The Terminator Of Lieutenant Ark Hammer Prelude

Written by: Tinhamodic

The war with the machines was grim and desperate in the dark post apocalyptic future.

The existence of man hanging by the barest thread, extinction was knocking on the door.

After the initial wave of nuclear bombs that took out the primary targets: capitols of the world, major cities, major communication and industrial hubs then came the second wave that struck targets that would maximize damage to life and property: dams, farms, military bases, fuel and energy depots.

There was at least a 3-year lull before the first terminators, the T1's, were able to come out in small numbers at first. The military had only ordered 1000 to be used for field testing. Skynet still has yet to fully establish itself. Their main purpose at first was to secure vital autofactory sites so more automatons could be produced. The T1's were used to guard these sites.

Though billions perished under the nuclear fire and millions more from radiation poisoning, starvation, disease, suicide or from the ensuing chaos that followed, there were still less then 2 billion humans left on the planet. USA alone had 64 million, though thousands were dying everyday.

But Skynet knew that humans have an incredible resiliency and ability to survive under the most adverse conditions so it had to hurry but had the cold logic to realize it still had to wait to build up it's power.

One man realized this as well, John Connor. But his road wasn't easy he had to find trustworthy people. Most important of all he surrounded himself with pragmatic and intelligent people. People who believed in John Connors. Many people didn't believe him and thought him insane when he told them that the machines have caused all this and that they are coming to kill them all. Slowly but surely he built his army, his intelligence network. He too knew that time is of essence.

But there was too much against him. Total chaos and lawlessness ruled the lands. Warlords have established themselves. Roving bands of rogues terrorizing the countryside. Many times he was forced to fight with the fellow humans that he so desperately wants to save. But he worked tirelessly broadcasting out via ham radio and microwave technology (though it was still very shaky due to rampant EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse - still around) trying to warn people, playing diplomat to the warlords, recruiting and training his army, establishing safe havens for survivors.

All in the meantime desperately trying to find Skynet's bases which he knows is being set up. But with the limited resources that he had the only thing he could do was to keep training his army until the machines showed its hand. The storm is not yet over.

In 2006 the machines came out in force. The machines by this time have developed several type of terminators by this time, including the deadly and agile air attack craft the HK's or Hunter Killers, thousands of them. By that time it had built a fieldable army, a few hundred thousands, capable of major engagements. From wherever they set their bases it worked it's way outward to gain territory and to sweep up whatever humans it could find.

Again many of the non-believing humans were slaughtered. But the prepared ones fought with ingenuity and the hit-and-run tactics of guerilla fighters. John knew they could not go head to head against the machines. Guerilla tactics was required because the machines may not be smarter but it was tough.

It went on like this for almost two years, but it was harder on the humans because for each human lost they were almost irreplaceable whereas the machines gathered back the shattered metal or junk and merely recycles it.

But there is a new equation to the war now. The machines originally used projectile weapons and normal explosive devices like bombs and missiles. Now they have developed beam and pulse weapons to make killing humans more efficient, and naturally new series of Terminators.

The war dragged on for many, many years. Sometimes the war would swing in favor of the machines, then it would swing towards the humans. But it was slowly swinging more often than not towards the humans. But it was in 2008 John Connors and his wife Kate came face to face with someone that he could never imagine would face at that time. A face that constantly haunts his waking moments and dreams. Someone that would help change the tide of the war. And would become one of the greatest heroes of The Struggle

Here is that story.

To be continued -