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The Young And The Hopeless
Chapter One
A New Beginning

            Severus Snape sat by the lake outside of Hogwarts watching the sun set over the horizon.  He'd come to the lake to stay away from Potter and Black's torments since they seemed to be turning up around every corner this day particularly.  He let out a sigh as the sun had fully set.  He suddenly heard to familiar voices not too far from him, the voices of those he'd been avoiding.  He quickly got up and began moving towards a tree hoping to possibly be able to hide behind.  

            He was hidden safely from their view behind the tree.  He took a glimpse at the water for a brief second and then turned away, but quickly looked back.  He'd seen something.  A spot in the water, not too far off the bank and glowing a shimmering silver.  What in the world? Severus thought.  He looked from behind the tree to see if Potter and Black had spotted it, but found them to be looking in the opposite direction. 

            This light, this light of shimmering silver peaked Severus' curiosity.  He removed his robe, pants, shoes and socks, because he did not wish to unnecessarily get his uniform wet, sat them by the tree on the bank and walked into the water towards the light.  He stopped a step short of it and looked at it.  It didn't appear that there could be anything in the lake emanating it.  Maybe just some reflection of something, but it's still very pretty Severus thought as he took another step to where he was immersed in the light.

            All of a sudden he felt as though he was falling and sinking into the water.  There was a large splash and Potter and Black looked over to the spot where the light had been.

            'What was that?'

            'Probably just the squid,' Sirius said. 

            'You're right.  No one but us probably even has the guts to sneak out onto the grounds after dark,' James replied.


            Early the next morning Harry Potter had woken earlier than usual, especially for a Saturday and decided to take a walk.  He got up dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans he'd bought the previous summer.  He felt it nice to have a few pairs of muggle clothes that actually fit, and as an added bonus they were comfortable and since it was the weekend he wasn't required to wear his uniform.  It was a warm day at the end of September, but there was a nice breeze, which made it too cool to wear shorts, but too warm to wear long sleeves.

He walked down to the lake and was walking around the bank.  Suddenly he heard a most terrible screech, which reminded him of the egg in his fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament.  He looked in the direction it was coming from sure enough to see a merperson, who appeared to be trying to get his attention.  It had worked.  Harry began heading to the spot by the tree where the merperson was at the edge of the bank. 

As he got to the spot he noticed a body washed up onto the bank, feet still dangling into the water.  He assumed the merperson had possibly saved the person and brought them to the bank as far as they could without leaving the water.  Harry squatted down next to the person and as he did so the merperson went away and swam down back under the water.  Harry looked down at the body who he'd now recognized as a boy, despite the nearly chin length black hair.  Upon observance it was obvious due to the shape of the boys legs and the fact that he was wearing a pair of briefs that looked to have at one point been white, but looked as though they had not seen a proper washing as of late.  He turned the boy over so that he was lying on his back.  He was wearing a white shirt and a green and silver tie.  He's got part of Slytherin's uniform on, but I've never seen him before.  He's got to be about my age by looks.  Sixth or Seventh year at least.  He can't be from Hogwarts though.  I know I definitely would have remembered him Harry thought as he pushed wet black strand of hair away from the boy's face.

Harry gently shook the boys shoulder to see if he could wake him.  The boy squinted his eyes as he began opening them. 

Severus suddenly remembered what had happened and sat up quickly his eyes very wide.  Feeling rather naked in his shirt and underpants he looked franticly around to find no site of his clothes.  In his looking around his eyes fell on Harry.  He quickly scooted away from Harry as if afraid.  'Get away from me Potter!'

'You know me?  How do you know my name?'

Severus looked at Harry with a look of confusion on his face  It looks like Potter but not quite.  The eyes are different and Potter's more buff, plus the voice is completely off, but he answers to the name Potter.  Could this be a relation of that blasted Gryffindor?  'Sorry,' Severus said.  'Thought you were someone else.'

'Who else could I be?  I mean, you did say my name,' Harry replied.

'Where are my clothes?'

Harry looked around for a brief moment.  'I have no clue,' He said.  He then began explaining how he'd come upon finding him.  'Maybe you should go to see Madame Pomfrey to make sure you're okay,' Harry suggested.

'That might be a wise idea,' Severus replied.  He looked up at Harry 'What am I going to wear though.  I'm not going into school and walking down the halls half naked.'

'Hmmm.  That is a predicament,' Harry replied.  'It's still rather early though and it's Saturday, so not very many people would be awake yet.  I could also keep an extra close eye out for other people, and I know tons of hiding spaces so I promise I'll try my hardest to keep anyone from seeing you,…  You know, I never asked you, what's your name?'

'Sev-' He was cut off by the sound of the lakes squid splashing one of it's legs on the top of the water.

'Okay Sev, I'm Harry.  Let's get you to see Madame Pomfrey, alright.'  Harry replied.  Harry stood and held out a hand to "Sev" and helped the boy to his feet.  Harry made a short note that Sev was a about 2 inches taller than him for no apparent reason.

Great now he's calling me Sev.  Some guy with that wretched Gryffindor's same last name is being nice to me and calling me SEV!  Well, I've never had a nick-name or anyone call me by an abbreviation of my name before.  Maybe this'll be interesting.  Okay I'll let this Harry call me Sev, just to try it out Severus thought over in his mind as he followed Harry back across the grounds to the castle.


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