My name is ze12. A teenager who has been thinking about making a thrilling story. So I got excited and began writing it right away – which took me a long time to learn how to write-. Well, * chuckling * sort of. *coughing*.

Note: Skip this part if you don't want to read it...

*- I would like to thank my family for supporting me, especially my dad and brother, for helping me write the story so I can show it to you.

*--Let me explain some tips right here so you can understand how the story will go….

1- Tr: (main topic – word – etc.) …. means sentence's translation.

2- W.N - A.N: - means Writer's Note -Author's Note.

3- If the sentence was between two squares (# Like this#) It means a talking robot or through a phone or any other device.

4- The "" (The underlined sentence) means they speak English, otherwise, it would be Japanese.

5-If you read the talk "Like this" it means that the character is thinking, and if you saw a talk and sentences in an Italic text *Like this*It means a Flashback.

6- When the characters talk in Arabic, the Arabic sentence will be written first, then the Translation under it.

7- There might be some insults (bad or cursing words) so I will replace them either with (*insult* - *quack* duck sound- *beep*) or (! # $ !) between sentences.

!-Info: -The OC series and characters are by me, but the DC series and characters are owned by Aoyama Gosho.

- This OC series will begin 3 years earlier than the main series (before Kudo shrinks into Conan).

- The whole story is a complete FICTION story.

That's all what i want to say and ...See ya later!