The Princess and Her Beef and Potato Stew Knight

After getting married and having a daughter, Shiho told her a story to put her daughter to sleep.

Beef and Potato Stew : Nikujaga

"Then, the princess and the prince lived happily ever after..."

Shiho Miyano, who was sitting by her daughter's bedside closed the cover of a beautiful fairy tale book, and looked at her daughter on the bed with a gentle smile, "Honey, go to sleep."

The little girl blinked her gem green eyes, "But I'm not sleepy yet, can you tell me another story?"

"Uhm. Then..." Shiho tilted her head, reaching out to lift the broken hair on her face, "I'll tell you a story about The Princess and Her Beef and Potato Stew Knight. You've never heard this story."

She looked up at the black night sky outside the window, cleared her throat, and told her daughter a bedtime story in her soft, clear voice.

"Once upon a time, there was a little princess who lived in a cage controlled by the demons. Due to a conspiracy, the princess's parents, the king and queen were burned and killed by the demons. At that time, the princess was still so young, even younger than you. In that world, the princess only had one very precious thing in her life, which was her sister who was a few years older than her who was her only relative in that world."

"After the princess grew up, her intelligence was discovered by the demons. Since the princess didn't have the ability to resist back then, she had to let the demons separate her from her sister and send her to the world of magic to learn to make a potion. The little princess works so hard, even if she is too sleepy to open her eyes, she still has to read a lot of books, more books than are on your bookshelf."

Her daughter was a little confused, "Mama, won't the princess get sick?"

"Of course, but she still needs to look at those things when she is sick. At that time, the princess wanted herself to work hard so that she and her sister could be saved from the demons.

"After that, the princess returned from the magical world to a place controlled by demons and was forced to work for the demons. Before the princess's parents died, they conducted an experiment that was said to be able to turn back time. In the end, the little princess would continue to serve them. The place was dark and cold, and the little princess had lived in fear and loneliness."

"At that moment, a man appeared. He looked very similar to those demons, but he was a truly kind, and considerate person, someone who could stab demons with a sword in his hand. After the little princess got to know him well, she felt that he was indeed a good man. The only person she could trust and the only warmth she could touch in a cage surrounded by demons. He told the little princess that his father was also killed by these demons. He would kill all the demons and take the little princess with him. Escape the darkness and embrace the light."

"He's a very good person. He does his job perfectly, and the prey he hunts is no worse than the older and more senior demons. He has a code name that is popular among demons. The little princess can get along with him, but he is getting busier. He can't meet many times with her, but he always finds time to visit the little princess."

"The little princess's research is gradually bearing fruit, but she doesn't want to be abused by the demons before the results stabilize. However, the demons refused to listen to the little princess, and instead punished her severely. The little princess hid in her research. Crying inside a room, she thought there was only her at that moment, but she heard his footsteps. He had long hair covering his shoulders like a prince's robe. With a very gentle and charming expression, he let the little princess no longer shed tears."

"He said that even if he sacrificed his life, he would protect the little princess."

"Wow!" Her daughter became so excited "Then that knight, did he take the little princess out?. What happened to them later?"

Shiho shook her head, a little helpless, "Honey, why are you getting so energetic... The kids need to go to bed quickly."

"But Mama told me a very good story, so I'm curious." She sat up and hugged Shiho's neck, "Mama, continue the story please. I still want to hear it."

"Okay..." Shiho gently patted her daughter's back, "And then, the knight's identity was revealed, and the demons learned that he was a knight, and they wanted to kill him. He didn't have time to tell the little princess. He left without saying goodbye to her. The little princess thought he was dead, or that he would never come back. So, she never contacted him again. The little princess thought she would stay in this demon's lair for the rest of her life, but for her to leave there, her sister made a deal with the demons. Unfortunately, the demons was too cunning and cruel, and after completing the mission, her sister was killed by the demons..."

Shiho sighed, "In the end, she didn't have her last relative. The little princess's pent-up anger and dissatisfaction broke out, and she asked the demons for a reason. How could those demons betray her?. The princess threatened the demons with the potion she had developed. They locked her in a high tower and denied her food and water. The little princess slowly became desperate. She found the potion in her skirt pocket, and she held it to her death. She was determined to drink it. Unexpectedly, the little princess didn't die, and she returned to the body of a child, she escaped through a narrow tunnel and out of the demon's lair."

"She has a new name, a new identity, and a new life. It's just that in order not to let her tell the secrets of the demon house and the development of the elixir, the demons are looking for her in the world over there, and as long as when they find her, they will immediately kill her. More than once, the princess wanted to die with the demons, as long as the people around her were fine."

"After that, the little princess could always feel the breath of the knight who once said he wanted to protect her in the crowd. She heard a friend in the vicinity mention someone who looked a lot like him, and the little princess immediately thought of the person who said he wanted to protect her, the knight. After some time, someone moved near the wooden house where the little princess lived. The little princess didn't know his origin at first. She thought that he might be someone sent by the demons, and was very wary of him. That person just tried his best to protect the little princess. The little princess slowly discovered that he was a knight who wanted to protect herself back then, but he changed his identity and changed his face. He always liked to give a pot of beef and potato stew to the little princess and the princess's grandfather."

"He was still the little princess knight, the beef and potato stew knight. The little princess likes him, and trusts him very much. Perhaps, he is afraid of losing the little princess again. His protection for the little princess is almost invisible to others. Although it crossed the line, but the little princess didn't really care. She really hopes that when the demons are defeated, they can meet their true identities."

"The little princess didn't wait too long. After the demons committed another crime, the external forces joined forces to wipe out the demon's lair and defeat all the demons. The little princess took back the ingredients for the potion, and after it developed a healing potion, She handed over all the information to the relevant people. After she changed back to her original form, she saw the knight she thought about day and night at the door of the house. He cut his long hair, still wearing his knitted hat, holding his sharp sword."

"He held a bouquet of roses in his hand and confessed to the princess that he wanted to be her beef and potato stew knight for the rest of his life. The little princess agreed, saying that she would teach him how to make vegetable stew. Like all fairy tales, the princess and her beef and potato stew knight lived happily ever after..."

Her daughter's breathing even told Shiho that she was already asleep. Shiho gently put her daughter on the bed and helped her tuck in the blanket. When she closed the door to her daughter's room, she found Shuichi Akai, who had been standing in front of the room door for some time.

He looked at her with a smile, "Princess, the story was told so well, even I was mesmerized."

"Yeah, 50:50." She smiled and hugged him, "Can the knight make lunch for the princess to take to the laboratory?. The cream stew I brought last time was praised by my colleagues. They all missed your skill."

"Roger, my dear princess !."