG made the salads. And CMG handled the deserts. Typically, they would use their magic to make everything go faster, but they preferred to do it manually. But things would be going faster if not for two things.

"So, when are you going to do it, DMG?" CMG asked, smirking when DMG blushed.

"I don't know what you are talking about." DMG said, trying to keep her blush hidden from the others by focusing on her task.

"Come on, Dark. You know what we are talking about. When are you going to tell him?" AMG asked.

"Who?" DMG asked, feigning ignorance.

"Our master." KMG answered.

"You know I don't see Dark Magician like that. I see him more like a father figure. Or a somehow annoying despite never talking, uncle."

"Not him. Yugi. Our deck master." LMG said, slightly annoyed.

"You know the Gods forbade us from having relations with our deck master." DMG reminded.

"That was only because of Dartz and a few others. Now, they lifted the rule."

"Plus, the only reason most don't go for it is that we technically live forever. And not many would want to see their loved one die from old age while they remain the same age." KMG added.


"But if you don't want to suffer a heartbreak by seeing someone else take him, you better make your move first." CMG said.

"She's right, DMG. I think Yugi's friend, Anzu, and the smart blonde one, Rebecca, have a crush on him." AMG added.

"Alright. I'll try the next time Yugi summons me in a duel." DMG said, giving up as she knew her friends were correct. "But what if he doesn't return my feelings?"

"I'm pretty sure he feels the same way, considering how carefully he treats your card and always places your card on top of the deck for good luck." KMG assured.

"But if you need any help or advice, we're here for you." LMG said, smiling.

"Thanks, everyone." DMG said as everyone pulled each other into a group hug.


"Oh, it's ready." AMG said before opening the oven and taking out the main course.

"How much time do we have left before we need to head out?" LMG asked.

"Well, considering we have to get there a bit early to help the others finish setting everything up, I'd say another forty minutes." KMG answered.

"That should give me plenty of time to finish baking the deserts. But in the meantime, let's have a quick snack. I made us some chocolate chip cookies." CMG said, grabbing a tray of cookies before bringing it to the others.

"Thanks, CMG." The other magician girls said, each taking a bite out of their cookie. However, they all nearly spit it out when they realized it wasn't chocolate chip cookies, which were their favorite. The cookies instead were oatmeal and raisin.

"CHOCOLATE MAGICIAN GIRL!" The other magician girls shouted, furious.

"Hey, don't look at me. You all know I hate oatmeal and raisin cookies. But you all saw me making the chocolate chip cookies." CMG defended. The others didn't say anything right away as they knew she was right.

"Then who changed it?" LMG asked. But everyone got their answer when they heard a rattle, along with the sounds of someone sucking something above. They looked toward the ceiling and saw Berry Magician Girl floating along while shaking her wand like a rattle.

"Berry. What are you doing out of bed?" DMG asked, flying toward the ceiling and grabbing the youngest of the magician girls.

"Well, it looks like we found our culprit." KMG said as some of the food changed to random toys. KMG sighed before changing everything back.

"What should we do about her while we are out?" AMG asked.

"Perhaps we could get someone close to DMG to babysit her." CMG suggested.

"Unfortunately, most of them are busy. And the ones that aren't don't have the patience or experience dealing with young spellcasters." DMG said.

"How about we take her with us? I'm sure we can keep her in line. Plus, Dark Magician and some of the other more powerful spellcasters will be there. Perhaps some of them might know a few tricks to keep her powers in check."

"Maybe. But I don't think bringing Berry would be a good idea, considering she is scared of Dark Sage, Magician of Black Chaos, and Chaos Sorcerer." KMG reminded.

"Can't we magically put her to sleep? I'm sure there is a spell someone created just for this specific situation." AMG asked.

"There is, but it's in another language. And while I can make out some of the writing, it's too dangerous to try without knowing the full incantation." DMG answered.

"I feel like there is a story behind that." LMG said, smirking.

"I may or may not have accidentally turned Dark Magician into a doll at one point while he was teaching me some advanced teleportation spells." DMG said with a blush as she landed on the floor.

"Did he say anything?" AMG asked, chuckling.

"Nope. He just glared at me for the next few days."

"Wow. You know, I think the Dark Magician should instead be called Silent Magician, considering he never talks. Heck, even Silent Magician and Silent Swordsman speak from time to time." KMG said.

"Anyway, how about we try some of our usual methods of putting Berry to sleep." CMG suggested.

"Alright. I'll warm up Berry's bottle." LMG said, heading to the fridge.

"And I'll grab her favorite book and make her bed." AMG said, heading to the living room.

The other Magician Girls nodded before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing everything. Meanwhile, AMG grabbed the book before taking Berry to her room, with LMG following right behind with a ready bottle. Although, it was quite a struggle to get Berry to remain in her bed as she kept using her magic to mess with everything. Thankfully, she calmed down after LMG gave Berry her bottle. Once Berry stayed in her bed, AMG began reading Berry her favorite book. And it seemed Berry was still tired from her earlier activities as she fell asleep in only a few minutes. With her asleep, AMG and LMG exited Berry's room and returned to the kitchen, where they discovered the others had finished preparing everything.

"Is she asleep?" DMG asked.

"Out like a light." AMG answered.

"That's good."

"Anyway, are we ready to head out?" LMG asked.

"Yup. Everything is set. All that's missing is us." KMG answered.

"Okay, then. Let's get going." CMG said.

The Magician Girls each grabbed a tray of food while DMG opened a portal that would take them to their destination. They then entered the portal, with it closing a second after LMG stepped through. However, as soon as it closed, Berry Magician Girl floated into the room. She was curious about where everyone went as she realized she was alone. But her attention shifted to the books on the bookshelf. Wanting to reread her favorite book, she floated to the bookshelf and pulled out what she thought was the right one.

But it wasn't. Berry instead pulled out a book of advanced magical spells that Spellcasters learn toward the end of their studies. Yet, that didn't stop Berry as she was curious about the strange symbols. But as Berry wondered what the writing was, she kept shaking her wand. And because Berry was entirely focused on the book, she failed to realize she had opened up a portal beneath her, in which she fell in along with the book.


Kame Shop, Yugi's Room

Inside a semi-small room, a young kid that appeared to be eighteen years old was studying at his desk. He has spiky hair that is red, black, and yellow, and purple eyes. He wore a violet jacket, gray sleeveless vest, and dark blue pants. But what was most noticeable about the young kid was the giant puzzle hanging around his neck. At first glance, it might seem uncomfortable, but upon closer inspection, one could tell it was only a replica. This kid is the Duel Monster's World Champion, Yugi Muto, and he is currently doing some university homework. But he was not alone.

"How's everything going in the past, Atem?" Yugi asked, stopping to look toward the figure sitting in the corner of his room.

However, only Yugi and a few others were capable of even seeing the figure. But that didn't bother Yugi or his friends as the figure was a close friend. A close friend that just so happened to be the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. After the ceremonial duel, Yugi and his friends thought they would never see Atem again. But to their surprise and shock, Atem returned a couple of years later. Apparently, he had learned of a way to return to any timeline he wanted but at the cost of only a few people capable of seeing him. Luckily, the people that could see him were Yugi and the rest of his friends.

"Everything's going well, Yugi. Which I'm thankful for as it is more hectic than I remember." The figure, Atem, answered, lowering the book he was reading. "How's life going for you and your friends?"

"Everything's fine on my end. I just have two more weeks before I finish my first year at college. Anzu is studying abroad, but I haven't heard anything from her recently. Joey moved across Japan to study law at a university. Tristan is doing something similar, but he didn't tell me what he was studying. Kaiba is busy running his company, with Mokuba helping him. Duke is working at his shop, and I'm not sure about Bakura."

"What about Rebecca and her grandfather?"

"Oh, they are out on an archeological excavation with grandpa."

With that said, Yugi resumed his homework while Atem returned to his book. Everything remained quiet between the two as time slowly passed, yet the air remained comfortable between the two. After about an hour, Yugi finally finished his work and started putting everything away. But since it was the last of his assignments and it was the weekend, Yugi decided to pass the time by watching some videos on his computer.

"Hey, Atem." Yugi said as the current video about ancient Egypt finished.

"Yes, Yugi?"

"Do you ever wonder what our cards are doing in their world?"

"What do you mean, Yugi?"

"You know how we live our daily lives. How do you think our duel monsters like the Dark Magician live their lives?"

"I would imagine they live their lives similar to ours with only a few differences to accommodate what they could do. Like how some can fly or live in water." Atem answered after thinking it over. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious as when the Dark Magician Girl brought us to her world; we only saw a tiny part of it. And I wondered what the rest of her world looks like." Yugi explained.

Atem nodded as it was understandable that someone would be curious about the Duel Monsters' home world. But before he could say anything, a portal appeared above Yugi's head. Yugi attempted to move out of the way but failed to do so in time as something fell out and landed on his head.

"Yugi, are you alright?" Atem asked, worried for his friend.

"I'm fine, Atem. But what hit me?" Yugi groaned. But he and Atem became confused when they heard a rattling sound. They looked around and saw what had hit Yugi's head. It was a duel monster that appeared to be a baby no older than a fear years and was holding a book. While Atem didn't recognize the spirit, Yugi did. "Berry Magician Girl?"

"One of your new monsters, Yugi?"

"Yeah. I used her in my duel against Kaiba." Yugi answered as he picked Berry Magician up. She seemed to recognize Yugi as she tilted her head to the side and relaxed. "But how did she get here?"

"Perhaps she had cast a spell that brought her here to our world." Atem answered as he picked up the book that had come with Berry.

"What's that?"

"It appears to be a book about various spells."

"Can you read it?" Yugi asked as Atem looked through some of the pages.

"Only some parts of it. The writing appears to be a combination of several different writing styles. But I can partly make out what could be the spell Berry Magician Girl used to get here. She apparently used one that only required subtle movements and didn't require any verbal components. "

"But I'm guessing you don't know the rest or what we need to do or say to send Berry back."


"What should we do?"

"I can go back to my time with the book and ask to see if any of the priests can read it." Atem answered as he closed the book with a portal appearing behind him. "But what will you do, Yugi? Do you want me to stay and help?"

"I guess I will take care of Berry Magician Girl in the meantime. Luckily, I have some experience babysitting kids." Yugi answered as Berry Magician Girl floated around his room.

"Alright. But be careful, Yugi. I'll try to be back quickly with a solution." Atem said before stepping through the portal, with it closing a second later. Once Atem was gone, Yugi turned back to Berry Magician Girl, who had landed on his head.

"I don't think we'll have any trouble, won't we, Berry Magician Girl?" Yugi asked as he picked Berry Magician Girl off his head. But little did Yugi know did trouble a young spellcaster, especially an infant, can bring.