Scream - MG Style!

The party was going at full gear. Music blasting, the dance floor jam packed with people. The strobe effect of the disco lights making the people appear as phantoms performing some eerie dance on some Halloween night.

F4 was hanging out opposite the DJ by the makeshift bar having drinks. San Cai, Xiao You was also by the bar.

"Ah Si, I would've never thought in a million years you could've thought up of something like this!" said Mei Zhou.

"Ah Si, sometimes you truly are amazing!" added Xi Men.

Hua Ze Lei was staring at the flashing strobe lights, lost in his thoughts.

Dao Ming Si looking smug glances over towards San Cai then said aloud,

"Yeah, well, SOME people have it and some don't. I have it all!"

San Cai rolls her eyes and shakes her head, and then she tells Xaio You,

"If his head swells any bigger I think his neck will collapse and he'll choke to death!"

Xiao You starts giggling madly.


The party was held in the Tung Jing Building on the western part of the campus.

It was a twelve-story building with the first three floors reserved for administration and the rest for classes.

The elevators, only 2 banks, are located in the center of the building. There are 2 cases of stairs one on the opposite side of the other, one on the north side of the building and the other south.

On the 12th floor is the gymnasium.

This was where the party was being held.


Dao Ming Si turned to get his drink and when he turned around Xi Men and Mei Zhou wasn't by his side. He looked around and spotted Xi Men was dancing with Xiao You and Mei Zhou was dancing with San Cai.

He squints his eyes and feels his blood rushing to his head. His heart was burning with envy and jealousy because he can't dance. After the song finished Mei Zhou and Xi Men came back to Dao Ming Si's side. Another number started and Xiao You and San Cai started dancing with each other.

"Yo, Ah Si! Here's your chance! Go dance with San Cai!" said Mei Zhou.

Dao Ming Si made a face and didn't say anything he just stood and stared at San Cai with admiration and desire in his eyes, watching her dance. He downs his drink and turns and gestures for the bar tender to give him another drink.

When he turned around with his drink Xi Men said,

"Well, if you don't ask her quick one of those two guys or maybe both may wind up taking San Cai home instead of you!"

Dao Ming Si's eyes bulged when he saw San Cai was dancing with not one but two guys. Xiao You walked back to the bar not wanting to dance with anyone else.

Dao Ming Si grabbed Xiao You by the arm and pulled her to him surprising her by his action.

"Who are those two guys? Does San Cai know them?" he demanded of Xiao You.

Dao Ming Si's look and tone frightened Xiao You who doesn't answer him.

Dao Ming Si shook her, "Answer me girl!"

Xi Men angered by Dao Ming Si's inconsiderate roughness came between him and Xiao You.

"Ah Si! What's wrong with you? You're scaring her! Let her go!" Xi Men said angrily.

Dao Ming Si glared at Xi Men then looked back at Xiao You. Then he threw her into Xi Men's arms then stormed to where San Cai was dancing with the two guys.

San Cai was having a glorious time. Dancing is so liberating she's thinking and these guys are good dancers!

All of a sudden a pair of hands reach out and yanked the two away from San Cai.

Shocked she spun around.

Dao Ming Si had the two guys by their front shirts and lifted them until they were on their tiptoes. He was shaking them like rag dolls.

She hit him in the back of the head and he drops them and spun around.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" She screamed over the music.

"What? You like to dance with strangers? You want to dance? Dance with me!" he grabs her hand and head towards the dance floor.

She breaks his grip and pushes him away.

"I am not your property or something to use as you please! And don't you tell me what to do!" she yelled.

Then she went and helped the 2 guys up and went back to the dance floor with them and started dancing with them. In fact she deliberately gyrated her hips against one of the guy and put her arms around the other guy and starts moving her body against him.

She was doing this deliberately knowing Dao Ming Si is watching.

Dao Ming Si is trembling with rage. If San Cai would turn and look at Dao Ming Si at that moment she would've been terrified because under the strobe lights, he looked demonically deranged.

When Xi Men put his hand on his shoulder he turned slowly to look at Xi Men. Xi Men actually jumped back a step seeing the look on Dao Ming Si's face.

Dao Ming Si turned and stormed through the people blocking his way. People seeing the look in his face got out of the way fast. He passed the pastry table and headed towards the stairs.

Bai He and Qian Hui hanging out by the bar had watched Dao Ming Si's exchange with San Cai with interest. Now that Dao Ming Si stormed off Qian Hui nudged Bai He who sprayed some breath freshener into her mouth, straightened her shoulders and followed Dao Ming Si out.

Someone by the pastry table was getting some cake when Dao Ming Si stormed past pushing people out of the way. He was startled and watched Dao Ming Si's retreating back and shuddered because he caught a glimpse of Dao Ming Si's face. Then he turned back to get his cake.

A puzzled look came over his face.

"Hey, anyone seen the cake knife?" he asked and searched around. He could've sworn it was there a minute ago.

To be continued.