Hello. I'm using the 2014 Marvel Comics movie. Enjoy!

It's the year 2023.

Tadashi and Hiro were at a Sailor Moon convention with their true love, Honey Lemon and Gogo Tamago.

They're in love with the girls and the new Sailor Moon products at the same time.

Hiro, a big fan of Sailor Moon looks at Gogo Tamago with love.

She smiles at him and blushes but then decides to toss it off but not completely in her heart.

"I gotta admit and be happy Hiro . This place has everything!" Gogo said to Hiro.

"Thanks to me taking you here without your permission Gogo. So it's a paradise here for you?" Hiro asked.

"Yes!" Gogo said and kissed Hiro on the lips.

Hiro was shocked at first but then returns it to her.

He gave up on robots.

Because he loves her.

To be continued.