Deep in the Ever After, two Faunus girls found themselves lost and scattered within the Punderstorm, hanging on tightly to separate rickety bridges made of long stretching rope and a few planks of wood. The cat-faunus, Blake Belladonna, could feel cool sweat through her sleeveless black crop top, but not even that would be enough to deter her one bit. The chameleon-faunus, Ilia Amitola, could feel a mildly chilling breeze caressing her dark freckled skin as certain various patches of it glowed yellow with fear.

Far beneath and all around them, obscured within the blizzard clouds, countless crossroads constantly wind and unwind, without any beginning nor end in sight. The paths kept on twisting, bending, turning, spinning in any and all different ways. The way behind and the way beyond wouldn't always be the same anyway.

Blake pushed back a few strands of her blown-around long black hair from her face with her left hand as she kept a firm grip onto the bridge rope with her right hand, glancing left and right, in front and behind, for any way out of this at all, or even her. Huffing a weak breath or two, Ilia also held on with both hands, even when shaking and trembling from the unforgiving cold.

"Blake!" Ilia called out loud. Her voice already strained with fear. "Blake, where are you?"

Blake easily caught the distant echoes of a familiar voice in distress with all her four ears. "Ilia?" She uttered in recognition while gradually pinpointing the exact place the other girl could be. She looked and scanned all about until she eventually found her right ahead in front of her, nearly frozen in place almost close and yet so far away enough. "Ilia! Over here!" Blake called back in return, waving for a signal.

"Blake, I'm sorry!" Ilia cried up. "I'm sorry for choosing to come with you and your team, for holding you all back". Her freckled spots turned a light blue as if she was close to letting the cold itself take her over. "For everything that happened, in Mistral, Atlas, and Mantle... And now here too". As the chilling torrent winds grew stronger, seeming determined to drive these two further apart, she nearly gave way to her knees and break down.

However, Blake knew otherwise. "No, you didn't hold me back," Blake corrected. "It's me who's sorry". Hearing those words made Ilia dart back up. Even the winds seem to be tamed by such sudden words. "I'm the one who's sorry, Ilia, not you," Blake continued. "I'm sorry for never returning anything to you. I should've noticed, realised how you truly felt for me, I should've seen those signs".

As Blake let out each and every word, a few new planks of wood started manifesting, fading in and appearing right before Blake's path and ahead. Looking down at such a strange magic, Blake then looked back up ahead, putting together two and two, and figuring out what this could mean. Especially when right between the two Faunus girls stood a lone yet large enough platform on top of a mighty tall pillar.

"You have the greatest friends anyone could ever have in the world," Ilia admitted as she stood, firm and a hint of a proud smile. "Friends who would look out for you, no matter how far apart". Soon enough, planks also started to appearing upon Ilia's path as well. "Friends who always have their faiths in you even if you lose your faith in yourself". Taking light steps through each of the planks, Ilia recalled how quite quickly the rest of Team RWBY accepted her as a new close ally, even Yang Xiao Long. "Friends who would understand and accept how you would feel".

"Thanks," Blake smiled too, taking steps of faith across the new planks. "To tell you a truth..." She briefly paused. "Adam wasn't the only one I was looking at in a certain way". Much to Ilia's wide-eyed surprise. "Whether you had your back turned, or was from a distance, I couldn't help but gaze at you, no matter what you were doing". Another plank or two appeared before Blake's very feet.

"Really? Is that true?" Ilia questioned hesitantly.

"If it wasn't, this whole bridge think wouldn't exactly be working, would it?" Blake asked back rhetorically.

With her spots no longer a fearful yellow or a frozen blue, Ilia took another step. "You've always been there for me, as has your friends," she continued. "You always make me feel better... when we're together".

"Our friends," Blake corrected once more. "I know we can get through all this, and once we do, I'll spend every moment with you, sleeping and waking. I will never leave you ever again". She openly and proudly declared, with absolute dedication. "That's a promise".

Hearing such a declaration while seeing those honest yellow eyes made Ilia's very heart and breath flutter. Then and there, she knew just what to said as well. "And I promise that very same to you".

Finally, just then, the bridges had been fully formed, the next steps, and Blake and Ilia had finally leapt onto the very platform itself. As the two Fauni continued forth towards each other, several vines grow from the deep unknown as they wrap around the pillar. Blades of grass grew from tiny crackles within the marble platform, with even a few newborn flowers here and there.

As the two managed to reach within physical contact, Blake's cat ears started to curl forth as she started blushing, while Ilia's spots soon glowed shades of pink, magenta, and violet. Neither girl ever even daring to break eye contact from one another, nor the silence between them. Hesitating at first, but still going through with it, Ilia placed her small, nimble hands around the sides of the cat girl's smooth and exposed midriff, briefly touching that X-shaped scar. In turn, Blake wrapped her strong, protective hands around Ilia's neck, with her thumbs on the chameleon girl's cheeks, slowly stroking those bright and colourful spots.

Once embracing each other, their eyes soon fluttered before shutting gently, and at last, the two Faunus lover finally closed the spaces between their faces, and their lips. The very moment those two kissed, every single flower on that platform had just bloomed, and any last cloud remaining soon drifted away, unveiling a full bright sun, emitting its warm rays all over the whole realm, as the Punderstorm seemed to have cleared away altogether.

To Blake and Ilia, within that intimacy, nothing and no one else mattered even by a slight bit. This was their whole world now, and nothing and nobody could ever be able to dare take them apart, not even themselves. Their bodies shared a deep warmth together, their spirits and souls were connecting as one, and all they could think about was each other, and only each other.

Their nostrils almost silently blowing at each other's faces as their hands circled strokes around the bare parts of their bodies not covered up by their clothings. After one long deep kiss after another, and yet another, Ilia briefly parted hers from Blake's, not that she ever wanted to pull away at all, neither of them wanted that.

"Do you know how much I've been wanting this?" The beamish Ilia asked in a whisper.

"I already do," The equally beamish Blake replied.

"You do?" Ilia questioned again.

"Look at my eyes," Blake responded, staring through at her lover. "What do you think my answer will be".

"Yes..." Ilia spoke.

"Yes..." Blake spoke.

They continued kissing, the slightly younger Ilia even lifting a leg of her own. Briefly opening their mouths, the lovers gave their tongues the freedom to dance and caress together as one, just like with their bodies. Blake's own took the lead as it went to embrace fondle with Ilia's own. Ilia herself didn't mind this at all, one bit, wanting the slightly older Blake to dominate her. Deep within each other's core, an inner warmth was already beginning to build, slowly but increasingly urging to be set loose and free.

Looking at the three gold buckled belts around Ilia's chest, Blake soon went for the one in the middle, the one that guarded the zipline. She unclamped the belt around Ilia's chest before taking a gentle hold on that small gold zipper and slowly pulling it all the way down till it reached its end at the centre of Ilia's torso. Spreading apart the upper halves of Ilia's bodysuit, Blake revealed what seemed to be a white boob tube top and more freckled skin. Blake helped Ilia in pulling down the playsuit till it dropped down to her ankles, when her white brief panties were revealed, with even more dark freckled skin.

Wanting to take this to the very next level, and possibly further and beyond, the dominant Blake then gently let down the submissive Ilia, laying her almost flat yet firmly enough upon the soft grassy surface. Their clad slender body gracefully grinding with and against one another, which fuelled their warmths even more. With every kiss, their moans grew more lustful and needy.

Thirsting for Ilia more than ever, Blake moved her own right hand downward, slowly and lightly stroking her girlfriend's navel, before reaching those white briefs and slipping right under. Feeling that warm wetness already, Blake slightly grinned as she dipped two middle fingers right between the slipper folds and started rubbing her thumb into the G-spot, pushing out a shuddered gasp directly from Ilia's parted lips. Her moans and breaths slowly grew harder and heavier with every rising second.

Ilia dug both her hands and fingers gently through the her girlfriend's long smooth hair as her own curled auburn-brown ponytail was laid out lazily along the grass beneath her but still curled like a certain tail. Blake's strong arousing fingers started off slow and careful, almost teasing in a way, but gradually, the pace and speed would pick up, and such fingers thrusted with increasing acceleration. As much as this would please Ilia, she only ended up wanting more and more, and deep down, so did Blake.

"I don't want this moment to end... ever," Ilia pleaded in a hushed tone. "I want it to last forever".

"Me too," Blake wholeheartedly agreed. Right now, nothing and nobody else mattered to them, this was all they ever wanted and needed.

Blake began purring as she ran her tongue all around Ilia's precious chest, then climbing up her arching neck, and to the peak of her small chin. Feeling such a warm, wet tongue upon her skin, along with those fast fingers deep inside her clit, made Ilia's spots glow a deep-crimson pink. She rode those fingers, wild and free, bucking her hips and pelvis with and against them. Her breaths grew shorter and yet her moans grew longer.

As she drove Ilia up to the edge, adding her index finger even, Blake couldn't deny that she too was feeling a deep desire within herself, something aching and yearning between her own thighs. With some assistance from one of Ilia's briefly available hands, Blake was able to unbuckle her own white belt from her black trousers, so that she could slip her own free left hand into her own core, three fingers in to pleasure herself. Briefly gritting and grinding her own teeth, Blake gently bit down her own bottom lip while Ilia did similar with her own lip. Blake's slightly deeper moans almost developed a harmony with Ilia's slightly higher moans, their bodies rolling like ocean waves.

The ever-so hungry Blake hastily moved herself down Ilia's body, still touching her and herself, as she suckled and glazed her tongue all over that dark smooth spotted midriff. Then she moved herself down ever further till she faced that vulva. Knowing full well of what's to come next, Ilia shifted down her dampened briefs in order to give her lover full view and access. With silent consent granted, Blake added forth her tongue to join in the fingering.

This added member pushed Ilia even further up to the edge and the very peak of everything and everywhere at once. This whole entire moment was almost like some of those romantic novels that Blake would read during her time at Beacon. This time, it was real, it was feeling real, to her, to both of them.

"Mmm I have been needing this..." Blake rapidly hummed in between licking, dipping, and slurping. "...for so long".

"Ah... ah... me too..." Ilia replied, her voice weakened from the endless moans and tightening of her lungs, her hands clutching at the grass beneath her.

Ilia's neck, her torso, her body already began to arch upward, almost tensing up and stiffening from the overwhelming power.

"Ilia..." Blake spoke again. "We need to come... We need to come together..."

"Yesss..." Ilia responded. "You and me... at once..."

As Blake squinted her own eyes shut and tight, Ilia's own eyes widened and irises shrank as she could feel the rising surge of orgasmic energy building up within her and gradually overwhelm the girl. Her spots already started to glow a pure intense white. The moans of Blake and Ilia rose up to the highest possible pitches either of them could before breaking down into fractured breaths and yelps. Their eyes even watered and teared up.

Then finally, as if all the stars in the world have aligned and collided at once, Blake Belladonna and Ilia Amitola have come as one, releasing their liquid passions. Ilia's cum squirting all across Blake's face and right palm, while Blake's own cum splattered upon her own left palm. Their sweated bodies, having finally burst like hot springs, were left mimsy and slithy.

Eventually slowing down both her own hands, her right hand in Ilia's clit and her left hand in her own, Blake soon relieved her hands free and coated in clear sticky liquid pleasures. Moving back up till the two were face-to-face again, she offered her left fingers to Ilia's thirsty mouth to suckle on, while she guzzled on her own right fingers. Both have tasted a sweet and familiar yet heavenly and otherworldly flavour.

Once both girls had cleaned up each other's hands and fingers, and had their full satisfaction for the time-being, Blake and Ilia found themselves embracing each other yet again. Their scant bodies pressing and fitting together as one, their clean yet still greasy hands held with fingers intertwining and locking together. Blake's yellow eyes stared down fondly into Ilia's grey eyes, and she gazed back up in return.

"I love you, Blake," Ilia whispered

"I love you too, Ilia," Blake whispered back.

That would be the last thing either Faunus girl would say for at least a while before their lips planted deep into each other once more. Their eyes gently closed into a deep, blissful rest.

After every storm, there's always a rainbow, even if a faint one, or even a black rainbow...

The End...?