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Randomenss of the Moraco:  Here fishy fishy.

The Young And The Hopeless


            Harry and Severus agreed to wait a few more months until Harry had officially graduated from Hogwarts to carry on their relationship.  Severus had already waited long enough to find out if Harry would accept him as he was presently, he could wait a few more months.  It would also give Harry time to re-analyze the situation and decide if this was really what he wanted and not some rash lusty teenage decision.  Severus kept up his usual act around Harry and they corresponded more truthfully to each other through letters. 

            After the Hogwarts end of the year feast Harry went to meet Severus down by the lake, by the tree where he'd first found Sev that one faithful day.  Severus stood by the tree waiting for him.  'Hey you,' Harry said as he approached.

            'Hello yourself,' Severus said.  He snaked his arms around Harry's waist and looked down into his eyes.  'You're still sure about this?'

            Harry pulled Severus down into a passionate kiss.  'I've never been more sure about anything in my life.'

            Severus smiled.

            'I've had plenty, if not too much, time to think about how I feel about you, even though I first fell in love with a younger you, it was still you.  It did take me some time to realize that, but I'd already made the decision about how I felt when the younger you left.  I'm yours, then, now, and forever.'

            'We'll leave for Snape Manor tomorrow if it's okay with you,' Severus told him.

            'That'll be great,' Harry said with a smile.

            For the first time in his life Harry felt like he had a real home he'd be able to come home to.  Snape Manor was everything he'd imagined and more.  Severus' family had been pretty wealthy and they left everything to him.  Harry and Severus spent the entire summer together getting to really know each other again.  Harry getting to find out the things that had happened during the time of Sev and the time of Professor Severus Snape, and Severus getting to find out the things that he'd forgotten about and some things that Harry had just never gotten around to telling him. 

            Their relationship soon became a physical one again.  Severus had been apprehensive about it knowing he wasn't quite how he used to be and Harry still being the nice bit of hot arse he'd remember him being from the time of Sev.  To Severus' surprise Harry never seemed to notice. 

            Eventually the summer ended and Severus had to return back to Hogwarts for teaching.  Harry still hadn't decided exactly what kind of career he wanted to go into yet.  So many things had looked appealing and he couldn't easily decide, and since he and Severus were already set for life in the financial department, money really was currently not an issue.  When Severus had to go back they made arrangements with Dumbledore for Harry to stay with him during the school year.

            Harry didn't become part of the official Hogwarts staff, but he helped out with various things here and there over the school year.

            And generally as life would have it Harry and Severus in essence lived happily ever after.

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