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Chapter 2

It had been 2 years since Harry had left Voldemort had stayed at bay in fear of Dumbledore not knowing of the prophecy. Cho had trained her heart out she had bought a house in Hogsmeade, so she could be close to Hogwarts when that fateful when her katana glowed red and blue.
Although she remained single many guys in seventh year had tried to win her heart. She remained single for her Harry. But one man was persistent and that man was Jake Edgecombe (Marietta Edgecombes' brother) Marietta had tried to set them up because of her grudge against Harry but Cho did not take but Jake kept on trying to get a date but to no avail. Cho however did like him in a friendly way and liked to talk to him but that was it. In her basement of her house Cho had set up a practice dojo(kinda). It had everything she needed to train punching bags, wood blocks that put themselves back together after she chops them into tiny pieces. She also had dummies that when you fire spells at them they tell you how efficient they were. Cho had become quite adept at katana magic. She herself had taken a liking to water use of her katana. If she wanted she could surround her blade in a case of water that when she attacked someone it sent a tidal wave of water at the enemy doing major damage to them. She also became quite good at wandless magic. She could perform any spell without trouble. Cho's basement dojo gym thing
"Jake I told you a million times that I won't go out with you im going with Harry." Said a very annoyed Cho Chang, a little over 2 years of training had made her an even more beautiful women. "Harry's not coming back Cho, face it he got scarred and ran off. Come on I know you like me give me a chance I swear you won't regret!" said the quite determined Jake. "No now leave me alone I have to-" but Cho was cut off by the eerie glow and hum of her katana glowing a bright blue and red. "What the hell is that?!?" asked a very freaked out Jake. "Harry, he's finally coming home he's coming back!!!" Cho said with so much joy in her voice you would think she had won the Quidditch World Cup. " I have to tell Dumbledore!!!" and with that she raced up the stairs and out of the house with Jake on her heels. "Tell Dumbledore what!!!!!! What do you mean Harry is coming back!!!! Cho Cho Cho!!!!!!!!!!!!" but it was too late she was already at the steps of Hogwarts and heading inside. Dumbledore's office

"He's coming back it happened he's coming back!!!!!" said an exasperated Cho. She had run all the way to Dumbledore's office without stopping. "This is wonderful news Miss Chang I will inform everyone right now!!" "NO don't professor I want it to be a surprise for everyone one especially Sirius. (2 things Sirius didn't die in this story, and Cho had been told of Sirius's innocent after about a year after Harry left) "As you wish Miss Chang" said an amused Dumbledore who had that familiar twinkle in his eye. "Thank you professor." "Don't worry it's nothing at all, but on the night of his return we will have a gigantic feast for his return even tough no one will know why. Oh and I also want you at the head table that night also." "Yes professor" and with that they went their separate ways to prepare for the arrival of the-boy-who-lived and the soon to be savior of the world. A/N: wat did ya think good bad great?!?!?!? Let me know so I can continue and I need ideas im fresh out again so r/r if you want another chappie!!!!!!!