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Caitlin impatiently waited for him by the passengers side door of his truck as she watched him run out of the house to meet her.

"where's griffin? Gone to work?"

"yep. He usually leaves around six." He said when they pulled into the super market parking lot a few minutes later.

"what about you?"

"I just got fired so I help my dad out with the ranch sometimes. We'll at least until I get another job. I put in an application at the pro shop a couple weeks ago but I don't think I'll get the job." She waited for him by the doors as he brought back a cart and they continued on.

"well what about you? You have that sweet photographers job with that magazine. You get to travel and shit"

"yeah it's okay. Not exactly national geographic but its good enough to pay for food and a New York apartment. I have no complaints. Except one of my bosses is always a real bitch cause she has a crush on this other guy but he kind of likes me so he doesn't pay any attention to her so she takes it out on me which totally sucks." She mumbled as they walked down the isle throwing random items into the cart.

"and what's so special about this guy?" asked Erik as when they stopped in the cereal isle.

"damned if I no. I don't even know why he even takes a second glance at me. My boss, the one that likes him is way prettier then me."

"what are you talking about. Your pretty. There's nothing wrong with you."

"your not planning on buying ALL of those Lucky Charms are you?" she asked raising an eyebrow at his arms where he was staking box upon box of them.

"I love these things. There is nothing wrong with Lucky Charms." He defended, dumping the arm load on top of everything else in the cart. Which was staked high already. Caitlin rolled her eyes at him and continued on down the isle. Finishing up they went through the check out lines and headed back home once everything had been placed in the back of the truck.

Caitlin was in the middle of placing some grocery's in the cupboards when she suddenly remembered something. Running up the stairs she burst into Erik's room where he was lying on the bed, a comic book held infront of his face.

"Erik. Will you drive me to Jim and Dory's?" she asked coming over and jumping onto the bed next to him.

"yeah sure. Why you wanna go there all of a sudden?" he questioned as he got up off the bed and followed her down the stairs and out the front door to the truck.

"there's some stuff in my room that I want to get."

"and you want to go get bandit" He said.

"hey how'd you guess that?"

'I don't know just a lucky guess.' He said shrugging as he pulled into the long driveway of the Lowes ranch. Dory had seen the car from the window and walked out to meet them half way.

'hey what brings you guys over here?'

'I wanted to get some things from my room and get bandit.' Dory gave her a warm smile.

'he's in the barn.' She said and watched as Caitlin dashed off in that direction leaving her and Erik.

Caitlin pushed open the barn door with ease and made her way down the line of stalls until she stopped at one near the middle. She pushed open the little gate and stepped inside. There standing before her was her pride and joy still looking as young and elegant as the day she left him.

'he there boy. Did you miss me?' she asked as she gently stroked his coat and muzzle.

Erik sat at the kitchen table drinking from a mug of steaming coffee, occasionally looking out the window towards the barn. Caitlin soon returned to the house a few minutes later and went up to her old bedroom. She emerged some time later with a box and some bags. Erik took them from her and set them in the back of his truck. She walked back to the barn after telling him she'd be home later with bandit.