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Ch. 6

"Dance with me?"

I look away from the crowd of people on the dance floor and turn to the man smiling before me.

"I don't dance" I respond, taking a sip from my glass of wine.

"Come on" He winks, "It's all in the leading"

I purse my lips to stop myself from laughing, "I doubt it, but thank you for offering."

"What, you think I don't know how to lead a beautiful woman to dance?" he says as he takes a seat a little too close beside me.

I shake my head and chuckle as I place my empty wine glass down the table and subtly put some space between us. I'm about to reply when someone places a plate of cake in front of me.

"Got the last piece" Edward smirks as he places a hand on my shoulder and leans in to take a bite from the cake he brought before nodding to the man beside me who's sitting on his seat, "Hey, man"

I feel the guy beside me stiffen and bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. I grab the fork from Edward and cut a huge piece for myself.

"Hey" the guy beside me says as he scrambles off Edward's seat, "Sorry, I didn't realize the seat was taken"

"Nah, it's all good" Edward shakes his head good-naturedly, "I was about to ask Bella to dance, anyway"

"Help me finish this first" I say, feeding him some cake, "After all, we can't let the last piece go to waste"

Edward rolls his eyes, "Better not. I had to wrestle Tanya's kid to get that for you" he laughs, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

I snicker as I polish the plate, "All done", wiping my lips with the napkin.

Edward nods and offers his arm, "Dance with me" he gestures to the dance floor.

I grin, curling my hand around his bicep and turning to the guy who's still awkwardly standing beside me, "Have a good night" I smile, feeling a little bad for rejecting him moments before accepting Edward's offer to dance in front of him. However, I wouldn't reject Edward's offer for his sake.

The guy nods his head before turning away.

I feel Edward chuckle beside me, "I left for two minutes and you got guys flirting beside you when I come back" he says with a glint in his eyes as he stops at the corner of the dancefloor and pulls me towards him.

I roll my eyes and gesture to the glaring blonde at the corner of the room, "Says the one who has had a woman up his ass since the reception started. Don't think I didn't notice the way Lauren trails you around the room" I laugh when I see him grimace and fight a shudder.

"That woman scares me to death. Did you see her copping a feel at Carlisle awhile ago?" Edward shakes his head, "He has got to be twice her age!"

I laugh and shake my head, "I couldn't really blame her. Carlisle doesn't exactly look his age." I say, "According to both Kate and Rose, Carlisle is at the top of the DILF list in the city"

"The what list" Edward says, clearly confused.

"DILF list" I repeat

"What the fuck is the DILF list"

"Dad I'd like to fuck list" I smirk

Edward groans, "Fuck, no" he shakes his head with a curl of his lips, "That's just fucking wrong. That's my dad."

I laugh, "You asked!"

Edward shudders and clenches his eyes closed. "Why the fuck were you even talking about this list"

"I honestly can't remember," I say, "but if it makes you feel better, they also think that you may be following his footsteps in that regard."

"Bella, what" he says, looking at me as if I'm crazy.

"They think you'll be a hot DILF in the future" I shrug before winking, "and I think I'd have to agree with them. I can just see your future daughter's friends fawning all over you when they have sleepovers in your house"

Edward groans then shakes his head, "Our" he says kissing my forehead.

I blink, "Huh?"

Edward rolls his eyes, "As much as I hate the idea of it. It's going to be our daughter and our house, not just mine"

I smile, my heart thumping loudly against my chest as I look into his eyes. Everything around us blurs and slows to a slow motion in my head as he leans in for a kiss. When we pull apart, I lean my head on the crook of his head and close my eyes. Time seems to pass as I listen to him softly hum the lyrics and feel the brush of his lips against my temple.

It feels like we're the only ones in the room as his scent, the beat of his heart against his chest, and his breathing fills all my senses. I let out a soft sigh of contentment with a smile, not wanting this moment to stop.

"Walk with me" he says once the music changes into something more upbeat.

I follow him as he leads us outside the venue. Soft breeze dances around us as we walk hand in hand down a small path surrounded by plants. Noise from the inside is dulled and replaced by the sounds of leaves rustling and wind chimes.

Edward shrugs off his suit when a shiver runs through my body. He places it over my shoulders before dropping his arm over them. I smile at him and tug the suit closer to my body with my hand and intertwine my other through the one he has over my right shoulder.

"Alice is driving Jasper mad with her cravings" I smile, breaking the silence

I feel Edward's body shake in laughter, "I can imagine. She has the tendency to do that even when not pregnant"

"She asked him to buy her ice cream and beef jerky at 3 in the morning" I say, laughing at the look of disgust in his face.

"That sounds disgusting" he grimaces

"I said the same thing" I nod, "but I'm not judging, I mean that could be me in the future" I shrug, then shaking my head when I see the look of surprise in Edward's face, "Not that I'm thinking of having them or anything. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having children or kids, in general, but I just don't think I'm even at that stage of my life and you haven't even proposed to me yet and I just need to-"

My rambling stops as Edward stops us from walking and lightly pecks me in the lips, "Breathe, love"

I sigh and nod my head, "Yeah, breathe. I can do that" I say as I take another deep breath to clear my mind, "Sorry for freaking you out"

Edward shakes his head with a chuckle as he rubs his hands up and down my arms, "I think it was you who freaked out the most between the two of us" he smirks, "and as much as I love the idea of you getting pregnant with my child, I think we still need to cross out some things before that could happen. Like me actually proposing to you as you've mentioned"

"I didn't mean anything by it" I sigh, "Don't feel rushed or anything because of my stupid ramblings"

"Who says I'm feeling rushed?" He cocks his brow, "and it's not stupid. For all you know I might already have something prepared at the end of this path"

I narrow my eyes, "No, you don't"

Edward laughs, "Why do you keep on contradicting me when I tell you I'm going to propose"

I shake my head and continue walking in silence. I try to shake the thought of him proposing to me out of my head, but I can't help but feel a tinge of excitement and warmth as the idea of him as my husband fills my mind. Isabella Cullen doesn't sound bad at all.

"Anyway" I shake my head and sneak a glance at him only to see him smirking down at me, obviously knowing where my thoughts went. He chuckles when I instantly look away and presses a kiss on my temple. "When will your next trip be?" I ask, remembering him telling me something about going to Asia for a shoot.

Edward sighs, "In two weeks, I think"

"Southeast Asia?"

Edward nods, "Brunei" he grins, "I heard it's a good place to visit. Rich culture, heritage and all that. I honestly can't wait to go. It's my first time going to Southeast Asia."

"That's nice" I smile, "I haven't even been to Asia."

"Come with me, then"

I roll my eyes, "Right"

"Seriously" Edward says, stopping in the middle of the pathway and pulling me in front of him. My eyebrows shoot up when I notice the glint of his eyes and his huge smile. "I don't see the problem with you going. You can work from anywhere, anyway"

"But Siobhan-"

Edward rolls his eyes, "Siobhan adores you" he scoffs, "I doubt she'll say no if you requested to work from the other side of the globe"

I open my mouth to protest, but we both know it's futile. Siobhan does adore me. She hasn't declined a single request I asked for in years. The only thing she asks me is when I'll be able to submit the articles and even that is flexible according to my schedule. I watch as Edward's smile slightly falters due to my lack of response.


"I'll go" I quickly say and watch his eyes widen in surprise, " Brunei with you"

"Love, it's okay if you don't want-"

"I want to" I interrupt and laugh at his skeptical gaze, "You're right, Siobhan won't care and I haven't really seen you work since Alice's wedding. So, yes. I'll go with you if you want me there."

Edward stares at me for a while before shaking his head and smirking, "I'll always want you" he says, "You know that this will be our first time traveling together, right?"

"And we thought it'd be for our honeymoon in Rio" I sigh playfully, as I start walking backwards with my hands behind my back.

Edward laughs as he starts walking, with me walking backwards in front of him, "I mean, we can still make that trip if you're up to marrying me within the week." he winks, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"But then there will be no Carnaval" I say, smugly

Edward shrugs, "We can go back for the festival"

I roll my eyes, "That'd be a waste of money" I make a move to turn and go through the arch of plants leading to the small garden when Edward catches my elbow preventing me from moving. I turn to him and find him staring at me.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are tonight?" he smiles as he brushes my hair out of my face. I feel the rush of blood flow into my cheeks making Edward's smile widen and softly brush my cheek with his thumb.

"You may have mentioned it once" I say

"Unforgivable" he smirks with a shake of his head, "You are absolutely breathtaking tonight. Sometimes I still can't believe you're mine."

I smile and reach to cup his cheek. "I love you" I say, giving him a peck on his lips.

"I love you more than I can comprehend" he says as he leans his forehead on mine.

I hum and close my eyes. Sometimes I can't believe he's mine. I don't know what I did to deserve to have someone like him in my life. Someone I know who would drop everything to make me happy.

He kisses my temple, eyes, and nose before reaching down to place his lips on mine. He makes a move to pull back, but I tug on the hair at the back of his neck to press my lips harder on his and lightly bite his lower lip before running my tongue over it. He places his hands firmly on my hips and pushes my body into his. I let out a small whimper as his groan sends a shiver down my spine.

We break apart and hold each other as we catch our breaths. "You're going to be the death of me" he laughs and turns to go through the arch with my hand tightly clasped in his.

I gasp as I take in the scene before me. The pathway leading to the beautiful pergola is lit up with hundreds of yellow led string lights, from the flowers along the pathway to above us. The small pergola at the center of the garden has led lights hanging on every corner. The wind slightly picks up making the wind chimes ring louder and the white fabric tied on each pole dance softly.

I can't help but stare at everything with my mouth agape. I turn to Edward who smiles at me and pulls me gently towards the pergola. My eyes widen when I see the photos hanging from the ceiling. Photos of us. From the moment we met in his studio taken by Alice to us standing in our then empty new apartment with huge smiles on our faces the day we moved in together. Edward's arms were around my waist from behind me as I filled the empty bookcase with my books, happiness radiating from our faces as he fitted his face on the crook of my neck, both of us clearly unbothered with the amount of scattered boxes surrounding us. I smile as I go through the photos in front of me, my eyes filling with tears as I take in each of them.

Edward clears his throat from behind me, "Bella" he whispers

I turn to him, my hand flying to my mouth when I see him kneeling in front of me. Tears flowing freely down my cheeks.

"I told you I have something planned at the end of the pathway" he chuckles tightly, blinking through his tears.

I can't find the strength to say anything back to him as I watch him open the small velvet box in his hand, revealing a ring with the diamond shining against the led lights.

Edward swallows, "From the moment you walked into my studio that day, I knew you were someone special. I remember how we talked for hours that night and it already felt like we had known each other our entire lives. I remember going home that night thinking how I never wanted to spend another night without you by my side" he smiles, "in a matter of hours, you made me realize what I had been missing my entire life. You make me the luckiest person in the world by staying by my side and I want to spend everyday making you feel just as loved as you make me feel. Marry me, Bella?"

My tears blur my vision as I nod my head, feeling my throat tighten as I throw my arms around his neck and whisper, "Yes"

I got forever and I get all I ever need cause I got you for the rest of my days.

Dan & Shay, You

The End

No words are enough to describe how thankful I am to you guys for staying with me through this short journey. I might include an Epilogue, but nothing is certain yet. Until then, stay safe folks!