Scream – MG Style!               Chapter 5 –  Darkness

"Now where did he go, he was right behind me when we were walking to you!" said San Cai.

Xi Men looking worried scanned around then he spots someone.

"Xiao You! Xiao You!" and runs over to her.

She ran into his arms and he held her tightly.

"I'm scared Xi Men! What's going on?" she asked him.

"I don't know." He whispered.

Mei Zhou and San Cai came over.

Mei Zhou said, "Where the hell is Ah Si? Now Lei is missing too?"

"Don't know about Ah Si but Lei probably went to the bathroom or something! Right now let's keep everyone together while we get to the bottom of this! We don't need everyone running around in the dark and falling down stairs breaking their necks!"

Said Xi Men.

Xi Men walked over to the crowd of people who were milling around and muttering. Some of the people were discovering that their cell phones weren't working.

"Listen up people! I don't know what's going on but lets be calm about this! It seems our cell phones went offline for some reason and the elevators are not working!"

People groaned when they heard this.

Xi Men held up his hand to quiet everyone.

"Anybody knows where the coach's offices are on this floor?"  Xi Men asked.

A few people raised their hands.

"Okay, you!" pointing to a guy.

"Go see if there is a phone in there and call somebody downstairs or anybody and tell them about what's happening!"

The guy nods and gets up and leaves.

"I know this sounds crazy but anyone have anything like a flashlight?" asked Xi Men.

A few people laughed, but a few hands went up. It seems a few of the people have those little key chain lights for opening doors in a dark place. Three people had a mini flashlight.

"Okay, it's good to know we have at least something. Can those people come forward please!" said Xi Men.


Hua Ze Lei was in the 12th floor hallway that surrounded the gymnasium. The lights were out. Including the emergency lights.

But it was comfortably lit because the hallway was surrounded by glass that lets you see out so the moonlight is filtering through. While looking out he made an observation, the other building lights and the distant buildings are on so there's no blackout. Most curious he thought.

He was telling the few people he saw to go into the gym. He walked the entire hallway telling everyone to go in.

Then he went to the northern stairwell.

When he opened the door it was pitch black in the stair well.

The blackness seems to be beckoning to him, sucking at him, like a black hole.

"Hello! Is anyone there?" his voice echoing in the stairwell.

He was pulling back when something seemed to jump out of the darkness.

Hua Ze Lei's martial reflexes kicked in.

Both his hands moved in a circular motion coming in contact with the person's lead arm.

Lei right hand immediately grabbed the forearm and his left hand controlling the person's wrist spun in place, moving in the direction of the charging person, flowing with him. Then he immediately spun in the other direction twisting the arm he was holding.

The person has to flip or his arm would be broken.

When the person smashed face down on the floor Hua Ze Lei leaned his left knee on the person's back and his right knee on the person's elbow immobilizing the arm. And he's also twisting the person's wrist painfully.

"Yeeargh!" the man screamed painfully.

"Young master Hua Z-Ze Lei! I-I'm s-sorry! I thought y-you were someone e-else! Ooow!"

Hua Ze Lei released the man and brought him up by the scruff of his neck.

"I-I'm sorry Young Master Lei! In the darkness you look like my friend! I thought I would scare him." The man was holding his sore wrist.

Hua Ze Lei snickered then said in his soft voice,

"Listen, and get yourself inside the gym. There seems to be no power anywhere so it's better we all stick together!"

"Oh!" was all the man said and started walking to the gym but he stopped and called behind him, "Hey! Come on! You going to stay in the dark all night?"

A girl came out of the stairwell and bowed sheepishly to Hua Ze Lei who was smiling in amusement.

"One moment! Did any of you see Dao Ming Si?" asked Hua Ze Lei.

"No, we didn't see Dao Ming Si. And we were here for quite some time! Though other people did go down. Maybe he went down the other stairwell." said the man.

Hua Ze Lei nods his thanks and gestures for the man and his girl to go to the gym.

He then heads toward the southern stairwell.

The doors are right before him and he reaches to open it.

But for some reason he hesitates.

He girds himself and opens the door slowly.

Pitch black yawns at him.

Hua Ze Lei closes his eyes and sniffs. Then he concentrates on stilling himself and listens.


He yells into the stairwell, "Anyone there?"

The only sounds are his echoes.

"Ah Si! If you're there come up to the gym!" he yells.

Only silence greets him.

He contemplated going into the darkness but thought better of it.

Hua Ze Lei released the door and went back in the gym.


San Cai spotted Hua Ze Lei first and shouted his name and ran towards him.

Xi Men, Mei Zhou and Xiao You went to meet him also.

"Anything? Did you see or hear from Ah Si?" asked Mei Zhou.

Hua Ze Lei held his finger to his mouth to tell Mei Zhou to keep it quiet but some people overheard.

"Dao Ming Si's missing?"

"What happened to Dao Ming Si?"

"What's going on?"

People were muttering.

"No, I didn't see him. The stairwells have no lights. For some reason the emergency lights are not coming on." Said Lei.

Xi Men was thinking.

"Did that guy come back from the coach's office yet? No? Maybe he got lost in the dark, who else knows where it is?" a girl raised her hand.  "Okay you go check and if you see him both of you hook up and get back here." Xi Men said.

"In the meantime, Mei Zhou and I will go down both to look for Dao Ming Si and also if we can make it down to the first floor to get some help! Lei, you and San Cai stay here and help keep control of the situation!" Xi Men gestured to two of the people who have the mini flashlights.

He takes one and gives one to Mei Zhou.

They both turn it on testing it. They both work.

Xiao You came forward.

"Xi Men let me go with you!" she asked, fear and pleading was in her eyes.

Xi Men went to her and hugged her.

"Xiao You, it will be very dark down there and you might slow me down. Stay here with everyone else. Don't worry! Lei and San Cai are here also!" Then he kissed her forehead and gently let her go.

Xi Men looked to Mei Zhou.

"You ready?" asked Xi Men.

"I was born ready!" said Mei Zhou with his dazzling cocky smile.

"Both of you! Please be careful!" said San Cai.

Xi Men nods and Mei Zhou winks at her.

Lei hold the thumbs up sign for the both of them.

Xi Men and Mei Zhou then looked towards each other, gave a brotherly shake of hands then said together, "Take care!" Then they separated.

Xi Men heads to the southern stairwell. Mei Zhou to the northern stairwell.

When they both reach the stairwell doors they open it to the gaping darkness.

They both turn on their flashlights and stepped into the stairwell.

The oppressive weight of the darkness and silence seeming to want to swallow their little light.

They carefully descended.

To be continued…