On my way!

Shinichi is startled awake by the loud, upbeat tune he's set for Kaito's text messages. It takes a second to reorient himself from the deep sleep he'd been right in the middle of, and when he reads the message, it takes another moment for his brain to decipher the words.

And then Shinichi suddenly shoots bolt upright, his every nerve ringing with adrenaline. Kaito is coming over to pick him up for a date! It's so unbelievably amazing that it still doesn't feel real. But Shinichi has always been a logical, rational, intellectual person, and the math of the situation is certainly real enough. If Kaito is already on his way over, then he'll arrive in less than half an hour, which means Shinichi has less than half an hour to shower, pick out an outfit, and get some coffee. A quick glance at the clock confirms how badly he's overslept, so he throws off the covers, practically falls out of bed, and rushes to get ready.

He showers quite a bit more thoroughly than normal, spends far too much time trying to get his hair just right, then contemplates his outfit for an embarrassingly long while. He ends up changing three times, with styles ranging from too formal to too casual. It doesn't help that he has absolutely no idea what sort of place they're going to go to for lunch, or what they might do for the rest of the day. He eventually settles on a simple collared shirt and nice jeans, hoping that it will be versatile enough for whatever bizarre and unpredictable whims Kaito might have during their time together.

The doorbell chiming mercifully prevents the outfit deliberations from entering a fourth round of indecision. So, after one final check in the mirror, Shinichi snatches his phone and hurries downstairs, forgoing the coffee entirely.

He pauses right outside the door to confirm for probably the tenth time that his breath smells ok, then clears his throat, puts on an air of nonchalance, and opens the door.

An oversized bouquet of red roses immediately fills his vision, and he takes it with a fond smile, pausing a moment to savor the delicate fresh aroma. He'd never given a second thought to flowers of any kind before meeting Kaito, but by now he's come to associate roses with memories of Kaito so thoroughly that the very scent grounds him and helps calm his heart rate. After a deep breath, he lifts his head to smile at Kaito, who is bursting with so much uncontainable delight that one would think he'd just won the lottery.

"Wow," Kaito says in a low voice, blatantly looking Shinichi up and down. "Pretty sure I just won the lottery."

Shinichi blushes and looks away, hiding his face behind the bouquet. "I'm, uh — let me go put these in some water," he says by means of distraction. Then he casts a side glance at Kaito's elegant button-down shirt and adds wryly, "And change into something nicer."

"No need for that, you look perfectly gorgeous already~" Kaito assures him with a flirty smirk that is altogether too attractive on him, which absolutely does not help Shinichi's composure at all. So he focuses his attention on preparing a vase for the roses, and when he's done, Kaito takes his hand and laces their fingers together.

"Ready?" Kaito asks. Shinichi promptly forgets about his outfit, the coffee, his own name, every single fact he's ever learned, and how breathing works. Kaito's smile can do that to a person. So Shinichi just nods and lets himself be led out of the house and down the path. The weather is perfect for it, with blue skies, singing birds, gentle sunlight, and Kaito by his side.

"So where are we going?" Shinichi asks some time later, not because he cares even a little about the answer, but only as an excuse to hear Kaito's voice.

"I thought we could try that fancy French restaurant across town? You know, the one where a couple of windows were allegedly broken during that KID heist a few months ago?"

"Oh, I remember that!" he replies enthusiastically, snickering slightly at the memory. "KID tried to play it off like it was intentional, but the rest of the performance felt strangely improvised after that."

"Yes, all thanks to a certain soccer ball that mysteriously appeared out of thin air to be kicked with entirely unreasonable force," Kaito returns flatly, raising an eyebrow.

"So the restaurant is good?" Shinichi hastily changes the subject, earning a rich laugh from Kaito. "Have you been there before?"

"No, I haven't been," Kaito answers, still smiling. "It's the type of place couples go, and I haven't been a couple before." He flashes Shinichi another dazzlingly brilliant smile, and Shinichi can't help but return it.

At the restaurant, Kaito orders for both of them in fluent French, then wiggles his eyebrows at Shinichi, who pretends to be exasperated but knows he surely looks as impressed as he feels.

"So the real reason you brought me here was to show off that you can speak French?" he deadpans.

"Hey, can't blame a guy for wanting to impress his date~" Kaito replies playfully, which does more fluttery things to Shinichi's heart, but fortunately Kaito transitions to safer conversation topics next. "So, tell me about your trip!"

Shinichi shrugs. "There's nothing to tell, really. No wifi or coffee. Not even a single murder. Boring."

"Really? That's all?" Kaito asks, surprised.

"Why, what were you expecting?"

"I don't know…" he mutters, shrugging and looking away. "Maybe some big revelation? A heart-to-heart with Ran-chan? A lecture from your parents, perhaps?"

Shinichi laughs. "No, nothing like that. Ran and I worked things out ages ago, right after the whole Conan thing. I thought you knew that?"

"Oh," Kaito says, caught off-guard. "Huh. So you two weren't dating?"

"No, not even close! Actually, I sort of thought you were dating Aoko-chan?"

It's Kaito's turn to laugh now. "Me, dating that violent, mop-wielding KID-hater while we run in circles trying to attack each other all day long? Yeah, that wouldn't last. We're just friends. Much healthier that way."

"Oh. Good," he answers without thinking. Kaito laughs again, and Shinichi takes up the newly arrived mug of coffee that Kaito must've ordered for him.

"So really? Nothing interesting happened on your trip? Nothing at all?" Kaito probes again, curious.

"Mostly just thought about you," Shinichi admits quietly, and is delighted to see the resulting blush on his boyfriend's face. And the thought that Kaito is his actual real boyfriend now nearly makes him spill his coffee, so he carefully sets it down and tries to regain his composure. He switches back to his normal tone and quickly adds, "Well, you and that awful text message you sent. You really have a weird way of wording things, you know. I was stressed for days trying to figure out what you were talking about!"

Ah, that must've been precisely what Kaito was wondering about, as he suddenly looks both intrigued and chagrined. The expression passes in a flash, quickly replaced by another impeccable mask.

"Which text message, darling?" he asks, the very picture of innocence, even resting his head in his hand in order to look up at Shinichi through his bangs, as if he needs to do anything special at all to charm him out of his wits.

Shinichi scoffs, trying to maintain at least some semblance of sanity in this conversation. "Which one do you think, genius?"

"Well, it's just so hard to know~ I sent you twenty-five messages while you were away, so you need to be a little more specific, sweetheart."

…twenty-five. If there had been a record playing, this would've been the moment where it came skidding to a screeching halt. Shinichi feels like most of the life has suddenly drained out of him, and he reaches for his phone more out of habit than conscious choice. He places it into Kaito's outstretched hand without thinking.

Kaito unlocks it, and of course he somehow already knows the password, that's not even surprising anymore, then he apparently navigates to the messaging app and finds the relevant message thread. His eyebrows shoot up and he hums in understanding.

"Huh!" he says. "Wow. Crazy. This is actually pretty hilarious, honestly. What a crazy coincidence that only these messages came through! Ha. How funny! I'm sure we'll both get a good laugh out of this." While he talks, he swipes down on the screen to refresh the page, then smiles in a way that is not at all reassuring and hands the phone back with a cheery, "Here you go, love!"

Shinichi accepts the phone with unfeeling hands.

He really really really doesn't want to look at the messages.

He does anyway.

FYI I'm totally snooping through your house while you're gone, can't leave me unattended and expect I wouldn't do a little snooping you know

Hey when did you get the new Keurig? Looks fancy

Wow you have an entire hall closet full of coffee pods!?

How much coffee can one person possibly drink anyway?

I don't think this is very healthy tantei-kun

Hey wanna play this fun game I just made up called 'coffee roulette'? It's where I randomly switch out some of your coffee pods with decaf but replace the labels so you can't tell the difference

Can Keurig-chan make other things besides coffee?

Ok you have way too much coffee, seriously, are you a like black market coffee dealer or something?

Too late btw you're playing coffee roulette now

Hey you're never going to believe this but I found some hot chocolate pods hidden behind all the coffee pods

I didn't know you liked hot chocolate

Or did you actually buy these just for me because you figured out that I like stealing from your pantry?

What did I ever do to deserve you? You're my absolute favorite, you know that right?

I always knew you cared, deep deep deep deep deep down

Anyway, it was very sweet of you to provide this hot chocolate specifically for me to steal from your pantry, thank you kindly good sir

Tantei-kun I know what heaven tastes like now

Hot chocolate made by Keurig-chan is the greatest thing that's ever existed

Seriously I can't believe I never knew about this before

Ok that's it

I've come to an important decision

Say goodbye to your precious Keurig-chan because it's coming home with me tonight

Its mine now so consider this your advance notice, and no I won't be returning it

I know it sounds sudden but I think it's fate

We're going to run away together and get married

I'm sorry it has to be this way but we're in love

Shinichi closes his eyes. Takes deep breaths. Puts the phone down. Holds both hands up to massage his temples. Releases a long, slow breath. Opens his eyes to find an absolutely shameless bastard smiling sweetly at him, fluttering his eyelashes and trying to look as adorable as humanely possible.

Shinichi slowly steeples his hands in front of his face, forces his features into a deadpan, and announces flatly, "I want to break up."

"Nope! Not possible, it's too late, you're stuck with me now, dearest, you agreed, we're dating, no take-backs~!" he chirps brightly, but also reaches across the table to take Shinichi's hand and hold it tightly.

Shinichi squeezes his hand, but still makes a valiant effort to hold back his amusement as he lifts one judgmental eyebrow and asks, "Oh? But what will poor Keurig-chan think of this sordid affair?"

"Not to worry, Keurig-chan is very open-minded about these things!" Kaito instantly assures him, expression sparkling with joy, and he squeezes Shinichi's hand in return. When Shinichi continues to feign skepticism, Kaito adopts a mock thoughtful expression and offers, "Perhaps we could come to some sort of joint-custody arrangement?"

"Such as?"

"Well, I could potentially be convinced to share the use of my hot-chocolate maker with someone I was living with." His tone is as confident and playful as always, but there's a hint of uncertainty at the end, and his eyes contain a question when Shinichi meets them. Ah, but those indescribable, breathtaking, radiant indigo eyes, Shinichi's never been able to say no to them. He can feel the bad decisions looming already, and he doesn't even care.

His smile finally breaks free, and Shinichi is sure his voice is embarrassingly sentimental when he answers, "Only if I get to keep providing hot chocolate for you to steal."