This was what I originally wrote for the last chapter of C&C, but I decided to cut it since I didn't want to introduce a ton of characters in the last chapter.

Here it is as its own little snippet spinoff.

Harry pulls on James' prosthesis, having spotted a store with a broomstick in the window. A few of the redheaded boys are crowding around the window.

Harry pulls James over to join them as one of the older boys says something about playing Quidditch at Hogwarts.

"You go to Hogwarts?" Harry asks, instantly wary.

The youngest boy- James wonders if his parents actually named him Ronniekins- tears his eyes away from the broom to look at Harry. "You really are Harry Potter."

"Do you go to Hogwarts?" Harry asks.

"No, but I will when I'm older. You will too, won't you?"

"They take your parents away." Harry warns him, as if the boy's older brothers haven't told him anything about the school.

The twins both grin, and one says "No parents sounds like the best part. Do you play Quidditch, Harry?"

Harry nods, and soon they're talking as if they've always been friends. James catches the boys' names- Bill, Charlie, Fred, George and Ron- but can't keep track of who's who, except that Ronnie is the youngest.

One of them says "Dad's really into those muggle sports."

James notices Cooper watching from a distance, a hurt, rejected expression on his face. Meanwhile, Lila and the little girl seem to have become instant friends.

"You live with muggles, don't you?" asks Ronnie.

"Uh huh, and mutants and wizards and they're all superheroes." Harry tells them matter-of-factly.

"You're a hero." says one twin.

"I live with a werewolf now, too." Harry adds as an afterthought. "In a home school."

"A werewolf?! " the brothers are all clearly shocked and uneasy at the news, despite Harry's nonchalant tone.

Steve ushers Cooper over, determined, though his hand is gentle on Cooper's shoulder.

The brothers edge away from him.

"I'm not a werewolf." Cooper slings his arm around Harry's shoulders, the same way Bucky used to do with Steve, and tells the boys he's like Harry's older brother.

One boy asks Cooper if he plays Quidditch. Cooper hesitates, but Harry starts talking about basketball, hockey and all the sports in the Olympics. "Dad and Mr. Barton are the best at shooting stuff and Miss Romanoff's the best at gym-astics."

"I'm great at basketball." Cooper says, though the redheaded boys clearly have no idea what that is.

Harry says "I'm the best at Quidditch."

"Bet I'm better." says one of the twins.

"But I'm the best at bets!" Harry cites the time he beat Stark.

Black and Lupin return from whatever shop they'd been in. They both carry wrapped packages, which indicate they've accomplished the mission to find Harry's birthday present.

Harry guesses they're a broomstick or a motorcycle, despite none of the packages being big enough or long and skinny.

"You must get lots of new things." Ronnie eyes the packages with jealousy.

"I didn't have any birthdays until now." Harry tells him. "It's still not my birthday."

"Two more days," James reminds him.

"Do you want to come to my party?" Harry asks, smiling hopefully.

James frowns. "Don't invite people you just met."


When James voices this thought aloud, the mother gasps and tells him, outraged, that her brothers were killed by Death Eaters.

"I remember." Lupin tells them somberly.

"My parents were killed too." Harry says unnecessarily.

"Yeah, and you beat You-Know-Who." Ron says, voice a mix of admiration and fear. All of them seem to admire Harry, even the parents.

"Dad, they aren't bad guys. Can they come to my party? I can show them the Wii wands, and all the Olympic games!"

"Ginny can come too, right?!" Lila asks, holding Ginny's hand. "It's not just a boy party?"

"It's always a boy party." Ginny grumbles.

"I don't think the Death Eaters start this young." Stark tries to reassure James.

"I did." Romanoff says, flatly. Suddenly, it's the mother who looks wary of them.

"Hitler recruited kids." Steve adds, distastefully. "They had a whole program."

Stark throws up his hands. "Come on over. Even if you are Death Eaters, we can totally take you."

James glares at Stark, even as Harry, Lila, Ron and Ginny cheer.