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24 Hours

Prologue:  The Detective And Her Girlfriend

Haruka sighed and took her reading glasses off, rubbing her eyes with the thumb and the index finger of her right hand.  She shot one last annoyed look at the big file that laid in front of her before she closed it and shoved it away, making it slide over the desk.  "Still no leads?" a soft, melodic voice came from behind.  Haruka sighed again and turned her chair around, looking at her girlfriend shaking her head.  "No.  That guy knows how to hide himself from us…  way too good."  Michiru showed her sympathy by sitting down on the blonde's lap and putting her arms around her neck.  "You'll catch him sooner or later, Haruka."  She then encouraged her lover, who gave her a weak smile.  "Better sooner than later, ne?" the detective replied while putting her arms around Michiru's waist.  The couple shared a short, but loving kiss, and Haruka smiled at her girlfriend once more.  "Don't worry about that sicko so much."  Michiru advised her, adding a wink when she spoke on:  "Let's go to bed now, shall we?"  Haruka grinned and nodded; after another loving kiss, the two women rose from the chair and left the room, closing the door behind them.

The screams of the young girl echoed through the night, remaining unheard by the whole city – except for the one who caused her to scream, kneeling over her, he now raised the butcher hook high in the air, glistening in the moonlight.  Then, the hook came slashing down and the screams abruptly stopped.

"Another victim."  Haruka sighed, raising from her kneeling position and looking at her colleague Ryu while she did.  The young man nodded and bit his lower lip, his stomach turning at the sight of the poor girl.  "Twenty four hours again?"  Haruka asked, earning a nod from Ryu.  "Yes.  She was missing since Monday night."  Haruka nodded, seeming satisfied.  "It was our man then… did the forensic unit arrive yet?"  Ryu nodded again, earning a worried look from Haruka. "You're not feeling well?" she finally asked, for the first time noticing the pale colour of his face.  Ryu shook his head, obviously refusing to open his mouth.  Haruka gave him a slight smile and ordered:  "Go get yourself something to drink… far away from here."  Ryu gave her a thankful look and vanished, glad that he could move away from the horribly mutilated body of the young girl.  Haruka looked down at her once more, let out another sigh and finally left the crime scene, allowing the forensic unit to collect all the vestiges they were able to find.

The middle-aged, brown-haired man put down his binoculars, that he had used to watch the police do their job, grinning slightly.  They wouldn't find any tracks that would lead them to him, but that was not the thing he was interested in anyway.  He put the binoculars up to his eyes again, his gaze focusing on the blonde detective who was conducting the ascertainments.  His grin widened, when he thought about the girlfriend of the young detective while he put his binoculars down again.  "You didn't manage to find me up to now."  The man now whispered, his eyes never leaving Haruka, who, by now, was talking to the shocked woman who had found the murdered girl.  "Let's see if you work faster if it's your girl I have in my hands."  With that, he turned around and walked off, his grin never leaving his face.