Impressions of Three Men in Black : A Poly!Volturi Kings Tale

The Volturi Masters find a human stray whom they take into the castle and into their care. On Marcus' suggestion, due to what his gift has shown him, the three Masters begin to instruct the stray on what it means to be their mutual mate. What will she think of this when she finds out she is to be shared between three ancient but glorious vampires?

This is my first attempt at writing a Poly!Volturi Kings fanfiction. Comments welcome always, and thank you.

**In this tale, the two wives vanished ages ago, and are presumed dead, victims of the remaining members of the Romanian coven.**


The Arrival


The Volturi castle had been in place in Volterra since the 15th century, when it had been completed. The vampires in residence lived in underground chambers, out of the sight of prying human eyes. However, they were nothing like the catacomb-loving vampires of television. They wore expensive designer suits, and collected art and literature from times long past. They were cultured and educated, and very much valued their privacy.

So when Felix, the strongest of the Volturi guards, found a woman snooping around the garden, he hoisted her up and over his shoulder and carried her inside, kicking and screaming the entire way. Felix sped to the small throne room and set her down before the three chairs occupied by the vampires who had founded and led the Volturi coven for hundreds of years. Felix held the woman by her shoulders until she ceased struggling. Her fate would now be determined by the three Masters.

The woman scanned around the medieval looking room after discovering that struggling against the big tree behind her was a wasted effort. At least the three men sitting on the carved wooden chairs appeared normal. The longer she stared, Celeste had to admit maybe normal was not the right word. They looked more than beautiful, oddly pale, and still as statues. She narrowed her eyes, trying to see better. Could it be...were their eyes red?

"Hello," she says, when she notices not one of them has said a word yet. "My name is Celeste Monroe. Look, I'm sorry if I trespassed...well, I did trespass, but I am sorry. I didn't steal anything, so can I go now?"

"I'm afraid not, my dear," the man seated on the middle chair replied simply.

"Look, I didn't mean to jump your wall. I don't know what came over me. I just had to...see your garden. I'm no criminal. I've never even gotten a traffic ticket." Who were these men in black, and what was this place? The castle was obviously old, but then Volterra was old.

Although something about the man who spoke set Celeste trembling, her gaze never wavered from him. He was unlike anyone she had ever seen, but she definitely did not care for his condescending attitude. The man sitting to his right leaned over and held out his hand to the man in the middle, who held it briefly, before letting it go with a sigh. "Are you sure, Marcus?"

"You've seen it for yourself, Aro."

So she had two names, Aro and Marcus. Celeste wondered what the man on the left with the blonde hair was called.

And just then, he spoke. "What is it, Aro?"

"Our brother says this young woman must stay with us, Caius."

"And why must we play hosts to a mere human?"

"Marcus has seen this mere human will be important to us. It has finally happened, brother, after all our waiting. This woman is to be our mate."

"Our mate?" Caius asked, seemingly pissed off.

"Perhaps she was drawn here under some compulsion. We are never sure how these things work, my brother, but they are difficult to ignore. It has been so very long since Sulpicia and Athenodora were destroyed."

"But all three of us? That's absurd!"

So the other man was called Caius. "You're damned right it's absurd. I'm not planning on staying here!" Celeste cried out loudly.

Aro rose from his chair and stepped down to walk over to the young woman. He gave Felix a quick glance and then held his hand out to the woman.

"Are you seriously wanting to shake my hand after telling me I'm your prisoner?" She watched him, still as a statue, waiting for her to comply. She huffed and gave him her hand. She now waited while he lowered his head over her hand with a sigh, and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he released her hand and walked slowly back to his chair, looking like he was thinking very hard.

"What the hell was that all about?" Celeste demanded.

Aro stopped and turned to face her. "You'd do better, my dear, to mind your manners. It will be easier for you to blend in." He continued to his chair, then turned and spoke to Felix. "Take our guest to one of the larger guest rooms, Felix. Have a care with her. No harm must come to her, understood?"

"Yes, Master Aro." Felix took the woman by the arm, whispering. "Please don't fight me, Miss Celeste. Now, let me show you to your room. I think you will find it more than pleasant, and if you're hungry, I'll get you some food."

"Wait! We still need to talk. I have questions..." Apparently, she had been dismissed, none of the seated men responding to her at all.

Celeste decided to go along with things for now. She was hungry, and had very little money left. "Thanks, Felix. I could use something to eat and drink, if that's alright."

As they left the room, Celeste could hear the raised voice of Caius, who was still seriously upset.

"Of course, Miss Celeste. I'll see to it." They finally reached a set of double wooden doors that Felix opened, stepping aside to let her in.

The moment she entered the large room, Celeste was impressed. It was outfitted with a king size bed, and side tables with nice lamps on each side of the bed. In the far corner by a window sat a desk and chair. An old-fashioned wardrobe with built in drawers sat against the right wall. Past that, Felix indicated the door that led into the bathroom. Celeste examined everything while Felix waited. The wardrobe was filled with clothing and shoes. How had that been accomplished in the short time she had been here?

On entering the bathroom, she found expensive toiletries, various essentials, and fluffy white towels hanging in the rack and piled under the sink. Celeste ran out to find Felix who was still waiting by the door.

"Felix, how did they do all this? I mean, is it for me, or did they plan on kidnapping a woman all along?"

The tall guard suppressed a smile, saying, "The Masters want you comfortable, Miss."

This building, the three strange men, the walking tree next to her, and now her room. Her room. Help came just when she needed it, so maybe a bit more gratitude was in order.

On the far wall sat a fireplace, already lit, and with a small supply of wood sitting to the right. A red velvet sofa sat in front of the fireplace. She sat on it, kicking off her shoes. She leaned back with her eyes closed, the crackling wood lending a comfort to the room. Why were these strange men being so generous with her? She stood and turned to the tall man she just noticed was also dressed in black. It was like Halloween in this place.

"Thank you, Felix. It's all lovely. I was almost without any resources, so despite everything, I am grateful. Please let your employers know I thank them."

"I will, and now, I will go fetch you some food and drink," he said with a small smile on his face.

"Felix, who are these men in black anyway?"

Felix smiled silently. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

While the walking tree was gone, Celeste went to the wardrobe to find something to wear. She really wanted to shower, but would wait until she ate.

Celeste found a knee-length white cotton dress with a tiny blue-flower print. She pulled it from the wardrobe and lay it on the bed. She found fresh underclothing in one of the drawers, and bending over, found one inch heels that would match the dress. Hopefully, she would impress the three men with her selections. Apparently they didn't approve of cussing or having demands made of them. As long as they weren't misogynist pigs, she would try to adapt to their demands until they freed her. She would show them all that she was smart and had some talents besides. Bad luck just seemed to follow her.

These people had money, she decided. The only disturbing thing was, when she looked out the one window of the bedroom, she saw she up three floors. No way would she be able to jump and survive with all her limbs intact. That more or less decided against any escape plans.

Celeste decided to lie down on the bed and relax. It was so comfortable or she was just very tired, and sleep quickly took her, that is, until she heard several 'harrumphs' hovering over her. She opened her eyes to see tree guy standing over her carrying a tray full of food.

Celeste sat up, smelling cooked meat. She went to sit at the desk and waited for Felix to set the tray in front of her. He pulled a small bottle of wine from his pocket, and opened it. Pouring it into an empty glass, he gave her a smile.

"The chef thought you might you might be very hungry. Steak, potatoes, pasta and fresh bread. For dessert, chocolate cake."

Celeste looked up at Felix. "Thank you again. This will more than fill my empty stomach. Please thank your chef for me."

"Of course," Felix replied. He left the room, closing the doors behind him.

Celeste couldn't help making noises while she ate her meal, it was all so good. The wine was just sweet enough and delicious. But the cake...oh my god, she had to speak with their chef and get the recipe.

When the plates were empty, Celeste brushed her teeth, then decided to shower. She ran the water until it was just hot enough, then stripped and got in under the jets. While she washed, she wondered if perhaps her streak of bad luck was finally broken. Perhaps the men in black were going to be her good luck charms.

Reveling in the hot water, she washed her long dark brown hair, and just stood under the jets until her skin was bright pink.

Turning off the water, Celeste toweled off and wrapped the towel around her head. She went out into the room, and put on the new underwear and bra, and let the dress slide down over her body. She twirled in front of the Cheval oval mirror that sat next to the wardrobe. Not bad, she thought. She slipped on the shoes and brushed her hair into a high ponytail. She slipped on all the the rings she wore. She wondered if they would buy her some makeup. She put on a bit of eye liner, now down to a nub. She bit her lips and pinched her cheeks.

Celeste then paced the floor. Now what was she supposed to do?

As if in answer, she heard a knock on the door. Opening it, she found Felix and let him in.

His eyes looked her up and down, then turned to see the empty tray. He picked it up and started for the doors. "The Masters wish to see you, Miss Celeste."

"Oh. Do I look more presentable now, Felix?"

He smiled, trying not to stare again. "Yes, perfectly fine, Miss. Please follow me."

She followed him down the confusing mass of corridors until they reached the room she had first been brought to previously. He left her alone this time and returned to the kitchen.

The men in black seemingly hadn't moved, but were waiting for her.

Celeste decided to play the game by the rules they had set. She gave them a low curtsey, and bowed her head. When she looked up, Aro was standing before her, having moved impossibly fast. He held out his hand to her, lifting her from her curtsey.

"You are beautiful, my dear. Much more appropriate." He turned and spoke, his hand still holding hers. "Is she not perfection, my brothers."

Marcus peered at Celeste, admiring her simple beauty.

Caius' eyes darkened when they examined her. "Indeed, brother," was all he said, but his appreciation was apparent.

Aro turned back to Celeste. "Was your room all right?"

"Yes, I love it, thank you. The food was wonderful, and these clothes..." She lifted the skirts and let them fall.

"They suit you, my dear. Now the reason you are here, to put it simply, is you are our mate. Marcus has seen this tie between all of us."

"You Mormons?"

Caius looked at Aro while Marcus didn't bother to hide a smile. Aro gave Marcus a sharp look before turning to Caius. Then all three men stared down at the young woman. "No, my dear. We are not...Mormons. Neither are we human. The possibility of sharing a mate is always there for our kind."

She glanced up at Aro, then turned to the other two men. "The eyes."

Aro nodded. "You are very important to us, Celeste. We'll explain more later. I have no desire to overwhelm you right now."

"Humans have a saying," she said. "Two hearts beating as one. Can four hearts beat as one?"

"We will test that. Are you willing to try, my dear?"

Celeste looked up into the bright red eyes peering down at her. She felt captivated by those eyes that seemed to scrutinize her. It was insane, but what choice did she have. If it worked out, she'd never have to worry about anything ever again. But if it didn't work, she assumed her life would come to an end. "I'm willing to see what comes of this."

Aro kissed Celeste's cheek, then led her to Marcus. Celeste bent down for the quieter man to also kiss her while he clasped her small hand in his.

Lastly, Caius came over to them. His eyes never left hers while his fingers ghosted over her flushed cheeks. Then he leaned in and kissed her.

Aro had said overwhelmed. Celeste felt that wasn't even going to begin to cover her feelings.

A/N : So the three Volturi masters finally found their mate, someone they aren't sure will be suitable. Celeste will show them just how suitable she is. If anyone is going to be made over, it will be them.