Guardians Come in All Shapes and Froms

Chap 9

"So, Mumbles disappeared after you two used the teleporter." Scout began.

"And you have been searching everywhere you could get to find it." Heavy continued.

"But so far, have had no luck and plan on using the teleporters to see if Pyro ended up outside the state or somewhere else in the world." Spy finished.

"That just about covers it." The Engineer said as he finished his sarsaparilla drink and tossed it away.

"What will you do now?" Medic asked.

"I'm gonna keep looking Saw Bones until I find Pyro."

"Perhaps we can help with the search." Demoman suggested, surprising the Engineer.


"Of course. Pyro might have scared us, but it's still part of team and family." Heavy answered, earning a smile from the Engineer. They have certainly come a long way since how they first treated Pyro. So, for the Engineer to hear them say that Pyro was a part of the family put a smile on his face.

"Yeah. That lass is one of us despite our rocky start." Demoman added, with the others agreeing.

"Now that's what I like to hear." Engineer said, getting up from his Rancho Relaxo.

"So how should us Sons of Liberty retrieve good old Smokey Joe?" Soldier asked.

"First, we should check with the most obvious areas and then work our way from there." Spy answered before turning to the Engineer. "Are there any locations that Pyro likes to go to or places that you both agreed to meet at in case something happens?"

"Yeah. But I only managed to check the ones in Texas." Engineer answered.

"Then we should start there. We activate all teleporter locations and check the surrounding areas, including places Pyro might go."

"We should also hang up some posters or files around to let others know. And if we have any trustworthy contacts, get in touch with them to be on the lookout for the Arsonist." Sniper added.

"But we have to be careful. The last thing any of us need is to cause a panic inadvertently. While we are used to Pyro, others are not." Spy reminded, with the others nodding in agreement.

"Then let's get started." Engineer said.

"Wait." Scout said, getting everyone's attention.

"What is it, String Bean?"

"I just thought about this. But what are the chances that Pyro did not end up near one of your teleporters? What if the teleporters brought it someplace else?"

"Could be. After all, it did happen a few times." Medic said, remembering the few times Engineer's teleporters brought them to another location entirely instead of the front lines.

"Right. I didn't think about that. I'll have to run a few equations to see where Pyro most likely ended up if that's the case." Engineer said, surprised he didn't think of the before. But that wouldn't stop him from finding the Pyromaniac that he had come to see as something like a son. "Anyway. Let's get to it."

"Affirmative." Soldier shouted as the mercenaries left the room to begin their search for their missing teammate.

'Don't worry, Pyro. We're coming.' Engineer mentally declared as he went over to a nearby table to rough out some equations and possibly rule out some locations.

Overwatch Gibraltar Base

"I think I am going to be sick." Mercy said, trying her best to hold back her vomit. But it was in vain.

'Here. Let it out.' Pyro signed as it moved a bucket in front of Mercy for her to use.

"Danke." She said before emptying her contents into the bucket.

"Did you really go through all this?" Reinhardt asked, shocked at what they had just seen.

"Uh-huh." 'Hard to believe, but it happened.' Pyro signed before turning back to hold Mercy's hair back.

"How long did you work with them?" Soldier 76 asked.

'Since I first started working with them up until we went our separate ways: About eight years.'

"Do you... have animal parts inside you?" Ana asked, still significantly disturbed at seeing how Pyro's Medic implemented a baboon uterus inside another person. And then activate a device that caused the birth of a baboon.

'Yes. But I'm not sure what kind.'

"But I'm more confused by what some of your colleagues can do." Reinhardt said.

"Like how that guy wearing an army helmet can cross great distances with his rocket launcher yet not blow his legs off." Torbjorn said.

"Or even how that demolitions man can drink so much, give robots alcohol poisoning, and still function." Winston added.

'I stopped asking how a long time ago. But for the Soldier, my coworker, the Engineer, created something, so Soldier does not blow his feet off while rocket jumping.'

"You know, I would like to meet your Engineer. He seems like he knows what he's doing. Perhaps we could trade some of our inventions and techniques. Who knows, we might make another groundbreaking discovery." Torbjorn said.

"But I would also like to meet your team's Medic. See how he did what and ask why he did what he did. And also take away his medical license." Ana said.

'Uh. That's going to be a bit difficult.' Pyro signed.

"How?" Winston asked.

'Medic does not have a medical license. He lost it.'

"How did that happen?" Reaper asked.

'I. I rather not say. It is disturbing.' Pyro signed after looking back at Mercy and noticing that she had just finished vomiting. And Pyro did not want her to start again since it knew vomiting was an unpleasant feeling.

"After seeing everything in the film, we believe you." Reinhardt said.

"Granted, some of it seems too absurd to be real." Reaper said.

"Yet, we are not the most normal of individuals either." Soldier 76 added as he and the others stood up as the film finished.

'So, what now?' Pyro signed, curious.

"Why don't you step outside while the rest of us discuss everything." Soldier 76 answered.

'Alright. But what about the members standing outside the door?'

"What members?" Reaper asked, knowing just who it was already.

'Not sure. Mainly cause I don't know their names. But judging from the sounds, I would say there are about four people outside the room.'

"Can you tell us anything else about who might be outside?" Ana asked.

'Not much aside from them being on the light side with one having a fake leg.' Going over to the door, Reaper opened it to reveal , Lucio, Tracer, and Junkrat trying their best to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Wow. That's impressive." Reinhardt said, genuinely impressed.

"Where and how did you learn that?" Torbjorn asked.

'From working as a mercenary. Had to develop keen senses to hear when a Spy was approaching or when someone was trying to flank.'

"Now, that is a valuable skill. Do you think you can teach us?" Ana asked, knowing that being more aware of their surroundings would be undoubtedly beneficial.

'Sure. But another chance when there is more time.'

"Okay. I seriously need to download that program to learn sign language." said before shrinking back when everyone's gaze turned toward her.

"Before or after we hand out your punishment?" Soldier 76 asked, crossing his arms.

"Uh-" Lucio began, but Ana cut him off.

"Don't even try to escape." She said with her infamous glares. "But we'll discuss your punishment another time. Right now. Go back to the mess hall and wait there."

"Can you-" began but stopped when Pyro caught their attention.

'Mmph Murr Hudda crpyha drghya.' Pyro mumbled while getting into a fighting stance while holding its Dragon's Fury flamethrower. Knowing what would happen if they stayed, the four teens ran back to the mess hall.

"Those kids sometimes really get on my nerve." Soldier 76 said while rubbing his temples.

'Want me to keep an eye on them?' Pyro asked.

"No. It's fine."

'How long will it take until you finish?'

"I'm not sure. It is a lot."

'Great.' Pyro signed, annoyed.

"How about you take a walk around the base?" Ana suggested.

'I don't know the place at all and don't feel like getting lost.'

"I can call Brigitte and have her show you around." Torbjorn offered.

'All right.' Pyro signed, getting tired.

"Athena. Can you call Brigitte and have her come here?" Torbjorn asked.

'Already on it.' Athena answered.

Five Minutes Later

"Okay. I'm here. Did you need something, dad?" Brigitte asked as she entered the room.

"Yes. I need a favor from you." Torbjorn answered.

"What is it?"

"Do you mind showing our guest around the base while the rest of us talk about something important? We will fill you in on all the details later."

"Sure." Brigitte answered before turning to Pyro. "Follow me. I'll show you around the base."

"Finks." Pyro said before following Brigitte out of the room.

"So, what do you all think about Pyro?" Reinhardt asked once the door closed.

"A lot. And most of it troubling." Torbjorn answered.

"And even if a fraction of it is true, then we best be sure that none of it comes to our world if we choose to help Pyro return home, especially that Saxton Hale person." Ana added, remembering how the man blew up a yeti with a single punch to the groin. Although, she did internally smirk when she noticed the males in the room wince at that scene.

"Or Australium." Winston added. "Even if its uses are significantly better than anything our world has, it is far too dangerous to let even a sliver of it enter."

"And what of Pyro's coworkers?" Mercy asked after wiping her mouth.

"Where to even begin." Reaper said. "They are crazy, insane, and dangerous. And their stunts and abilities are even more so."

"Especially the Medic's ability to make someone invulnerable. That in itself can turn the tide of any battle." Reinhardt said.

"Yet that brings us to a crossroads. Those mercenaries and Pyro can help us defeat Talon. And since they are mercenaries and not part of Overwatch, the Petras Act doesn't apply to them." Torbjorn said.

"But they are highly unstable. You saw the parts with the Medic replacing organs with animal parts and the scene where the Soldier fought a legion of robots naked with honey covering his body. Who knows what they will do next." Winston reminded.

"Yet that's only if they are willing to help. They could just want to get Pyro back. And if that's the case, then we would only have to deal with them for an hour at most." Reaper said, inadvertently causing Mercy to tense up.

"But if we do manage to find Pyro's home world, would it be possible to maintain a link to its world... for reasons?" Mercy asked, worried.

"Well, I'd say so. We would still need to work out a few things to be sure. But I don't see why not." Torbjorn answered.

"That is if we are all in agreement on helping Pyro return home." Ana said. Everyone looked at each other, with Mercy finding herself at a crossroads. While she did want Pyro to return home safely, she also wanted to be able to see it again. It had already become a good friend to her, and she did not want to say goodbye to it permanently. Luckily, it seemed like that would not be the case.

"Yes." Everyone else answered after a moment.

"Really?" Mercy asked, smiling.

"I mean. It's the least we can do to pay Pyro back for saving you, Angela." Reinhardt said.

"And keeping you safe until we arrived." Torbjorn added.

"But the question remains. Where should we start? Interdimensional travel is something no one on here has ever tried before." Ana asked.

"And what should we do with Pyro in the meantime." Winston added.

"For starters. Pyro can remain at the base with us. I doubt it would intentionally cause trouble. But civilians will freak out once they see someone wearing an asbestos-lined suit wielding a flamethrower walking down the street. However, we would need someone to stick by it as a just in case since Pyro does not seem to be very patient." Reaper answered.

"I can keep an eye on Pyro. It seems to trust me more than anyone else." Mercy offered.


"But as for getting Pyro back home. I have a few ideas about where we could start." Winston said.

"Do you need something to start?" Torbjorn asked.

"I still need to rough out the ideas to see which ones might work. But some of them would require something that is unique to Pyro's home world."

"Like its DNA?" Reinhardt asked.

"No. That wouldn't be enough. Plus, we don't even know what parts of Pyro are still its own. And I doubt Pyro knows that either."

"Then what do you suggest?" Ana asked.

"As much as my scientific mind is telling me to stay away, I believe the only thing that would suffice is the Australium."

"But we would need to get permission from Pyro first. It might not take so kindly to us just taking it." Mercy said.

"Right." The rest agreed.

"What should we tell the others?" Reinhardt asked.

"Tell them that Pyro will be staying with us for a while. But when they asked, we tell them that something had come up that is stopping us from getting Pyro home." Soldier 76 answered.

"Should we tell any of the others the truth?" Torbjorn asked.

"Perhaps Mei should know about this. And maybe Brigitte since she can keep a secret and doesn't seem she would annoy Pyro." Ana answered.

"True. She can keep a secret, after all, and knows when she is getting too close to something personal." Torbjorn said. "But when should we tell them and the others, and how?"

"Once we finish the meeting. We'll tell everyone in the mess hall. Afterward, we'll pull Brigitte to the side, away from the others, and tell her the truth. As for Mei, we'll tell her once she returns from her task." Soldier 76 answered.

"Sounds good." Reinhardt said.

"Is there anything else we need to discuss before we tell Pyro about our decision?" Mercy asked.

"Yes. For starters." Soldier 76 answered.

With Brigitte and Pyro

'Wow. This is a nice view.' Pyro signed as it and Brigitte stood on the cliffside, watching the stars and waves crash against the rocks below.

"Yeah. Gibraltar is the best base Overwatch had. At least in terms of having a nice view. Sadly, most other bases are no longer in use." Brigitte said.

'What happened?'

"Overwatch used to be full of heroes, and we protected the world from threats. But after a couple of scandals, the International Justice Commission enacted the Petras Act, which deemed any Overwatch activity illegal, and liable to prosecution."

'Do you know what the scandals were?'

"Something to do with Overwatch's Blackwatch division. It was the covert ops section of Overwatch. They handled secret missions that often included assassinations, torturing enemies, and other morally questionable actions."

'So, basically, that part handled people that would normally be untouchable because of their connections like political allies.'

"Pretty much."

'And yet, because of this, combined with people who don't understand how the world works and the typical politicians at work, you had to stop protecting people.'

"That's one way to put it. But yeah. Now we're getting everyone that's still willing to fight back together to continue protecting others and stop Talon."

'Do any of the governments know about this?'

"Some. But they're not saying anything due to Talon's attacks and public support. But that doesn't mean we don't have to be careful. One slip up, and everything comes crashing down."

'I can imagine. Hopefully, that doesn't happen.' Pyro signed before leaning on the rails.

"Hopefully. But anyway. Enough about Overwatch. What about you? Do you have any interesting stories?" Brigitte asked, curious. Hearing this, Pyro let out a small chuckle as it remembered all its adventures. While most weren't pleasant, Pyro still looked back at them with fondness.

'More than you can imagine. But those are for another time.'

"Aw. Well. Can you at least show me your flamethrower?" Pyro thought it over for a moment before relenting, as Brigitte seemed trustworthy and hadn't annoyed it yet. Still not as trustworthy as Mercy but much better than the gremlin from the mess hall.

'Sure. Just be careful. I don't have anything to repair it.' Pyro signed before handing Brigitte its flamethrower.

"Thanks. And don't worry. If anything happens, I have the tools to repair it good as new." Brigitte assured as she examined the flamethrower.

'You're an engineer?' Pyro signed, curious.

"An engineer and a mechanic. My father taught me all he knows, and he is one of the world's top mechanics." Brigitte explained.

'Huh. Neat.'

"You made this yourself, right?"


"Well. You certainly know what you're doing. This is excellent craftsmanship, albeit a bit crude in some spots. But that's understandable since it's entirely homemade."


"Hey. What does this button do?" Brigitte asked, curious.


"WOAH!" Brigitte shouted as the flamethrower let out a compression blast with enough force that sent her onto her back.

'You alright?' Pyro signed as it helped her up.

"I'm fine. I've been through worse. But what was that?"

'A compression blast. But I call it an air blast. Basically, it's a powerful blast of air that allows me to reflect projectiles, push others away, and put out people that are on fire.' Pyro signed before taking back its flamethrower.

"That's useful to have."

'It is. It can also be used to push annoying gremlins that annoy away.'

"I take it you ran into , right?"


"Yeah. She can be a little annoying."

'Tell me about it.'

"Well. Now that you've seen most of the place, do you have any questions?"

'No. Not really.'

"In that case. We can wait here or continue going around the base until the others call you back."


"Alright. Follow me." Brigitte said.

'I'm sorry for the intrusion. Brigitte. Pyro. You're both needed in the mess hall. Soldier 76 and Reaper have called a meeting.'

"Alright. Thanks, Athena."

'You're quite welcome, Brigitte.'

"Come on, Pyro. Let's head back."


Ten Minutes Later

"Okay. We're here." Brigitte said as she and Pyro arrived at the mess hall.

"Good. Sit down, and we can get started." Soldier 76 said as Brigitte sat at one of the tables while Pyro moved to stand next to Mercy at the opposite end of the room.

"Why have you both called this meeting?" Symmetra asked.

"Does it have anything to do with that Demonio del Fuego? Sombra asked.

"Yes." Mercy answered with a light glare.

"Anyway. As you all probably know. Pyro here saved Mercy's life after her plane went down and continued to protect her until we arrived to pick her up." Soldier 76 began.

"And despite having no obligation, Pyro came to Mercy's rescue again after Talon shot down our Orca in Texas." Reaper continued.

"And for that, we thank you, Pyro." Brigitte said, smiling.

"But where does that leave us, and more importantly, where does that leave Pyro?" Tracer asked, curious.

"During the fight, Pyro suffered a few gunshot wounds from Talon Heavy Assault Units. Mercy then suggested we come back here so she could patch it up before taking Pyro home. However, that is no longer the case."

"What do you mean?" Zarya asked.

"We don't fully know. Nor does Pyro or Mercy. And until we do, Pyro will be staying with us until everything settles down." Ana answered.

"Do you have any idea as to what might be happening? Could it be Talon?" Widowmaker asked.

"No. It's not Talon. As Ana said, we're not fully sure what's happening. But now that you mention it, they might be searching for Pyro since it burned to death some of their agents." Reaper answered.

"How long do you think Pyro might stay with us?" Zenyatta asked.

"We're not sure. Maybe a month or a bit longer." Winston answered.

"Great." Sombra said, rolling her eyes but tensed up when Pyro chuckled while looking at her.

"But either way. While Pyro is here, we expect you all to show it respect and respect its boundaries and privacy." Soldier 76 warned while looking at Tracer, Lucio, , and Junkrat.

"Any other questions?" Reaper asked.

"Yes." Baptiste answered.

"What is it?"

"Since Pyro will be staying here. Will it be joining us on any missions?" Hearing this, Pyro realized that the others were going to help it return home. Knowing this, it figured the least it could do was help Overwatch with whatever they were dealing with at the moment.

"Will you?" Soldier 76 asked.

"Uh-huh." Pyro answered.

"This should be interesting." Hanzo said.

"Indeed, brother." Genji agreed.

"Any other questions?" Reinhardt asked.

"Yeah." Cassidy answered.

"And what's that?"

"Think you can teach the ones that don't know sign language?"

"We can have Athena give you lessons." Winston answered.

"Thank you kindly."

"Anything else?" Soldier 76 asked. Seeing no one else raising their hands or saying something, he decided to wrap up this meeting. "All right. That's it for now. You can go about your day now."

"Brigitte. Mind staying for a bit." Torbjorn said, getting his daughter's attention as everyone else exited the mess hall.

"Yes, dad?" Brigitte asked.

"There's something we need to tell you."

"Is it about Pyro?"


"You see. Pyro is not from our dimension. It's from another, and neither we nor it knows how it came here." Ana explained.

"Hmm. Kinds of make sense since I felt like something was off about Pyro. No offense." Brigitte said.

'None taken.' Pyro signed.

"And I take it that the whole thing about going back home being complicated is because Pyro's home is in another dimension."

"Correct." Reinhardt said.

"So what now?"

"Currently, as Pyro probably figured out already, we're working on a way to send it home. But it will take some time. And in the meantime, it will be staying with us." Soldier 76 answered.

"Well, it would be nice to get to know it more and see firsthand what it can do. But why tell me and keep it a secret from the others?" Brigitte asked, curious.

"Because we know you can keep a secret and won't annoy Pyro. The others can't and would probably annoy it like did earlier." Reaper explained.

"Aw. Thanks, everyone." Brigitte said, smiling before letting out a yawn. "Well. I'm tired. Anything else, or can I go?"

"You can go, dear. And thanks." Torbjorn answered. "Good night."

"Good night, everyone." Brigitte said before leaving.

'Thanks for agreeing to help me get home.' Pyro signed.

"It's the least we can do after everything you have done." Ana said with a gentle smile.

'So, what now?'

"Well. It's late, and you both had a rather long and tedious day. I think it would be best if you both got some sleep." Ana answered.

"Right." Mercy agreed before realizing something. Luckily, she didn't need to say anything, as the others had already accounted for this.

"Don't worry, Pyro. We have a room set up and ready for you to use." Reinhardt said.

"Finks." Pyro said, surprised. 'Where is it?'

"At the very end of the male dorms. Room 38-B." Soldier 76 answered.

"Ah. I know where that is. Let me show you, Pyro." Mercy said. Pyro nodded and followed Mercy out of the room.

"Things will certainly be different around here." Ana said.

"For better or for worse, we have to see." Torbjorn said.

"But I doubt it would be for the worse since Pyro doesn't seem like one to hurt others just for the thrill or pleasure of it." Reinhardt said.


"But I am glad that Mercy has someone by her side to protect her. At least for the time being." Soldier 76 said.

"Yeah. Try as we might, we can't always be by her side in a fight. But with Pyro, we don't need to worry as much." Reaper agreed.

"Ha, ha. You could say that Pyro is Mercy's guardian angel." Reinhardt said, earning a chuckle from the others. But either way, they were glad that Mercy now had someone/something protecting her when they couldn't.

Five Minutes Later

With Mercy and Pyro

"Here we are." Mercy said as they arrived.

"Finks." Pyro said as it looked for the doorknob but became confused when it didn't find it.

"There's no doorknob, Pyro. Here. Just press this screen, and the door will open." Mercy said with a chuckle as she pressed the 'open door' option on the screen.

"Finks." Pyro said, slightly embarrassed.

"Well, technically, I should be thanking you, Pyro."

'For?' Pyro signed, confused.

"For saving me on two different occasions and helping me get back home." Mercy explained with a genuine smile.

'You're welcome.'

"Good night." Mercy said before leaving.

Nodding, Pyro entered its room and looked around. It quickly noticed how sparse it was, which was a good thing in its opinion since it never liked overly decorated rooms. Seeing a closet nearby, Pyro headed over to it to store most of its weapons but kept its shotgun, degreaser, and Axtinguisher so it would have something to defend itself in case someone or something attacked. And while it doubted that would happen here, it was better to be safe than sorry. Afterward, Pyro headed to the bathroom to splash some water on its mask to get rid of some of the grime on it. Once done, Pyro went over to the bed and lay down.

'Mmmmmmmrrrrrrrpppghhh!' Pyro mumbled, liking how comfy the bed was. Closing its 'eyes,' Pyro fell asleep as the exhaustion finally caught up to it. But before it did, Pyron wondered what the coming days would bring.