AN: The flashback isn't mine. It comes from the episode 'Embodiment of Fire' during the Frieza Saga. Actually it's one of my favorite scenes in the whole Frieza Saga.

Chilla's Revenge

Part One

He was underwater--trapped underwater by the menacing Frieza. He had his foot lodged over Goku's head forcing the Saiyan warrior to stay underwater and drown. Goku raised his hands up to push Frieza off him but he was too powerful. Goku struggled, holding his breath and trying to get free from Frieza's iron grip. As his vision began to fade, he knew the battle was lost. His hands fell back into water as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

He awakened again to a fog on Namek. He felt himself floating in the sky. He saw giant holes in the ground. It must have come from his battle with Frieza. As he floated, he came upon a body on the ground. He recognized it immediately. It was Krillin, battered and beaten lying on the ground very still. He came up close on him and saw that he was dead.

"Krillin!" Goku cried out. No! His best friend dead.

He felt his body floating away from Krillin, out of Planet Namek. He continued to fly away from the planet and into deep space where he flew passed other planets, moons and solar systems. He kept flying away until he reached one particular planet--Earth.

As he passed the clouds, he saw a city, a familiar city--West City. In a flash, the city was destroyed. He felt himself landing and he saw smoke coming out of buildings that had toppled over in the destruction that had this disaster and a voice. Someone was calling him.


It was Chi-Chi calling him.


Now it was Master Roshi.


It was Chi-Chi calling him again.

"Goku!" This time it was Oolong.

He started running, faster and faster over the crumbled ground to get to them. He was out of breath but he wasn't going to rest until he found them. "Chi-Chi! Master Roshi! Oolong! Where are you?" He asked in a panic voice.

He stopped in his running when he saw Master Roshi's stick in the rubble on fire. "Master Roshi!"

Goku saw more flames surrounding him and then a blood curdling scream from Chi-Chi. The sound of the scream shook the very core of him and he knew something terrible had happen to his wife. "Chi-Chi!!"

Images of his wife flashed before. His first image was Chi-Chi turning back and smiling at him. "Goku!" he recalled Chi-Chi calling his name sternly when she was upset with him. Another memory of her being angry flashed in his mind and then another. The last image he recalled was Chi-Chi laughing at him playfully sticking her tongue out at him.

The flames erased his last vision of Chi-Chi and he saw a frightened Gohan running to him. "Daddy!" The image repeated itself over and over.


"Where are you?!" Gohan called out scared.


The flames extinguished and the face of Frieza filled his mind. The evil tyrant laughed evilly. He then saw images of his friends and family laughing--Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, Bulma, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotsu, Krillin, Dr, Brief, Mrs. Brief, Ox King, Launch, Korin, Mr. Popo, Kami, Piccolo and finally Chi-Chi and Gohan.

He felt himself floating out of the planet again and he saw the Earth explode before him. It was all by Frieza because he lost. If he fails, all of them would die.

Goku eyes snapped open under water. Frieza still had his foot lodged on Goku's head. He was confident that he killed off Goku. Suddenly the water below him started bubbling and shaking. Frieza wonder what was going on. Swiftly, the water below Frieza rose like a powerful geyser and Frieza was knocked in the air by the blast. What had just happened?

Krillin and Gohan looked on unsure what happened. Even Piccolo was startled by the sudden burst. The water slowly descended back to the ground and they all looked upward to see an enrage Goku in the sky. He was mad, furious. No one had seen him so angry.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku let out angry cry so loud, so full of rage that Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo heard it from their safe spot several feet away.

"It's my Dad!" Gohan cried.

"You're right," Krillin agreed. "It is Goku."

Goku looked at Frieza full of fury. Frieza for the first time looked frightened of Goku in this mad state. "The future of Gohan…of Chi-Chi…not to mention the entire universe. It all depends on me!" He gathered his already depleting energy to summon the Kaio Ken. He cried out in a mad rage as his body was covered in a red aura.

"And I don't care if you're a million times stronger than me, mark my words, I'm not going to let them down!! So get ready Frieza because this time you're going down!!"

Frieza didn't look so impress. Goku cried out again louder and louder this time digging deeper to push his body beyond its limits and summoned 20 times Kaio Ken. He turned that power towards Frieza. The tyrant fell back as he felt all that power aimed at him.

Goku yelled as he flew towards him at enormous speed to deliver Frieza a super punch to the left. Frieza plummet to the ground. Goku flew down and gave Frieza another jab to the face. Frieza was sent upward.

"Ka…me…ha…me…haa!!!" A huge blast of the powerful Kamehameha wave formed in Goku's hand and was sent towards Frieza. Frieza put forth a hand to stop the blast. For a moment, it was a standstill. Frieza had enough power in his left hand to stop the blast from swallowing him and Goku kept pushing so the wave could hit Frieza. He had his family and friends depending on him so he wasn't going to lose. Frieza was determine not to lose either so he summoned his power to blast the wave but it exploded in front a Frieza.

It looked like a giant bomb blowing up in the sky, sending the after waves from the sky to the ground. Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin and to duck and cover their eyes to avoid getting hit by all the debris that was flying everywhere.

Once the smoke clear, Goku was still standing in the sky out of breath, hoping the blast had killed Frieza. When he saw the smoke clear, Frieza stood there with cuts and bruises on his body. Unfortunately, he was very much alive. The evil tyrant couldn't believe a Saiyan delivered such a powerful blow. For the first time in his life, he felt pain.

"What's a Chi-Chi?" Frieza asked puzzled. Frieza was in his prison cell in Hell thinking about his battle with Goku. It wasn't much he could do in this place except think and scowled over the first person to have defeated and humiliated him in battle.

"A what?" King Cold asked his son confused.

"A Chi-Chi," Frieza repeated. "During my battle with Goku, I had him underwater, trying to drown him and all of a sudden he rose out of the water in rage, spouting nonsense that the future of Gohan and Chi-Chi depended on him to win the battle and he wasn't going to let him down. That monkey attacked me with so much that I felt true pain for the first time. That was his most powerful attack before he dropped that Spirit Bomb on me and before he turned into a Super Saiyan. I know who Gohan is. That's his brat, but Chi-Chi is a mystery to me."

"I know what Chi-Chi is," Recoome said joining in the conversation. "It's breasts. I remember my ex had some really huge honkers."

Jaice smacked Recoome on the back of his head. "Idiot. I think Chi-Chi is Goku's wife. If he's protecting his son's future, then the other person's future he's protecting must be his wife."

"You could be right," Frieza said. "Ugh! It's bad enough that a monkey man like Goku has a son, now I must think of the idiotic woman that slept with him and was dumb enough to marry him."

"What's the big deal thinking about it, Frieza?" Burter asked. "You're dead and he's alive. You will never see him again."

"I beg to differ on that."

Everyone turned in their cell to see a tall, beautiful woman in black leotard uniform similar to the Saiyans outfit and a white cape holding a crystal ball. After checking out the woman, the others looked closer to see a woman's face in the ball that Frieza recognized immediately.

"Mother?" Frieza gasped.

King Cold rolled his eyes. "Oh, great."

"I expect such a greeting from you, Cold."

King Cold folded his arms and looked at his former wife in disgust. "You did try to kill me, Chilla."

"That again?" Queen Chilla rolled her eyes. "Call it what you want but I didn't try to kill you."

"Oh?" King Cold questioned. "Then what do you call strapping me naked to an exam table shooting me up with drugs and torturing me with devices that almost killed me."

"Kinky fun?"

King Cold scowled. "You sick, twisted--"

"Ugh! Stop it!" Frieza groaned putting his hands on his ears. "Your son is here."

"You really disappoint me, Cold; letting our son die to a miserable Saiyan." Queen Chilla looked to Frieza. "You also disappoint me as well, son. You were the next generation. You were stronger than your father and me. You and your brother should be ashamed to lose to a Saiyan."

"I know, mother, but Goku is no ordinary Saiyan." He stopped and looked confused. "Wait? Cooler's dead?"

"Yes, your brother was defeated by Goku and Vegeta, both Super Saiyans."

"Vegeta's a Super Saiyan?" Frieza said surprised.

"Yes, but he's not as strong as Goku. The point is, my wonderful assistant, Temptress, who you see before you is a sorceress and excellent fighter. Through her powers, she discovered that Goku will be dead less than three years from now. There will be a great battle on Earth and Goku will sacrifice himself."

"Yes!" Frieza exclaimed. "Finally, that blasted Saiyan will be dead!"

"Calm down, you idiot! Why are you celebrating?! Goku will be dead but he won't be going to where you are!"

Frieza frown. "Why are you always ruining my joy?! You've been doing this ever since I was child! Stopping me from blowing up planets because they have the vacations spots or riches! Stopping me from killing off species because they make the best silk! I'm tired of it! I'm dead and I can do whatever I want now!"

"I knew I should've spanked you more. You're nothing but a selfish brat, never appreciating all the things I've done for you, not even the brilliant plan I have for exacting revenge on Goku."

Frieza stopped in his ranting. "Exact revenge how?"

Chilla smirked. "With Goku dead, he won't be able to protect his family. Get him where it really hurts."

"Yes," Frieza agreed. "But how?"

"Simple. I take two of my lowly servants here and give their life forces to you and Cooler--"


"Yes, Cooler, Frieza. What, you think I'm just going to revive you and not your brother? I think you both want revenge on Goku for what he's done to you two. Temptress will bring you and your brother to my planet where you will continue in your extensive training. Goku is very powerful now and will be even more powerful when he dies."

"What are you up to, Chilla?" Cold asked suspicious of his ex-wife. "Since when do you care about your son?"

"That Goku killed my sons and I will exact revenge on his family for what's he done," Chilla said glaring at Cold.

"So, once we get out, Cooler and I will go to Earth and killed his family. Let's kill his friends, too, make Goku regret for defeating me," Frieza said.

Chilla smirked. "Actually, I was thinking of luring them to my planet. Let them fight on our turf."

"Don't listen to her, Frieza," King Cold said. "Your mother is heartless and calculating. She always does things for herself and no one else. She's manipulating you because she has her own agenda. She married me because of my strength and power so she could have strong, powerful kids and then she tried to kill me. This is all a trap."

"Don't listen to your father, Frieza. I'm doing this for you, so you can have another chance at making Goku pay. Don't tell me you're going to listen to your mindless father who's dead and not me, your brilliant mother who's alive."

Frieza pondered this decision. While he hated his parents, this was an opportunity he couldn't resist. To live again, to plague the universe with his evil hand, creating fear, chaos and death.

"I'll return to the living at any risk. Bring me back, mother."

Queen Chilla smiled wickedly. "I always knew you were a smart boy."

Frieza folded his arms and smiled just as evil as his mother. "So, tell me mother, how will we get our revenge and lure Goku's friends and family to your planet?"

Chilla laughed evilly. "We capture Goku's wife."

To Be Continued