Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Adam, Brennan, and Shalimar looked on, watching as Jesse and Emma lay there in mid-air, nobody able to get to them, Brennan tried, but all attempts failed, Shalimar's as well. All worried for what could be happening, the only way to save them, is for them, to save themselves.

"Adam.can we do anything?" Adam looked at the floor and shook his head slowly "I don't know if we can, I've never experienced this sort of thing before, all we can as far as I know, is wait." Shalimar turned back to Jesse and Emma, Brennan put her arm around her and whispered in her ear "It's ok, they'll make it, they're probably the stronger than you and me, especially together"

Everything was dark, everything pitch black, unable to see what you were doing, unable to see yourself. Jesse looked around, he saw a speck of light coming from the north, but he wondered, where was he? The last thing he remembered was grabbing Emma's hand then ended up here. Jesse scanned the dark area, but was no use, everything was too dark to see. Out of no where a shriek rang through everywhere, it appeared to come from where the light is. Jesse was careful to walk, but realized, he wasn't in pain, he didn't have his back injury, everything was gone. He was absolutely fine.

Jesse started walking to the speck of light getting brighter and bigger by each step, as he walked he say images flash by him, all of Emma's memories and emotions, Jesse looked watching all of them passing on, as a cute little girl then to beautiful woman she is now. The light grew larger as he moved on. But now he was in the area where Emma was now, Jesse looked on all of the images of Emma, filled with sadness and depression "Wow, I didn't know she was so sad, nobody did, she always seem kind of happy, but now, I really know" Jesse continued walking until he saw images of himself, when he was attacked, him laying on the table, so full of angst inside. She appeared to feel the most sadness here. Until the most recent image showed, of him holding Emma while he lay on the table, he watched "She was happy, the happiest she's been in the longest time" Jesse continued standing watching the image, he was happy himself, he loved her, with all his heart, willing to risk his life to save her. Jesse realized that she now, loved him. Jesse now had a sudden boost of energy, he ran to where the light was, as fast as he could, he had to save the woman he loved at all costs.

Jesse continued running faster and faster until he met up with the light, it shimmered from black, to pink, to white. He stood in front of the sphere of light, he looked down where he saw Emma, laying on the dark floor, he ran up to her and kneeled down to her and brushed the hair away that covered her face, Jesse whispered "Emma? Emma? Wake up? Come Emma?" Emma's eyes slowly opened to see Jesse's face. She whispered "Jesse, I can't control it, my powers, they're too much, I can't control them, they're too powerful" Jesse looked deep into her eyes "Emma, yes you can, I know you can, you're the strongest woman I know, I know you can win this" Emma shook her head "But Jess-" Jess cut off "No buts, I know you can, I'll help you anyway I can" Emma stood up "I love you Jesse" Emma stood up in front of the sphere of light.

A pink orb emerged from her forehead and her eyes turned black, a beam of light shot from the sphere and connected with Emma. She screamed as it hit her and pushed her back, forcing her to break the connection. It knocked her down, Jesse ran over and picked her up again, she stood again in front of the glowing sphere and connected again, she screamed with everything in her lungs.

-Currently at Sanctuary- Brennan, Shalimar, and Adam watched on as the glowing New Mutant still floated, suddenly Emma's eyes flung open and her eyes shot a black light out, Jesse eye's soon shot open firing a red light, both screamed with utter pain.

Emma continued to connect with the sphere, screaming with everything she had because of the pain this caused, the sphere began to shoot back but Jesse ran up and braced Emma keeping her stable. She continued to scream "Come on Emma! I know you can do it! KEEP GOING!" Emma and Jesse were shot back "Jess, I'm sorry, I can't, it's too powerful, I can't stop it" Jesse lifted Emma up, and looked deep into her eyes and kissed her, she practically fell into his arms. Jesse pulled back a second, he looked into Emma's eyes, they went completely pure black and a pink glowing beam shot out of her head just missing Jesse and right into the sphere, Emma continued to hold it, she winced in pain, Jesse continued to brace her, the sphere changed colours from pink, to white, to black more rabidly now. The connection broke, Emma was shot way unconscious right into Jesse's arms, the sphere continued to glow until a pink glass sphere surrounded the orb. Jesse whispered to himself "She did it"

-At Sanctuary-

The remaining members of Mutant X looked on at their two team-mates suddenly both screamed and the objects that flew around both, dropped and smashed on the floor. Suddenly the glow that surrounded Jesse disappeared, soon Jesse was dropped on the floor. "JESSE!" all the members shouted up, Jesse sat up and looked at Emma still floating in mid-air, she began to glow brighter and brighter until it just faded, and Emma dropped out of mid- air into Jesse's arms. Jesse wiped the hair out of her face and smiled at the woman he loved.

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