I looked as the paper targets burned in this light blue flame.

I looked at my homie, George, who was a straight G, and he grinned.

I wondered how I got here, how I managed to set those paper targets ablaze like magic.

I guessed the turning point when when I first encountered those creatures called gargoyles.

It was back in June of '95. My homie Stretch, whom I knew since elementary school, had been gunned down in a drive-by by some busters callin' themselves the Ice Boyz. They was the enemies of the Seville Street Granitors. I remember cryin' hard. I kept askin' my self, how could they do this?

Why Stretch?

I even had dinner at his crib when we was kids!

We Granitors met up. We had to give payback to those busters!

so that night, we cruise around in this convertible. I had a Tec-9, looking for people in white and purple.

"I hope the po-po don't catch us," said Moose.

And then I saw them Ice Boyz wearin' their purple T-shirts.

"All right, muthafuckas," I said. We got closer. "For Stretch!"

I pulled the trigger on the Tec-9.

We sped away. I was about to look to see if I iced some of those Ice Boyz busters.

And then I heard this thud.

I looked and some greenish blue thing landed on the hood! We done crashed into this light pole.

I got out of the car and aimed my Tec-9.

and he grabbed my piece

I looked at it. It was huge and fat. There was wings on its back, and his ears had fins like fish or something.

And then he knocked me flat. I was hurt.

I could see the buildings across the street lit in red and blue; it was the po-po!

Even though I hurt, I ran into an alley. I kept runnin', both from the cops and from the Ice Boyz, whom I knew was looking to kill anyone wearin' green.

I somehow managed to avoid the po-po and the Ice Boyz, and made it back to Seville Street, heart of Granitor turf.

I later told Big Mike- one of the head Granitors- and some others about what happened.

"You be trippin'," said Big Mike. "Some monster with wings?"

"Look at my bruises," I replied, liftin' up my shirt. "I didn't imagine these bruises!"

"Lay low, Cedric. Our homies won't snitch, that don't mean the po-po won't find somethin'."

That was all I could do then.