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It's also why younger cats will try to jump at something and fail miserably. They haven't yet learned how to compensate for their eyes inability to properly judge distance.

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As for Brian? She bent the rules. But didn't break them. She never called him Grue over the phone, never revealed who she was actually calling. Even when she texted Wade all she asked was for "Brian Laborn's" phone number. There was nothing she did to break the rules. The most she did was let the Undersiders know she knows who Grue is.

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-Date, Time-













-March 16th, 5:10pm, Brockton Bay, Commercial District-



Reginald Franklin POV


"Come on man." I laugh. "You can't be serious."

"I am though!" Lil' Nate insists as we walk out of the sports store. "We all told him she's ran a train on the whole track team! Even got a picture that's been passed 'round that she posed for!"

"Shit!" I say in surprise. "What'd he say ta that?"

"You don't know her like I do!" He says in a mocking voice.

I laugh with my little brother as we make our way back home. The crisp March air putting an extra umph into our step. It's not usually a good idea for us to be around the commercial district, but I needed new running shoes, and the stores at the mall and on the boardwalk don't have my preferred brand. Nathan offered to come with, more people more safety and all that. That and we don't spend a lot of time together since I started college last year.

Besides, this time of year is quiet.

As we continue our way. Talkin an just catching up. I spot the most notorious d-lister villain in the city turning the corner. In a personal riot gear, swat uniform. Blacked out face shield down.

Blue Hawk.

I stop dead and turn us around. Praying he didn't see us.

"Hey! You two!" He calls out. "Stop!"

"Run." I tell Nate.

We immediately take off. With big boy blue following our asses.

"Call the capes!" Nate yells to me. "My phone's dead!"

I fish my phone out of my pocket. Cursing myself for not having the PRT in my contacts.

'Idiot!' I yell at myself. '911!'

I dial it and get an operator.

"Nine one one what's your emergency?" The responder asks.

"Help! We got Blue Hawk chase'n us!"

"Okay sir, please stay calm. Can you tell me whe-"

I'm cut from all thought and processing as I feel a hard object hit the back of my head. Knocking me to the pavement and throwing my phone from my hands. A dull throbbing headache as I struggle to stay awake.

The next few seconds are a blur. Blue Hawk on top of me. Then he takes a trash can to the head. Nate, hit him with it I think. Then, I don't know.

"Let this be a lesson not to run from the law. And stay where you belong." Are the last words I hear through the haze.



Hannah "Miss Militia" POV


We're too late.

The flashing blue and red lights paint the area in a dreadful ambience.

"How does he keep doing this?" Shaun, Dauntless asks. "This is the fourth time this month. And there's no telling how many unreported incidents."

"I'm not sure." I answer him. "The running theory is that he has some background in law enforcement or some connections at least."

I watch in numb disappointment as the paramedics zip up the body bag of the younger African male. Another life gone too soon. All the promise he might've shown. Broken by another.

From what I can gather just by looking, Blue Hawk knocked over the older one. The whelp on his head and the lack of scrapes on his person lead me to believe so.

Then the younger came back for the older and got into a fight.

He was slammed against the bricks. Neck snapped. Dead instantly.

The older one is alive, just unconscious and being lifted into the ambulance on a stretcher. He'll be fine so long as he doesn't slip into a coma.

Moments like these make me hate my memory.



Reginald Franklin POV







'An alarm?'


'Not mine.'


I open my eyes. Blinking all the morning haze out of them.

"Wha?" I try and get out as I look at the unfamiliar room. White walls, odd bed. Weird, pressure on my face.

It takes me a moment, but I realize I'm in a hospital.

'A hospital? Why would, oh right. Blue Hawk.' I think to myself. 'Damn, I don't think my insurance covers extended stays.'

This is going to be a massive dent in my lunch money. Fucking, racist ass super cop wannabe.

As I'm thinking this, a nurse opens the door to my room.

"Sup." I say cheekily to the girl through my dry as fuck throat. "This place come with room service? Could really use a drink."



"Alright Mr. Franklin, you seem to be fully cognizant of your surroundings." The doctor says. "Though, I do have some bad news for you."

"Is it the bill? I already expected that." I say. "Wait, don't tell me this is a rip van winkle thing and I've been under for like three years or sumthin."

"No, you've only been out for a eight days."

"Fuck, anyone call my mother and the school? Shit my boss is going to chew me out!" I say mostly to myself as I dread the assignments that've piled up.

"No, there's no easy way to say this but. I regret to inform you that while you made it. Your brother did not survive the attack on you two." He says.



After that, the next month and a half or so was a blur.



"And with that, you get a share of the life insurance pay out. Fifty thousand."



(Looking for powers?) The website flashes.



"Your psyche eval gives you an eighty percent survival chance. We can give you a plan to get your mental health in the right-"

"Don't bother, I'll take it now." I say.

"Right, one hundred and fifty thousand up front." The lady says. "And three favors to call in at our discretion, should you survive."


"This isn't a negotiation."



"Nathan was a kind soul." The pastor says. Though it's barely audible through the sound of my mothers cries. His urn on display for the family.

And the pulsing of blood in my ears. Rage and regret filling me at the thought of my brother.

Blue Hawk. I'll kill you.

But for now, I gotta stay strong. For Mama.



'Why? Why?!'

It, burns! It throbs! It, oh god!

"Just a few more seconds."

'There's more!?'

*Beepbeepbeep beeeeeeeeeee-*

"Hmm, too bad." The lady says. "Could've used him."

"Whatd'you mean?" I pant out, my veins on fire. My heart racing.



"We're cashing in our first favor." The voice on the phone says.

"Already?! I haven't even gotten the hang of my powers yet!" I complain.

"Don't worry, you have a year to complete this. Though the sooner the better."

"I, I'll try." I concede.

"You don't have a choice. We want you to join New Wave. The Brockton Bay branch."

"What? But that'll expose me as a cape! I'll lose my scholarship for track and field!" I protest.

"You knew what you signed up for."




"Did you hear?" Mama asks from across the kitchen.

"Hear what?" I ask as I subtly use my new speed to chop all the carrots while she ain't lookin.

"That Endstopper girl. The ah, Kitsu? Is that her name?" She asks.

"I think so, unless yer talkin 'bout Lung. She the only other Endstopper." I say as I dump the carrots in the crockpot.

"Oh, well, she took out Stormtiger. Now she says she's goin after Blue Hawk." Mama says.


I dropped the knife on the floor.



-Present Day, Friday, May 21st, 6:05pm, Dallon House-



Kitsu POV


I drop down from the roof of the neighbors house and land in a crouch in front of my house's door. Standing up I stretch my arms above my head. Twisting and turning to get that warmth through me.

And suddenly notice an odd smell. A new smell. Someone new.

'Felt, sweat, ozone, smoke.' I try and piece together.

Not trusting this new scent. I turn invisible and put my right ear to the door. Only to have it open on its own and for Missy to have her arms wide open.

Deciding that if she's fine, then the new scent probably isn't dangerous. Or is a master and playing along is my best bet for now.

So, turning visible and abandoning my plan mere moments from making it. I slam into her. Hugging her as I sniff her neck to calm myself. For some reason, unfamiliar scents just put me on edge. Especially if it's a new person, and doubly so if it's around my house.

"There's my shnuggle bug." Missy coos as she squeezes and rocks me.

"Here I am!" I say back. "Can I come in? I need to close the door. And see who's here."

"Hrrmm." She grumbles and lets go. "Ignore your cute girlfriend who's fawning over you just to see someone else."

"Yep!" I say and close the door.

"Aah!" She gasps in mock offense. "And I thought we had something special!"

"We do! Just think of this as a quick meet and greet." I say cheekily.

Dad just turned the corner to the hall. He raises a brow at us as he leans on the wall.

"… Okay I'm out." She says. "I got nothing else, you win."

"Oh? What do I win?" I say and put my hands behind my back to give a cutesy sway, making sure to sway my tail with me.

"Well, I was thinking I could give you a little interest on that blue fox plushie." She says and steps forward to hug me, as she begins leaning down for a kiss.

"BOO!" Dad shouts from the hall.

"AAAH!" Missy gives a high pitched squeal of surprise.

"Pfft. Hahahahahaha." I give a little laugh.

"That's not funny." Missy whines, losing all of her earlier confidence and bravado.

"I thought it was." I say as I walk past her, raising my tail to glide up her neck under her chin as I pass.

I love making her heart race. Always enjoyable.

I walk up to Dad and raise my arms. He rolls his eyes and carries me through the hall.

"So what's with the new guy?" I ask.

"Oh? I thought you heard everything?" He says teasingly.

"Just because I hear doesn't mean I listen." I tell him.

"Fair point. Guy who calls himself A-Train showed up. Wants to join your 'hunt' for Blue Hawk." He says as we pass my room. "Also, before I forget, Kratos got out of his tote today and ate some of your moss that you've been growing."

"Which ones?" I ask seriously.

"The red one." He says.

Okay, I know I should be more concerned about A-Train. But that can wait.

"How much?" I ask with a squeak in my voice. Not a crack.

"Um, about half?" Dad says as he stops. "Is everything okay?"

Those are NOT meant to be eaten! It's fire moss! I made them hermaphroditic and the antheridium contains a dual chamber that produces chemicals similar to Bakugo's two chambers!

It ignites when the antheridium chambers are disturbed and I don't remember if I turned their lifecycles on pause or not!

"I need to check that!" I say hurriedly and hop out of his arms.

I rush back to my room, nearly knocking dad over the process. I make it there and open Kratos's tote that's by my dresser. Along with the other totes of various plants and bugs stuffs.

I need a better place for all this.

Putting a hand to him I check his insides.

Just as I thought. He's dying from the poisonous chemicals running through his body.

I quickly get to work. Taking him out of his tote and putting him in an empty one. Using my biokinesis to break down all the stuff in him. Forcing it to digest and funnel out his poop shoot before it infects his blood system any more.

Luckily he has an open vascular system. And I can just force all of it out in one go and not have to carefully cycle it through his body.

"Eeeew!" I complain at the oily black sludge that comes out of him.

At least it's scentless.

I take him back out of the tote once it's all out of him, holding him up in front of me and frown at him.

"Bad boy! You should know better!"

He doesn't react. He doesn't have the means to emotionally express himself. What with the hard fused carapace and lack of any moveable face parts aside from his mouth.

It gives him a dopey. No think, just am look. A look that I just adore!

That and I can tell he's sad and ashamed from the chemicals running in his brain.

"I still love you. But I hope you learned your lesson mister." I say sternly and walk over to put him back in his tote. "I'll play with you later. For now I have someone I need to meet and or threaten."

I close his tote again. And turn around to the black oily sludge. Closing the tote to that. I head off and go to greet A-Train.

There are two possibilities here. That being the two versions of him that existed back before. TV show version, or, the comic book version.

If it's the show version, then that's okay. I mean, he's a drug addicted, fame slut, glory hound sellout. Comic book version? He's all that minus the sellout but add rapist and coward. Like, the show version has some redeeming qualities. The comic version is barely human.

And that's coming from someone who is, percentage wise, genetically less human than a chimpanzee.

I make my way into the kitchen and see Mom staring down the blue suited black guy wearing sports goggles at the table. Blue suited as in blue sports gear. Not like the show, this is like a DIY at home version.

"Okay mister beat me black and blue whatcha got for me." I say.

I shouldn't have said that. It was the first thing that came to mind!

"KITSU!" Mom shouts at me.

"Pfft." A-Train laughs. "I'm sor, sorr, I'm sorry. I'll let that one, haha, slide." He chuckles. "Ah, was, wasn't expecting that one." He gives out as he laughs.

'He's lying.' I realize.

People's heart rates go up when they laugh. When they fake laugh? Not as much.

Granted his heart is beating at an accelerated rate as is. But it's something worth noting.

"Okay, still, whatch need?" I ask again.

"Don't be rude." Dad says as he sets the table.

"I didn't say anything rude." I defend.

"Tone." Mom says.

'What was wrong with my tone?' I ponder.

"Ahhrem." A-Train fake coughs.

I just stare at him as he awkwardly taps his hands together.

"What?" I ask.

"I heard you were hunt'n that piece of shiiii, crap Blue Hawk." He says. "I want in."

"Okay." I say.

His brow raises at that. And he seems as though he had been prepared to argue his case.

"Um, puh, that's great!" He says and stands up. "Let's go!"

"Tomorrow." I clarify.

"But, but I'm good to go!" He, sort of, pleads?

"I'm not." I say. "I just spent my entire afternoon looking and couldn't find him."

"You just need the right kind of help!" He insists.

"Maybe." I concede. "Tomorrow."

"But I'm fast!" He says. "We can cover a lotta ground!"

I enhance my speed and strength. Run around the table, pick him up. Run him out of the house.

"Wait, what?" He says in the middle of me carrying him.

I ignore him as I make it to the door, pausing to open it as he struggles to get out. And drop him off on the porch.

"Great, but so am I and I got a girlfriend to attend to and you've got a little patience issue to work on." I say and close the door.

"I you, argh damnit!" He shouts in frustration.

I ignore him in favor of the wild Missy currently trying to sneak up behind me.

I allow it.

"Gotcha!" She announces as she holds onto me from behind. Her arms hooked under mine.

"You have fallen for my trap." I say dramatically and turn around to hold her. "For it is I who has you!"

"This works." She says with a smirk as she shuffles us over to the couch.

"What are you doing?" I ask with a giggle.

"Cashing in my deal." She says simply as she turns me around and pushes me to the couch.

"Um, what deal?" I ask as I blush and my heart thuds in anticipation.

"This deal~" She says mischievously as she pushes me over onto the arm and crawls over me.

"Um, Missy. I think this is a bit far." I say, ready to push her off.

"Nope, you promised you'd be the big spoon. I'm getting my big spoon." She says with a grin and lays down on top of me.

'Oh thank god!' I think with a sigh of relief.

I had completely forgotten about that. And assumed Missy was about to take our relationship past first base and go straight to home plate right here on the couch.

Looking back on that thought, I realize it's a bit of a leap in logic. But what am I supposed to think when my cute girlfriend pushes me over onto the couch and crawls on top of me?!

"Oh, that's what this is." I say simply and hold her as she rests her head on my chest. Acting as the little spoon in our half spoon cuddle.

Thankfully she pushed me onto the arm. Giving my tail room to rest in the crook of the cushion. As opposed to being uncomfortably, and possibly painfully, pressed between me and the cushion.



Missy "Vista" Biron POV


As I rest my head on her chest. I realize this just isn't the same. Sure it's nice. Her chest is softer than mine and acts as a decent pillow. Not that that's a hard bar to pass.

Anyway, this is nice and all. But I think I prefer holding her. Her weight on me as I squeeze. Her little nuzzles as she drifts asleep. And the way her tail will wrap around or drape over me. And don't get me started on the sight of when her tail wags in excitement when she's in my arms.

She's ruined cuddling for me. I just won't be able to cuddle anyone else, ever, without comparing them to her.

"I don't think I like this." Kitsu says.

"Me neither." I admit.

"Switch back?" She suggests.

"Yeah." I say with a nod.






Kitsu POV


Mom needs to take a cooking class. Beef stroganoff.

And there's no seasoning! Aside from pepper. But that hardly counts. Pepper is the poor mans season for when you're too lazy to actually season something!

At least Missy doesn't mind it.

"Where's Vicky and Amy?" I ask.

"Amy's at the hospital. Mechanic went on a drunk driving spree and she's helping deal with the fallout." Mom says.

"And Vicky's at a friends house. Chelsea I think." Dad says.

"Isn't she still grounded for another month?" I ask.

"One, she's been well behaved. Two, it's none of your business." Mom answers.

'Okay then.' I think as I eat my bland noodles.






"Alright, I got a movie for you girls to watch from the Redbox." Dad says.

'Oh yeah.' I think in realization.

Redbox is still a thing. So is Blockbuster. But Blockbuster is quickly declining. Mirroring how I remembered it.

Brockton Bay had five Blockbuster stores around the city last time I visited a few years back. Now they have just one on the boardwalk.

"Mom!" I say and run to the kitchen where Mom's putting up the leftovers. "We need to invest in Netflix!"

"What?" She asks.

"Dad said Redbox and my thinker power went off!" I say. "We need to invest in Netflix now and pull out our investments in December twenty twenty one!"

"Okay run that by me again?" She asks.

Hey, I'm planning for the future here. If the online streaming industry continues the way it did as I remember. Then we'll make BANK!






Bed time!

Missy is in her standard light blue nightgown. Me in my oversized shirt and hot pants.

I hop on the bed as Missy crawls up.

I reach over to my nightstand and grab my brush. Handing it to Missy as she sits at the headboard. I lay across her lap. Resting my waist on her lap as I prop my head to face the door.

She immediately gets to work brushing my tail as I lay there.

I can just use my biokinesis to straighten my fur out. But this is a sort of intimate thing I do to express trust. And Missy really likes brushing my tail.

"So, how'd the hunt for Blue Hawk go?" Missy asks.

"Sucky." I grumble. "He was nowhere to be found! Waste of my day."

"Where were you searching?" Missy asks.

"The Winslow area." I say with a yawn.

"Why there?" She asks.

"Wade said it was the most likely spot he'd be." I say and push up onto my knees, stretching my back as I move around.

"Who's Wade?" Missy asks as she sets the brush down on my nightstand and scoots down on the bed.

"I haven't told you about him?" I ask as I lay down on her.

"If you have, I don't remember." She admits as she holds me.

"Hmm, remind me in the morning." I say as she reaches up and scratches my ears. "I'll tell you then."


My ears perk up and I'm snapped out of my drowsiness by the sound of one of my totes getting knocked over.

Swinging around to look. I see Kratos had knocked over the tote he was in and is slowly making his way to my moss totes.

"Kratos! No!" I say and move off of Missy to grab him. "Bad boy!"

His tote is more than big enough for him. It's a laundry tote and he's only the size of a hand. But he's somehow figured out how to escape his box!

"Bad boy!" I say as I pick him up. "No more bananas for you!"

"How'd he break out?" Missy asks.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out."

He can't move fast, he has a low metabolism. And low mobility to boot. He can crawl, and climb up small inclines. But that's it.

Looking at his knocked over tote. I see what he did.

He moved a log cover I had in there for him. Crawled up it. And fell off it on purpose. Using his weight to knock it over.

I know because of how the log cover is placed. It was in the middle of his tote. And the way it's fallen over suggests it was pressed against the side of it.

"Smart boy." I say as I hold him.

He does have a brain with the problem solving equivalent of a crow. And they can remember human faces and form bonds and hold grudges.

"I think you need some toys or friends." I say as I hold him up. "Keep you engaged."

Still that adorable no think face.






Missy "Vista" Biron POV


Blinking the sleep from my eyes. I look down towards my snuggle bug. Head in the crook of my shoulder as her tail curls to cover us both.

I'm not using a blanket. She gives off enough heat for that.

'Odd.' I think to myself. 'She's normally awake before me.'


I bring a hand up to scratch her ears. Watching in amusement as her tail shoots up.

She's awake.

I hook my hands under her armpits and pull her up. She still has her eyes closed.

"So, are you going to keep pretending?" I say with a smirk. "Or am I going to have to kiss my princess awake?"

That gets a reaction. Her ears go from relaxed to splayed back as her tail wags harder. A blush slowly spreading across her face.

Credit where it's due. Her face hasn't so much as twitched.

"Alright sleeping beauty." I say and slide her up to kiss her.

She has such soft and warm lips.

"Mhh." She moans and moves her arms to hold me.

We separate a few seconds later. And stare at each other, her gorgeous eyes boring into mine. Before Kitsu giggles and lays back down on me. Her head turning sideways as she slides back down to rest her head on my chest.

"You give the best kisses." Kitsu says. "And the cheesiest lines."

"With how much pizza you eat I figured you'd be a fan of cheesy." I counter.

"Hmmm." She hums. "You're not wrong."

She sits up and straddles my waist. Stretching up as she does so. One arm behind her head as she grabs her other.

'She's doing this on purpose.' I think to myself as she groans.

"Ha!" She says as she finishes stretching. "Well, I recommend you get a shower first. Otherwise you'll be waiting a while."

"Why's that?" I ask, suddenly aware of how dry my throat is.

In response she slides off me and over to the edge of the bed. Sitting there as she waves her tail intentionally.

I've started being able to recognize what her tail movements mean. And which ones are natural and which ones are her.

"This thing." She says. "Takes up almost an hour all on its own."

I just sit up and grab it. Hugging it close as I smother my face in it.

Don't judge me! It's the softest thing ever! And she's just waving it in my face! Intentionally!

"Missy." Kitsu says. "I kind of need that."

"Can't I borrow it for just a while longer?" I ask.

"Missy." She says in an amused tone.

"You're right." I say.

"Thank you."

"Why borrow the tail when I can have the whole thing!" I declare and hug her.

"What no!" She says through a giggle. "I'm not property!"

"Yes you are!" I say as I rock us. "Because you're mine."

I squeeze her as hard as I can and pull her back. Making us both fall to the side of the bed in a spooning position.

"Aaah!" She laughs as she falls over. "Let me go!"

"Never." I say and kiss her cheek. "From here on out. You will be my cuddle pillow. You exist to give me all the cuddles I want and to accept all of my kisses."

"This is oppression!" She cries as she squirms. "I never agreed to these terms!"

"Should've read the fine print." I say as I nuzzle our cheeks together.

"Of what?" She asks as she nuzzles me back. "I don't remember signing anything."

"It's in the contract you signed when you got this cute." I say.

She blushes hard and gives a soft squeal as her tail slips out from between us. Slapping my side as it wags harder and harder as she giggles through my kisses.

"I still need a shower." She gets out.

"Hmm, fine." I say and let go of her.

She slowly gets up and slides off the bed. Turning on her hip to avoid hurting her tail.

"Oh, real quick." I say.

"Hmm?" She hums in question as she turns to me.

I slide to the edge of the bed and grab her face. Pulling her towards me and giving her a chaste kiss.

"Love you." I say as I separate from her.

"I love you too." She squeaks as her blush intensifies. Her face now completely red.

"You are just too cute!" I say as I let go of her.

"I uh, w-well." She says before she speeds off.

I love her so much.






Kitsu POV


I'm quickly learning the source of Missy's recent behavior.

Anytime we're alone she gets flirty and assertive. I like to consider myself the dominant partner. But there's only so many sweet nothings and kisses I can take in a short amount of time! It's not fair! She just turns into this, smooth, seductress isn't the right word. But you get what I mean!

Doesn't help that those kisses and words are coming from such a cute girl. She's got such expressive eyes and pouty lips. And slim athletic figure that tells she works. And I'll admit. Not that I'll say it out loud. But I like that she's taller than me.

And when she gets all flirty. I just want to bury my head in embarrassment and kiss her out of love at the same time!

I need to focus. Or I'll burn the pancakes. Chocolate chip. I learned Missy doesn't like eggs from Chris. And she was just being nice by not saying anything. But she has to like chocolate chip pancakes! Everyone does.

Oh, and A-Train could be here any second and I need to be in the right mind to hunt down Blue Hawk. And I can't do that if I'm thinking of Missy and her stupid, suave lines that she pulls out of nowhere!

"I need to look up some pick up lines." I say to myself. "Get her all wishy washy."

And she's done washing up. I made sure to use cold water so that she doesn't have to.

As I hear her get out of the shower she pauses oddly.

"Um, Kitsu. Can you bring me my bag?" I hear her say sheepishly, knowing I can hear her. "I, kinda left it in your room."

I speed over to my room. Grab her purple and black backpack. And speed it back to the bathroom. Leaving it at the door and knocking before speeding back to the pancakes.

'Should I get another ironclad beetle to keep Kratos company?' I wonder. 'Or get him something else. I know I'm not making Bakugo bigger or more intelligent. The little bastard can stay an insignificant mongrel for all I care.'

"Thank you!" Missy yells.



-11am, Commercial District-



"Alright Wade." I say through the phone. "What've ya got for me?"

"Nothing." He says.

"Nothing?" I ask.

Wade never has, nothing.

"He's completely switched up his routine." Wade defends. "The preexisting information on his behavior is useless. And without preexisting data to analyze."

"Yeah I get the picture." I say with a sigh.

"Wish I could help more but."

"It's fine." I say through a disappointed sigh. "Talk to you later."


I sit on the ledge of the sidewalk. My feet dangling over the railing to the underpass below.

"So what'd he say?" A-Train asks.

"No dice." I say.

"So what? That's it?" He says impatiently.

"Calm your butt cheeks blue blur." I say as I type a few things. "I have a few more things I can try."

(Hey! How do I get console access?)-K

(Join the PRT)-M



(What do you want me to do? I can't give you console access)-M

(Pretty plz? ◕ﻌ◕)-K

(That only works when I can c u)-M

(Well, can YOU call console 4 me?)-K



(No. 4 one I'm off 2day, 2 I'm not even sure if that's allowed)-M

(Well then who is on 2day?)-K

"You done yet?" A-Train asks. "What are ya even doin?"

"Texting my girlfriend." I say.

"Right now?" He asks as he throws his arms out and slaps his thighs. "Seriously?"

"Okay, one, I'm letting you team up with me." I say and hold up a finger. "Two my girlfriend, is Vista! You know? The Ward. PRT? Access to all the emergency calls in the city?"

And within a few miles of.

He stays quiet at that as I give him a side glare.

"I know what I'm doing." I tell him. "Do you?"

He at least has the decency to look away in embarrassment.

(I can't tell u that)-M


(Sooner I get done the sooner I come back ;))-K


(Chris, call Vergil and Carlos first. Don't let on that I told you)-M

(Kay! Love you! XOXOXOXO)-K

(Save some of those for when you get back ;))-M

"RRMMMM!" I squeal as I kick my legs.

'Why!?' I scream in my head.

"Um." A-Train starts.

"If it's not constructive to the current issue, I will leave you here." I threaten, side eyeing him again.

He puts his hands up in mock surrender as he turns away. Hands in the air.

'That's what I thought.' I think bitterly.

So far, what I've learned here is that this version of A-Train isn'ta drug addict. I'd be able to smell something if he was. And I've been around him for the better half of an hour.

Now, whether he's a rapist, glory hound, or a sellout? We'll see. So far he's just impatient and annoying!

I dial for Vergil.

"Yo, this isn't another call like the last one is it?" He asks.

"Depends." I say. "What do you mean by last one? Because there are similarities."

"Asking me my opinion on making a Nazi black." He explains.

"Oh, then no." I say. "Looking for Blue Hawk but he's switching up his routine. I was wondering if you could give me console access."

"Not a chance." He says.

"Pleeeeeaaaassse?" I beg.

"Why don' you ask Vista?" He suggests. "From what I've seen all you gotta do is look at her and she'll melt."

'He clearly doesn't know what she's like in private.' I think in amusement.

"I did. She put her foot down." I say grumpily. "She's staying neutral."

"Huh, well then. SOL." He says nonchalantly.


"I got two more people to go through." I say before A-Train can start.

"Hey! It's-" I hear the voicemail start.


I call him again.

"What's up?" I hear the tired voice of Carlos say.

"Hey it's Kitsu, I was wondering if you could give me console access."

"If I do will you let me sleep?" He says.

"Sure, I guess." I say, surprised at how easy it was.

I had a whole thing planned to make it look like I really was just going down the line.


I sit here and wait a bit.


My phone buzzed.

Checking it, I dial the number.

"This is Kid Win at the console. What is it you require?" I hear Chris say.

"Do they have you guys memorize that?" I ask. Remembering when I was with Missy while she was on console duty.

"… Kitsu? Who gave you this number? Was it Vista?" Chris asks.

"No actually. She refused to tell me." I say, technically not lying. She just told me who was on duty today. "It was Ca- I mean Aegis."

"Of course it was." Chris sighs. "What do you need?"

"Wait, seriously?" I ask.

"Unless you're calling to waste my time. I'm, literally not allowed to deny you help." He explains.

"Oh, in that case. I'm hunting down Blue Hawk but he's switched up his routine and I need help finding him."

"And you want to use the crime tracker to see if you can find him through the reports." Chris states.

"Yeah, pretty much." I confirm.

"Fine, I'll contact you when I get something." He relents.

"Thanks bye!" I say and hang up.

"Well?" A-Train asks.

"Now we must do the hardest, most grueling, impossible task a hero can do." I say dramatically.

"What's that?" A-Train asks seriously.

"We wait."













Bonus The good ending cont.






Kitsu Dallon POV


"But maybe I need a reminder, why don't you show me?" She says with a grin as she moves her hands from my hips to massage the base of my tail.

'Oh, she's really kissy today!' I think to myself.

"No biting." She adds quickly.

"No promises." I say with a grin as we fall back.



-forty minutes later-



God! Missy is insatiable! Not that I don't like it. Just doing my wifely duties! Not that we're married.


Missy wants to get a house first. She refuses to use my money. To her it isn't a home if it isn't earned.

She makes a decent amount. Well, will make a decent amount. As of now the government foots the bill for her apartment and schooling. Paying her four hundred to do with as she pleases every month.

It's meant for food and necessities. But they don't really check in with where that money goes. A sort of "Use it responsibly because it's on you." Sort of thing.

"Hmm, I'll never get tired of that." She says as we part from our kiss.

"I can tell." I say as I lay on her, resting my head on her chest as I hear her heart thud. "So, how was school?" I ask as she holds me.

"Same old same old." She says as she rubs my back. "Trig teacher is still a bitch."

This is pretty standard. She gets home. I greet her if I can. We make out and sometimes have sex. Depends on how Missy feels. I'm down whenever really, but I'm also good to just cuddle. Oh, and we're in her apartment.

She applied for emancipation and finally got it when she was sixteen. And she's cut all first party contact to her parents.

It just so happened that the day she got emancipated she was so happy that she broke into my room. Completely forgetting about my heat cycle in her excitement to tell me the good news. Or at least that's what she claims.

Personally I don't believe her. And about two hours in I woke up restrained to my bed. Turns out we got so into it that I marked her. And she had to call Amy in the middle of it to help her.

I couldn't look Amy in the eye for a month after that. To have my sister come in and pull me off my girlfriend as I'm naked on top of her, biting her shoulder, so in the moment that I couldn't focus on anything.

And when Vicky found out?!

Well, remember what Hulk did to Loki? Yeah, that.

Speaking of Vicky. She and Dean broke up. For good it seems. It was actually he who broke up with her this time. And they haven't gotten back together. It's been about six months.

What happened is she broke up with him. Nothing new. And slept with another guy in the two weeks they were separated. According to her, she figured that's what he was doing every time they separated so it wasn't a big deal if she did it.

Never once thinking to check and seeif that was true. Dean never saw their break ups as actual break ups. Just time to spend apart from each other. So he never treated them as break ups.

Vicky's been trying to apologize. And honestly? Either way, whether or not they'll get back together, this'll be good for them. Either Vicky will learn to stop being so temperamental and treat Dean the way he deserves. Or they start dating others and this of again on again cycle will stop.

Amy goes to therapy, won't tell anyone what it is over. Though I'm ninety percent sure it has to do with her attraction to Vicky. Which somehow never got out.

Right now she works with medical companies to develop antibiotics, vaccines, that sort of thing. And she's seeing someone. Don't know who, but I can smell it on her.

And she takes commissions to modify other people. She got over her whole, everything with that. Though according to her it's like, mostly cosmetic stuff. Bigger boobs, crisper jawlines, cleaner abs, that sort of thing.

There's actually a whole new subsection of laws because of her. Originally a bunch of athletes went to her for various advancements and modifications. So many that they made laws regarding "Parahuman enhanced abilities in sports."

Or as they're more commonly known. The Panacea laws.

Amy thought it was hilarious. All those people who paid her out the ass for a quick and easy route to athletic fame. Are now permanently banned from official sports unless they pay her again, to undo what they paid her to do in the first place.

Kratos died. I don't wanna talk about it.

Crystal and Firebreather are having a kid. And have more than a few public indecency charges.

Turns out Crystal is a kinky bitch. Like, super kinky. So kinky that I dread answering her calls. She might call to talk. Or might call to talk while getting railed by Fire as she tries to hide it. Or she might visit only to be fooling around behind everyone's back.

I tried talking to her about it. About the whole, I can hear her! And she, thought that was even hotter.

She has given me some ideas though. Some worked, some, didn't. And some really worked.

Let's just say I have a lot of practice with holding up my illusions while being distracted.

My biokinesis too.

"How was your day sweetie?" Missy asks.

"Uneventful." I tell her. "Did a patrol with Ben and his cousin. Nothing happened. Did a stream, earned quite a bit in subs." I say with a shrug.

"What about your collab with Eric and Pinky?" She asks as she rubs my sides.

Aftercare for us mostly involves Missy pampering and massaging me. Talking about our day and kissing. I massage her when she gets a cramp or pulls something. But other than that? Missy just likescoddling me.

And I like being coddled by her. So it just works. Not to mention her figure is breath taking. I may be a bombshell shortstack. But she's got that athletic build. Not overly muscled. But she has muscles. Soft but strong ones. Perfect to lay on.

She's got a runners build. Her mom was wrong about being a late bloomer. She only grew out to a low c cup. And I did give her larger breasts at one point. She went a week before asking me if I liked her with big boobs. When I told her my tastes didn't include breast size she begged me to turn them back to how they were.

"It got pushed back." I say simply as I nuzzle the top of my head to her throat. "Something about Pinky's sponsors ripping her off or using her image for stuff she didn't agree to."

Pinky and Eric dated for a bit later in high school. But broke up after a while. It was mutual, there's no awkwardness between them or anything, they just operate better as friends.

In Eric's words, "Dating your best friend is like dating your favorite jacket. It works on a level you can't explain. You just know each other and it's just so comfortable. But all that being said, who in their right mind would try and fuck their jacket?"

When I told Pinky what he said her response was. "Yeah, pretty much. Don't get me wrong he's a great guy. Just not for me."

Doesn't stop them from hooking up every now and then.

Mom and Dad are still heroes. Though Dad is starting to get empty nest syndrome hard. Amy's already moved out. Once Missy gets her own place that isn't an apartment I'm moving in with her. And Vicky is trying to get into college with boarding. And he keeps asking all three of his daughters when he'll get grandkids.

I told him Skippy is my son and that should be good enough for him. Amy said when she figures some things out with her personal life she might adopt in the future. And Vicky said when it feels right.

Mom is, unconcerned. In her words, "If it happens it happens."

Maureen is dead, I killed her. And Static went back to Dakota and refuses to talk to me because of it. Never did get that autograph.

Oh! And Riley is better now! Still a little sociopathic and codependent. Only now it's on Amy rather than that piece of shit Jack. She still refuses to age. And keeps referring to Amy as "Big sissy."

Jack left scars on her that simply won't heal. Or at least ones we don't know how to heal. She can't tell right from wrong and needs someone to tell her. And that someone has to be family figure.

Chris and Jenny are dating. That one kinda came out of nowhere. They were tinkering one day and I walked in on them to get my hearing aides fixed, only to find Jenny on Chris's work table, her legs around his waist as they made out. Thankfully still clothed.

I laughed my ass off when I learned Chris wound up in the hospital one time because he and Jenny forgot that she weighs 600 pounds!

So yeah, she can't be on top.

I helped heal Gully up a bit. She no longer has a disfigured face and a hunch back. Now looking more like a masculine Amazonian woman. As opposed to a rejected hunchback of Notre dame.

Sveta was a bit, trickier. Not the least of which being I needed Amy's help and any alteration to her body was causing it to lash out. She's dating Weld. And I made her a proper she as per her request. Turns out she's trans.

That was even trickier.

She works as a receptionist in Boston for some company or other that I can't remember the name of. Happy and content with her new life away from capes. Except for Weld.

"Hmm, any word on when you'll reschedule?" Missy asks as she glides her hands down to my ass.

She really is just infatuated with my rear. Tail, butt, thighs, legs, all of it.

"No, not yet." I say and scoot up a bit, knowing what's coming next.

Missy's gonna try and go for another round.

"Hey now, where's that hand going?" I ask with a teasing smile.

"Only where it wants to." She says as she scoots back to sit against the headboard. Bouncing me in her lap and groping my cheeks.

"Hmm, maybe later." I say and give her a kiss. "For now I need to get home and take Skippy for a walk."

Skippy is the Koraidon I made from a basilisk lizard. He can't fly, only really glide. But he can do everything else! He's too strong for anyone in the house to walk aside from me and Vicky. And she refuses after he ate all her make up that one time.

He's a goofy boy like that!

I've lost track of the calls from rich parents offering money for him. Or to make a new one.

I refused all of them. He's one of a kind and will stay that way!

Speaking of, Chris and Dragon actually paired up and made a Miraidon upon my suggestion. And unlike Skippy, Techno can actually fly. He's just more high maintenance. He's Chris's new ride. Or should I say, Gold Medal's.

Couldn't really stay Kid Win forever. And he refused Dennis's insistence on, Winman.

"You're just trying to get out of your turn to wash the sheets." She accuses, still kneading my rear.

"Oh? How about this?" I say and whisper in her ear.

"Oh god." She gasps with wide eyes.

"I'll be back, after. And we can have some real fun." I say, groaning and stretching as I lift off her.

"You better get back soon." She says with a smile.







That "Can't stop won't stop don't stop" is a mantra I say in my head to keep myself going when I'm exhausted. It works for me.







Grimnosh: Has there been a character you wanted to introduce but didn't because you felt they wouldn't be a good fit for the story?

NEWB: Several. A lot of One Piece characters. But they simply wouldn't fit into the narrative of Worm without tweaking their character to the point that they're just not that character anymore. There's a lot of Hunter x Hunter characters as well. But I felt I had enough planned without throwing them in.

Interestingly enough, it was originally going to be Himiko Toga instead of Cletus Kassidy as Scarecrows new recruit.


FOR [Conduit]!



Casanova5424: What would you think of making a religion around Arceus?

Kitsu: If I thought of it before two thousand and nine, I would've tried. Oh god why didn't I think of that!?

NEWB: For context, Arceus was official, recognized? In August of twenty oh nine.

Casanova5424: If you could have a pokemon type/types what would they be? And what would you call some of your moves?

Kitsu: Flying, because I'm weak to ice to electric XP. And Dark for everything else.

I'd have double team, extreme speed, charm, and metronome as moves.

My ability would be Special Absorb! Special attacks don't hurt me. Instead they raise a random stat when they hit!

I'd be a roaming legendary!

My stats would all be in defense, attack, and HP!




Kitsu Dallon: Ask me questions, but I will warn you. Ask for a spoiler and I'll either ignore you, or give absolute nonsense.

Other than that, I'll answer just about anything!





As always, leave a comment and tell me what you think! It helps me write and gives me ideas and motivation moving forward. I especially love it when you guys speculate or make guesses as I do use them and they give me ideas.