Chilla's Revenge

Part Ten

Goku and Chi-Chi were resting in bed as they waited to return to Earth. When the ship first took off, Goku and Chi-Chi spent the first hour talking about Chi-Chi's feelings during Goku's death so far and the baby. After Chi-Chi talked, the couple shared intimate kisses and touches until they were interrupted when Gohan entered.

Gohan was unaware of the intimacy his parents were sharing when he entered the room. Goku let Chi-Chi sleep for a while since she been through so much and was late in her pregnancy and needed her rest. While she slept, Goku talked to Gohan for a while until Gohan was sleepy and Goku told him to take a nap. Goku refused to sleep though. He knew his time with them was short and he wasn't going to waste a moment of it. As his wife and son slept, he watched Chi-Chi sleep. He ran his fingers through her already loose hair, caressing her face softly, running his hands along her body and then touching her stomach.

Goku smiled with pride as he felt the strong spirit of the child, but frowned when he felt something else. 'Huh. That's strange.'

He looked at Chi-Chi's face tensed with stress and pain. Suddenly she cried out in pain as she awakened, a hand on her stomach. She looked at Goku.

"Chi-Chi?" Goku called.

"I think I'm in labor," Chi-Chi squeezed her eyes shut and clutched Goku's hand in pain.


Chi-Chi nodded. "Yes, now. This isn't suppose to happen. It's too soon. I'm only eight months and not even two weeks pregnant. I'm not even home yet."

"Gohan never made it to his ninth month either. Wasn't he eight months and three weeks?" Goku asked.

"What's going on?" asked Gohan sleepily as he woke up.

"Your mother's in labor," Goku explained.

Gohan shot up from his makeshift bed of blankets and pillows. "Labor? Now? We're not home yet." Gohan suddenly ran out of the room.

"Where is he going?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I don't know," Goku answered.

Gohan ran to the bridge of the ship. Vegeta was in the pilot's seat sleeping. He shook Vegeta awake. "Vegeta, wake up. Wake up."

Vegeta grumbled nosily and opened his eyes to see Gohan. "What do you want?"

"My Mom's in labor. Can't you get this ship to move even faster?"

"Labor? Oh, great," Vegeta groaned. "If the child starts to come out, tell Kakarot to push it back in."

"Vegeta!" Gohan yelled angrily.

"We're going as fast as we can!" Vegeta argued. "It'll be another twelve hours before we get home so you'll have to tell your mother to hold on until then."

"But what if the baby comes anyway?" Gohan asked.

"Then I guess you and Kakarot will have to deliver it, won't you?!" Vegeta argued back.

Gohan turned and head back to his parents' room. 'I hope it doesn't come to that.'

Gohan saw Krillin come out of his room. "Hey, bro, what's going on?" Krillin asked.

"My Mom is in labor."

"Oh, that's nice," Krillin said and then realized what Gohan told him. "WHAT?! Chi-Chi's in labor?! But she can't have the baby now! We're not home! This isn't a hospital! None of us knows how to deliver a baby! Um, um," Krillin said snapping his fingers trying to think. "What do they do on TV? Oh, right. Gohan, get some hot towels and boiling water! I'll get some plastic gloves. Does this ship carry plastic gloves?! Someone has to deliver the baby. Wait a sec! I don't want to do it! Don't worry, Gohan! We'll get someone to help deliver your Mom's baby somehow!" Krillin panicked.

"Calm down, Krillin. She's just starting labor. She's not ready to deliver yet. We can't let Mom see us panicky. We have to be calm."

Krillin nodded. "Yeah, that's right. We'll just go in and cheer her up and make her forget about the pain."

Piccolo entered the hallway. "What's all this yelling I'm hearing?" Piccolo asked irritated.

"Chi-Chi's in labor," Krillin answered.

"Great," Piccolo said and rolled his eyes.

The three entered Goku and Chi-Chi's room. The couple was sitting up in bed talking when the others entered. "So, how are you, Mom?" Gohan asked.

"I'm still in the early parts of labor. I hope I can hold on until we get to Earth. How long will it be until we get there?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Vegeta said twelve hours."

"Twelve hours. I don't know if I can make it," Chi-Chi said.

"You mean, you might give birth here?" Gohan asked.

"I might."

"Who's gonna deliver the baby then?" Krillin asked.

All eyes turned to Goku. Goku just pointed to himself with a confused look on his face. "Me?"

"I'm not letting anyone else look down there!" Chi-Chi shouted.

"You can forget it if you think I'm gonna help. I fight. I don't deliver babies," Piccolo said and walked out the room.

"But I don't know how to deliver a baby," Goku said.

"You're my best friend, Goku, but I can't help you on everything. You're on your own on this one," Krillin said and snickered as he left the room.

"Aren't we going overboard? Mom might make it to Earth before she delivers the baby," Gohan said.

At that, Chi-Chi groaned in pain. "It's a little stronger than the last one. This isn't good. Maybe if I walk around, I could stop the pain," Chi-Chi said and got out of bed. Goku got out too to help Chi-Chi walk around the room.

That helped subsided the pain for a while for Chi-Chi. However, the pains continued within the hour and increased as each our hour passed.


Gohan searched the lavatories on the ship for towels and sheets. Krillin, who was walking around the ship to pass time, found Gohan searching in the closets. "What are you doing?" Krillin asked.

"Looking for towels and plastic gloves and stuff. I'm getting it just in case Mom can't make it to Earth. Her pains have been increasing with each passing hour."

"We have six hours. We could make it," Krillin said trying to be cheerful.

"I don't know. Dad's not looking cheerful that we will. Of course he's not letting Mom know that."

"There's a kitchen on the ship. I can boil some water. All I know from TV are boiling water and towels. I'm not sure what's it used for though."

"The boiling water is used to sterilize the doctor's hands and sterilize instruments. Towels will be used to clean the baby. Oh, make sure you damp any face towels with cold water and we probably will need ice chips to keep Mom cool when she is in labor."

Krillin looked surprised. "Wow, Gohan. You know a lot about delivering babies."

"There was a chapter about the female pregnancy in my health book and I've been researching it whenever I went to the library about how to deliver a baby because Mom and I live in the mountains far from hospitals and anything can happen. Mom may go into labor at home and I may not be able to get her to the hospital in time. I thought I might have to do it just in case," Gohan explained.

"Oh, right. That's pretty smart of you Gohan. You do your Dad proud looking after your Mom like that," Krillin said.

"Thanks, Krillin. I've really been worried about my Mom in these past three months of her pregnancy, especially the last month. She missed a doctor's appointment for this month and she's missed a whole month of taking her prenatal vitamins. She looks healthy but I'm just worried about the baby."

"Gohan, what do you mean you've been worried about your Mom the past three months I can understand this past month but why the other two months?" Krillin asked.

"When we went to the doctor when my Mom was five months pregnant, he told Mom that she was a little bigger than a normal pregnant woman should be. The same thing happened the next month. Her blood pressure has been fine so she wasn't stressed or anything."

"How did your Mom take the pregnancy?" Krillin asked.

"At first, she was excited and happy about it and then suddenly sad because Dad wasn't with us. Still, most of the time she was very happy about it. It got Mom out of her depression from Dad's death. The doctor did mention if Mom kept getting bigger she would have an early pregnancy.

"That's when I began researching on pregnancy and early delivery just in case I had to do it. I read a lot about it but I still don't understand why she will deliver early. She's not stressed. She gets plenty of rest because I do most of the laundry and I help her with cooking dinner and other chores. I don't get it, Krillin."

Krillin scratched his head thinking. "You think it might have something to do with the baby being a half Saiyan. A human pregnancy is nine months but maybe a Saiyan's pregnancy isn't that long and when you blend the two together, it could be shorter."

Gohan thought about what Krillin said. "Krillin, you're right. I hadn't even thought about that. You really are smart. I'm gonna go ask Vegeta."

Krillin laughed nervously as he scratched his head and then thought about what Gohan said. "Hey, what do you mean about that?"

Vegeta was in the bridge thinking about Temptress. She was gone for good now. She knew she was going to die when she went up against Chilla and it was probably the way she wanted it. He thought about her last words to him.

Have a nice life with Bulma. Don't keep your emotions inside forever. You've been given another chance at love…a family. Don't throw it away. Open your heart and love Bulma.

'I'll always love you, Temptress,' Vegeta thought. He then thought about Bulma and his young son Trunks. He was one now and learning how to walk. 'And you're right. It's time for me to move on with my family. I was thrust into fatherhood too fast but I will accept my responsibilities. I will care for Bulma and Trunks. Perhaps, I'll even come to love them. I'll train Trunks to be stronger than Gohan. No child will be stronger than my own.'

Vegeta smirked at that thought.


Vegeta rolled his eyes. He turned around to face Gohan. "What?"

"I was wondering if you know how long a pregnancy is for a Saiyan." Gohan asked.

"Eight months."

"Thanks, Vegeta. That explains a lot," Gohan said and rushed out.

"Chi-Chi, maybe you should rest in bed," Goku suggested as he walked with her down the hall.

"I can't rest in bed all day, Goku. We've got less than six hours now. If I can keep walking, maybe I can stop the labor pains and--," she stopped when she cried in pain as she clutched onto Goku.

There was a strange splash and Goku felt liquid under his boots. Both he and Chi-Chi looked down to see a gush of liquid under Chi-Chi's feet and the liquid spreading over the floor.

"Uh-oh," Goku said.

"Oh, no. My water broke." She yelled again as she felt pain and put a hand on her stomach while leaning on her husband. "I need to lie down."

Seeing Chi-Chi in pain, made Goku think about what Temptress said to him.

Your wife is safe for the moment but she's going to need you in the short future.

'Is this what Temptress meant?' Goku wondered. "Come on. Let's get you back to the room," Goku said.

Goku walked Chi-Chi back to the room. "I'm not gonna make it. I'm gonna deliver here. I can't do that," Chi-Chi said as she started to cry. "The baby…I don't want to lose it. I don't want any harm to come to it."

"Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to our baby. It's gonna be okay." Goku said and embraced her. "I promise."

Piccolo was in his room meditating when he heard a noise outside. He thought he heard Chi-Chi cry out in pain. Piccolo stopped in his meditation and left the room to find out what was going on. When he stepped out, he slipped and fell.

Piccolo groaned and sat up. He saw he was sitting in sticky liquid. He looked at his hands that were covered in it. "What in the world is this?"

"Piccolo," Gohan called as he approached him. "What is that you're in?"

"I don't know," Piccolo said. "I've never seen anything like it."

Gohan looked down. He saw the puddle of liquid leading somewhere. "It's a trail leading…oh, no. Mom's water broke," Gohan said and rushed to his parent's room.

"Water broke?" Piccolo said. He didn't know what Gohan was talking about but he knew it didn't mean anything good for him since he slipped in it. "I'm gonna wash up before I get sick on myself."

Gohan entered the room and saw his mother in her slip in bed. "Did Mom's water break?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah," Goku said. "Your mother pains keep getting more frequent now."

"This is probably a normal time for Mom to have the baby. Vegeta said Saiyans are pregnant for eight months and since humans go nine months and the baby is half Saiyan, the pregnancy could be more than eight but less than nine," Gohan explained.

Chi-Chi thought for a moment as she winced in pain. "That…does make sense. You were early, too."

"I've been researching on what we can do in my studies. When Mom becomes ten centimeters dilated and the contractions are less than five minutes apart, Mom can push the baby out. Then you can catch and clean the baby when it comes out. We better wait until we can get Mom home and let a doctor cut the umbilical cord. As long as the baby comes out healthy we won't have to worry cutting the cord soon," Gohan explained.

Chi-Chi smiled proud of her son. "That's my little scholar. So smart and always prepared."

"How will we know when Chi-Chi is ten centimeters dilated?" Goku asked confused.

Gohan blushed embarrassed. "Um, Dad, you have to look down at Mom and see for yourself since you're delivering the baby."

Goku scratched his head, not seeing the big deal. It wasn't his first time seeing Chi-Chi down there before. "Okay."


Chi-Chi's cry could be heard from one end of the ship to the other. Krillin was in the bridge with Vegeta pacing as he heard Chi-Chi scream. Piccolo was in the room too, meditating.

Vegeta rolled his eyes at another scream from Chi-Chi. "All that screaming and the woman hasn't pushed the child out yet?"

"The baby doesn't pop out, Vegeta. It's gonna take time for Chi-Chi to push it out," Krillin said.

"She's been screaming for two hours now. If she doesn't push it out soon, I'm going to take it out myself," Piccolo growled, still upset he slipped on Chi-Chi's water.

Krillin ignored Piccolo and glanced into Vegeta's direction. "How long will it be until we land?"

"Not long. We're coming into Earth's atmosphere now."

Krillin nodded and winced again hearing Chi-Chi scream in pain. He wanted to help but felt he would panic or faint and thought it was best that he stayed away.

Chi-Chi screamed again as another excruciating contraction washed over her. The pain gotten worse and worse as the contractions became closer. Gohan was sitting by his Mom on the bed, holding her hand while Goku was at the end of the bed wearing gloves that Gohan was able to find and a towel in his hand ready to catch and clean the baby when it comes out.

Goku looked up at Chi-Chi. "I don't see anything yet. You've got to keep pushing, Chi-Chi."

"What?!" Chi-Chi shouted. "All the screaming and pushing and nothing came out yet!" She fell back on the pillows of her bed, covered in sweat and tired. "I can't."

"Mom, you have to otherwise something could happen to the baby," Gohan advised.

Chi-Chi hadn't rested no more than a minute before she felt pain again. "Oh, I feel it. It hurts!" Chi-Chi cried.

Gohan helped his Mom sit up. "Come on, Mom. You've got to push."

Chi-Chi leaned on Gohan and screamed as she pushed. She squeezed Gohan's hand who winced in pain. He never knew his mom to be this strong.

Goku was looking down between Chi-Chi's legs trying to see if anything was coming out. "Okay. I see something. It's…black and… gooey. OH! It's the head. I see the head! Its hair is styled like mine. Cool. Keep pushing, Chi-Chi!" Goku encouraged.

"I…need to…rest," Chi-Chi said in between breaths. Gohan placed a cold towel on his mother's head to keep her cool.

"Just a little bit more, Mom. We've got to keep going."

"You have to keep going, Chi-Chi," Goku said. "The baby is almost out! You can't stop now!"

Chi-Chi felt her pains building up again. She cried out and started pushing again. Goku's body was tensed in concentration. Sweat was beading on his temples. His wife and last child depended on him now and he was going to come through for them. The head was coming out and so was half his body. "Okay, Chi-Chi. Half the baby is out. I need one more big push! Then it will be over!" Goku told his wife.

Chi-Chi screamed as loud as she could and used what strength she had left to push the baby out. Chi-Chi fell back on the bed breathing heavily and worn out.

Then she heard the cry of a child.

"You did it, Mom!" Gohan told him mother happily.

"Hey, it's out!" Goku said cheerfully. "I got it!" Goku said holding the crying baby in a towel. He carefully cleaned the child and replace the towel with a fresh one. "What about the cord?" Goku asked pointing to the child's umbilical cord that was still attached to Chi-Chi.

"I read it'll be okay to stay on until we can get Mom to the hospital. We should be landing soon," Gohan said happily this was over and the baby was born safely. "Twenty-four hours are just about up.

"What is it?" Chi-Chi asked tiredly.

Goku smiled with pride at Chi-Chi. "It's a boy. We have another son and he looks just like me! Wow! What a set of lungs he has!" Goku said remarking on the loud cry of the child.

Chi-Chi held her arms up weakly. "Let…let me see him," Chi-Chi requested.

Goku carefully placed the newborn in Chi-Chi's arms. Chi-Chi soothed the baby's cries until he stopped by gently stroking his hair. After the crying subsided the baby just blinked his innocent eyes at his mother. Chi-Chi continued to run a hand through his spiky hair, shaped so much like Goku's.

Chi-Chi looked up at Goku smiling exhausted. "He does look like you. Thank you for giving him to me."

Goku looked down at Chi-Chi smiling at him and his new son and hadn't felt so much pride and love for his wife in so long. "I should be thanking you," Goku said and leaned over to kiss Chi-Chi.

At that moment, Krillin walked in. "Good news. Vegeta--gah! Look at all the goop on the floor!"

Goku and Chi-Chi broke from their kissing to see Krillin cringing at all the goop and blood that escaped Chi-Chi's body during her delivery. "What is it, Krillin?" Goku asked.

Krillin composed himself. "Um, I was going to say that Vegeta landed the ship at Capsule Corp. We're back home."

"Oh, I guess we should be getting to the hospital then. Chi-Chi just had the baby. It's a boy," Goku said proudly.

"Congratulations," Krillin said.

Chi-Chi held the baby close to her as Gohan wrapped a fresh sheet and blanket around his Mom knowing it was still cold outside on Earth since it was winter. Goku picked Chi-Chi up and carried her and baby out of the room.

Bulma grabbed her jacket and rushed outside the moment she heard the ship land. She was shocked to see Goku carrying Chi-Chi and their newborn out. "Goku…"

"Hey, Bulma! Nice to see you! Bye Bulma!" Goku said and took off into the sky. Gohan followed his Dad.

Bulma looked at Piccolo who came out and didn't say anything as he took off in the sky going in the opposite direction as Goku, Chi-Chi and Gohan. Krillin came out next. "Krillin, what happened?"

Krillin rubbed his arms. "It's still cold."

"It's not as cold as it was twenty-four hours ago. Yesterday the high was five below. Right now it's thirty-seven degrees. That's a big improvement if you ask me and it is winter," Bulma pointed out. "Where's Vegeta? What happened?"

"Chilla and her minions are dead. Chi-Chi is safe and she had the baby on board the ship. Goku went to take Chi-Chi and the baby to the hospital to make sure everything is all right. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going inside to get warm before I meet up with Goku at the hospital. It's freezing out here," Krillin said and walked in her house.

Bulma looked back at him annoyed and turned when she heard Vegeta exit the ship. She watched him step off the ship and approached her. Bulma stepped closer to him looking concern. "Are you all right? You didn't get hurt in the fighting, did you?"

Vegeta stared in Bulma's concerned eyes and remembered what Temptress said to him.

Have a nice life with Bulma. Don't keep your emotions inside forever. You've been given another chance at love…a family. Don't throw it away. Open your heart and love Bulma.

Vegeta grabbed Bulma suddenly and kissed her hard. Bulma willingly opened her mouth to his deepening the kiss between her and Vegeta. She was startled by his surprising kiss but soon wrapped an arm around his neck pulling him closer.

'Yes, it is possible,' Vegeta thought as he kissed Bulma. 'I've been given another chance and I won't throw it away.'


"He's just so cute," Bulma said holding the baby in her arms before handing him to Goku. "What's his name?"

"Goten," Chi-Chi said sitting up in the hospital bed.

Once Goku got Chi-Chi to the hospital, a doctor cut the umbilical cord, checked both Chi-Chi and Goten out giving them a good bill of health. Bulma and Krillin arrived not much longer after that.

"How does it feel to be a big brother, Gohan?" Krillin asked.

"It feels pretty good," Gohan said. "I like it."

Bulma pulled out her camera from her purse. "Okay. Let me get a picture of the family."

Goku, holding Goten whose eyes were open and curious to what was going on around him, sat next to Chi-Chi on the bed and Gohan sat on the other end all of them smiling. Bulma took the picture.

"Got it! I'll get it to you as soon as possible, Chi-Chi," Bulma said.

Goku smiled down at Goten, letting the newborn hold his father's index finger in his tiny hand. He laughed down at the little boy. Goten smiled back. Of all the people, Goku held Goten the most because they knew his time on Earth was short.


Everyone turned to the window and saw Baba standing on her crystal ball. They all knew what was coming.

"It's time, isn't it?" Goku asked.

Baba nodded.

"Okay," Goku said.

Bulma gave Goku a hug. "We'll miss you, Goku," she said and left.

Krillin had a faint smile on his face as a tear filled his eyes. Goku was his best friend and he would have to say goodbye again. He shook Goku's hand. "I'll see you around, man."

"Yeah," Goku said smiling back. He watched Krillin leave the room, leaving the family a moment alone.

Goku walked over to Gohan and saw he was holding back tears. Gohan embraced his father. "I'll miss you, Dad."

"I'll miss you, too. You're man of the house now. Watch your mother and brother for me, okay."

Gohan pulled back sniffling and nodded affirmatively. "I will, Dad. I promise."

Goku smiled and ruffled Gohan's hair with one hand as he still held Goten in his other arm. Goku then looked at Chi-Chi who was smiling but had tears in her eyes. Saying goodbye to her was really going to be hard. He sat down on the bed and stroked her face gently with one hand, a soft look on his face.

"I'll miss you," he said as a tear fell from Chi-Chi's left eye and he brushed it away.

"I'll miss you, too," Chi-Chi sniffed. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Goku said and kissed her. Chi-Chi kissed back with all her love and desire for her husband in the kiss. At last, Goku pulled back, reluctantly. He then looked down at his newest son who looked at his father with curious eyes. "I'm gonna miss you, little guy. I'm sorry I'm not going to be there for you to see you grow up, but I'll always be watching and I'll always be proud of you. You'll soon know why I'm not here and I know you'll understand." He placed a kiss on top of Goten's forehead and handed him to Chi-Chi.

Goku walked over to Baba and waved to his family once more before he flew out the window with Baba. Chi-Chi took Goten's right hand and moved it as if he was waving goodbye to his Daddy. She, Goten, and Gohan continued to look out the window until they saw Goku no more.

Baba was almost in tears as she saw Goku say goodbye to his family but as she took him back to Other World, she smiled. 'He'll be back. In seven years, he'll be back.'


Five Years Later

Goten sat in his mother's lap. In his hand was a picture frame holding a picture of his father holding him as a baby sitting next to his Mom and older brother, Gohan in the hospital. He looked back at his mother smiling.

"Tell me the story again, Momma."

Chi-Chi smiled at her son. He was so much like his dead father that it still amazed her to this day. "Goten, I already told you the story once tonight. This will be my 80th time telling you."

"I know, but I really like it, especially how Daddy came back from the dead to fight Chilla and help you get me born."

"I know. I love that part, too," Chi-Chi said smiling warmly at her son.

"I still think I'll see him again, Momma."

"How do you know that?" Chi-Chi asked her son.

Goten shrugged. "I don't know. Just a feeling."

Chi-Chi smiled, not sure how to answer that. "Well, it's bedtime for you, Goten. I'll tell you the story again tomorrow night."

"Okay, Momma!" Goten said cheerfully and hugged his mother. "Good night, Momma!" Goten said and scampered off to his room.

"Good night, Goten." Chi-Chi looked down at the picture. She placed it over her heart and looked upward. "He knows as well as understands why you left, Goku. He's proud of you as I am and he has a feeling like I do that we will see you again and be a family once more. I'll wait for the day to be with you again."

The End

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