It's my friend BrainyxBat's birthday and so I had to write a cute little fic about her OC Venus, who is dating Wasabi, and my OC Khary, who is Wasabi's little brother.

And because Mother's Day is in a week I thought it would be a good frame for the fic.


It was Mother's Day weekend and Khary Ginger felt a little nervous.

The years where he celebrated with his biological mother were long gone, someone as bigoted and controlling as Deborah Ginger wasn't worth celebrating. After effectively being thrown out for just wearing makeup, Khary had moved in with his older brother Wesley "Wasabi" Ginger and Wes's girlfriend Catherine "Venus" Woods.

Wes had always been there for him, but Venus quickly became just as much a part of the family. And while she was more sisterly than motherly, Khary still wanted to get her a present for being there for him when he'd needed a supportive family the most.

Venus' own home life wasn't perfect, her parents were amazing but her brother was an abusive monster. So in a way, she'd needed a supportive family too. They'd all found each other at exactly the right time.

That Sunday, Venus woke up to the smell of pancakes and an empty bed. That wasn't too strange, Wasabi often got up early to make breakfast for the three of them. If she didn't have plans with her parents later she would have completely forgotten that today was Mother's Day.

She got out of bed, carefully picked out a nice outfit for the day, a black dress with white and purple flowers, and then headed out to eat with Wasabi and Khary.

To her surprise, Wasabi was sitting at the table, flipping through the ad section of the newspaper, while Khary cooked.

"Aw, it's nice of you to give Wes a break," Venus gushed, sitting down next to her boyfriend and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm not doing this for Wes," Khary laughed, before his nerves resurfaced.

"I hope you don't think it's weird, but I got you a present."

"A present and pancakes? Today must be special."

"Well… It's Mother's Day, and I know it's a little strange to get you a present since you're basically my sister but I uh… I don't really have a mom to get a present for anymore, and you've been so kind to me since I moved in, so I just… I wanted to get you something."

Venus felt tears spring to her eyes.

"Aww, Khary, that's so sweet. I'll always be here for you, I'm glad you're a part of my family."

Khary beamed and turned away, using the pancakes as an excuse to blink back his own tears in private.

He brought over the breakfast plates and then darted over to his room to get the present. A moment later he brought out a beautiful bouquet of black and red roses.

Venus gasped. "Oh! These are gorgeous. Thank you, I don't deserve something this nice."

Khary and Wasabi spoke at the same time, "Yeah, you do."

Venus laughed at that. Sometimes it was like Wes and Khary shared a brain cell, and she felt very, very lucky that she was a part of a family that loved her enough to surprise her with pancakes and roses. And if they said so, maybe she really did deserve it.