Calling in the Reserves

"I snuffed out every devil in hell... until NetherRealm invaders showed up to piss me off."

"It would have cost a lot of power fighting them alone. But they were being hunted by my new friends. Call them: Fire and Ice."

"They argue. Constantly! Which is why I usually like to roll solo. But when it comes to killing demonic assholes, these guys don't flinch. I can get along with that."

"The Grandmasters tipped me off to Kronika. Said she was resurrecting some NetherRealm god named Shinnok. But that's not happening on my watch."

"Kronika's just much a devil as Malebolgia. Both make promises. Both tell lies. Both underestimate me."

"That's why I'll make a new hell for them, where they can burn together... for eternity."

"The NetherRealm's locked down, but there are still eight hells left to purge. It's time to bring up the reserves."

"I made choices in my life that sealed my fate. I'm beyond redemption. But even the damned are capable of doing some good."

"So all you devils out there, making false promises and spewing lies? We're coming, and you don't have a chance in hell."

Present Day


"Those are the last ones." Scorpion said as he pulled the chain attached to his kunai, ripping off the demon's head from its body.

"On this level of hell, at least." Sub-Zero added as he froze an Oni before smashing it to pieces.

"But there are still eight more hells to purge." Spawn reminded.

"Many more if we count the other hells that exist." Scorpion added.

"Guess that's why my soul still burns." Spawn said before turning to face the grandmasters. "Now, where's the portal to the next level of hell."

"About a three days journey from the Sea of Blood. We will need Kharon's help for this." Sub-Zero answered.

"Can't you simply teleport us there? And who's this Kharon?"

"We would if we could. But the magic surrounding the place probits anyone except deities from traveling there. Kharon's ship is the only way to get there safely. And Kharon is the ferryman of the NetherRealm." Scorpion answered.

"Another demon?" Spawn asked.

"No. He was a man turned immortal by the Elder Gods a long time ago. We met him during our times here as revenants."

"Seems like the more time I spend here, the less of a difference I see between gods and devils. What can we expect on the next level?"

"A vast amount of demons and oni, all of them more powerful than this level with some capable of magic."

"And their strength will only increase the further down we go." Sub-Zero added.

"Mmm. Then we might need some help." Spawn said. Even though he could very well take the next level of hell on his own, it would cost him a lot of energy. And while the grandmasters could help, it would still not be enough. They needed help. "Could your clans help us? And what of your allies?"

"Unfortunately, not. They are both still recovering from Kronika's attack."

"The White Lotus and Special Forces are preoccupied with cleaning up any of Kronika's remaining forces." Scorpion added.

"What about your so-called allies from the desolate land called Outworld?" Spawn asked.

"Kitana Kahn is still trying to bring order back to Outworld. She might have new allies in the Tarkatans and Shokans, but it is not enough. They need more time before they can focus on anything else." Sub-Zero answered.

"A pity. Seems like it's time to call in the reserves." Spawn said, confusing Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

"Reserves?" They asked, confused as they knew Spawn preferred to do things by himself. And his attitude and asshole personality made the grandmasters think he had no allies, much less friends.

"Yeah. Got a problem with it."

"No. We just didn't think you had allies as you seem like one that prefers to go at it alone." Sub-Zero said.

"Ah. I see. Yeah. I prefer to go at it alone. But I even need allies sometimes. Like you two, Fire and Ice." Spawn said, earning a growl from Scorpion and a glare from Sub-Zero.

"So where can we find your friends?" Scorpion asked.

"They aren't exactly acquaintances, much less friends. And neither allies. But we each share a common thing."

"Which is?" Sub-Zero asked.

"Our intense hatred for all things related to hell."

"Including us and some of our allies?" Scorpion asked as he knew some of their allies, himself included, were demons at some point in their lives or still were demons.

"No. A few are demons themselves. But they can differentiate between a true demon from hell and someone who was turned into a demon against their will. The others, well, they are more reasonable."

"We'll see." Sub-Zero said, not convinced.

"I take it your allies are from different dimensions?" Scorpion asked.

"Not allies, and yeah. Each one is from their own separate universe." Spawn answered.

"When should we leave?"

"Tomorrow afternoon. I still need to get a few things before we can get the reserves."

"That should give us enough time to inform the others and our clans." Sub-Zero said.

"Where should we meet?" Scorpion asked.

"The NeatherRealm cliffs that lead to Shinnok's Spire." Spawn answered.

"Very well. Until then." Sub-Zero said before he and Scorpion teleported back to their respective clans.

"Hmm. They might argue constantly, but they sure as hell know what they are doing." Spawn said before vanishing himself.

Next Day

NetherRealm Cliffs

"Alright, fire and ice. Are you two ready?" Spawn asked as he overlooked the lava plains below.

"We told you countless times already. My name is Kuai Liang, and his name is Hanzo Hasashi." Sub-Zero said, annoyed.

"And his clan's name is Sub-Zero, and mine is Scorpion." Scorpion added, equally annoyed.

"Whatever you say, fire and ice. Either way, are you two ready?" Spawn asked, not really caring.

"Yes." They said, trying their best to remain calm.

"Where are we going first?" Scorpion asked.

"To visit another demon prince, one that rejected his father's possessions and the chance to rule like his father. He now helps the humans fend off other demonic entities and scumbags that try to enslave or wipe out humanity." Spawn answered.

"What's his name?" Sub-Zero asked.

"Something that only an edgy teen might come up with, and that is Hellboy."

"We've heard of worse." Scorpion said.

"I imagine. Come on. We're wasting time." Spawn said as the portal appeared. Nodding, the grandmasters followed Spawn to meet the first of the reserves.

Hellboy Universe

London Nightime

"Why are we in London?" Sub-Zero asked, confused. While he hadn't been to Europe often, he could tell it was London because of the London Bridge.

"It's not your London. It's a different one. And this is where we're picking up our first member." Spawn answered as he looked in disgust at some shady dealers.

"Do you know where he resides? Or do you plan on luring him out?" Scorpion asked.

"Don't know where he is, and I planned on luring him out. But it looks like I won't need to." Spawn said as they heard footsteps behind them.

"Seems that way." Another voice said. The three turned around and came face-to-face with a tall red man with yellow eyes wearing a heavy coat. But what caught the grandmasters' attention were the two stumps on the man's head as they appeared to once be horns. However, their attention shifted to the pistol in his left hand and his right forearm, which seemed to be made out of stone.

"Seems like it." Spawn said.

"Now, mind telling me what you three are doing here? And why do two of you seem to be demons." The figure said.

"You're Hellboy, right?" Sub-Zero asked.

"That's the name. Don't wear it out." Hellboy answered.

"How did you find us so quickly?" Scorpion asked.

"I want to say it was due to the skills I picked up on my travels, but I was literally on the rooftops and saw the portal you guys used open up and decided to investigate." Hellboy answered before aiming his .45 caliber at them. "Now, mind answering my questions?"

"My name is Sub-Zero, and this is Scorpion." Sub-Zero began before pointing to Spawn. "And this is Spawn."

"But if you have a hard time remembering their names, call them fire and ice like I do." Spawn said, earning a glare from the grandmasters.

"And why do I get the feeling that you and Scorpion here are from hell."

"In a sense, we are. I'm a hellspawn, while Scorpion was a revenant."

"The difference being?"

"Both are from hell. Both are based on lies and trickery. Both came from liars and tricksters spewing false lies and making false promises. The only real difference is the outcome. One comes out as an evil spirit, while the other unknowingly does the bidding of the other party."

"Sounds like something scum like that would do, especially demons. But how do I know you're not here to cause havoc?"

"We wouldn't be having this conversation, to begin with. But to answer your question, we're no longer bound to who created/tricked us. I realized what was happening and broke free. Scorpion here became human again and regained his humanity when others inadvertently brought him back to full life."

"Some company you hang around." Hellboy said to Sub-Zero.

"Not the strangest nor most pleasant but far better than most others." Sub-Zero said with a shrug.

"But now, why are you three here?"

"We come with a proposition." Spawn answered.

"What kind of proposition?"

"One where you don't have to worry about any demons invading and attacking the humans. And anyone that might try to release them can burn for all eternity with the others."

"Heh. A world without those kinds of people and demons sounds real good to me. Now you got my attention. What do you plan on doing?"

"We're going to purge all of our hells. And then, we'll create a new one. One where all the scum can rot for all eternity."

"Good plan. Simple and straight to the point. But what's the catch?"

"No catch like how you're thinking. The only thing is that we'll be gone for quite a while since each of our hells are massive with multiple levels."

"Figures. But if it means I can finally crack open a beer without having to worry, then some time away would be worth it." Hellboy said as he holstered his gun. "Alright. I'm on board."


"When do we leave and start?"

"We leave now but start later. We still need to pick up a few others."

"The more, the merrier. Let's go." Hellboy said as a portal appeared behind them.

Devil May Cry Universe

Unknown location

"Unless you want to die, you best stay where you are." A man with long white hair wearing a faded red jacket warned.

"Easy, Dante. We're not looking for a fight." Spawn said.

"Then why are you here?" Dante asked as he stood up. And once he did, the others realized he was kneeling before a grave. And judging by the name, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Hellboy figured it was either the grave of Dante's daughter, wife, or mother. "And how do you know my name?"

"Even from other universes, names travel far. Especially if names are attached to individuals such as yourself."

"That makes sense. A lot of people and demons know about me. So my name traveling across universes doesn't surprise me. But why are you all here? Are you seeking me out or just landed here?"

"We're seeking you out, Dante. We could use your skills." Sub-Zero answered.


"We got a proposition for you. Something I think you will like." Hellboy answered.

"What is it?"

"We're going to purge hell." Spawn answered, surprising Dante.

"I wasn't expecting that. But why?" Dante asked. While he typically wouldn't hesitate an offer to go hunting down demons, he needed to ensure it was the demons that needed to be eliminated. After all, he was now allied with some demons that turned good. Not to mention, not everyone's definition of a demon was the same.

"To destroy all that threatens our world. And then create a new one. A special one where all the devils that spew lies and make false promises can burn forever."

"So, you are going to kill anything like Hellboy here since he fits most people's description of a demon? No offense." Dante quickly added.

"None taken. I got called worse back home. Never really bothered me." Hellboy said.

"Not all demons are things with horns, claws, red eyes, and have a hunger for flesh. I thought you, of all people, would know that." Spawn said.

"I do. I just wanted to make sure you know that. Not everyone has the same definition of what makes a demon a demon." Dante said.

"If we had this conversation a few years ago, I would have thought differently. But after a recent experience in Scorpion and Sub-Zero's world, I see things differently now. Now I know not all things created in hell are evil. Just as how some creatures we consider people are more devilish than actual devils." Spawn said while pointing to Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

"And what about you three?" Dante asked the others.

"I'm fine with his plan. Mainly cause, in the end, it will let me take a break where I don't have to worry about some shit stirring trouble." Hellboy answered. "And don't worry your little head; I know what demons need a bullet in their head."

"And you two?" Dante asked Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

"It's a bit of a long story. But to keep it simple, we have worked alongside creatures from the NetherRealm, which is our version of hell." Scorpion answered.

"We were even demons, or Revenants as we call them, at one point. We know which ones need to be killed and which ones that need to be saved/rescued." Sub-Zero added.

"So what do you say, Dante? You in?" Spawn asked.

"Yeah, I'm in. Sounds fun." Dante answered, surprising everyone.

"Huh. I wasn't expecting you to agree so quickly." Spawn said.

"Yeah, Me neither." Hellboy added.

"Eh, you already had me. I just needed to make sure we were all on the same page. Plus, this sounds like fun and a good way to take my mind off certain things." Dante explained.

"Alright then. Let's get going. We still need to pick up a few others before we begin." Spawn said as the portal appeared.

"Who are we picking up this time?" Hellboy asked.

"A girl named Rachel Roth. But she goes by the name Raven."

"What's special about her?" Sub-Zero asked.

"She is the daughter of an inter-dimensional demon called Trigon who sought to take over the universe."

"Huh, sort of like me. But what makes you think she will help us?" Dante asked.

"There are many reasons why she would help us. First off, she hates her father and wants nothing to do with him. Trigon has some form of influence on her, and she has been trying not to let it consume her. So far, she's been successful and, on occasion, has managed to break free. But it never lasts. To put it plain and simple, she wants him and anything related to him gone."

"Couldn't she get others to help her?" Scorpion asked.

"Raven tried. On multiple occasions. But everyone she tried asked for help wrote her off or rejected her because they sensed demonic energy or some shit coming from her. She had to grab some friends to fend off one of her father's attacks. They were successful but nearly died in the process. Raven cares for her friends. They are family to her, and she doesn't want them to get killed."

"So you're going to manipulate her?" Hellboy asked with a glare.

"No. Like with the rest of you, I'm offering her the chance to join us. She doesn't have to accept. If she says no, we move on to the next one. If she agrees, good."

"Alright. But we're watching you." Dante said.

"Sure you are. Now, let's get going. The portal isn't going to stay open forever." Spawn said as everyone entered the portal.

Jump City


"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." A relatively young lady wearing a purple cloak said.

But what would catch anybody's immediate attention was the fact that the lady was floating. However, despite Raven's best efforts, she couldn't concentrate or ease her mind. And the reason was the sudden surge of demonic influence, which told Raven that her 'father' was trying to control her again. Sighing, Raven got out of her meditative stance as she knew she wasn't going to be able to concentrate or clear her mind now.

"Might as well find something else to pass the time. Perhaps Beast Boy is free." Raven said as she admired the sight of Jump City. However, she shut her eyes when the view suddenly changed to that of a Jump City in ruins with people screaming. While Raven knew it was only a vision of a possible future that she and others could prevent, the agonized screams and burning buildings still hurt. Sighing, she opened her eyes and smiled when the peaceful sight returned. However, she became tense and readied herself when she felt a sudden surge of anger and fury. But it wasn't one she was familiar with. Turning around, Raven saw an unfamiliar portal open with five figures she had never seen before exiting. "Who are you five?"

"Relax, young one. We mean you no harm." Sub-Zero said, hoping to calm down Raven.

"Yeah. We five are just some folks that have a proposition for you." Hellboy added.

"One that you don't have to accept." Dante said.

"What is it?" Raven asked.

"We're on a mission to purge hell and create a new one where the most vile of beings can burn for all eternity." Spawn answered. "Like your father."

"You know of Trigon?" Raven asked, surprised.

"Not directly. But names can get around."

"But how do I know you're not agents or servants Trigon sent to bring me back?" Raven asked, getting into a fighting stance.

"We wouldn't be talking otherwise."

"Then you clearly haven't met some of the agents that worked for Trigon." Raven said, remembering Deathstroke.

"Then what do we got to do to prove we're not his minions?" Hellboy asked.

"You have to do nothing. Trigon's powers have a distinct energy to them. If I can't sense them, then I know you here of your own free will. Give me a second." Raven said before closing her eyes. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

"Uh, what's she doing?" Hellboy asked.

"Not sure. Never seen this before." Dante said before turning to Scorpion and Sub-Zero. "What about you two? Ever seen anything like this?"

"Yes. She's channeling some of her more powerful magical abilities or spells. Some spells require only a word or action while others require concentration and time." Sub-Zero answered.

"I take it you two had some encounters with wizards." Hellboy said.

"Wizards, sorcerers, deities, you name it. We had encounters with all of them." Sub-Zero answered.

"Some of us had more personal than others." Scorpion muttered, remembering his encounters with Quan Chi.

"Quan Chi? Never heard of the name, but for some reason, I already hate the guy it belongs to." Hellboy said.

"And let's hope you will never meet him." Sub-Zero said as Raven finished and opened her eyes.

"Alright. Done." She said.

"And?" Spawn asked, impatient.

"You're not servants or agents of Trigon." Raven answered with a glare.

"I told you."

"I know."

"We could have saved some time if you just believed us."

"But it doesn't hurt to be safe." Dante interrupted.

"Especially when deceivers like Quan Chi and Shinnok exist." Scorpion added.

"So, now that you know, what's your answer?" Spawn asked, irritated.

"About your proposition? I'm going to need a bit more before I can answer." Raven answered.

"Fine. But there's not much more to it. We plan on purging everyone's respective hells. Then, we create a new one. A hell where those that spew lies, make false promises, and would love for nothing more than the opportunity to destroy everything just for their sick, twisted pleasure." Spawn said.

"Sounds like a place Trigon and so many others belong. But what's the catch? There's always a catch. And what do I get out of it?"

"Well, it's not really a catch. The only thing is that we're going to be gone for a while since hell ain't small. And we got multiple ones to cleanse." Hellboy answered.

"And by helping put the scum there, you can rest easy knowing your friends and family are safe." Spawn added.

"At least from that end and for now." Dante finished.

"Tempting. I'm guessing that I can't tell anyone else." Raven said.

"Yeah. Both for safety and convenience."

"Alright. I except. When do we leave?"

"Right now. We still have others to get." Spawn answered.

"How many more do we need to get?" Hellboy asked.

"Three others." Spawn answered as the portal opened, with them entering a second later.



"Where are we this time?" Dante asked as they exited the portal and looked around.

"A place called the Wildwoods." Spawn answered.

"Never heard of it." Hellboy answered.

"The name sounds familiar, but I can't place my finger on it." Scorpion said.

"Wouldn't surprise me. It's a location in Norse Mythology, which would mean we're in a different universe altogether." Raven said.

"Honestly, that's the least weird thing that's ever happened to me." Hellboy said.

"Who are we recruiting this time?" Sub-Zero asked.

"And where is he/she?" Raven asked.

"His name is Kratos, and he lives in a cabin about three miles up north from here." Spawn answered.

"Does he live with anyone, or is he alone?" Dante asked.

"That's sort of complicated to answer." Spawn answered.

"How so?" Sub-Zero asked.

"He had a wife and has a kid."

"What happened to them? Did they die?" Scorpion asked, worried, as he knew the feeling of losing one's family.

"Well, the wife died from unknown causes. The son is alive, but he's not here. He's on an adventure of sorts."

"And he let his kid go alone?" Hellboy asked.

"Yeah, because it's something the kid must do himself. It's his path, not the father's path."

"Hopefully, the kid is alright." Raven said. "But that means Kratos is alone."

"Not exactly. That's why I said it was a bit complicated. He lives with someone he now sees as his brother. Granted, it's just the head. I don't know his name, though. All I do know is that he's a Celtic fea, and some consider him to be the smartest man alive."

"I knew I should have paid more attention to some mythology classes." Hellboy said.

"You can gripe about that later. Let's go. We're wasting time." Spawn said, annoyed, before heading north with the others following.

Kratos' Cabin

"You think Atreus is doing fine?" Kratos asked as he stoked the fires.

"I'm sure, brother. He's a smart kid. He's got your will and his mother's smarts. You taught him everything he needed to know that you could provide. The rest he has to find out on his own. Don't worry." Mimir assured.

"I know. It's just-"

"It's understandable, brother. He's your son. Your flesh and blood. It's completely reasonable that you would be worried for him and his safety."

"You're right." Kratos sighed as he focused on stoking the wood to keep the fire going. However, he stopped when they heard light bickering.

"You hear that, brother?" Mimir asked.

"Yes." Kratos answered as he got up and grabbed Leviathan and the Draupnir Spear. But as he walked the door, Kratos became increasingly confused as the bickering continued.

"Well, whoever they are, they just lost the element of surprise. That is if they were planning on launching a surprise attack."

"I don't think they are." Kratos said as he holstered his weapons. He then opened the door, looked outside, and saw six mysterious figures walking toward his home.

"What do you see, brother?" Mimir asked, curious.

"We have company." Kratos answered before quickly moving back to the table, grabbing Mimir, and tieing him to his belt.

"And here I thought we were strange. But this takes it."

"Indeed." Kratos agreed as the strangers arrived.

"Do they always argue?" Hellboy asked, annoyed.

"Constantly. But unlike others I had met, there's a reason why they argue so much." Spawn answered.

"At least they have a reason for arguing." Raven said, equally annoyed.

"Uh, excuse me. Are you all lost?" Mimir asked, getting their attention.

"No. We're right where we need to be." Spawn answered.

"And why's that?" Kratos asked, curious.

"We're looking for you, Kratos."

"For what reason?" Kratos asked, readying himself to defend himself and his brother.

"We're recruiting allies for a quest that would benefit everyone and their worlds." Raven answered.

"Care to hear about it?" Dante asked.

"Benefit in what way?" Kratos asked.

"In a way that means everyone has one less place to worry about in the future." Spawn answered.


"We should at least hear them out, brother." Mimir said.

"I suppose." Kratos agreed, as he knew enemies could come from anywhere. And if what they said was true, then it would mean he would have one less place to worry about in the future. "Alright. Let's hear it."

"What do you six plan on doing?" Mimir asked.

"We plan on purging all hells. Not just yours but our respective ones as well. Every level." Spawn answered.

"There are multiple hels? I thought there were only a few?" Kratos asked, confused.

"Actually, brother, there are multiple versions of hel. And I'm not referring to different religions. There are worlds outside of our own." Mimir said, surprising Kratos.

"Then how come I've never heard of it or found any writings about it?"

"There's a good reason for that. You see, creating gateways into other worlds is far more complicated than creating a doorway into the other realms. Even if you have the status or power of a god, you're not guaranteed to have the ability to open a door to other worlds. That's why most gods keep only a record of the possibility of other worlds but gave up on visiting them."

"Good. The last thing we need is other gods like those that we fought intervening." Kratos said before turning back to the others. "What else can you tell me about your quest? I doubt you're only going to cleanse the hells."

"There is. After we purge the hells, we'll create a new one. A hell where those that spew lies, make false promises, and willfully kill others' families and loved ones for their sick, twisted pleasure and benefit can burn for all eternity." Spawn answered.

"A hell like that is something some people definitely belong in. But what's the catch? In all my time in existence, I've learned there is always a catch." Mimir asked.

"Not really a catch. The quest is just going to take us a while since all of our hells are massive." Dante answered.

"That's it?" Kratos asked skeptically.

"Well, what this guy failed to mention is that we're cleansing hell, not rampaging through it and killing everything on sight. From where I'm from, not all demons are bad. Some repented, and some wanted to help humanity. Those we spare."

"And before you ask, we know that you have a child." Sub-Zero said.

"While you cannot bring him along, you can leave at any time you want to go and take care of him." Scorpion added.

"Tempting. If we accept, when do we leave?" Kratos asked.

"Now. We still have two others to recruit." Spawn answered. "So, are you two in?"

"Give me a moment to discuss this with my brother." Kratos answered before closing the door. "What do you think?"

"A lot, really. Something like this is rarer than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And yes, we will be gone for a presumably long time, but it will be worth it as we will have one less thing to worry about for the future. Plus, with all of those vile beings gone, there would be less things that could potentially harm Atreus in the future." Mimir answered.

"That is true. I'm just worried about how long this adventure will last. They're right. Our hel is massive, and theirs is probably the same. It could take us years."

"I don't doubt that, and I understand why you're worried about that. But you don't have to worry. Those two fellows said we can leave any time we want."

"Right. So, what do you say? Should we agree?"

"I think we should."

"Alright." Kratos said before opening the door.

"Well?" Spawn asked, impatient.

"We accept."

"Good. Is there anything you need to get before we leave?"

"Yes. Give us a few moments." Kratos answered before closing the door again. The others heard some rumbling for a few seconds before the door opened. "Alright. We're ready."

"Good. We wasted enough time already." Spawn said as another portal opened.

"Impatient one he is." Mimir commented.

"You have no idea." Hellboy said.

"So, who are we recruiting next?" Kratos asked.

"A demonic bounty hunter." Spawn answered as they stepped through the portal.


"Prepare to suffer the sting of Ghost Rider's power! Prepare to know the true meaning of hell!" A demonic figure said to the person he was holding up that had a history of killing the elderly for fun before robbing their families and homes.

"NNNNNOOOOOOO!" The figure screamed as he began to feel all the pain he had inflicted on others for the past two decades. Satisfied, the demonic figure dropped the man before changing back to human form.

"Sometimes I think humanity is worse than the demons in hell." Johnathon Blaze said, disgusted with what he saw. "I know that Ketch was right in that the only way to stop Lilith was to let Mephisto take back his throne in hell. But if I was still in charge, I could've made a new hell for bastards like this guy. The world would definitely be a better place without them."

"Maybe you still can." A new voice said, catching Johnn off-guard.

"Who said that?" Johnny asked, ready to let the spirit take over as a portal opened.

"Just some people that think the same." Hellboy answered as he and the others exited the portal.

"Who are all of you?" Johnny asked, resisting the urge to let the Rider take over when he sensed the nearly overwhelming stench of sin coming from them. However, what caught his immediate attention was how they felt about it. While he could always tell what sins the individual had committed, he could also tell if the person was innocent or evil. Not only that, Johnny could tell if the individual still needed punishment or if they felt sorry for what they had done and have repented or are repenting. And right now, he could tell that they all genuinely regretted what they had done in their past are trying to atone for their actions. Still, that does not mean he can trust them right off the back.

That's how he got stuck with the Spirit of Vengence in the first place.

"Just some blokes that aim to make our worlds a better place." Hellboy answered.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Johnny asked.

"By clearing out our respective hells of the demons that live there." Raven began.

"But not all of them since not everything there is pure evil; at least, that's how it is where I'm from." Dante added.

"Then we create a new hell for all of them to burn for all eternity." Spawn finished.

"Like the gods and devils that did us wrong and sought to make others suffer for their pleasure." Kratos said.

"Kind of like the fella behind you." Mimir added.

"I take it you are Mimir." Johnny said.

"I am. How did you know?"

"I heard tales of a smart figure prominent in Norse Mythology."

"Ay. That would be me."

"You're not taken back that he's only a head?" Raven asked.

"I've seen far stranger. So strange that this is actually normal." Johnny answered with a shrug before turning to the others. "But I'm more interested in the rest of you."

"Yeah, we're not exactly your average people." Hellboy said.

"In what way?"

"Well, that varies for each of us." Raven began. "My name is Raven, and I am the 'daughter' of one of the demons in the universe I am from. The demon that claims to be my father is called Trigon."

"So you're part demon?"

"To an extent."

"And the rest of you?"

"I am Sub-Zero. I'm what's known as a cryomancer." Sub-Zero said before creating a sword out of ice.

'Iceman would like to meet him.' Johnny thought before turning to Scorpion. "What about you, palette swap? What's your story, and why can I sense demonic energy from you?"

"I am Scorpion. And the demonic energy you sense is because I used to be a revenant." Scorpion said, pissed at the nickname.

"Used to? But I still sense it on you and a little on Sub-Zero."

"Yes. We were both at one point revenants, with Scorpion being one for a longer amount of time." Sub-Zero answered.

"While Sub-Zero is free entirely, I am not. Remnants of my revenant persona still haunt me and are still a part of me. It is why I still have access to some of my powers."

"Can it overwhelm and take control of you?"

"When I first became human again, yes. Now, no. I have learned to control it and use it to help others."

"How long did that take?"

"A few years and with help."

"Lucky." Johnny muttered before turning to Hellboy. "And you?"

"Nothing fancy like them. I'm just a half-demon. And like Raven, I'm the son of the demon called Azzael. And, like her, I rejected him. I was even supposed to take his place at one point, but I turned it down. It's not me. I'd much prefer to protect humanity than destroy it." Hellboy answered.

"Noble." Johhny said before turning to Dante. "And you?"

"I'm Dante, and same like them. But from what little I know, my father was more righteous. He even sealed another devil inside the netherworld."

"Some group." Johhny said before turning to Spawn. "And you? I take it you're the leader of this group?"

"More or less."

"The one who orchestrated this whole thing."


"So what's your plan that made you gather two ninjas, three half-demons, Mimir, the Ghost of Sparta, and yourself?"

"Wait. You know who I am?" Kratos asked, surprised.

"Only a little. You would be surprised at what ends up in hell, even if it's not the hell of that dimension or universe." Johhny explained before turning back to Spawn. "Well?"

"Purge hell. Then create a new one where we can put devils like the ones that damned us so they can burn for all eternity." Spawn answered. "And by doing this, no one has to trade one devil for another ever again."

"Alright. I'll join you guys."

"Good. Always could use the extra help." Spawn said.

"What can he do?" Kratos asked, curious.

"A lot. And you probably don't want to get on my bad side." Johhny warned. "So when do we leave?"

"Now. There's still one last person to recruit." Spawn answered. "But before we do, I have to warn all of you about this guy."

"Why?" Raven asked, curious.

"Ever heard of this expression? I've been to hell and back."

"Yeah. What about it?" Dante asked.

"Only half of it applies to this fucker. He went to hell and stayed there. And he's been slaughtering demons by the millions ever since."

"When did he start killing demons?"

"I doubt even he remembers. All I'm saying is to try not to piss this guy off. Now let's go." Spawn answered as the portal opened, with them stepping through a moment later.

Taras Nabad

"Damn. This place has definitely seen better days." Johhny said as they exited the portal and observed their surroundings.

"And unless something changes, I don't think it will be around much longer." Hellboy said as he backed away from the ledge of a bridge as parts broke off and fell into the abyss below.

"Where are we?" Sub-Zero asked.

"A place called Taras Nabad." Spawn answered.

"Was this place a capital or a fortress?" Dante asked as he looked around and noticed several structures resembling bunkers and others resembling buildings where officials would gather.

"A bit of both, but leaning more toward capital."

"Seems like a few wars happened." Kratos said, noticing claw marks and burns on some nearby pillars.

"That or a surprise invasion from a few legions of invaders." Mimir added.

"Do any of you recognize these writings?" Scorpion asked, getting the others' attention. They turned around and noticed that Scorpion was standing next to a doorway that had strange symbols on it.

"No. I don't recognize any of them." Kratos said, with the others agreeing.

"If we had time, I could possibly use my powers to translate them. But it would take some time." Raven said.

"Then don't bother. It probably would only say what it once led to." Spawn said.

"So what now, smart guy? The bridge is out, and I doubt any sort of construction workers are coming any time soon." Hellboy asked.

"Not to mention, I doubt the guy we're looking for, or anyone really, has been here in the last few hundred years." Dante added.

"I can use my powers to lift one of the platforms with us on it to the courtyard down there." Raven said.

"Better than walking." Hellboy said as everyone moved to stand on the platform.

"Alright. Hang on." Raven said as she used her powers to lift the platform and have it take them to the courtyard.

Five Minutes Later

"Are those kings or knights?" Johhny asked as they landed in the courtyard and saw massive statues of mysterious figures.

"The one at the end must be a king, while the others are knights." Hellboy answered.

"Brother, is everything alright?" Mimir asked when he saw Kratos grabbing his Leviathan Ax.

"No. Something is coming. I don't know where." Kratos answered.

"Yeah. And it ain't small." Hellboy added as everyone readied themselves.

"And it's not alone." Dante said.

"Get ready. This isn't going to be a small fight." Sub-Zero said as the air grew tense. And as it did, everyone could feel demonic energy slowly surrounding them.

"Here they come." Scorpion said as numerous demons of all shapes and sizes appeared.

"Looks like we hit the jackpot." Dante said as he readied himself. But before anyone could do anything, all the demons suddenly started shaking as green tendrils attached themselves to them. And not even a second later, all the demons exploded in a bloody explosion, with guts raining down all over the place.

"Well. That happened." Raven said, unsure of what had just happened.

"Yeah. But we're not done yet." Johhny said as they heard heavy footsteps coming toward them. Turning around, they saw a mysterious figure wearing strange yet battle-worn armor toward them.

"Is he the one we're looking for?" Scorpion asked.

"Yeah. Stay quiet, and let me do the talking." Spawn answered as he stepped forward. However, he nearly took a step back when the Doom Slayer turned his gaze toward him. And there was a good reason for it. While most would leave their victim after defeating them or let them retreat, the Doom Slayer wasn't most others. He would kill them and ensure that their death was painful as possible. And the only reason he wasn't attacking them now was because they didn't appear as demons. "Doom Slayer."

"Uh, can he speak?" Hellboy asked, curious when the Doom Slayer nodded but didn't say anything.

"He can. But he does when he wants." Spawn answered before turning back to the Doom Slayer, who was getting impatient. "Listen. I'll keep this brief, mainly cause I'm getting tired of repeating myself. We have a proposition for you, Doom Slayer. That is if you're interested."

The Slayer let out a small grunt before motioning for them to continue.

"We're planning on purging all of our hells and then creating a new one where all the liars and scum can rot forever, including the ones that nearly brought your Earth to ruins."

"I think he's asking why not just shoot them as it would save everyone the hassle." Mimir said when the Slayer motioned toward his Super Shotgun.

"There isn't always something stopping them from leaving again. Or someone else taking them out." Spawn answered.

"That is true. Scorpion and I are good examples of that. Where we are from, our hell is called the NetherRealm. And we, along with many others, have escaped several times." Sub-Zero said.

"I have escaped hell where I come from a few times as well. There wasn't anything stopping me or others from escaping to wreak havoc again." Kratos said.

"And for me, hell isn't even a special place. Anyone can go and leave." Dante said.

"So if we don't do this, the demons and people that belong there will continue to threaten all of existence." Raven said.

"Not just demons and people, but gods as well. I should clarify. We're not creating a new hell just for demons. No. We're creating it so we can put all that spew lies, make false promises, hurt others for their own pleasure, and enjoy seeing others suffer there to burn for all eternity." Spawn said.

"But we're not killing everything on sight. Some of us are examples of demons or at one being demons that turned good." Johhny added.

"So, Slayer. What do you say? Care to join us?" Spawn asked. The Slayer put away his Super Shotgun before taking out what appeared to be the hilt of a sword while nodding.

"Uh, what's that?" Raven asked. However, the Slayer answered her question by gripping the hilt tightly, causing the Crucible to activate with its glowing energy blade emerging. "Alright then."

"Good to have you onboard, Slayer." Spawn said as the Slayer deactivated the Crucible.

"What now?" Hellboy asked.

"Now, we purge the hells. Starting with theirs since they have multiple levels filled with demons that have access to magic." Spawn answered as a portal opened.

"Then let's get going." Johhny said before turning into the Rider. "A million souls are in need of punishment."

"I hear that." Hellboy said as he and the others entered the portal. All except Spawn.

"Get ready, Malebolgia. You and all those other devils are about to face your long-awaited punishment." Spawn said as he entered the portal, with it closing right after.