Epilogue: Peaceful Times

„Wake up, love." Haruka whispered into her girlfriends ear, earning a small groan and a sleepy blink in return. "What is it?" Michiru mumbled sleepily, rubbing her eyes. "You fell asleep in the sun. I thought that I better wake you up before you get sunburn." Haruka replied, smiling. Michiru smiled back and sat up on the sunlounger she had been lying on, rubbing her eyes. "Thanks." She then spoke, leaning against Haruka who sat down next to her. The blonde gently put an arm around her lover before she looked out on the ocean, deep in thought. It had been four weeks since Goro had been locked up in the mental asylum; three weeks after that, Haruka had been allowed to leave the hospital. As soon as she had gotten out, Michiru and she had packed their suitcases and had driven to the beach bungalow they owned in the outskirts of Tokyo, where the planned on staying for two weeks. "I love it here." The aqua haired girl now spoke, interrupting Harukas trail of thought. "I love you." The blonde replied, smiling down at the smaller woman, her eyes filled with warmth. Michiru smiled back up at her partner before the couple shared a loving kiss. "What would you like for dinner tonight?" Michiru then asked, snuggling up to her girlfriend. "I don't care…but I know what I want for dessert." Michiru giggled and lightly slapped her lover on the arm, all in good fun of course. "Haruka!" "What?" the blonde defended herself. "Who said that I have something ecchi in mind! I meant that I want cherry cake for dessert!" Michiru giggled again and shook her head. "You're impossible." The aqua haired girl then scolded, earning a mischief grin and a shrug from Haruka. "I can't help it, I was born that way." The blonde then replied, winking at her lover. "Yeah, you were born as a Hentai." Michiru shot back, causing Haruka to say and melodramatically roll her eyes. "That is so not true. It was you who made me a Hentai. I was all innocent and angelic, but then I met you." "As if!" Michiru cried out, pretending to be shocked. "It's all the other way round! You made me a hentai!" Haruka just laughed and kissed her girlfriend again, pulling her close while she did. Michiru wrapped her arms around Harukas neck, deepening the kiss. Finally the two women parted again, and Michiru let out a surprised squeal when Haruka suddenly scooped her up on her arms, grinning. Quickly, the blonde carried her lover into the house and over to the bedroom, kicking the door close behind her.

The End!