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Alien Races


: Every human in the Milky Way galaxy can trace their origins to one planet. In Goa'uld, those who still inhabit the birthplace of humanity are known as the Taur'i, or 'Those of the First World'. Thanks to their rebellion that saw the Goa'uld ousted from their planet three thousand years ago, the humans of Earth have spent that time advancing technologically to the point that they were capable of contending with the Goa'uld Empire, albeit on a small scale. Much of their early success against the Goa'uld was due in part to their adaptative ground tactics, the perception that the humans of Earth did not pose a serious threat, and the infighting that kept the System Lords from focusing their armies and resources on a single target. Eventually, along with the help of their allies, they managed to overthrow the Goa'uld Empire and usher in a time of peace for the galaxy. Short lived as it was.

Now finding themselves in a new reality, with countless alien species previously unknown and a human culture that in many ways mirrors their own, the Taur'i know that they will need to utilize all of the skill, technology, and experience that they gained over their ten years running the Stargate Program in order to survive.


: When the Supreme System Lord Ra first came to Earth and found primitive humans, most were taken as slaves. But Ra saw another use for them. Using advanced genetic manipulation, the Goa'uld altered the strongest humans they had and created the first generation of Jaffa. This new race would act as incubators for Goa'uld larva who, before the creation of Jaffa, had only a one in three chance of successfully blending with a new host. Not only that, but these Jaffa were also physically superior to humans in every way: greater strength, healing, longevity. The only flaw, or key benefit if you asked the Goa'uld, was that the symbiote effectively took over the Jaffa's immune system, rendering them incapable of living without one.

After allying with the Taur'i and the Tok'ra, the Jaffa rebelled against their former masters. Together, the three races ended the ten thousand-year strangle hold the Goa'uld had on the galaxy. The newly formed Free Jaffa Nation spent much of its time bogged down in transitioning from a feudal society to a modern democracy. Unfortunately, the Ori invasion ended any hopes of their continued freedom. The survivors who managed to flee to Atlantis now have one purpose: to ensure the freedom of their people in Atlantis. And perhaps, those throughout the galaxy at large.


: Two thousand years ago, a Goa'uld Queen named Egeria rebelled against the Supreme System Lord Ra. She saw the atrocities her kind was committing on the galaxy, and one day she could not take it anymore. She began to birth a new breed of Goa'uld who would fight against their egomaniacal kin. She even gave them a name that was as insulting to the one under whom billions suffer as it was a warning to the entire Goa'uld Empire: Tok'ra, or in English 'against Ra'. Over the next few centuries, they infiltrated all levels of the Empire from lowly Jaffa all the way to minor Goa'uld Lords. They sabotaged, diverted forces, and even assassinated System Lords during that time, weakening the Empire where they could and saving as many innocents as possible. Then one day, humans from a planet called Earth made contact, and after a brief misunderstanding, began to work as allies against the Goa'uld. The Tok'ra were overjoyed the day the Empire was finally overthrown, but they felt their joy turn to ashes when the Ori invaded.

Not every Tok'ra fully trusted the Taur'i, but those that did joined the Free Jaffa who fled to Atlantis. They now offer their advanced scientific expertise and expert infiltration abilities to the benefit of the people of the city. In a galaxy rife with so many intelligence organizations, these skills will be vital if the Atlanteans hope to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Pegasus Humans

: After the Ancient evacuated to the Pegasus galaxy to escape the plague ravaging the Milky Way, they established a new society across hundreds of worlds. But, as Ancients are known to do, they began to experiment. Over a few million years, they created a second evolution of humanity just like they did in the Milky Way. They set up human societies on planets all over the galaxy, guiding some directly while letting others develop on their own. As there were no other space faring races in Pegasus, the Ancients and their less evolved kin were free to live and prosper whatever way they saw fit. Some worlds evolved into multi-system spanning modern societies thanks to the Stargates, while most others stayed at an agrarian level.

That all changed with the evolution of the Wraith. As the vampiric aliens swept across the galaxy, culling world after world and killing billions of humans, the Ancients did their best to stop their inexorable advance. Unfortunately, the Ancients underestimated their foe who, while technologically inferior, possessed an endless supply of ships and armies. After several key losses that saw extremely valuable Ancient technology fall into the Wraiths hands, the former masters of the galaxy found themselves ousted and forced to fall back to the Milky Way. With the war over, the Wraith set up each human world as a farm, letting the human populations grow high enough over centuries until they could harvest them for consumption.

A number of villages and worlds allied with the Atlantis Expedition chose to join them when the decision to jump to a new reality to escape their enemies was made. They now oversee the food and livestock production on the mainland to keep themselves and the citizens of Atlantis well fed.


: The combined population of the Taur'i, humans from Pegasus, Jaffa, and Tok'ra are known throughout the galaxy as Atlanteans, or 'those who inhabit Atlantis'. The moniker was first used to describe the humans of the Atlantis Expedition from Earth by the other human races of the Pegasus galaxy. Now everyone in the city has adopted the title with pride, knowing that it imparts a responsibility and dedication to the legacy of the race that came before all others. Like the Ancients, the people of Atlantis have the spirits of explorers.

While the circumstances of their arrival in this new reality are tragic, the new possibilities offered by this new galaxy are too tempting for them to resist discovering. New cultures and races to meets, new planets with mega cities scattered over their surface are new opportunities for them to learn. The Atlanteans, however, differ from their progenitors in one distinct way. Despite their curious nature, they have the hearts of warriors and will not hesitate to defend themselves or the innocent and stamp out corruption. And in this new galaxy, there is much corruption to be found.


: When Stargate Command was first formed, elite teams were assembled that would serve under its command and venture out into the galaxy. These teams were designated Stargate Command Teams followed by a standard numbering system. The flagship First Contact and reconnaissance team was designated SG-1. Colonel Jack O'Neill, former Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c of Chulak made up this elite unit, leading the charge in dealing with the unknown and unimaginable. Their adventures took them from one corner of the galaxy to the other, encountering everything from primitive human societies to cultures that were hundreds of years beyond Earth.

Today, SG-1 is co-commanded by Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, joined by Teal'c, Daniel Jackson, and Vala Mal Doran. They now put their unique skill sets and vast experience to work in exploring the galaxy they now find themselves in. When there is a hostile situation or a diplomatic meeting with a new race, SG-1 is the first ones that are called upon to handle it.

SG-2 (Formerly AR-1)

: After the arrival of the Atlantis Expedition in the Pegasus galaxy, they immediately had a run-in with the Wraith. After rescuing their people, they realized that they needed to form teams like the SGC in order to interact with the other human societies spread throughout the galaxy. Major John Sheppard, Lieutenant Aiden Ford, Teyla Emmagan, and Dr. Rodney McKay formed the frontline team designated Atlantis Recon Team One. Together, they gathered resources, established ties with other worlds, and kept the rest of the Expedition alive until Earth could finally send reinforcements. Sadly, Lt. Ford went MIA, and the team found themselves without a fourth member. That is, until they crossed paths with a Runner named Ronon Dex. Joining the team and the Expedition, he helped the team get in and out of the hairiest of situations thanks to his advanced combat skills.

When the remnants of the SGC and Earth's military fled to Atlantis, General O'Neill took command and reorganized the command structure of the city. One of the first things he did was change all existing AR teams into SG teams. The function of both were similar, though SG teams were geared more towards combat than their AR counterparts. As the lead Atlantis unit, AR-1 was converted into SG-2, second only to SG-1. This has kept Lt. Colonel Sheppard's team busy as most of the members of SG-1 have found themselves in command positions overseeing various departments, giving them the top assignments that wouldn't be trusted to anyone else.