Everyone thought she was dead.

Everyone believed she was dead.

Even she herself feared deep down that she may indeed die, even if and when she had to sacrifice herself so that all she knew and fought with could live and survive. To give her life so theirs be spared. But however, by some strange amount of luck, that wouldn't exactly be the case...

Quietly groaning and tightly squeezing her eyes shut at first, the young red-haired atlantean twitched and flinched her body from the sudden mild air touching her freckled skin. She eventually heaved up her nimble body before opening up her lids to reveal aquamarine eyes. Once her vision had sharpened, the atlantean girl looked about to see where and what exactly she was in, somewhere in some archaic bedroom of sorts, dimly lit by tamed flames. Some of the walls and windows were ornamented with vague symbols, and a lot of them in a continual scheme of yellow and black.

"Greetings, Tula," a low sultry female voice slightly reverberated, sending the young girl into a slight shock. Gracefully strutting out from one of the corners coated in shadow, a slender, dark-skinned, somewhat older woman with smooth raven-black hair and dark blue eyes came into view. She was donned in a matching golden diadem crown and earrings, a dark-grey strapless miniskirt dress that showed off a hint of her cleavage, matching black tights and stilettos, and a translucent blue veil that hung from her shoulders like a cape. "I hope to assist you in feeling more comfortable, at home if you will. For this will be your home forever onward".

"You- You're... You're Queen Bee," Tula instantly recognised. "Wh-what is this? Where am I?"

"In the flesh, you're indeed correct," Queen Bee confirmed. "Welcome to my seraglio, my dear".

"What happened? How did I end up here?" Tula continued to question the Bialyan monarch.

"Oh, my friends and I have our ways of finding certain people," Queen Bee answered vaguely, if even that. "Everyone you know believe that you're deceased..." She paused as she stepped much closer to the bed in which Tula was laying on. "And I think it's best that it remain that way for the time being".

"What would you want from me?" Tula crawled back to the headboard part of the bed behind her, attempting to face the Queen with a steeled glare. "If it's whatever information you need, good luck trying to get any out of me".

"It's not necessarily what I want from you, per se," Queen Bee corrected as she began kneeling onto the bed, getting even closer to her captive. "I... just... want... you". She disclosed, much to Tula's widened eyes and hushed gasp.

However, before she could think any further, Tula found herself being confronted by the sudden and strange yet sweet and alluring scent in her nostrils and taste upon her quivered lips. A scent almost like gaseous honey and pollen, filling her senses and even her very mind with certain thoughts and feelings. Her muscles relaxed, her cheeks began to show a hint of light pink on the skin, and her eyes started to widen. Queen Bee smiled as she realised that her key ability, manipulating and controlling pheromones or rather using pheromones to control others, seemed to be working here. She might've even figured out Tula's hidden attraction to women.

"You've been attracted to another girl before, haven't you?" Queen Bee knew. "And you never told anyone, not even her, have you?" She crept over her living quarry. "Who might it be?" Her tone grew more husky. "Tell me, Tula, tell me her name".

"Lori, Lori Lemaris," Tula confessed, her breath almost slipped. Deep down, she knew that as much as she liked Garth and Kaldur'ahm, her feelings weren't limited to just men.

Queen Bee's smile maintained as she crawled over and leered down at her latest thrall. "I'm sure you wish she would return such feelings to you". The distance between the women's faces started to decrease. "Let your mind be filled with my light," the Queen swayed, her fingers playing and twirling one of Tula's side-bangs. "Only then will everything become truly clear".

The Queen still whispered in her mind. Tula believed she could fight these compulsions, but even she knew this indoctrination would prove to be too strong enough for her. She was not herself any longer around Queen Bee, she was coming to idolise her, worship her, willing to do anything for her.

Soon enough, as Tula's heavy eyes already started to dilate and flutter under the arousing power of Queen Bee, their lips attached to one another like soft magnets. Faintly humming and inhaling through nostrils, the two women laid their hands upon each other, with Queen Bee cupping her fingers around that neck and Tula gently holding onto the Queen's back.

Queen Bee then slipped a finger around the aquamarine chocker on Tula's neck, slowly pulled at it like a rubber band, and once she stretched it out as much as she could, she let it go, causing a swatting sound and forcing another shuddering gasp from Tula's shaken lips. The Queen then dipped in her tongue as deep as she could into Tula's warm mouth, stroking caressing the atlantean's own tongue and palate.

The enthralled Tula soon laid down flat on the bed with Queen Bee slowly pressing her own body on top of hers. The Queen grinned and quietly chuckled at the redhead's submission, moving down both hands to gently squeezed and fiddle with the humble breasts. She even slightly pinched at both hardened nipples covered only by the light yellow cropped tank-top. Reacting to such actions, Tula sucked up a handful of air through her tooth bitten lips before gushing out a big sigh.

"Have you ever touched yourself?" Queen Bee spoke once more, teasing and fondling the delicious body of Tula. "While thinking about that Lori girl, dreaming that she would do such things to you, or rather wishing that you would do such things to her". Queen Bee then ran her tongue up Tula's neck and jaw to the chin like a mountain peak. "To pleasure her, to ravage her, to make her yours and only yours".

Hearing such words and feeling such sensations made Tula felt like her very being was being dug deep into. As if this Queen was seeping and creeping her way into the young girl's concealed mind, picking and plucking at certain hidden thoughts and memories, even from the deepest corners of her subconscious, pulling them out and free, and making them a close reality.

"Yesss..." Tula spoke back within a hushed whisper.

"Yes what?" Queen Bee questioned.

"Yes, I have pleasured myself," again was the truth forced out of Tula's lips and very soul. "But I wanted to pleasure her, I wanted her to pleasure me".

"Well then, worry not," Queen Bee assured. "Because you are here for me, I am here to give you all the things that no other living man or even woman would ever even dare to provide".

The more Tula stayed here, the more Queen Bee's will seemed correct. Tula found herself figuratively sitting at the Queen's feet, smiling almost, as the matriarch's words and thoughts poured into her, and the pheromones continued to creep their way in through the aquatic girl's ever-gasping lips. Subtle at first, Tula thought she would be strong enough to resist, as temporary as it could be. Instead, she was becoming a willing tool, eager to serve her queen.

Glancing down, Queen Bee commanded her own right hand to move even further down Tula's smooth torso, running and revolving a few fingers around the bare midriff and exposed navel. Eventually, the Queen's lustful hand made it to Tula's light yellow short panties, concealed within a small sea-green sarong that was tied tightly together by a ring. But apparently not that tight enough as the dark hand managed to slip its way beneath the panties and sarong, finally reaching the source of all sensual pleasures.

As the Queen begun circling and spiralling her fingers around the dampening folds, Tula released a much louder gasp as her dazed eyes opened and lit up. A tingling force ran its way up and about within her very nerves, and the slow pace of those arousing fingertips was only driving her up some more. Tula's hands soon released grasp from Queen Bee's back and cape, her right hand gripping on the wooden bars of the headboard behind and above her head, and her left clutching onto the white satin sheets beneath her. Patterns of cyan light started to flicker within Tula's very skin.

"Seems like I've made you wet already," Queen Bee figured out. "I tend to have that effect on most men... and some women, women like you". She then gave a love-bite right on Tula's exposing neck. "You give me what I need, your submission, and I give you what you need, my pleasures".

And Tula had certainly given over her submission to the Queen of Bialya, due in no small part to the latter's pheromones powers, and now in turn, the Queen was already giving her the pleasures of which she could only begin to dream of before this very point. Those relentless fingers were making her want more, and more, and more. She glanced at herself, her own body being tormented by the Queen's sheer sexual willpower.

"How badly do you want me? How much are you enjoying this?" Queen Bee challenged the blushing and overwhelmed Tula. "I can tell you are, just tell me how much so exactly".

Tula could easily hold back the truth, but that touch deep down on her utmost sensitive area, on top of the Queen's words and scented pheromones, she had to let it show and let it be told.

"I want this really, really, really, really badly," Tula grunted under pressure. "So blood badly!"

After what felt like an eternity compressed into barely a few minutes at best, Queen's spiralling fingers reached the very centre of sex, and dipped right in, pushing out another breath-derived moan from Tula herself. Her pelvis flinched and thrusted upward, instantly addicted to those pumping fingers. Her head slammed back hard against the soft pillows underneath. Her muscles were already beginning to tense up like mad.

"Mmmmyes, dance your beautiful body for me, my dear precious Tula, ride my power," Queen Bee commanded with such sensual and erotic gusto.

Doing just as easily ordered, Tula bucked her hips and swung them all about as much as she could, rolling her body like the waves on the ocean surface. A small part of her would've begged and pleaded to be let go and set free, but this was too great to resist, to pull away from. Those fingers in her clitoris, the Queen's tongue gliding and hovering around her neck and jawline, and their bodies grinding together as one. Queen Bee's teeth were at Tula's ear, fingers on her spine, and a storm was only beginning to brew within her deepest core.

Moving down, Queen Bee greeted Tula's sweat-glazed navel with her dancing tongue, like a graceful and elegant ice-skater. Such a cool and slithery tongue was making Tula shudder continuously, on top of the fingers penetrating. Like the ocean waves, each and every sexual surge kept on striking and plowing through her, and soon, a great tsunami would be coming, and so would she.

The Queen then continued on downward until she reached the area she desired. She loosened and untied the knotted sarong from the ring keeping it together. She set the ring and sarong cloth aside as to focus on the inner panties, now with a darkened patch. With her left hand, the Queen easily pulled down those panties all the way down until it barely hung from one of Tula's ankles. Feasting her eyes upon the glistening vulva, Queen Bee moved forth her tongue to indulge in the sex along with her fingers, driving up Tula even more to the edge to everywhere.

"Ah, shi- fu- aaahh!" Tula moaned on some more as her irises shrank. Her sweaty right hand clawing at the headboard before slamming down to the bed, while her left could've ripped into the sheets. The flickering cyan light patterns on Tula's body and limbs were already starting to glow more firmly and consistently.

"Mmmyes, let the ecstasy build, let the energy fill you," Queen Bee boasted and ordered with twisted delight. "Let my power caress you, envelope you, embrace you, intoxicate you".

Queen Bee's fingers and tongue kept going faster, harder, and deeper. Tula's neck and torso arched, stars dancing in her eyes like scattered sunlight fractured through water's surface. Her lids squinted shut and tightly as possible, and her melodic moans grew higher pitch by pitch. Tula's open stiff hands slowly moved down before clawing and clutching at her own wobbling thighs. The lights on her body brightened up ever so intensely, but even at a point of potential blinding, this didn't deter either Tula nor the occupied Queen Bee.

Inevitably, after being heaved and pushed the hill of ecstasy, all the way to the very peak and edge of it all, her chest and body arching as high as humanly possible like that mountain, Tula let one last yelping shriek barely fraction of seconds before coming back down. She let loose and released her inner fluids unto her one and only Queen.

Catching such nectar with her lips and palm, Queen Bee didn't miss even once tiny droplet. Gathering up as much of the leaking substance as possible, Queen Bee licked, sucked, and guzzled it all up, smiling at the taste of sea-salt sweetness. To finish up this, Queen Bee slurped up whatever leftover liquids still came from the core of the paralysed red-haired atlantean girl. Once all were consumed, the Queen exhaled with satisfaction.

Tula remained slumped upon the bed like a ragdoll having been played and thrown around with. Her legs were stilled spread apart from the overriding orgasm, her arms and hands twitched irregularly, her parted lips nearly drooled, and her wide cloudy aquamarine eyes gazed endlessly at the ceiling up above. Her vision still spinning but soon slowing down before being greeted by the sharp face of Queen Bee at the centre of sight.

For a time, ever since she was born, Mera of Atlantis had been Tula's queen, but from her waking moment here and across her session of dominated lovemaking, she found herself under her new queen, Queen Bee of Bialya. Queen Bee herself had already claimed her first wife in the concubine of Marie Logan, but now she had brought in her next and second wife with Tula, and chances were good, she would certainly not be the last.

The Queen Bee and Tula planted their lips together once more, the latter still under the former's thrall.

"I'm your queen..." Queen Bee declared. "And you're my princess..."

"You're my queen," Tula spoke back with a drained yet still aroused tone. "And I'm your princess..."

The End...?