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Chapter: First mission

"Our first mission" serena said sadly

"So ... what is our first mission?" Darien said

"Well, you really don't have to come so bye bye" Serena said Then she was gone.

"So you are going to let her go?" Raye said trying to make trouble.

"I don't want to fight her we already had a bad start."

"No, you should show her who boss. Don't let her push you around like that!! She shouted

"OKAY but I don't know where she went!

"No problem I will tell you." Raye said with an Evil smile

One hour after the mission.
Serena and Darien come back all wet.

"Here mother this is the file you wanted!" she said as she smash the wet file on her mother desk.

"What the hell happened?"

"Turn on the T. v Mommy."



"I really have no idea what to say to that! I thought you would act better with a new partner but instead you act like an ANIMAL!!"

"It's all Darien fault!"

"My fault! How is it my fault?"

"Okay I would like to hear the story on how this HAPPEN!!" she said almost claming down.

Serena pov

"Okay it all started like this I was there trying to get the file that you needed, then all sudden Darien come up to me.

"BOO!" Darien said trying to scare me.

"AHH what are you doing here?"

"I am your partner remember?"

"No not really ,Okay I know we got off in a bad start but..." I said trying to be nice but noo

Darien tells me to "SHUT UP! There will hear us!"

"I said who?" Then we got into the house.

"Do you smell that?" I asked it's smelled like gas.

I smell NOTHING Darien said being a jerk again. Once we got the file I saw Jadeite with a match in his hand.

He said with his green evils eyes "what are you doing?"

"Nothing" I said what are you doing with the match in your hand?"

"I going to set you on fire." he said

"RUN!!" I said so I and Darien just jump into the pool.

(story over)

"Bull shit and you know it! Darien said I was the one who was trying to be nice, and the one who noticed the Bloody match in his hand!"


"Shut up meatball head"

"Meatball head who are you calling a meatball head?!"

"SHUT UP!!" queen serenity said Just get out now and go home I will see you tomorrow."

"Wait before I go why did I have to get this file?" Serena asked

"To see how well you two act, so far you are animals!"

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