Author: I hope you enjoy this story! Queen serenity is still alive there is no moon kingdom. Serena is a spy so you know. She a CIA spy.

Chapter: I spy

Summary: Serena is late for work and she bump into this guy. But she pours tea all over him.

Serena: SO sorry! Let me clean that up!

"No thank you. I can clean after my self!

Serena: I was just trying to help sorry.

"Well, sorry is not good enough. Look at this shirt!

Serena: You know what I don't have time for this jerk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amy: Good morning Serena, your mother is waiting for you.

Serena: Ok

Queen Serenity: You are late again, why?

Serena: Sorry I-I-.

But queen serenity cut her off before she could answer.

Queen Serenity: Let me guess your alarm clock didn't when off?

Serena: Yeah

Queen serenity: Get a new alarm clock you are 19 year old. Please take some responsibilities!

Serena: Why did you call me here? To tell me that I need a new alarm clock?

Queen serenity: Don't get smart with me Serena. I call you because you need a new partner.

Serena: I told you already I don't need a new partner. They just get in my way.

Queen serenity: You need a partner! When you are on a mission you need a partner with for back up!

Serena: What happen if I don't like my partner then what?

Queen serenity: Then you will get Rye as your Partner.

Serena: I hate Rye, ok I take a new partner, where is she?

Queen serenity: It's not a she. It's a he.

Serena: he?

(The Door opens)

Queen serenity: Well look who here your new partner Darien shield. I like you to meet Serena Tsukino your new Partner.

Serena: Its you!

Queen serenity: You know each other?

Darien: Yeah we met this morning.

Serena: Serenity! Can I talk to you?

Queen serenity: Ok what?

Serena: I can't be his partner.

Queen serenity: Why not? Serena I don't have time for this, show him around ok! Bye

Darien: I sorry about this morning.

Serena: Well sorry not good enough, let me show you around ok.

(As they walk)

Rye: Hey Serena who this?

Serena: My new partner, Darien meet Rye.

Darien: Hello Rye.

Rye: Serena if you don't want him as your partner I take him.

Serena: No I'm ok bye Rye!

Lita: Hey Serena who this cutie pie.

Serena: My partner.

Lita: Good luck.

Darien: Good luck?

Lita: If you are Serena partner you are going to need luck.

Serena: Shut up! I think Ken is calling you!

Darien: Your friend like me is that so bad?

Serena: Yes

Darien: Why?

Serena: Because you are nothing more then a pretty boy.

Darien: Pretty boy?

Serena: Never mind.

Amy: Serena who this?

Serena: HE my partner for now!

Amy: Oh ok, your mother told me to give you this before she left.

Darien: What that?

Serena: Oh shit

Darien: What is that?

Serena: Our first mission ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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