Don't Mess with our Grandkids

Re-terraformed Eridanus II, 2577

"Hey, Penny. Ezra. Wait up." A voice belonging to a fourteen-year-old girl shouted as she ran across the hall to catch up with her two friends. And next to her were two other kids. One was a boy, and the other was a girl, with each of them the same age and carrying schoolbooks. And each of them had the same objective. To meet up with their close friends that were the adoptive children of two of the universe's saviors.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" The boy, Ezra, said, smiling as he and his sister waited for their friends. Ezra is a fourteen-year-old boy with brown hair, blue eyes, and a relatively thin frame. Yet, what he lacked with brawn, he made up with brains. He wasn't just at the top of his class; he was at the top of his school in terms of academic grades. The principal and the faculty seriously considered having him skip a few grades.

"Is something wrong?" Penny asked, looking them over. She was the same age as her brother and had the same hair color. But unlike her brother, Penny had green eyes and was extremely athletic. Not only did she excel above everyone else at their school, but she surpassed those in higher education levels. Many thought she was training to become a soldier like her adoptive father.

Penny and Ezra are the adoptive children of the legendary Master Chief and his partner, now wife, Cortana Hasley.

"Nothing's wrong." The first girl, Rayne, answered as she and the others reached Penny and Ezra.

"We just wanted to see if you two wanted to hang out since school is over." The boy, Keith, added.

"Sure. What do you three have in mind?" Penny asked.

"How about a movie?" Skyla, the other girl, suggested.

"Sounds like fun. But which one?" Ezra asked.

"How about that new movie that recently came out?" Rayne asked.

"You mean Wolfenstein?" Ezra asked.

"Yeah. That one." Keith answered.

"I'm not sure. Our parents don't want us to watch that movie yet." Penny nervously said.

"And before you say anything, let us remind you that they would somehow know we went to see the movie." Ezra interjected when Skyla was about to continue.

"Right. I wonder how, though." She said.

"Remember, Cortana was an A.I. before becoming human. Perhaps she still retains all her skills." Keith said.

"Possibly. Anyway. What about that movie about the star? I'm pretty sure we can all see that one." Rayne suggested.

"You mean Starfy?" Penny asked.

"Yeah, that one." Skyla answered.

"Sure. We've wanted to see that one for a while. Plus, we wouldn't get in trouble with our parents." Ezra said.

"Awesome." Keith said.

"Speaking of which, where are your parents?" Rayne asked, curious.

"They are overseeing the re-terraforming and colonization of Alluvion. They won't be back until the end of the month." Ezra answered.

"Neat. Think we can stay the weekend?" Skyla asked, causing Ezra and Penny to look at each other for a moment before answering.

"Sure. But let's try not to make a mess this time. I don't want to go through the punishment our parents gave us for not cleaning up the place after you guys left last time." Ezra said, shuddering as the unpleasant memories came to mind.

"Deal." Rayne, Skyla, and Keith said simultaneously.

Smiling, the five teens went to their lockers to grab all the books they needed for the weekend to study for the upcoming tests and homework. Afterward, they meet in front of the school before heading into town. Despite the fact that the recolonization of Eridanus II was still ongoing, several colonies were already intact and running. Seeing it was a beautiful day, they decided to walk to the nearest town, which would take about a half hour. But they didn't mind.

"Your adoptive mother really did a great job organizing everything." Keith said as the five of them took in the breathtaking view of nature.

"She really did." Ezra agreed.

"Did she say how long before the planet is finished?" Rayne asked.

"She said in about a year, and the re-terraforming and colonization would be done." Penny answered as the four teens made it to the town.

Walking through the streets, they made their way to their preferred theater. They paid for their tickets before heading in, grabbing some snacks and drinks before heading to the correct room. Luckily, there wasn't a line as one of the cinema employees had already let the moviegoers inside. And it seemed like their luck continued as once they entered the room, they saw the best seats in the house were still available. Taking their seats, the five teens patiently waited for the movie to begin while quietly conversing with each other about the events that happened at their school in the past week. But after a few moments, they went quiet as the movie finally began. However, Penny and Ezra couldn't entirely enjoy the movie as something in the back of their kept telling them something was coming. Yet, they didn't put too much thought into it as their attention was on the movie.

Two and a Half Hours Later

"Wow. That movie was better than I expected." Keith said as he and the others exited the theater.

"Yeah. I wasn't expecting a movie about a star to be so awesome." Skyla agreed.

"What did you two think?" Rayne asked Penny and Ezra. However, she, along with the others, became confused when they didn't hear an answer. Turning to them, Rayne, Keith, and Skyla became worried when they noticed the apprehensive look on their friends' faces.

"Is everything okay?" Skyla asked, worried.

"Huh? Do you say something?" Ezra asked, snapping from his thoughts.

"Yeah. We asked if you two liked the movie." Rayne asked, worried.

"It was... alright." Penny answered as she struggled to remember anything about the movie.

"Is everything alright, guys?" Keith asked.

"You two seem really out of it." Skyla added.

"Sorry. It's just that. There is this nagging feeling in the back of our minds that something is wrong or something bad is about to happen." Ezra answered.

"Do you have any idea what it could be?" Rayne asked, curious.

"We're not sure. We just feel like something bad is about to happen, and we need to get to cover." Penny answered.

And she was right. No sooner than Penny said this, the city's alarms that signified an invasion went off.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" Keith shouted, covering his ears.


"Come on. We have to get out of here." Penny said as they saw ships landing just outside the town's border.

"But where should we go?" Skyla asked, scared.

"The bunkers and shelters are probably the first targets." Rayne added.

"We can head to our home. Our parents made a bunker there with enough food, drinks, and sufficient protection and security to ride out this invasion until the military gets everything under control." Ezra said.

Nodding, the five teens raced across town as fast as they could to Ezra and Penny's home. However, they soon realized they wouldn't be able to get there in time or without someone spotting them. They needed transportation.

"Over here." Ezra shouted, running to a nearby m12b civilian warthog.

"What are you doing?" Skyla asked, curious but also nervous, as they could now hear the sounds of gunfire.

"Hot-wiring this car so we can get home faster." Ezra answered. Despite the UNSC ensuring warthogs and other vehicles were no longer vulnerable to someone hot-wiring them, Ezra was thankful his father showed him how to get around it. After a few moments of tampering, Ezra managed to hot-wire the vehicle successfully. "YES! GET IN!"

"Do you even know how to drive?" Keith asked, yet got in all the same.

"No. But I do." Penny answered before getting in the driver's seat.

Skyla and Rayne still seemed hesitant, but a destroyed car landing near them convinced them to get in the Warthog. Penny then turned the keys before shifting the gear into drive and drove toward their house. But the ride was far from smooth or peaceful. Despite Penny knowing how to drive, she wasn't the best at it. And the explosions and gunfire assaulting their ears didn't help either. Thankfully, she knew a safer route that would allow them to reach their destination quicker while also lowering the risk of the enemy spotting them or them getting caught in the crossfire.

Ten Minutes Later

"There it is." Ezra said as he saw their home rapidly approaching.

"Thank whatever god is out there. We made it." Keith said, sighing in relief.

"How are the others?" Penny asked, referring to the people that suffered injuries they had picked up.

"They're fine. For now. Thankfully, whoever this Warthog belongs to had a few medkits stashed here." Skyla answered, thankful her mother, who was a doctor, taught her some basic field medical care.

"Should we contact your parents?" Rayne asked, using some binoculars to look for any hazards.

"We tried, but the loyalists or rebels cut off all communication. But they're probably already on their way here, considering they usually call us at this time." Penny answered as she pulled up into her home's driveway.

"Are we there?" One of the people they rescued weakly asked.

"Yes. We're here. Hang on a minute, and we'll get you all inside." Ezra answered as he and the others exited the vehicle.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to help the people they rescued. As soon as they exited the car, they all heard a low whistling sound. Rayne, Skyle, and Keith were confused, but Ezra and Penny's eyes widened in horror as they knew what it was. Grabbing their friends, Penny and Ezra pulled them to safety just as a massive ball of fire landed on the Warthog. Ezra and Penny felt disappointed with themselves that they were unable to save the others they picked up. But that feeling went away when they realized that Skyle and Rayne had also pulled them out.

"What just happened?" One of the people they picked up asked with fear in his eyes.

"Someone destroyed the Warthog." Penny answered while getting up and fumbling around for her keys.

"Who? The Loyalists or Rebels?" Another survivor asked.

"Doesn't matter. We need to get everyone inside." Ezra interjected, helping Skyle and Rayne pick up the others to their feet. However, before they could take a single step to their home, they stopped dead in their tracks, with their faces going pale, when they heard the distinct sounds of boots running on the floor with guns clicking. Looking around, they nearly passed out when they realized the Loyalists and Rebels surrounded them.

"Looks like we caught the prey of the day." One of the Rebels said, laughing.

"This will certainly make our mission so much easier." Another added.

"Perhaps we can even lure you know who and his wife into a trap." A third rebel added.

"ENOUGH!" The apparent rebel leader of this group and a loyalist elite ordered as they walked to stand in front of Ezra and Penny. "We don't have enough time. It won't be long before the planet's defense reestablish communication and contact for help. We need to get these two on the ship."

"MOVE!" The loyalist Elite order in his native tongue with the other Covenant picking up and tieing up Keith, Skyle, Rayne, Ezra, and Penny.

"What about the others?" A rebel soldier asked, pointing his weapon at one of the hurt civilians.

"No witnesses." The rebel leader answered, causing the civilians' faces to pale considerably.

"NO!" Ezra and Penny shouted, struggling to free themselves from their restraints. However, they could only do little more than struggle. The rebels and loyalists laughed at seeing this. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for the others, this caused them not to notice the attack heading their way.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" One of the Rebels shouted when they saw their commander's head suddenly explode in a flash of guts and blood. The Elite was about to say something but couldn't when two spears with energy tips pierced through his chest and heart, killing him instantly.

"W-what just happened?" Keith asked, shocked.

"COME ON OUT!" One of the Rebels shouted as they and the Covenant looked around for their attackers. However, only silence met them. They were about to shout it again but stopped when some people wearing gothic-looking armor came out of the bushes from across the street. The rebels and loyalists were so confused by this that they failed to hear the other similar-looking troops emerge from the side of the house and finish them off.

"Who are they?" Keith asked as their saviors began talking in an unknown language. A few nodded before running behind their house and emerging a second later with what they could only assume was medical gear.

"I don't know." Penny answered.

"Should we do something?" Skyla asked.

"No. We don't know if we can trust them." Ezra answered.

"We can hear you and understand you." One of the soldiers interjected, startling them.

"Uh. Sorry." Penny stammered.

"It's fine. Not many would act differently from shock or fear." A new voice that sounded aged and weathered explained. Looking at where it came from, they noticed an older man with white hair and a white beard walking toward them. But what stood out the most was his armor. It was vastly different than the others. It seemed like he was from another unit. Not only that, but it was in a damaged state, implying he was in numerous battles.

"Who are you?" Rayne asked, curious.

"My name is Valen. I am the commander of the Night Sentinels." He answered.

"Night Sentinels!?" Penny and Ezra asked, shocked. Their exclamation confused their friends and Valen.

"You know them?" Keith asked, confused.

"Our dad told us stories about his parents. And one of the stories he frequently told us was about his father and how he was the leader of a group known as the Night Sentinels and how he waged war against Hell itself." Ezra explained.

"So you two are the grandchildren of the Slayer." Valen said, eyeing the two of them before smiling. "I'm glad he now has what the demons took from him so long ago."

"How do you know their grandfather?" Skyla asked.

"I'm his friend and have worked with him since he first came to our world. But that is a story for another time." Valen answered.

"Uh. Excuse me. Not to be rude, but-" One of the civilians the Sentinels were attending to spoke. "-shouldn't we be heading for somewhere safe? No offense. But I doubt you all would be enough to stop this planet-wide invasion."

"There's a lot more than just us. We brought everyone. We are helping the planet's defenses to fend off this invasion. And we're not alone. A group we allied with decades ago is also with us." A Night Sentinel answered.

"But you're right. We need to get you all to safety." Valen said before raising his arm. The kids and civilians were confused for a moment before realizing Valen was activating a communicator. "Come in, Federation Force."

'Copy, Valen.' A voice answered.

"We found some civilians. Some of them are injured. We need your help to scout out ahead as we make our way toward one of our bases."

'How many?'

"Nine total. Five kids and four adults."

'Copy. We're heading toward your location now. ETA: Five minutes.'

"Federation force?" Penny asked.

"I take it you know them as well." Keith said.

"Stories our father told us about his mother." Ezra explained.

"You two have a lot to explain later." Rayne said with Ezra and Penny sighing but nodding afterward.

Ten Minutes Later

"Is that them?" One of the civilians asked when she saw four figures approaching them.

"Yes." Valen answered as four mechs, each with a different color scheme, landed in front of him and the Night Sentinels. "Federation Force."

"Valen." The Federation Force member in the red suit said.

"What took you so long? You said four minutes." Valen asked.

"We got held up when we saw some Rebels setting up a blockade and transmissions blockers. We couldn't let that happen, so we took them out before coming here." The Federation Force member in the green suit explained.

"Very well."

"Which base or shelter are we taking these people?" The Federation Force member in the yellow suit asked. Valen rubbed his chin for a moment before turning to one of the other Night Sentinels and asking them something in their language. "The southeast base we had set up. It has more fortifications and protection."

"Alright. Follow us. We'll scout out ahead and warn you if we spot anything." The Federation Force member in the blue suit said before the four of them activated their built-in jets to go on ahead.

"You heard them. Let's move out." Valen ordered.

The Night Sentinels nodded before hefting the injured and unconscious civilians onto stretchers and lifting them. While those Sentinels took care of them, the one wielding the weird weapons spread out and took positions to cover the flanks. The rest surrounded the teens to ensure nothing could harm them. For the next ten minutes, everything was fine aside from some scares the teens suffered from hearing nearby explosions and gunfire. Typically, it would have taken the Night Sentinels only a few minutes to get to the base. However, it took a lot longer as not only were they escorting civilians, they were guarding the Slayer's grandchildren. And they all knew for a fact the Slayer would not be happy if he learned they failed to protect them.

"Hopefully, this all ends soon." Skyla whispered, trying her best to keep herself composed.

"I think it will, considering the weapons these guys have. And judging by the sound, it seems like they are already turning the tide against the Rebels and Loyalists." Ezra said.

"Do you think your parents are close?" Rayne asked.

"I want to say yes, but I doubt it. They are pretty far away, and even with the advances in space travel, it will still take some time for them to arrive." Penny answered.

"Your parents are actually closer than you think. They should be here within the hour." One of the Sentinels interjected.

"That's good." Ezra and Penny said in relief that their parents would soon arrive. However, they all became confused when the Sentinels suddenly stopped.

"What's happening?" Skyla asked.

"The Federation Force members are returning." Valen answered as the Federation Force Members landed in front of them. "What happened?"

"There's a massive blockade about a mile out. There's no way to approach it without them firing at us first. We need to go around to avoid it, which will add about an hour to the trip." The Federation Fore member in the Blue mech answered.

"Can we take them out from a distance?"

"No. They have snipers as well and aircraft to send after us." The Federation Force member in the yellow mech answered. But as soon as the member answered, they all heard the distinct sound of aircraft heading toward them. Looking at the sky, everyone saw about twenty Banshees rapidly approaching them.

"It seems they found us either way." A Night Sentinel said while he and the others aimed their weapons at the aircraft. But before they could fire a single shot, they all heard a near-deafening roar with five weird-looking dragons appearing a second later and attacking the ships.

"W-What are those?" Keith asked, scared.

"We call them Wintherin. Think dragons." Valen answered as everyone watched the Wintherin quickly dispatch the Banshees.

"Well, they sure do look cool, albeit scary." Rayne said before moving to hide behind a Sentinel when the Wintherin landed nearby.

"Don't worry; you are all safe. They're tame and only attack demons and whoever we order them to attack." A Night Sentinel assured.

"And that will be how we get past the blockade." Valen said before ordering something to the Wintherin while pointing up ahead. They roared before taking off in the direction Valen pointed.

"What did you tell them?" Penny asked, curious. However, she got her answer when they heard the Rebels and Covenant screaming in pain, followed by many explosions.

"To get rid of the hindrance." Valen answered as the Wintherin flew away. "Come on. We need to get you all to safety."

Fifteen Minutes Later

"Is everyone okay?" A UNSC soldier asked as the Federation Force members, Sentinels, teens, and civilians arrived at the base.

"Yes. We patched up the injured civilians." Valen answered.

"That's good. And whoever you all are, thanks for helping us defend the planet." The UNSC soldier said. Valen nodded before ordering some of the Sentinels to form a perimeter around the base while the rest tended to any injured.

"Okay. We can get some rest now." Ezra said as his body felt like lead now.

"Yeah. A nap sounds great." Penny added as she sat down next to her brother.

"But I think that will be a little hard considering all the explosions and gunfire going on around us and nearby." Skyla said, wincing when a near-deafening explosion happened nearby.

"I know. Hopefully, it ends soon." Rayne said.

"And hopefully, nothing else bad happens." Keith said. But as soon as he said this, they felt the ground rumbling. "What's going on?"

"SHIT! THREE COVENANT EXCAVATORS ARE COMING OUR WAY!" The UNSC soldier shouted. And sure enough, off in the distance were three Excavators heading their way. Moreover, after Ezra used some binoculars to get a closer look, they learned that the Covenant was using it as a mobile offense base.

"WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?" Ezra asked, scared, recalling the information he had gathered about the excavators.

"WE GET OUT OF HERE!" Penny answered, equally scared and wishing her parents were here.

"Don't worry. We have the perfect way to deal with this." Valen answered before raising his arm and saying something into his communicator. Everyone was curious about what he meant but became shocked when a blue beam suddenly appeared. They wondered what it was but got their answer when a portal opened, and out stepped a giant war machine.

"COOL!" The five teens said in awe at the massive machine as it walked toward the Excavators. It then activated its lance, struck the Excavators, sliced them in half, and destroyed them. The remaining two Excavators immediately fired at the machine but quickly found that their weapons were ineffective. The machine then used its shoulder-mounted cannons to eradicate the two remaining Excavators.

"What is that?" Ezra asked in pure awe.

"That is what we call an Atlan." Valen answered with a chuckle as the Atlan left the area, presumably to help the rest of the planet's defenses.

"Well, I wish we had some of those during the wars. They would have helped a lot." The UNSC soldier said. However, before Valen could say anything, a Night Sentinel ran up to him.

"What is it?" Valen asked.

"I just received reports that we successfully repelled ninety percent of all invading forces. Now, all that's left are the few rebel squadrons on the other side of the planet and the invading forces in space." The Night Sentinel answered.

"Good. Now have any Sentinels that are not injured or busy fighting tend to the injured and help the planet's defense with search and rescue." Valen ordered. The Night Sentinel nodded before running off.

"I guess we can rest now that everything is practically over." Penny said, leaning against the wall. However, she tensed up when they heard an explosion. But she and the others became confused and slightly worried when they realized it didn't come from anywhere nearby but rather from above.

"What was that?" Keith asked, confused.

"And why are you smiling? Do you know what's happening?" Skyla asked when she noticed that Valen was smirking.

"Yes. Let's just say that the invaders are getting acquainted with those kids' grandparents." He answered, further confusing everyone.

Five Minutes Earlier

If one were to use a high-powered telescope to see into space, one would see a massive fleet of both Rebels and Loyalist forces surrounding Eridanus II. Naturally, anyone would be scared upon seeing this. The organization and types of spaceships clearly indicated an invasion that would not fail. However, anyone would become confused when the organized ships suddenly started exploding in violent, massive eruptions. It almost appeared the crews themselves were purposely self-destructing their spaceships. And as one might suspect, the crews inside the ships were scared, confused, worried, and running around like chickens without their heads. The ship acting as the command station was no different.

"SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!" The Rebel leader shouted, trying to get some semblance of control over his forces.

"FOCUS! YOU'RE ALL DISGRACING YOURSELVES!" The Loyalist Elite commander next to the Rebel leader shouted to his forces. Seeing nothing change, it turned to the Rebel leader. "DO SOMETHING!"


"DO BETTER, HUMAN SCUM! OR I WILL-" The Elite threatened while activating a Type-1 Energy sword and pointing it at the Rebel leader's neck. But before he could finish his threat, a Rebel soldier got their attention.


"What? How's the possible?" The Rebel leader asked.

"I don't know, sir."

"What about your channels? Are they still clear, or is something coming up?" The Rebel leader asked the Elite. The Elite turned to one of its soldiers and learned that the same transmission the Rebels were picking up was also on their channels.

"Yes. It seems like someone or something is trying to make contact with us. Should we listen to it?" The Elite asked.

"I think we have no choice, considering it's on all our frequencies." The Rebel leader answered before nodding toward his soldier to play the message. The soldier nodded and played the message. And as soon as it started, everyone felt a chill go down their spines.


"I-I think the UNSC is only trying to scare us." The Elite stuttered. Even though the message was staticky, the intent was clear. Someone or some THING was coming after them and was the reason why their other ships were exploding.

"I-It must be nothing. A false threat. A bluff the planet's defense cooked up to buy themselves more time." The Rebel Leader said. But it sounded like he was trying to assure himself that it was nothing.

"R-right. Let's-" The Elite began but went silent when they heard knocking on the door. Confused, they turned around but immediately dove for cover when the doors suddenly exploded and flew toward them. They both quickly got up with their weapons drawn but dropped them and went pale when they discovered what, or rather who blew the doors open.

It was the Doom Slayer and Samus Aran. And they were pissed beyond belief. For the next half hour, inhumane screams of pain and begging for mercy could be heard across the universe.

One Hour Later

"EZRA! PENNY! I'M SO GLAD YOU TWO ARE SAFE!" Cortana shouted as she and Master Chief embraced their kids.

"We're so glad you two are here now. We missed you both." Ezra said, relaxing into the warm hug of his parents.

"We missed you too." Master Chief said, letting go of his kids.

"What happened? Did you two follow our instructions?" Cortana asked.

"Yes. We even rescued our friends and some others along the way. But before we could get in the house, the Rebels and Loyalists destroyed the Warthog we hot-wired and surrounded us." Ezra answered.

"How did you escape?"

"We didn't. This guy called Valen and Night Sentinels saved us. And another group called the Federation Force helped us to the base." Penny answered.

"Well, I should tell my dad to pass along our thanks since Valen has already left for Argent D'Nur." Master Chief said.

"What about Samus?" Cortana asked, remembering the Federation Force is a part of the organization Samus used to work for before becoming a bounty hunter.

"What about me?" Samus asked as she and the Doom Slayer walked up to them.

"We just wanted to thank you for having your allies save the planet and, more importantly, our kids' lives." Cortana answered.

"It's no problem. As soon as we heard something was going on, we sent a message to our groups to help the planet as soon as possible. Regrettably, we could not arrive in time even with our access to portals as we were pretty far away." Samus said with the Slayer nodding.

"Are they our grandparents?" Ezra asked, curious.

"Well, on your father's side." Cortana answered.

"Kids. Meet your grandparents." Master Chief said, moving to stand behind his children and placing a hand on their shoulders. "Samus Aran and The Doom Slayer."

"Wow." Ezra and Penny said, amazed at the two intimidating figures that were their grandparents.

"Uff." The Doom Slayer grunted.

"What did he say?" Ezra asked, confused.

"He asked if it was alright to have a family day together." Master Chief answered. "Which I think is a great idea."

"I do, too." Samus added.

"How about you, Cortana? What do you think?"

"I think it would be nice to have a family outing. After all, I do miss our kids after being away for a month." Cortana answered with a smile.

"YES!" Penny and Ezra cheered.

"But where should we go? I'm pretty sure everywhere we can go is in ruins." Cortana asked.

"Hmm. I have an idea." Samus said, remembering a place she occasionally visits and fights others. Plus, it would be nice to see Zelda, Peach, Rosalina, Palutena, and Mario again. "But I would need to send a message to clear us."

"Alright. But what should we do in the meantime?" Master Chief asked.

"We can use my ship and head to another place to get something to eat." Samus suggested. Nodding, the strange but deadly family boarded Samus's ship and headed toward the nearest planet to get something to eat. All the while, Ezra and Penny listened to Samus's stories about her adventures and the Doom Slayer's adventures.