A/n: my second shot at a Caitlin's way fic. Please R&R enjoy ^_^

Caitlin looked out of the cab window bordly. *same old fields, same old grass, same old ranch.* she thought as she watched the changing scenery. She was on her way back to the ranch after living in New York for three years. now she was finally back for a surprise visit. No one new she was back. In fact the only reason she had come back here was because the magazine she worked for wanted her to go some place where there was lots of beautiful, green, mountain side scenery at hand. And naturally Caitlin thought of home.

"20 dollars exactly ms.' Said the cab driver, turning around to look at her. She handed him the bill and got out of the cab dragging her full suit case and purse with her. Slowly she walked to the front door and pushed it open.

'hello! Any one here?' she called out. No one seemed to here her though she heard familiar voices in the kitchen. So naturally that's where she went. Leaving her suit case in the front hall.

She walked into the big country style kitchen o find Jim, Dory, Brett, Eric and Griffin all either standing by the counter or sitting at the table. The first one to notice her was Eric who was the closest one to her. she watched as his face turned serious and the smile faded, but the happiness and confusion still in his eyes.

'Caitlin?' he asked not quite sure if he should believe what he was seeing or not. She had told him before she left that the last thing she ever wanted to do was come back here. The otheres hadn't noticed yet and hadn't heard him say her name. She smiled sweetl at him. a smile he never in amillion years he would ever see her give to him.

'hi Eric.' She said quietly. 'did you miss me?' she asked. That same sweet smile still playing on her glossed lips.

'are you crazy? Of course I missed you.' He v=cried and wrapped her in a hug, listing her off the ground. Now they had the others attention (seeing that Eric had basically been yelling in surprise) and were now looking at the two old friends embracing each other.

'Caitlin?' she smiled at the sound of Griffins voice. It was different hearing it in person again instead of on the phone where they had spent countless hours and long distance minutes talking to each other. He jumped from his chair and went to hug her as well. Eric set her back on the ground reluctantly wanting to hold her petite, slender form in his arms. Afraid she might disappear before his eyes like it had all been some kind of dream. Hugs and kisses continued to go around the room for another five minutes as family and friends were reunited again. Once the excitement had settled down Caitlin sat at the kitchen table with the three boys, Jim and Dory.

'well I had to come back. My employer wanted beautiful country style landscaping so I told him about here and he sent me right away.' She said, answering Jim's question.

'well do you have a place to stay yet?' asked Dory ion her worried motherly voice.

'umm.. No not exactly. Not yet anyway.'

'well you can stay with us then.' Said Griffin indicating to himself and Eric. ' we have an extra bedroom and stuff you can live with us.' He continued enthusiastically.

'well I..I don't no.' she said looking hesitantly at Eric.

'please Caitlin. Please.' She sighed and rolled her eyes as Griffin begged with the puppy dog look.

'sigh* all right as long as Eric doesn't mind me there.'

'of course I don't.' he said coming out of his dazed look.

'well okay then.' She said smiling happily. Jim and Dory smiled happily at each other. Griffin, Eric, and Caitlin stayed for diner and lounged in the living room talking to Jim until nearly midnight. Finally Eric yawned and suggested they all head home. Jim and Dory kissed Caitlin good bye while Eric and Griffin put her suite cases in the back of Eric's truck. The drive back to Caitlin's new place with Griffin and Eric seemed long to her. When she woke up she was in a bed with sunlight pouring over her through and open window. She stretched and dragged herself out of bed. She found a bathroom and took a quick shower before getting dressed and heading downstairs to find Griffin and Eric. She found Eric in the kitchen but saw no sign of Griffin. She figured he had already headed off to work so she headed into the kitchen and sat down at the table with Eric, who was munching on a half eaten bowl of lucky charms.

'sleep well?' he asked between mouthfuls of dissolving marshmallows. She nodded her head slightly.

'I don' remember getting into bed though.'

'that's cause you fell asleep in the truck and I had to carry you upstairs while Griffin grabbed your stuff from the back.' She nodded again and headed over to the refrigerator to see if she could find anything to eat. She was surprised when she opened the door and found it almost completely empty. All that was in there was a half carton of milk, a box of baking soda and a green moldy container that she thought she saw move.

'umm Eric?'


'when was the last time you or Griffin went for grocery's?' she asked looking in the cupboards to only find dishes and a box of lucky charms.

'umm.. About a month or so ago. Why?'

' are you telling me that the majority of your diet is lucky charms?' she asked turning to him and raising an eyebrow. He swallowed what he had been chewing and looked over at her, a half smile gracing his face.

'maybe.' He mumbled. She rolled her eyes at his response and grabbed her purse.

'hey where you going?' he called after her as she made her way through the house to the front door.

' to buy some food!' she called back.

'well wait for me I'm coming with you.' He yelled back and hurried from his seat at the table. Grabbing his car keys as he went.