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The morning sun filtered through the curtains, the light fabric swaying in the wind from the open window. Green eyes opened, then narrowed immediately against the golden light.

With a slight sigh, the owner of the eyes stretched, his powerful but slim body tensing and relaxing. He stared at the window, watching the curtains dance in the morning breeze, and simply listened.

Behind him, unaware of his companion's return to consciousness, the young blond slept on. His breath came in even and deep, a melodic rhythm that enchanted and enthralled his lover.

Sephiroth rolled over slowly, his gaze flickering to the clock. Time to get up, but something held him chained down. An odd feeling, one he'd been feeling often as of late, that was impossible to deny.

He gazed at Cloud, unable to look away from the sleeping boy. One hand reached over and pushed a golden strand of hair out of the boy's face. A loving, gentle gesture that he would have never done if Cloud had been awake.

The hand remained near Cloud's face, refusing to be withdrawn. Sephiroth sighed again, one fingertip gently skimming over the perfect skin. A smile tugged at the silver-haired man's lips as the finger stopped on a small, unnoticeable scar over Cloud's left eye. A scar gained by an accident, but the might general had had to avoid looking at Cloud for days, lest the fury return towards the one who had hurt the boy.

It was too small to be seen now, but despite all the years that had passed, Sephiroth easily remembered where it was.

He moved again, this time circling under Cloud's eye and over his cheek. Eyes that had seen so much, yet had seen so little. Bright, glowing eyes that captivated any who dared to meet his gaze.

Sephiroth moved again, this time tracing Cloud's lips. So many words, so many truths, so many lies. All so hollow, meaning nothing now. Nothing had to be said now for Sephiroth to know the simple truth.

He pulled his hand back, watching as Cloud stirred. Even the softest caress woke the blond.

"Sephiroth?" the boy murmured, blinking and trying in vain to chase sleep away. He yawned slightly, then frowned. "Is something wrong?"

Sephiroth forced his gaze away from the breathing perfection and sat up. He leaned forward, looked back at Cloud as the blond started to slip back into the land of his dreams.

"No, Cloud," he whispered finally. "Nothing could ever be wrong anymore." Not so long, he added silently, as I have you.


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