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Chapter 1: Sacrifice

Emma stood outside on her balcony letting the refreshing breeze run across her face. She stared at the water below and the cliffs beside her. She felt confused, unsure of what to do, unsure of her situation in fact. She continued standing there, beginning to be lost in her own thoughts.

'Why must I do this to myself, he belongs with Shalimar now, not me. He loves her, not me; he would never love me like he loves her. I'm just wasting my time thinking about this when I know nothing will happen, why do I bother with this? Why do I even bother at all?' She looked down at the water below, thinking how similar the waves crashing against the rocks below resembled her love life. Everything would be going good, she would be falling in love, but then it always hit a wall.

Emma walked from here balcony slowly till she reached the edge of her bed. She sat down slowly and lay down. She looked at her ceiling, looking at all the patterns on it when she heard a knock at her door, it slowly slid open and Jesse poked his head through "Hey Em, want some breakfast?" Emma rolled her head over to face Jesse "No thanks Jess" she said with a smile. "Well if you do, you might want to make it quit, it looks like Brennan's on the verge of a food binge" Jessie said with a chuckle, Emma smirked. There was a long pause between them, Jesse kept trying to say something but nothing came out, until he finally spoke "Ummmmm, well, I gotta head out, so I'll talk to you later?" Emma smiled "Yep, talk to you later" Jesse smiled and closed the door quietly. Jesse stood in front of the door, and lightly leaned on the wall next to the door to Emma's room. 'I think something's up with Emma?' he said in his own thoughts 'She seems upset for some reason, I wonder why, I should go talk to her' Jesse turned around and lightly opened the door when he noticed Emma lay asleep on her bed. She started to shiver from the breeze that came from her balcony. Jesse quietly ran over and closed the doors that connect the balcony and slowly walked over to Emma's bed and pulled the covers over her and lightly tucking her in. He walked towards the door when Emma groaned "No.Brennan..don't" Jesse stared at Emma with a confused look on his face, he just shrugged and slowly and lightly closed the door to her bedroom.

Jesse leaned on her door lightly not to make a sound. Jesse felt warm, he felt happy for once in his life, but why? He thought to himself, why is happy now? He looked at the door, and his face looked confused 'Am I feeling happy because of Emma?' What kind of impact could she have on him, something was different somehow, but he didn't know what. He had never felt like this before, he stared at the door knowing that Emma was safe, he felt comfort in that. He had never felt like this about anything or anyone. He stood there, and it hit him. 'Could I be in love? With Emma?' He just stood there, lost in his thoughts, and then he slowly walked away from where Emma lay peacefully asleep and safe.

*A Couple Hours Later *

Emma woke up, lying in her bed, she slowly rose up from her bed, and noticed that she was covered with her sheets, and that the balcony doors we're closed. She felt scared at first, but she thought 'Nah, it must have been one of my team-mates'. Emma stood up from her bed and stretched and started wiping her eyes from the blurry vision. She opened her door where everything seemed quiet; she walked out and up the stairs slowly. When she noticed Jesse sitting at the table reading a book, she kept walking and sat down across from him. He took a drink of his coffee "Hey sleepy head", "Hey" Emma replied with a yawn. "How'd you sleep?" Emma smiled "The best I've slept in a long time, where's everybody else?" Jesse book marked his novel, and had another drink of his coffee "They're all in the Med lab, helping Adam to make sure everything's still functioning". Emma smiled at Jesse and he smiled back when a voice appeared from Jesse's com ring "Jesse, grab Emma and meet us in the Helix in 10" Emma nodded "Be right there"

Emma and Jesse made it to the Helix when everyone was just getting, Emma and Jesse ran in and took their stations. "Adam, what's going on?" Jesse said while strapping himself into his seat. "New Mutant by the name of Kero Gibson, he's a Psionic Telekinetic, and a pretty strong one at that, and we have to save him quick before Ashlock gets to him" Brennan had a confused look on his face "What does Ashlock want with him?" Adam shook his head "I have no idea" Emma looked at Brennan "Well with Ashlock, we can tell it isn't good.at all" Jesse sat at his computer, lost in his thoughts of his current situation 'Am I in love with Emma? Why?' he continued to sit there, lost in his thoughts. Emma looked over at Jesse "Jesse, Jesse, you okay?" Jesse popped up and looked at Emma "I'm fine, don't worry" She smiled and returned to moderating the systems. "Okay everybody, we'll be there in 5, so get prepared" Brennan spoke while shifting the controls of the plane.

After Brennan had landed the Helix, everybody got out and did a quick stretch. "Hey Emma, can you sense him?" Emma smiled "Already on it Shal, he's two floors below" the team ran down to the 8th floor of the abandoned parkway. Emma closed her eyes for a min and focused "He's over there" she pointed towards a pillar about 20 feet away.

The MX team ran towards the pillar when "STOP" yelled Emma. Everybody looked at her with confused eyes. "He's not alone" Emma took a step back. "Nah, he's there," Brennan said with a grin "No Brennan, somebody else is there" Brennan started to get frustrated, Shalimar looked at the pillar when her eyes went feral. "Brennan, she's right, he's not alone, but I know who's with him" Gabriel rolled out from the pillar with the young mutant known as Kero Gibson in a tight headlock. "Wow Brennan, you should really listen to the ladies" Gabriel grinned, "Time to play" out of nowhere 4 new mutants popped from behind the pillars to join Gabriel. The tall young male launched a fireball from the tips of his fingers similar to Brennan towards Shalimar, she quickly dodged with a backbend, no other choice do to her malicious fear of fire. As the one of the other young females launched a ball of ice from her fingers towards Brennan, he rolled under the ball of ice and shot a ray of electricity towards the mutant with fire, but the mutant suddenly rose above it. Shalimar growled "Another telekinetic" Brennan nodded "As well as two thermals". Shalimar's eyes went Feral once again "I'll take Ashlock" "SHAL!" all of them yelled at once, but Shalimar was already a dash towards Ashlock. She jumped and kicked Ashlock in mid- air forcing him to drop Kero.

Jesse went after the fire thermal while Brennan went after the other, while Emma went after the telekinetic, while the remaining Mutant on Ashlock's side stood there and watched all the battles rage.

Jesse kept massing and phasing as the fire thermal launched more fireballs at Jesse with fierce, Jesse got bored with the same old routine, so he rolled under one of the fireballs and jumped and side kick the fire thermal sending him rolling, but the fire thermal quickly rolled up and shot another fireball at Jesse, Jesse jumped out of the way of it, but it burned the end of the arm of his shirt. "That was close," he said gasping.

Brennan shot another ray of bolts at the mutant, but she threw ice in everyway of its path, which causing it to stop halfway. Brennan ran and kicked off one of the pillars beside him and spun around and kicked her in the face, send her spinning into a pillar, he kicked to the side of the pillar just missing her, he kicked towards her head, to the stomach, then uppercut knocking her to the ground, she sat up and launched a large ball of ice at Brennan knocking him a couple feet away.

Shalimar was tumbling and flipping every way to dodge Gabriel's constant attacks, Shalimar jumped and kicked Gabriel in the face in mid-air only causing him to wobble around. Shalimar then kicked him in the chest, and punch to the face, and flip-back kick knocking him on his back. Shalimar went to run a kick Gabriel in the ribs when he spun around and jumped up and grabbed Shalimar by the throat lifting her up 3 feet from where her feet could reach.

Emma had noticed this, she decked the telekinetic mutant she was facing and her turned herself to face Gabriel, her forehead started to glow pink when an orb appeared. The orb flew from her forehead hitting Gabriel knocking him on the ground causing him to drop Shalimar. Shalimar looked at Emma and nodded basically saying thanks and Emma rotated again to face her fight.

Gabriel rose from the ground quickly; he held his hand out charging an energy ball. Jesse noticed this from the corner of his eye. Gabriel fired the ball from his hand towards Emma, everything seemed to go into slow motion, and Jesse ran towards Emma escaping from his fight "EMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA! Jesse ran in front of Emma, slowly Emma turned around to see the ball slowly hit Jesse in the back. The energy ball hit Jesse, he slowly collapsed, and Emma's eyes filled with warm tears as he slowly fell. Emma ran up and caught Jesse before he hit the ground. He looked at her and stared into her blue eyes "I love you". Emma was in complete shock, her eyes filled with more tears as they fell down her cheek, he slowly closed his eyes. Emma was thrown back by this, she shook him "Come on Jesse, no, stay with me, COME ON JESSE!!!!! STAY WITH ME!!!! DON'T GO!!!!" she yelled shaking him. Shalimar and Brennan stood there, watching Jesse lay in Emma's arms. Shalimar began to cry, tears slowly fell down her face, as she whispered "Jesse"


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