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If you're reading this story for the first time, go right along. If you've already read this chapter and are going on to the updated one, go right ahead too. This chapter was roughly an experiment to see if uploading a HTML/website document worked and kept spaces the way I WANTED them to be. There's a few changes, like spelling/grammar and just a few comments tossed in or changed here and there, but nothing big. ^_^ Okay, go on now! Enjoy! Once again, thanks to all those that have read and reviewed my story! I LUV U GUYS!

P.S. Karimu is the real name of the 'sarcastic' High Priest; somehow, when I was typing, the name changed to Kimaru. O_o I apologize, I have it all fixed now in all the chapters. The replace button is really helpful...

~Silver Dreamer (aka authoress)


Title: Come What May

Author: Silver Dreamer

Summary: "Is the heart of a Pharaoh so divine that he cannot love?!" "Kaiba, don't you DARE preach me on love!" "Then say you love me, Yami! Just once! That's all I ask..." Kaiba/Yami (timed in ancient Egypt)

Genre: Tragedy/Romance

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF YU-GI-OH!! *sob* Shuddup, I KNOW ALREADY!! Also, I don't own any part of Moulin Rouge, The Prince of Egypt, Titanic, Sailor Moon, Aladdin or the Mummy Returns.


One, this story is my first yaoi fic (yes, reading too many of them does start to unconsciously urge u to do ur own). I was actually hoping to do a Yugi/Yami, cuz that's what I normally read and support, but oh well. ^_^* Hope there's lots of Kaiba/Yami fans out there!!

Two, a whole hell of a lot of plot holes and songs in this story is based off Moulin Rouge, partly cuz I was listening to the CD for the first time and I got lots of ideas. ^_^ Notice the title (it's the title of a really beautiful song). Also, there are lots of scenes based off the Mummy Returns, the Prince of Egypt and Titanic. Also some plot stuff taken from Sailor Moon and Aladdin.

Three, I'm basing this story off true ancient Egyptian facts (like I always do ^_^) and most of the plot/characters/parts of the YGO manga's ancient Egypt. Therefore, here's some quick facts YOU NEED TO KNOW;

1. Kaiba is, in ancient Egypt, Yami's cousin. Kaiba's the only son of the (late) Pharaoh's younger brother, Akunadin. (This story is actually inspired by one of my reviewers on my other story that commented about this fact and the fact that there was lots of interbreeding among Egyptian royalty :-p)

2. There are 6 High Priests, each one controlling one of the seven Millennium Items (Yami has the Puzzle, obviously) and each other having another duty besides being priest/protector to Yami.

Kaiba- M. Rod (confusing but true, and he's VERY protective of Yami in the manga, so, though I'm not sure, he's probably Yami's person protector or something)

Shadi- M.Ankh/Key, the Supreme Judge (actually, in real ancient Egypt, PHARAOH is supreme judge, but since Shadi can read people's souls and measure their purity, I suppose this works)

Ishizu- M.Necklace (not sure what her duty is yet...)

Mahado- M. Ring, official protector of the royal tombs (see below for further detail)

Akunadin- M. Eye, official protectors of the monster seals (Kaiba's father, late Pharaoh's younger brother, only surviving member of the original six priests and Pharaoh)

Karimu- M.Scale (I have absolutely no idea who he is, or what he does -_-*)

4. How the Duel Plates work in the Shadow Games is that High Priests and Pharaohs (dun know about anyone else cuz u don't really see anyone else CALLING monsters ^_^*) call up BLANK plates behind them, and call for the soul of the monster they want. There's a temple outside the Palace (both of which are gorgeous, by the way ^_^) reserved for just the High Priests and the Pharaoh and holds all the souls of the monsters in permanent plates. This Temple (and its plates) is what Akunadin protects.

5. IMPORTANT!! Mahado is actually the mortal Dark Magician. This is confusing, but this story will be explained in full detail during the story. In a short format, what actually happens is that Mahado tried to protect the tomb of Yami's father and ended up sacrificing his life so he could make his Ka monster (all priests had one monster they used the most, which represents their 'Ka'/soul), the Magician of Illusion, stronger. What then happened is that Mahado's soul then combined with the Magician of Illusion to make the Dark Magician. Mahado seems to be the most powerful (Kaiba doesn't think so, but he doesn't know that Mahado actually locked away most of his powers) and the most loyal of Yami's 6 priests. The sad thing was that his last words, before he killed himself, was "Pharaoh... my soul is your eternal servant." *sob*

6. Shimon (short toga dude, who's Yami's right hand --figuratively, not literally O_o*) is actually the guy we know as GRANDPA! O_o Okay, this isn't an important fact cuz Shimon's just...uh... THERE...

Three, I'm twisting around plots of the Manga and adding/taking away stuff from it. Just so any fan of the manga doesn't freak and get confused or anything... I'm actually not done READING the manga, so I'm sorry if I'm horribly wrong about Kaiba or anything...

Four, Yami's death (oh stop whining, we all know he's gunna die) is completely made up and not based on the manga, of which he falls down a cliff or something O_o

Five, YAMI IS FIFTEEN!! O_o Actually, maybe sixteen, because he was a baby when they said 'fifteen years ago'. Okay, uh, I kinda assumed he was OLDER, but lets just say he's... oh... 17 in this story? Somewhere around there? I dun wanna make Kaiba TOO old, mind you... I'm guessing, but Kaiba might be four or five years older then Yami; he looked pretty big and able to walk in the same frame when Yami was a baby...


AN = Author's note

" " = dialogue

' ' = thoughts (not heard by anyone else)

[#] = footnote (at the end of the chapter)

~~~~~~~~~~ Attraction~~~~~~~~~~~

(AN: Quick, since I have your attention, READ THE NOTE ABOVE!! *ALL* of it! Please?!)

Kaiba and Yami have never gotten along. That was an obvious, final, and undisputed fact.

However, Akunadin and Akunamunkano (AN: Yami's father, late Pharaoh. He's got a great name, eh? ¬_¬;;) got along well enough. More then well enough, it seemed. Akunamunkano trusted his younger brother with all his heart, even allowing him to rule the throne when he was away. Though that option was eventually overthrown because Akunadin gave up his 'prince' title for 'High Priest', Akunadin followed his elder brother's orders to every last word, making no exceptions. Akunamunkano, who had the all-powerful Millennium Puzzle, trusted the mind-reading Millennium Eye only to his younger brother and no one else. On the Pharaoh's deathbed, Akunadin was said to have wept even worse then the Crown Prince when the Pharaoh passed into the Afterlife.

But Kaiba and Yami?

Kaiba had inherited the jealousy his father so lacked. (AN: this is false; though Akunadin doesn't ACT all jealous, he obviously is, because he says things to little Kaiba like "Ever since my brother's coronation, I have had to live in his shadows..." and "I'm sorry, my son, but me and you will never be king." O_o OKAY lets just pretend both Kaiba AND Akunadin are relatively 'good' for this story, okay?) In childhood, he was absolutely cruel to his younger cousin, frequently pointing out that he was years older and also of, however indirect, royal descent. It was a common sight to see the two children battling it out in every way and form, from carefully-monitored Shadow Games to heart-stopping martial arts to angry verbal duels. Both being prodigies, able to match each other wit for wit, and both being stubborn as mules, it seemed that the only way to separate them was when Yami, who's unmatched shadow powers were the fascination of even his late father, threatened to blast Kaiba into the Shadow Realm in a very slow, painful death. The Prince would never do it, of course, but the threat by itself would shut Kaiba up quick, though the older boy would sulk and glare for days.

Though no one dared to mention it to them, one reason why they were often so competitive was that they were so different --though so evenly matched as well-- that it boggled the mind.

Kaiba was a hotheaded, short-tempered, and often cruel boy that showed great potential but usually refused to tap in to it. Akunadin, who was battered with verbal abuse from his son on the lines of "WHY did you give up your royal title? WHY?! I could have been the son of a prince!" and "You ALWAYS side with Yami! Papa, that's not FAIR!!", had the hardest time trying to control his son's temper; the boy had absolutely no self-control over his emotions, often vocalizing his opinions when it was absolutely unnecessary for him to do so. Beyond being unnaturally open, a trait not easily found in Egyptians, Kaiba did not LOOK very Egyptian either. He had narrowed eyes of the iciest blue, hair of a rich chestnut strain, and skin many shades lighter then the norm. While most Egyptians were built compact and light, even the guards, Kaiba was very big-boned, already one of the tallest and strongest of the boys his age. (AN: this is random, but Kaiba is majorly hot in the manga. ^_^ He looks GREAT in his robes... if you don't count the fact that his headdress is a little too tall --doesn't reveal any hair, either-- and that his 'kilt' is practically a dress and that he wears slippers. :-p But still!! *drool*)

Yami, however, was practically on the other end of the spectrum. He was known to be quiet, thoughtful and reserved, often not speaking until it was absolutely necessary. Instead of charging recklessly at a challenge, like Kaiba often did, the young heir to the throne often chose to stand back and scrutinize the situation first with his sharp, unwavering gaze. Though he rarely voiced his thoughts, Yami was amazingly brilliant, often outwitting any duelist and horribly proving wrong the ambassadors who once thought they were dealing with a political amateur. However, physically, the Prince showed absolutely no sign that he gained ANY traits from his parents. The Queen, who had died just a year before the late Pharaoh did, had legendary beauty and was classically Egyptian, with dark hair, skin and eyes belonging to that of Isis herself. Akunamunkano, upon his death, still had a desert-born tan and traces of dark hair in his fading white locks. Yami, however, had vivid, tri-colored hair that stood in upright spikes that often ruined any attempt to put a crown upon his head. His large eyes were of the most exquisite color of crimson, flashing between dark maroon when he was angry and melting into a pool of scarlet-colored hues when he was thoughtful. His body was slender, and betrayed no signs that he was going to be very large, nor very tall, when he was fully grown. But the Prince never let that get to him. He was an amazingly gifted physical duelist and warrior. He rode horses faster and better then any Egyptian general, and welded weapons with skill and accuracy that most soldiers would give their left arm for. More times then not, cocky young gaurds found themselves losing huge amounts of money when the handsome young crimson-eyed Prince sweetly asked if they would like to place a 'little' wager.

But despite their obvious entanglements, Yami and Kaiba were not cousins devoid of outside friends. Since childhood, the two have grown up with four other children, all, like Kaiba, holding strong shadow powers (AN: not on the level of Yami, of course ^_^) and destined to become High Priests; Ishizu, the wise and only girl, Shadi, the quiet one, Karimu, the sarcastic one, and Mahado, the loyal one. In Yami and Kaiba's fights, it was always Ishizu that tried to separate them, Mahado that always stood up for Yami --putting him at eternal odds with Kaiba--, Karimu that cheered at the sidelines, and Shadi who watched with silent amusement.

And in the mist of the chaos was poor Akunadin, who --with the late Pharaoh's advisor, Shimon-- tried his hardest to raise them as if they were all his own children.

Success, when it came, was welcomed. The five non-royal children rose into the ranks of High Priests with flying colors. For the first time, Kaiba found himself looking at his father as an equal, now the new High Priest of the mind-controlling Millennium Rod. The others, too, became the sole guardians of the seven most powerful objects in the world. Yami, who has had the soul-shattering Millennium Puzzle and the throne ever since his father's death, ruled Egypt with wisdom far beyond his years. Ishizu gained the all-seeing Millennium Necklace (AN: Tauk for those of you that are Japanese) and used it to tell prophecies. Shadi gained the soul-searching Millennium Ankh Key that he used to judge the purity and truth of one's Ka. Karimu gained the Millennium Scale that was said to be used in the divine judgment of the deads' hearts. And finally, Mahado gained the Millennium Ring, which was capable of searching out all other Items and also of transferring one's soul into a nonliving object --an interesting, if not dangerous, gift trusted to faithful Mahado and Mahado only.

But, despite all their training and all their duties, six of the most powerful beings in Egypt were still teenagers. And teenagers will always find time to argue, fight, and, more or less, act like fools.

And, unfortunately, that was what was about to happen.

The large Chamber, lined with huge, lotus-tipped pillars and covered in a mind-boggling amount of hieroglyphics, echoed with the hushed whispers of pedestrians and the clashing of metal. Two warriors, both moving with the fluid grace of angry tigers and with blurred movements faster then the eye, dueled it out in the mist of the marble floor.

Kaiba, who stepped into the Chamber for the lack of anything better to do, found Karimu, Shimon and Shadi both already present, following the movement of the two on the floor with fascination. The three stiffened a little when they saw him, and they exchanged the briefest of acknowledging nods. Kaiba casually glanced at the battle and was temporarily blinded by the sunlight --filtering in from openings in the high ceiling-- that flashed off the blades of the duelists' blades. The priest's eyes were quick to adjust, however, and focused on the two young men on the floor.

White headdresses and gold masks, one in the shape of a falcon's head and the other in the shape of a dog-jackal's, hid their identities. The one wearing the falcon's mask, a slender, lean man, wore a gold kilt and brandished two sharp, three-pronged tridents. The man with the jackal mask, the more muscular and larger of the two, wore a blackish-purple kilt and used a long gold spear. The daggers and the spear clashed again and again, the jackal-man clearly on defensive and the quick falcon-man clearly on offensive.

Though both fighters fought well, Kaiba found his eyes drawn to the falcon-man. He moved with such confident, fluid moves that it seemed he was clairvoyantly perspective, gracefully flying out of the way before his opponent managed to strike. He twisted the twin tridents in his hand with such swiftness and skill that only his limbs seemed to match. The elegant neck and slender body was forever moving in graceful arcs, as if dancing in tune to imaginable music. Every one of the warrior's moves were so quick and so precise that Kaiba found himself very impressed. VERY impressed. And he wasn't easily impressed.

'I should challenge this man sometime,' he thought with hidden amusement. He unconsciously licked his lips as the two warriors momentarily paused, weapon against weapon, and tested each other's strength. This gave the priest a rather good view of the object of his fascination; the long legs, the swan-like neck, the lean but well-toned body now oiled with a fine sheen of sweat...

'Wait! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!' Kaiba inwardly shook himself.

Shadi, whose gray eyes noticed everything, glanced at him for the quickest of moments, though it was near impossible to tell.  

"C'mon, Anubis, is that all you've got?" purred a rich, tenor voice from the falcon.

The one representing the jackal-headed god Anubis gave a low growl --not too unlike the dog-creature he represented-- and broke their contact, sending them both, once again, into their deadly dance. He made a move to punch, hard, too. The falcon warrior quickly ducked, but found, instead, a quick knee straight in his collarbone, knocking the wind out of him and making his head spin with the sudden lack of air.

"Oldest trick in the book, Horus. Surprised you forgot it," laughed Anubis.

Kaiba felt a bit sour. That *was* an old trick, and he didn't blame the falcon-man for not expecting it.

In the blink of an eye, the disorientated Horus found himself in the arms of his opponent, his back pressed against Anubis's chest. His arms were useless, out on either side while Anubis's hands held on to his wrists and pressed on a hidden pressure point.

'Damn,' thought Horus, as he felt his grip unconsciously weaken, to a dangerous point, on his daggers.

Kaiba was, once again, impressed as a blur of a lean leg came up in a straight, mid-air split and hit Anubis straight in the mask. The darker man stumbled backwards, stunned. Horus seemed to be limping a little --not doubt hitting a metal mask with your shin HURT-- but he was quick to recover, immediately tackling Anubis to the ground with his golden tridents crossed at the man's neck.

For a heartbeat, there was no sound except for the heavy breathing of both warriors.

Then, guards, priests and servants alike broke out into appreciative cheers and claps.

Kaiba, who would NEVER lower himself to clapping, found himself fighting a fond smile.

The two fighters broke out into hearty laughter and shook hands, both tossing away their weapons for the servants to pick up. Horus offered a hand and pulled Anubis up from the ground, before the latter broke out into a rather amusing show of rubbing sore spots.

"*What* is with that sneer, Kaiba?"

Kaiba blinked and focused on the source of the voice. The falcon-man was pulling off his headdress and his mask, revealing oddly familiar crimson eyes and spiky, tri-colored hair.

Kaiba choked. "Y-Yami?"

The addressed man cocked his head, raising an elegant eyebrow and casually flicking some blond bangs out of his eyes. "Is something wrong?" His voice dripped with sarcasm.

It took all of Kaiba's hard-won self-control to not blush. Still, t was damn hard. He tried to speak and failed miserably. When he *did* speak, his mouth went off on its own, thankfully not betraying his thoughts but certainly not helping the situation. "You were doing it wrong." 'Wonderful, Kaiba. Wonderful...'

The impassive look on Yami's face suddenly switched to one of cold irritation. He crossed his arms and set his jaw; ah, the infamous stubborn streak.  "Oh, I beg to differ..." the young ruler snorted.

"Such disrespect toward Pharaoh, Priest Kaiba..." murmured Shimon, elderly eyes disapproving.

Mahado, who turned out to be the Anubis-warrior, came up behind Yami protectively, dark eyes flashing angrily. "He wouldn't have beaten if he did it wrong."

"Everyone can beat you," growled Kaiba.

Mahado's handsome face twisted into an odd look of disbelief and annoyance. "WHAT did you say, Kaiba?" His deep voice was dangerously soft.

"Kaiba, Mahado is one of Egypt's best warriors!" stated Yami, clearly annoyed.

"Look, I know this is Ishizu's department, but could you three just--" started Karimu.

Kaiba felt a hand on his chest --dazedly realizing that it was Yami's-- pulling him toward the dueling floor with surprising strength.

"If you can fight so well, then show us." The young Pharaoh's face was unreadable as he tossed Mahado's spear to the priest and called over the servant that held his tridents at hand.

"Your majesty, I don't think this is neces--" started Shimon.

Yami waved him off and glided on to the floor, eyeing Kaiba calmly with his piercing scarlet pupils.

Now Kaiba knew he was at a disadvantage. While he normally would have rushed at the chance to fight Yami, he was not dressed properly for the occasion. Even with his tall headdress off, he still had the long white cape attached to his tunic, and his robes were so long that they reached the floor. 'But I'm not going to bloody complain... I'll win anyway,' he told himself.

But the rather uncharacteristic smug look on Yami's face unnerved him. Kaiba would never admit it, of course, but that dangerous smirk was unnerving.

"Well, *this* should be interesting..." Karimu murmured to Shadi, who's gray eyes betrayed mirth and eagerness.

The two watched as Kaiba shrugged off his sandals and his headdress, as well as any other accessories that he could remove without ruining his attire.

Yami waited patiently, standing high with weight balanced casually but gracefully on one leg. He experimentally tossed his trident-shaped daggers from hand to hand, unaware of Kaiba's eyes trailing the movement every part of the way. "So..." the young ruler said finally, glancing up and his eyes flashing an excited ruby hue. "It has been a while."

"Yes, it has," replied Kaiba, and for his part, managed to keep calm as the last of his jewelry, the Millennium Rod, dropped away. He fell silent, avoiding Yami's gaze and seemingly reading the script scrawled across the heavy gold spear.

Inside, however, his mind was focused on anything BUT the scripts. Why, why, WHY was he getting attracted to his cousin? Why YAMI, of all people, and why NOW? Yami's words seemed to spark the answer. Kaiba had seen very little of Yami the last few months, being on errands far down at Waset, in the temples of Karnak and Luxor [1]. And while Kaiba had passed through puberty years ago, Yami was not so lucky. The priest had seen enough of his cousin's struggle, however, to tease him mercilessly about it, but even so, he had to admit --never vocally, of course-- that Yami had gone through puberty much more elegantly then he. Kaiba's puberty included constant torturing from uneven growth spurts, mismatched limbs, and an embarrassing habit to squeak as his voice dropped quite a few octaves. Yami, however, showed no signs of any of that... or he could just be mighty good at hiding them.

And now? Now the Pharaoh was maturing beautifully, as Kaiba's long-dormant hormones were telling him.

'Damn. Damn damn damn...' Kaiba repeated over and over in his head.

Yami narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Needless to say, I'll enjoy defeating you." He pulled on his mask and became, once again, the falcon-warrior, only this time without a headdress. He twisted into a classic battle pose, one trident out, the other above his head, bent in his hand so the blade pressed against his arm.

"You wish!" spat out Kaiba before he even thought up the words. (AN: they're teenagers! What'd you expect? Ancient Egyptian or not, boys will be boys. :-p)

The blow came faster then expected. There was a blur of gold and vivid hair before Kaiba felt the tridents slam on to his spear with surprising strength. The shock of blocking it ran up his arms and brought a spasm of pain in his shoulders.

'I'm out of practice,' Kaiba reasoned to himself as he --barely-- pushed Yami off. 'I haven't practiced in weeks!'

However, a little part of him was happily reminding him that Yami was, obviously, getting good. And kicking his priestly butt. Kaiba told that part of his mind to go and jump into the Nile. In not so nice terms.

But Yami was indeed VERY good. Whenever a stab was deflected, there was always a well-aimed kick to worry about, or the other trident, or some odd body trick meant to catch Kaiba off-guard. Yami had always been unnaturally flexible --demonstrated by his earlier battle with Mahado-- and could kick rather high or, if need be, rather accurately, not to mention he could twist his lean body in ways his opponent probably wouldn't dream of. Kaiba had always been the stronger one, but Yami, being more slender, was always the faster one. Which made for some interesting and incredibly matched deuls.

But now, for one distressing second, Kaiba feared losing. Though he spun his rod with amazing skill, he was on desperate defensive. Not good...

THEN Yami made a fatal mistake. Kaiba certainly didn't PLAN to do it, but when he went to block a frontal assault, his end of spear rested on the ground. And when Yami twisted to make yet another blow...

'Well,' thought Kaiba as he felt Yami's foot hook on to his spear. 'This is welcomed...' With a quick flick of his wrist, he sent the young Pharaoh falling awkwardly to his rear. There was a cry of pain --Kaiba realized with uncharacteristic horror that he may have snapped his cousin's ankle in half-- and an "oof" followed by an strangely ungraceful tumble.

There was a sharp intake of breath, both from watchers and from the duelists.

Amazingly, Yami managed to look somewhat dignified. He back-crawled some feet away, dragging an ankle, and put up his visor. His crimson eyes narrowed and gleamed dangerously under the mask's shadow, replacing pain with fury.

Kaiba, though he would never admit it, was quite relieved about this sudden turn of events. He probably wouldn't have lasted much longer if Yami kept up his speed. "Why, you highness!" he drawled, with mock --actually, quite real -- concern. "You should put on your mask! Let us not scar that pretty little face..." 'Pretty little face?! Where did THAT come from?! And why did he have to FALL? He's all laying at my feet and glaring and looking so... so...' Kaiba shook himself inwardly and prepared to make the death strike, pulling back his spear high above his head.

Yami, who took the words as a taunt, scowled darkly and was quick to counter. One high kick with his good leg and the spear went flying --narrowing missing Shadi, who dove out of the way-- and another kick quickly determined Kaiba as its destination.

Only years of training and fast reflexes saved Kaiba from a sore stomach. He jerked backwards, dangerously tipping forward; that was a fatal mistake. In a flash, catching Kaiba unprepared, Yami pushed himself on one knee and swung his leg in a large arc on the ground.

Caught off guard, the High Priest felt his feet suddenly kicked from under him. His ears ringing numbly, he found himself staring at the ceiling, which spun so fast that a picture of Isis was nothing but a ring of white and brown.

When his blurred vision finally focused, Kaiba found a triumphant young Pharaoh on top of him, the ruler's uninjured knee on his chest, one trident slashed across his throat and the other drawn back, blade forward. The Pharaoh's crimson eyes betrayed nothing but a tiny twinkle of mirth.

"I believe..." he murmured quietly, "...you are beheaded, dear cousin."

Kaiba found it suddenly very hard to breath, and not because of Yami's knee. Having his cousin --his very ATTRACTIVE cousin, might he add-- so close, ON TOP of him, and whispering in such a low tone... It was nearly too much. Luckily, however, Kaiba's pride refused to take insult lightly. "I am out of practice, I'm afraid." Kaiba was amazed that his voice, however breathless, still sounded relatively calm.

Yami tossed back his head and laughed, a rare and twinkling sound that sent shudders up Kaiba's spine. "Really? Deny it all you want, Kaiba, but I still beat you fair and square."

Kaiba scowled and --though with more care then he wanted to admit-- shoved Yami off of him, hiding his flushing cheeks by brushing himself off. Only then was he aware of the cheers from bystanders and from his fellow High Priests.

"Good show, my Pharaoh!" exclaimed Mahado, earning a dark glare from Kaiba.

"Wonderful job! May Ra shine down upon Horus-on-Earth!" called Shimon, fondly.

Yami managed a modest "hmph" and, followed by ever-faithful gaurds and Mahado, went off to his Royal Chamber to get changed. Kaiba found his eyes unknowingly drawn to his cousin's form. 'Yami does not walk,' he observed, with pride he would have found absolutely sickening had he been a few years younger, 'He glides. He floats. But he definitely does not walk.'

At first, Kaiba thought the Pharaoh was swaggering. But at a close look, the man was limping. Ever so lightly. On the leg that Kaiba had apparently twisted.

A flash of stomach-wrenching guilt rippled through Kaiba, who quickly forced it down as soon as it came. He never felt guilt, especially not toward his COUSIN.

No, this was bad.

He must be ill. But no, he NEVER got ill. Besides, illness doesn't explain the lack of hormone control.

'I need a good bath, and this whole damn thing about my cousin will be sorted out.' [2]


'A bath does not help,' concluded Kaiba with a much-tortured sigh. He had told the servant girl to fill his tub with cold water straight from the Nile, hoping that SOME parts of his body would just take a HINT, but no, it wasn't doing a THING to help his situation.

And, unfortunately, bathes were usually a good place for brooding. So Kaiba brooded. And every time he tried to think otherwise, he would see Yami, in all his exquisite manliness. The heaving, breathless chest; the sly, feline-like red eyes; the smirking, pale lips; the well-oiled skin; the flushed, proud cheeks; the leanly-muscular frame....

Kaiba found himself licking his lips again, and bit down on them to further prevent the habit. 'Damn. Go for a few months and your cousin goes all hot on you. DAMN!'

There was an awkward cough from the doorway.

Kaiba jumped and winced, daring to glance.

His father stood straight in the doorway, arms crossed. With his gray eyes, his hooded white cloak, and his faded hair, the eldest High Priest looked like a ghost. The relationship between Akunadin and Kaiba was not one of sickeningly-sweet devotion, like most Egyptian father-son bonds. In fact, it was more like a toned-down, respective acquaintance coolly managed by both son and father, due to the breach from each other on their separate duties.

Now, normally, Akunadin was welcomed into the priest's bathing chamber. After all, he WAS Kaiba's father, and had hand-bathed his son every day in the young man's youth.

However, today, Kaiba found his cheeks flushing as he might have done had he been a child caught in the mist of creating havoc.

Akunadin's facial expression was unreadable.

Kaiba felt panic --something he very rarely felt-- tighten his throat to the point of suffocation. His father would never use the Millennium Eye's mind-reading powers unless absolutely necessary, but the Item always caught flashes of pictures and thoughts from passing minds.

Akunadin spoke with a very calm, low tone. "Enjoying your bath, my son?"

Kaiba forced down a squeak. "Y-yes, Father," he managed with as much normality as he could.

"I..." Akunadin paused, clearing his throat, "I caught some very... odd... thoughts coming from here." He emphasized *odd*. His one remaining eye flashed with something not too unlike mirth.

Kaiba DID squeak this time. It was long moments before he managed to gather the courage to speak. "Do not bother yourself with my worries, Father. You have enough to worry about."

"Ah." Akunadin left without another word.

Kaiba's stomach twisted. 'Damn.'


[1] - Waset was an ancient Egyptian city (now known as Thebes, named by Greek after their own city Thebes) that was really important in the New Kingdom time (2500-ish years ago) and was surrounded by the huge, holy temples of Karnak and Luxor. The three complexes were usually overflowing with priests cuz of all the religious ceremonies.

[2] - ancient Egyptians were PARANOID about hygiene. Even the poor bathed at least twice a day, usually using natron (a salt also used for mummification) and animal fats. :-p

~~~~~AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~~~

Whhooaaa... Writing yaoi is certainly... DIFFERENT. Oddly, I'm not really trying. ^_^* I'm usually a freak over descriptions and getting facts right (you should see all the footnotes on my Diamonds in the Rough story -_-) but here I'm just too lazy to do anything. This is really REALLY simplified language/story-telling for me. And also, Yami seems a tad... feminine. O_o I apologize; I'm used to writing about girls, and I've noticed on my numerous attempts (key word; ATTEMPTS) to draw Yami that he would make a VERY attractive girl. :-p

GAUH! This chapter's so short! I swear, the next chapter will be MUCH longer (as well the other ones ^_^) There's so much to write, but first chapters are ALWAYS intros, where u gotta introduce da characters and stuff. *sigh* REVIEW!! First chapter of my first yaoi fic NEEDS reviews! I wanna know wut u guys think!!

P.S. To anyone who has experience with yaoi; HELP ME!! Suggestions, comments, ANYTHING! (just no flames, man!)